Why Does Alexa Repeat Reminders Twice 

Why Does Alexa Repeat Reminders Twice 

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Alexa is a smart technology-based virtual assistant owned by Amazon. This amazing device truly represents the current innovative age as it can be used to help with almost any day-to-day activity.

From making calls to giving weather updates and cooking ideas to live stream podcasts, Alexa can do everything that transforms your house into a smart home making your life cozy and comfortable. 

The most important feature of Alexa devices is smart alarms and reminders. It keeps you on track with daily activities and important schedules and thus prevents last minutes of hassle or missing out on critical things. The reminders can be set in the language of your choice as Alexa supports many languages, such as English, German, French, Hindi, and Arabic etc. 

But have you ever wondered: “Why Does Alexa Repeat Reminders Twice?” 

Why does Alexa repeat reminders twice? 

Alexa is an amazing device to set your daily reminders regarding important tasks, medical appointments, bill payments etc. This device will ask for permission before starting the reminder. After that, the reminder repeats twice unless the customer says ‘no’ in his voice. These reminders are repeated for three days on the app and then auto-deleted. 

Many people find Alexa’s back-to-back repetition of reminders irritating. However, rerunning reminders comes with its own set of benefits and advantages for the users. It often happens that during the first announcement, the owner is caught off-guard. Upon hearing the notification again, the mind is able to act on it easily and not miss the important task. 

Secondly, at times many people could be slightly far-away from the speaker. They might hear the voice but not make out what it says clearly. A repetition of the reminder makes it easy for them to cover the distance and hear it clearly. This ensures that one does not miss important reminders and the device brings full value for money in terms of utility. 

Thirdly, Alexa reminders have been crafted to take into account all real-life situations that can occupy a person. The buzz can start when a person is in the middle of a noisy room,  driving a car or even taking a shower. Thus like a truly smart device, Alexa asks permission to announce the reminder. It then repeats the announcement twice to ensure you stop the car or move to a quiet place to listen carefully. Customer convenience thus remains the top focus of the device.

Lastly, Alexa is also an assisting device for elderly and physically challenged people. During old age, people tend to have senior moments in terms of memory, experience attention deficit and can even lose some hearing ability. Thus, the repetition of reminders will ensure that people with physical limitations are served well. They don’t miss important times such as taking medicines, visiting doctors and going for a walk. 

How to Stop Repetition of Reminders on Alexa? 

Why Does Alexa Repeat Reminders Twice 

For people who find the repetition of any reminders and alarms etc. on Alexa annoying, there is an easy way to stop it. Here is an easy way to reset notifications so that you hear them only once: 

  • Open your Amazon Alexa App on a smartphone or laptop
  • Tap on ‘More’ in the bottom right corner
  • Now go to ‘settings’ and click on ‘reminders’ to make the necessary adjustments
  • Go to ‘customize’ delivery and tap on ‘announcement count’ 
  • The default setting is ‘twice,’ but you can change the count to ‘one’ at per convenience
  • It will then ensure that all your reminders and to-do lists are announced only once
  • The device also gives you an option to change the settings back to twice anytime you wish to do so.


Like any other smart home device, Alexa makes life really easy for people. It is easy to operate, responds quickly, and does a variety of things with just a single command. It also adds safety to your house by controlling lights, locks, and other electric devices.

The settings can be easily customized for both one-time and recurring reminders. It is safe to say that Alexa is the best skilled virtual assistant which can serve all your needs with its amazing ability.