Alexa Not Working On SONOS: Ways To Fix

Alexa Not Working On SONOS

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Is your Sonos device not responding to Alexa commands, or is it unable to understand what you are saying? No matter, if your Alexa is not working on Sonos for one or more reasons, some fixes go with every issue.

There are various quick fixes and advanced fixes that might help in fixing the issue. First, try out the quick fixes, and if you are out of luck, the advanced fixes can surely be a great help.

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Why is Alexa not working on Sonos?

Alexa not working on my Sonos could be brought on by a variety of factors. The problem could be as simple as a muted mic or as complex as a piece of malfunctioning equipment.

Whatever the cause, there are troubleshooting techniques that can assist in resolving the problem.

Outdated Sonos App

To provide the best possible user experience, Sonos frequently releases updates. Your Alexa could not function as a result of an outdated Sonos app.

For optimal functionality, make sure the app is using the most recent version of the program.

The mic is on Mute 

You may have forgotten to turn on the microphone, which is a straightforward explanation for why Alexa is not functioning on your Sonos system.

Check the little, round LED light on your gadget to make sure it is on. The microphone is turned on if the light is white. If not, activate it by pressing the microphone icon.

Sonos skill not linked properly to Alexa

There may occasionally be an issue when Alexa and your Sonos synchronize because it’s an external app.

This problem is resolved by restarting the Sonos skill in the Alexa application. If you do this, there’s a strong probability they’ll start working and have no further problems.

Contact Sono Support or report diagnostics via the app if the device is having issues. They’ll be able to lead you through each step more effectively.

Quick fixes to Alexa not working on Sonos

Check if the microphone is on

You can turn the microphone off if you don’t want your Sonos product to always be in active mode. This way, the Sonos will stop listening to your command. With the microphone off, the device cannot listen and hear your voice commands.

So, in case the Alexa is not working, the reason could be a turned-off microphone. If the microphone status light is off on the control panel of your Sonos device, this means the microphone is off. To turn it back on, tap on the microphone icon again until you see a light turn on.

However, most people mistake the center status button for the mic button. The mic button on the Sonos device is like a dot just below the microphone icon. If this light is on, this means the microphone is on, and Alexa can listen to you. If it’s off, Alexa can’t listen to your commands after turning it on.

Trying commanding Alexa now.

Move your Sonos product closer to you

Sometimes due to interruptions, it becomes difficult for Sonos to hear you. Removing interruptions like wires and solid obstacles in between and closing in the space between you and Sonos can enable Sonos to hear you better.

Moving the Sonos away from walls, other speakers, and background noises is also advisable. Try talking to Alexa now, and it should work.

If this does not work, you should try placing your Sonos device closer to your router. Sometimes due to poor network, Alexa is unable to listen clearly, resulting in unresponsiveness. Maybe doing so can fix the issue of Alexa not working on Sonos.

Re-enable Sonos skill

Though it is important to link your Sonos account to your Amazon account to make Alexa work on your Sonos device, you also need to enable the Sonos skill on the Alexa app.

Disabling and re-enabling Sonos skills can help Alexa work on your Sonos device again. It is expected to fix any problem due to which Alexa isn’t able to work on your Sonos device.

To disable Sonos skills first, open the Alexa app. Tap on the More menu in the bottom right corner. Now, tap on Skills & GamesYour SkillsSonosDisable Skill. Once the skill is disabled, you can Enable it by tapping on Enable skill. Try communicating with your Sonos device now.

Restart your Sonos device

If Alexa doesn’t work even after re-enabling the Sonos skill on the Alexa app, the problem may lie in the Sonos device and not Alexa. Restarting your Sonos device can most probably fix the issue in your Sonos device.

To do so, just unplug the Sonos device by removing the power adapter from the power socket. Wait for a few seconds before plugging in the adapter again. Wait for a few more minutes to allow the Sonos device to restart and be back online again. Once back online, say Alexa, to check whether Alexa is listening.

Amazon links one account per Sonos system

Do you know you can only link one Amazon account per Sonos system? If you have a Sonos system in another locality, you will need another amazon account. Sonos system under one roof needs one Amazon account.

