How Long Will Alexa Play Music Before Turning Off

How Long Will Alexa Play Music Before Turning Off 01

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Ever since the launch of Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, listening to is easier than ever. Alexa voice assistant allows you to use voice commands to listen to your favorite songs and play the latest album of your best-loved Artists and bands from various music applications such as Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, and Apple Music. A simple voice command to Alexa lets you replay, loop, shuffle, pause and play music. Want to listen to a specific song? Just ask Alexa to play it for you. There is no need to manually look up songs on your phones or laptop.

So, how long will Alexa play music before turning it off? Well, it depends on your playlist. It can on for hours if it has enough tracks to play.

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What Are The Devices That Alexa Can Play Music From?

Currently, Amazon’s voice assistant is a component that is an inherent component found in many devices. Alexa is built-in in many new-generation speakers and gadgets. While purchasing an electronic gadget such as a smart speaker or smart TV, find out if the device is Alexa-enabled.

Alexa can play music from any Bluetooth speaker that has a built-in Alexa Voice Assistant and can be connected to the Wi-Fi. The most popular Bluetooth speaker which works best with Alexa is Amazon’s Echo range of smart speakers. These speakers already have Alexa enabled and comes in different designs and shapes.

You can pick and choose an Echo speaker according to your needs and preferences. The speaker promises to deliver sound that is clear, loud, and with an impressive bass giving you an enriching sound experience. The speakers are portable and can be connected with other smart home devices. Apart from Bluetooth speakers, Alexa can play music on your smart TVs as well. With the help of Amazon’s FireStick, you can convert your television into a Smart TV and listen to music on it from your favorite music streaming platforms as well.

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Popular Music Streaming Services

Alexa makes it easy for you to browse through and listen to millions of songs and podcasts from various music streaming applications. The following music streaming services are available on Alexa and are popular among Alexa users.

How Long Will Alexa Play Music Before Turning Off 02

Apple Music

This platform allows you to stream over 70 million songs without any disruptions as it is ad-free. However, in order to use Apple music, you need to purchase an Apple music subscription. The application allows you to create your own playlists. The app analyses the kind of music you listen to and creates mixes of playlists accordingly with songs you would like. Apple Music is compatible with all Amazon Echo products, FireTV, and on Alexa-enabled devices.


A music streaming platform where users can listen to songs and podcasts. The application is compatible with Alexa, and you can play songs and podcasts through voice commands. You can personalize playlists, make collaborative playlists with your friends, tune into radio stations and browse through various playlists belonging to different genres and moods. Spotify also has a vast collection of Podcasts, including original podcasts.

Spotify is free, and you do not need to purchase a subscription to listen to music on it. However, if you would like to listen to ad-free music, you can purchase the Spotify Premium subscription.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon music comes completely free through Alexa. However, it offers a limited selection of tracks in comparison to other music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. One could purchase the amazon prime subscription and be able to listen to ad-free music, which could be downloaded on your phone, so you could listen to it when you are offline too. Prime Music allows you to listen to songs belonging to various artists, moods, genres, and decades.

How Long Can Alexa Play Music If It Is Not Interrupted?

Many Alexa users across the globe have often raised this question on different platforms. There is no official time frame mentioned by Amazon which defines the specific time when the music would stop playing.

When the question was raised on Amazon’s question forum, various people have given different answers. Some mentioned that they could play music for hours non-stop, while others stated that Alexa automatically stops playing music after a certain period.

A user mentioned that his Alexa would always stop playing music after a short period of time, claiming that Alexa had stopped streaming music because there had not been any activity. Another user who uses Alexa on the Amazon Echo Dot mentioned that Alexa would only stop if the music application one is streaming music from has a different setting.

Otherwise, Alexa will not stop playing music on its own. One could set a sleep timer for their speakers in order to stop playing music after a certain amount of time.

Reasons Why Alexa Stops Playing Music

  • The Album you are listening to is over. An album may have over 15 songs or just 5. Alexa may stop playing music if all the songs of the current album you are listening to have been played.
  • While listening to a specific artist’s songs, Alexa may stop playing music if it has exhausted all the songs of that particular artist that is available.
  • If you have set a sleep timer on for your Alexa-enabled device, there is a possibility that Alexa will stop playing music after a period of time.

How Long Will Alexa Play Music Befor

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So you must be wondering if it is possible to make Alexa play music. The good news is that you can make sure your playlist is long enough in various ways. Alexa will stop playing music after it has exhausted the contents of the playlist. So if you create or pick a playlist with many songs, there is a high possibility that your Alexa will play music for a long time.

Another way to ensure that your Alexa plays music is to utilize the Loop feature. Simply ask Alexa to turn the loop mode on. Once your loop mode has been enabled, Alexa will continuously play your song, album, or playlist on a loop. Lastly, if your music stops, you can use the Alexa application on your phone and continue to play music once it has stopped.