9 Ways To Fix Echo Show Not On Alexa App

9 Ways To Fix Echo Show Not On Alexa App

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Unlike other Amazon Echo products, Echo Show is a smart speaker with a screen. It can connect to all other smart devices in your home, from smart doorbells, Philips hue lights, security cams, and smart speakers to more.

If you have an Echo show 8 or higher, users don’t generally find it in the Devices in the Alexa app. Alexa app fails to recognize Echo Show, making it impossible for the user to download skills on Echo Show, add them to their routines, and at times control it.

As Echo Show, like every other smart speaker, must be connected to power and wi-fi connection at all times, various issues can occur due to the lack of it.

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What is Echo Show?

Echo Show is an Amazon smart device with an HD display screen. It has all the features of a regular Amazon Echo smart speaker and more. Echo show is mainly preferred because they can be used for video surveillance in rooms. There are many Echo Show variants been launched by Amazon since 2017.

Presently, the ones available in the market include:

  • Echo Show 5 (2nd generation): the most affordable of the four -Echo Show 5 has a screen size of 5.5 inches, is Alexa compatible and can be used for listening to music, shopping, controlling smart devices, or as a baby surveillance monitor.
  • Echo Show 8: Successor of Echo show 5, the Echo show 8 has an 8-inch HD display and can be used for video calling, entertainment, surveillance, voice control, shopping, and more.
  • Echo show 10 (3rd generation): the latest in the series with 10 inch HD display, Echo Show 10 comes with a built-in Zigbee hub, built-in camera, and motion screen (meaning the screen moves automatically to face you). It’s mounted over a speaker that provides premium sound and a rotating screen that will always face you.
  • Echo Show 15: the newest in the series released in December 2021, Echo Show 15 is even bigger in screen size with 15.6.inch smart display. It can be mounted on a wall to act as a family organization with Alexa. For families with multiple Alexa products, it’s easy to control them with Echo Show 15. From sticky notes, to-do lists, smart home device control, calendar, and reminders to nursery cameras, Echo Show 15 covers it all.

No matter, which Echo Show you own, here are nine ways to fix Echo Show, not on the Alexa app

Is Echo Show Worth It?

Even though it can be hard to set up, the Echo Show is one of the best smart displays on the market.

Also, this works much better with other units like Nest Hub than other ones do.

So, Yes! Echo Show is definitely worth the money, and you won’t be able to find a better brand. This doesn’t mean that Nest Hub is a bad unit. But if you compare it to Echo Show, it’s not as good of a deal.

This unit’s simpler user interface will keep you up to date with smart devices.

So, if you don’t mind spending a few hours setting up this device, Echo Show is a lot of fun. All that matters is how much time you want to spend setting up your smart system.

Ways To Fix Echo Show

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9 Ways to Fix Echo Show

Discover device manually

While setting up a new Amazon smart device, the user downloads the Alexa app, goes to its Devices section and allows an Amazon device to discover automatically. However, the device should be set at this stage. To set Echo Show, follow these steps:

  • Use a power adapter to connect the Echo Show power outlet
  • Once powered up, follow the on-screen prompts.
  • First, select your language preference
  • Connect to your wifi network by entering the password
  • Log in to your Amazon account
  • Confirm the address and location of your device
  • Choose the name of the device (it is important to keep it simple as the user will be using this name for Alexa to listen)
  • Choose wallpaper and set up your Amazon Prime

After setting up your device, if you can’t find Echo Show on the Alexa app, try to discover it manually. Ask Alexa to discover a new device or do it manually by clicking on the Discover button. This will refresh the list, and Alexa will begin searching for new nearby devices. This can make Echo Show appear on the Alexa app.

Login through the same Amazon account

Users with multiple Amazon accounts can also experience the issue of the Echo Show not being on the Alexa app. They log in through a different amazon account other than through which their Echo Show is set up. This can cause Echo Show to not show up in the Alexa app.

If you are unsure which of your Amazon account is connected to Echo Show, open the Amazon app on mobile or Amazon website on your browser. Login by entering your credentials. Go to Account and find Manage your Content and Devices. This will list all your devices connected to your Amazon account.

Re-login your Alexa app

If Echo Show still doesn’t show up after discovering it, try re-login to your Alexa app account. For this, first, log out of your Alexa app and wait for a few seconds before logging in again. Use the correct Amazon account details to log in to your Alexa app. This may fix the issue.

Try resetting your Echo Show

No matter if you have Echo show 8, 10, or above, you can try resetting your Echo Show to fix this issue. Remember doing this will erase your device settings and should be your last resort. To reset any of your Echo Show, follow the:

  • Press and Hold the Mute and Volume Down buttons (found on the top of the device) for about 15 seconds until the Amazon logo appears on the screen.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the device again.

Try resetting the Alexa app

Another option is to reset your Alexa app. First, try to uninstall the Alexa app and install it again. If it does not fix the issue, try resetting the Alexa app.

To reset the Alexa app, go to your mobile application settings within the mobile settings. Find the Alexa app, open it and clear the cache and all stored data. This will reset the app. Now, open the Alexa app and log in to your Alexa app again.

Once you log in again, you will find all the added Amazon devices, and you may also find Echo Show to show in the visible devices now. Resetting does not erase your app data, just the login credentials.

Check the router connection

If you are using your home wi-fi to connect your Alexa device, chances are the problem is in the connection and not the device. To eliminate the possibility, try refreshing your router. To refresh it, remove the router from the power source, and wait for a few seconds before connecting it to the power source again.

This will refresh the connection. Now reconnect your Echo Show to a wi-fi connection. Try rediscovering it in the Alexa app now. You can also try moving the Echo show nearer to the router connection. Sometimes the obstruction and placement of other objects impact the connection. Replacing it closer to the router can allow the Alexa app to identify it better.

Turn off dual band configuration

A dual-band network system helps in managing more devices using a single router. However, at times the 5.0 GHz can interfere with the network connection. Turning off a 5.0 GHz network for a while can solve the issue. Make sure the network is only working on a bandwidth of 2.4Ghz. If after doing so, you could see Echo show visible in the Alexa app, you can later turn the 5.0 GHz band on.

Moreover, over-congestion of devices also affects the working of the device. Disconnecting other devices and allowing your Echo Show to be connected to the network first also impacts the strength of the connection.

Turn off the VPN

Do you use a VPN to access some of the restricted sites? A VPN can also sometimes interfere with the network connection, preventing the Echo show from working properly.

Turn off the VPN and try to discover the Echo show on the Alexa app again. Owners have also tried rebooting the Echo show and mobile device once after turning off the VPN to clear anything off. This should also fix the issue altogether.

Take the help of customer support

If none of the above methods works for you, the last resort is to contact customer support. To contact customer support, you can go to the Amazon app and open a support ticket or directly call on their customer care number.

You can also mail them the issue.

Before approaching customer support for help, you can also try creating a new account. Sometimes the problem is not the app or the device itself but your Amazon account. Create a new one, set your device with a new account, and try discovering it now on the Alexa app. This solution has also worked for many.

Moreover, customer support initially asks the user to perform these basic troubleshooting solutions like restarting the Alexa app, resetting the device, reinstalling the app, creating a new account, etc.

Still, there is no harm in taking the help of customer support as, being experts in the field, they may come up with a new option.


Ensure you use the same Amazon account on the Alexa app as your Echo Show. Restart your mobile device, restart your Echo Show, reset your Echo Show, restart your router connection, and re-login your amazon account. These are some quick fixes when Echo Show is not showing on the Alexa app.