Acoustic Audio R191 Review

acoustic audio r191 review
acoustic audio r191 review

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Acoustic Audio R191 is the best choice for the people who have insufficient space in their homes. As they don’t have enough space in the room, a home theatre will be the best option for them.

Wall speakers also enhance the appearance of the room at the same time preserves spaces. Acoustic speakers tend to be very obtrusive, unlike the conventional freestanding speakers. As these speakers are concealed, they maintain the get up of the room.

Acoustic Audio R191 Review

Acoustic Audio R191

The other advantage of wall speaker is that manufacturers allow the makers to paint it according to users’ desire. You can come up with your way of hiding the speaker in a better way. Use your sprays of paint and go with the theme of your room.

There are lots of reasons why you like to install this speaker in your house. Compare why do you not want? You are well versed with the installation process for having an amazing experience. Notice the recommendation, suggestions and tips regarding the installation and location of the speakers to escape messing up.

Before setting up the speakers in your room, you must notice the wire rating of the line endures fire code. For any cause, if you are not sure, it is wise to contact with the insurance agent and installer. Wires may easily be prone to damage, stress, and fire.

You must decide what you like to hear from using the speakers. Do you like to listen music or going to watch movies or just like to hang out?

If you have the desire to do all these things, you have to consider speakers modified with tweeters. One must install tweeters at an adjustable and angled position to get precision sound.

Think more about the moisture resistance of your speakers. Do you like to install it in a place where moisture tends to gather more like a kitchen, bathroom or patio?

The speakers may be controlled to escape inconvenience. It is a must.  When you are unable to change the settings, speakers may be annoying as how the speakers are positioned at the time of installation.

Features of Acoustic Audio R191

  • The recommended power of Acoustic R191 is 20 to200 watts per speaker, ceiling 2-way speakers, 2-way designs and functionality, the frequency response is 45Hz-22 kHz, and efficiency is 95dB.
  • Integrated wall-lock mounting system, low profile housings designed for easy installation, 12mm soft dome tweeters, butyl rubber surrounds for increased performance and durability, 5.25″ woofers with high rigidity polypropylene cones and extended throw assembly.
  • Paintable grills and frames, cut out templates come for comfortable setting up.
  • Design and constructed in the USA, added all instructions. Overall size is 7.625 inch per speaker, cut out size is 6.625 inches per speaker, mounting depth is three inches per speaker.
  • Possible to use in ceiling home entertainment, wall, multiple room, home theater, outdoor recreation and industrial sound. Price is for 2.5 pair / five in-ceiling speakers.

Pros & Cons of Acoustic Audio R191

✅ Pros❌ Cons
The sound of this speaker is very crisp and powerfulPeople who have used this speaker say that it works well at keeping sound level low
Comes with necessary hardware and very simple to install
Design of these speakers are excellent, and you can paint it according to your room’s color
The 5.5 woofers can deliver amazing and decent audio quality

How did you make this acoustic audio best list?

When I listen sound from top acoustic audio, I have noticed many factors. One most important factor is the price of the speakers. How much benefit do I get from money buying this particular acoustic helmet? The question is a very big one. We have noticed many other factors, features and scores comparing acoustic audio with others.

What is the most important thing to look for when buying acoustic audio?

What you need to do before buying acoustic audio? You have to consider the quality of the audio very closely. Choose something that will last for a long time. You can see the buyer’s reviews to know more about a product. This will help you more to select the right speaker for you.

What is the minimum time of warranty you recommended when buying new acoustic audio?

We offer two years warranty if you buy new acoustic audio. If you see any tear&wear with the product, we are ready to replace you a new one. So people shouldn’t expect a product that will last for a lifetime.

What is the refund policy when buying acoustic audio?

You will get excellent refund policy if you get something wrong in your new acoustic audio. So we suggest you read the guaranty offer by every specific merchant. Then decide to buy it. The general rule is that you can buy the acoustic product with high confidence from Amazon marketplace.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Question: Which amp will connect with all five speakers? Do I add wall mount receiver rather than an amp, add aux cord for playing music from a phone?

Answer: I advise to use a 5.1 home audio receiver.

Question: Is the sound deafening? Or does it get some distortion?

Answer: These are made extremely loud or for crisp sound. The maximum output is at 25 watts each. These are excellent for ambient noise or indoor surround sound. I have used all in the restaurants.

Question: Does anyone set these speakers with both ceiling and wall? What is the unique difference? Some say that they were not fit for partition install?

Answer: Particularly there is no difference between setting it up with the ceiling or wall.

What others say about the product

I have bought new speakers for my newly built home. But one thing is that I am not happy with the cost. As we have built the house, we kept the option of keeping it pre-wired for speakers. So we are taking the full advantages of using the speakers. But the sellers like to sell it over priced. Therefore I began shopping on online. There are lots of reviews on online. I have read more and more and finally decided to buy this one. All time I have bought Polk Audio or Klipsch in the past. I came across the rate of the speakers. The prices were horrible no doubt. I have sent them back to throw them away.

What others say on Acoustic Audio R191

I have received the speaker and opened the box very eagerly. Then I closely inspect the building quality and making procedure. I could not say that they were built like Klipsch or Bose or Polk Audio. But they were built comparatively better than Pyle. Then I began to install them and found the whole installation process is straightforward. It takes just 30 minutes to install all speakers. I can say sure all holes are cut previously, and the wiring is in the right place. I also solder all connection to the speakers.

The name of my receiver is Harman Kardon AVR 1610. It puts about 85% watts a channel. At first, I tried to send music. I heard lots of music, mostly top 40 or jazz. When I noticed jazz, highs are crisp and clean if a volume is half. I easily heard this loud sound. The mid is very good and clear. The bass is very nice. This isn’t a concern for me. The cause is that I have a sub woofer. I give 7.5 out of 10 for wonderful sound quality. For build quality, I have given 8.5 out of 10.

About the Brand

Goldwood has been manufacturing Acoustic Audio speakers for more than ten years. All deliver excellent audio performance at an affordable price.

About The Acoustic Audio R191

They are applying an art technology that is decorated with quality materials to give the best speaker systems. You may use any speaker system with fulfills your audio requirements along with the extensive array of speakers. The Home audio collection of acoustic audio by Goldwood have 2.1 and 5.1 speaker systems, power home subwoofers, and in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Found und brand of outdoor and indoor mountable speakers and powered home subwoofers.

They also render passive and active pro speakers. These speakers are very excellent to use in auditoriums, theatres, churches and other places.

Acoustic Audio by Goldwood has tried its best to give clients the best experience by the speaker systems.


It is true that the Acoustic Audio R191 speaker stands out one of the best wall speakers which are easily purchasable today. There are lots of features and capabilities of the R191 speaker. The speaker is made by using high-quality products that it undoubtedly the highest preference for the customers.

There are five speakers added to the system. Every speaker delivers a sound of 20-200 watts, and impedance is 8 ohms. As you have an intension to choose a concealable and high performing audio system, you can choose R191.

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