Alexa “Problem Entering Pairing Mode” – How to Fix This Bluetooth Connection Issue

Alexa “Problem Entering Pairing Mode” – How To Fix This Bluetooth Connection Issue

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Amazon’s Alexa has made life easier for many people, performing a number of useful functions and allowing us to control multiple devices in our homes with just our voice. One of the handy features of Amazon’s various Echo devices is that it can pair and connect with Bluetooth devices such as headphones and speakers. Even your phones and tablets can be connected to Echo devices through Bluetooth.

But occasionally, you can come across an issue when trying to connect your Echo device with another Bluetooth device – you will hear Alexa say, “problem entering pairing mode.” Many users have faced this problem, and the fact that you’re here means you have encountered this issue as well.

However, there’s no reason to worry as it’s not a serious problem and can be fixed with some simple solutions. In this post, we’ll guide you through the various methods with which you can fix this problem easily.

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Reasons for Problem in Bluetooth Connectivity on Amazon Echo Devices

Before we head to the solution, we want you to know the underlying reasons for problems in Bluetooth Connection, because of which Alexa says “problem entering pairing mode.”

Software Updates

As with most devices these days, Amazon Echo devices also receive regular software updates. If you haven’t installed the latest software update on your Amazon Echo device, then it may cause a number of issues, including problems with the Bluetooth connection. So this can be a common reason for getting the “problem entering pairing mode” message.

Bluetooth Profiles

It may be hard for the average person without technical knowledge to understand what Bluetooth profiles are. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll just say that a Bluetooth profile is a specification of Bluetooth devices that control how they connect and interact with other devices. Amazon Echo supports two Bluetooth profiles – Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio/Video Remote Control Profile.

If your Bluetooth device doesn’t support these profiles, it won’t be able to connect with Amazon Echo, and that can be a reason for Alexa to give out the “problem entering pairing mode” message.

Problems with Interference

There are certain devices that are known to interfere with Bluetooth signals. Microwaves and baby monitors are two common devices that can cause this issue. Wireless devices such as your Wi-Fi router can also interfere with Bluetooth in some cases, as both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth operate on the same frequency. Other factors that can disrupt Bluetooth signals are the physical obstacles like walls and the furniture in your room.

Proximity Issues

Just like all wireless signals, Bluetooth also has a range for its connectivity. The maximum range for Bluetooth signals is about 32 feet (approximately 10 meters). The closer you are to the Echo device, the better the connection will be. As you move further away from the device, the Bluetooth signal will get weaker and be more susceptible to interference from other factors which we described above. So perhaps the reason for getting the “problem entering repair mode” alert is that you are too far away from the device.

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How to Solve Alexa’s “Problem Entering Pairing Mode” Issue

So now to the main part that you are here for – how can you solve the issue when Alexa gives out “problem entering pairing mode”? Now that you know what causes the problem in the first place, we will tell you how each problem can be solved. So no matter what it is that’s causing the issue, you can find a solution from the list below.

Check Your Echo Device’s Software Update

Just say “Check for software updates” to the Echo device, and Alexa will check and notify you if there are any new updates. If there is an update that you haven’t installed yet, then that’s probably what’s causing the issue, and installing the updates should fix it.

Check The Supported Bluetooth Profiles For Your Device

You don’t need to know a lot about Bluetooth profiles to see which profile your device supports. You can easily find this info on the user manual, most probably mentioned in the list of specifications. If you find that the device doesn’t support the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio/Video Remote Control Profile, then that is the reason why Alexa can’t pair with it. Sadly, there is no solution for this, meaning the device will not be able to pair with Alexa, and you need to get another device that supports the two Bluetooth profiles that Echo devices are compatible with.

But on the brighter side, now that you know about it, you will be aware to check the profile of any Bluetooth device you get in the future to make sure it will work with Alexa.

Stay Away From Devices That Can Cause Interference; Remain Close To The Echo Device

If you are trying to pair Alexa with a Bluetooth device near microwaves, Wi-Fi routers, or baby monitors, then move away from those devices and try pairing again. Similarly, if you are trying to connect from another room, then the walls could be interfering with signals. And as we already mentioned, being too far away from the Echo device can also weaken the Bluetooth signal. If this is the cause of your issue, then moving away from the source of interference and closer to the Echo device will solve the problem.

Clear all Paired Devices and Try Pairing Again

If all the above solutions still fail to resolve the issue, here’s a final solution that will most likely solve the problem – you need to clear all paired devices from your Echo and then pair again. In case you’re not sure how that’s done, just follow these steps.

  • Open your Echo/Alexa app and go to ‘Devices.’
  • Click on ‘Echo & Alexa’ and choose the model of your Echo device.
  • Now go to ‘Bluetooth Devices’, where you will see the list of all paired devices.
  • Select a device and then click on ‘Forget Device’ to unpair it. Do this for all devices until you have cleared all paired devices in the list.
  • Now reboot your Amazon Echo as well as the Bluetooth device you want to pair with.

Finally, try pairing again after both devices have restarted, and it should work fine.

Final Words

We have listed all the causes for Alexa’s “problem entering pairing mode” issue and also provided solutions for them. We are quite sure that one of the solutions listed in this guide should fix your issue. But in the rare instance that the problem still persists, call customer support for Amazon Echo and have them fix it for you. However, we hope that it won’t come to that, and our listed solutions will be enough to fix the Bluetooth pairing problem with Alexa.