So, for instance, if you currently have a functional Sonos system at your home linked with an Amazon account and now buy a new Sonos for your college dorm room, you cannot use the same amazon account to link those.

You will need to open a new amazon account to use Alexa on Sonos there. This could be why your Alexa is not working on your Sonos system. Open a new amazon account and try linking your Sonos device to a new amazon account to fix the issue.

Update to the latest firmware

Sometimes outdated firmware can cause trouble syncing with the system. For this, it is recommended to keep your Sonos system updated.

You can use the Sonos controller app to update your Sonos firmware to the latest software version. On your Sonos app, go to SettingsSystem System Updates.

Check for any new updates and update it if available. It will take a few minutes to check for updates and a few more minutes to complete the download. You can also toggle on the automatic update feature to keep your system up to date automatically.

Restart once after the firmware update and try communicating with Alexa.

You can also check the updates of your Alexa app for better functionality. Once you have updated both Sonos and Alexa apps to the latest version, try commanding Alexa again, and it should work.

Advanced fixes to make Alexa work on Sonos

Advanced fixes to make Alexa work on Sonos

If the above quick fixes don’t work in your favor, you may need to deregister your Sonos device on your amazon account. This will fix any issue that might be restricting access to Alexa on Sonos devices.

Step 1: Disable skill and deregister

To deregister your Sonos device on amazon, follow:

  • First, disable the Sonos skill on the Alexa app. For this, open on Alexa app, open Menu> Games & Skills> Your Skills> Sonos> Disable
  • Now to register your Sonos device from Amazon, open the Amazon account on your mobile or browser.
  • After login, go to Manage Your Content and Devices.
  • Within the Devices, you will see your devices connected through amazon.
  • Click on the Sonos device that you want to deregister.
  • Click on Deregister. This will deregister or remove your Sonos device from Amazon.

Step 2: Disable voice control

You also need to disable voice control in the Sonos app. For this,

  • In the Sonos app, go to Settings> Services & Voice
  • Select Amazon Alexa under the Services & Voice options
  • This will now list the Sonos device linked with Alexa. Choose the Sonos device with the issue.
  • Now tap on Remove Alexa.

Step 3: Log out from all amazon apps

The next step is to log out of all Amazon apps to ensure Alexa is using the right Amazon account linked to your device. Sometimes due to multiple devices and multiple Amazon accounts, Alexa gets confused.

Therefore, you need to log out of all Amazon accounts, be it the Alexa app, Amazon app or Amazon account logged in on the web browser.

Step 4: Setup Alexa again

Now it’s time to set up the devices from scratch. Firstly, open the Sonos app and enable voice control services through Alexa again. When prompted to log in to your Amazon account, ensure you log in to the correct account.

Once all set, try to communicate with Alexa through your Sonos device. This should surely fix the issue.

Take support from Sonos customer care

If none of the above worked for you, the last resort is to contact Sonos support for help. Though a few of the above-mentioned troubleshooting fixes are suggested by Sonos only, you can still take your chance by calling them.

You can mention you have already tried the quick and advanced fixes, and the Sonos is still not responding to Alexa. To contact Sonos support, you can visit their official website and click on get Support.

You must enter your region and choose one of the two available options for support – live chat or call. For call, reach them at 800 05 01570. Their operating hours will be mentioned depending on your region.

You can also drop an email to their CEO, Patrick Spence.

If Sonos fails to solve your query and blames Amazon (Alexa) for the issue, you should thereby contact Amazon customer support through their Amazon app.


All of the above solutions are sure shots and have helped multiple people out there to fix the issue. The two main fixes include checking and double check that the microphone is not off. Secondly, you are connecting your Sonos device to the right Amazon account. If you are unsure which Amazon account is connected to a particular Sonos device, you can visit Amazon App> Account> Manage Content And Devices> Devices and check the devices linked to your Amazon account.

If your Sonos device isn’t mentioned there, your Sonos device is not yet connected with Alexa, or you have a different Amazon account linked to it.