Amazon Alexa Problems: How To Solve The Most Common Ones

Amazon Alexa Problems: How To Solve The Most Common Ones

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Who do you take help of when you experience Amazon Alexa problems? Either you may directly call Amazon Alexa customer care or Google your problems.

You can actually solve the common Amazon Alexa problems on your own. To make things easier for you, here is how you can solve most of the common Amazon Alexa problems.

Alexa Not Working: The Fix

When Alexa is not working, first try the universal solution that seems to fit all problems.

Restart the Alexa app by first closing it from the running apps. Relaunch it again from the Settings menu. Restart your Amazon Alexa device if it is not working or identifying the device yet.

Alexa Not Responding: How To Fix!

Some of the fixes to Alexa not responding well to your commands:

Recheck if the Amazon Alexa device has power and internet access

The first reason Alexa is not responding to your commands may be that your Alexa device isn’t powered up correctly or doesn’t have internet access.

Alexa device microphone is turned off

Try making sure that the microphone is turned on. Press the microphone button on the device to turn it on.

Same Wi-Fi network

The Alexa device and the smartphone (on which the Alexa app is downloaded) should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Also, try moving the Alexa device closer to you when you speak.

Alexa device within the Wi-Fi range

If Alexa cannot hear you correctly, move the Alexa device closer to the Wi-Fi range, i.e., place it near your router.

Restart the device

Try restarting the Alexa device and even your smartphone if needed to set things straight.

Check the Alexa history

If Alexa cannot hear you clearly, you can check the Alexa history to see which words Alexa isn’t able to catch. In the Alexa history, you may find instead of “Alexa, play music,” she may be hearing something else.

Reset the device

If nothing seems to work, try resetting the Alexa device through the reset button on the device.

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Alexa Not Turning On: How To Fix!

If your Alexa device is not turning on, here are the quick fixes to follow:

Check the power outlet.

Plugin the power adapter of the Alexa device again after unplugging it. Change the power outlet and try plugging it in in other power outlets.

Check the power adapter

If the problem persists, check the power adapter, if it is working properly. Look for any cuts or wear and tear. Change the power adapter to another if needed (purchase only Amazon verified power adapter for Amazon Alexa devices).

Call the customer care

If nothing seems to work and the device is within the warranty period, call the customer care service with the help of the Alexa app. Follow Help & Feedback> Call customer service> Select device> Category> Mention issue> Call me.

Alexa Not Connecting To The Internet: How To Fix!

Check the internet connection

To check your internet connection, start with turning off the modem and router for 10 seconds. Turn it back on and check if the internet connection is proper.

Now, unplug the Alexa device and plugin it again.

Reset the Alexa device

Open the Alexa app, go to settings> Updates Wi-Fi to check the Wi-Fi configurations.

Reset the device if needed by pressing and holding the microphone off button and volume down button at the same time until the light turns orange.

Restart the Alexa device thereafter.

Remove other connected devices

Try to reduce Wi-Fi congestion by reducing the number of devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Amazon Alexa Problems 01
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Alexa Not Stay Connected To Wi-Fi: How To Fix!

If your Alexa cannot maintain a steady connection with Wi-Fi, follow the exact instructions as above (Alexa not connecting to the internet). If the problem persists, try:

Checking the security protocols

Check the router for the security protocols. Every router uses two types of security protocols WPA and WPA2. Switching the security protocol to just one of them may be helpful.

Move the Alexa device

Moving the Alexa device closer to the router and within the Wi-Fi range with no solid interruptions can fix frequent internet fluctuations.

Check the Wi-Fi frequency

Amazon Alexa devices work on dual Wi-Fi bands (2.4 GHz/ 5GHz) with standards like 802.11a/b/g/n. They may not work with mobile hotspots and peer-to-peer networks.

Checking for the Wi-Fi frequency and shifting it to a faster network can help.

Alexa No Discovering Devices: How To Fix!

  • Your device should be Alexa enabled to discover it.
  • Go to the Amazon Alexa page and complete the setup there. This will also make sure if your Device is Alexa enabled or not.
  • Try restarting the Alexa app and the Alexa device
  • The Alexa device and smartphone should be on the same Wi-Fi network
  • Update the settings of your router and try asking Alexa again to rediscover devices.

Alexa Doesn’t Understand What You Said: How To Fix!

‘Alexa, tell me what you heard’

If Alexa isn’t able to understand what you said and answers back saying ‘Sorry, I didn’t get that,’ you can ask ‘Alexa, tell me what you heard’.

You can then rephrase your sentence in a way that Alexa can understand it. Try giving commands in small sentences.

Reposition your Echo device

There should not be any interference from other objects between you and the position of the Alexa device.

Make use of the Voice training tool

Go to the Alexa app, ‘Your Profile’ in the settings section to train your voice. This voice training tool helps Alexa get used to your voice tone to understand you better.

In the voice training tools, you will have to read aloud 25 phrases in your typical voice so that Alexa gets to know your accent and the way you pronounce certain words.

Amazon Alexa Problems 02
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Alexa Not Speaking Back To Not Or Not Answering The Questions: How To Fix!

Rebooting the device

Rebooting your Alexa device, make sure all the changes made to the Alexa app are applied. For instance, changing the Wi-Fi password or changing the wake word. Just unplug and plug the Alexa device in a gap of 10 to 15 seconds.

Increasing the volume

If Alexa is not responding to you back, try to order commands like ‘Alexa, increase the volume’ or ‘Alexa, volume 8’. This may allow Alexa to respond back. You can do the same from the device control panel or from the Alexa app as well.

Brief mode enabled

When the brief mode is on, Alexa is allowed to answer precisely and only to necessary commands. You can switch this feature off in the Alexa app by going to Settings> Voice Responses> toggle off Brief mode and Whisper mode.

Follow up mode enabled

You can also try to disable follow up mode in the Alexa app by following Devices> Echo & Alexa> your device> Follow-up mode (off)

Plug an external device

Plugging an external device like headphones or an external speaker and plugging it out can fix the problem.

This rectifies the problem if you plugged in something in the Alexa device in the past and didn’t remove it properly. It makes Alexa not respond back, thinking the external device is stilled plugged in.

Remove the recently added skill

Sometimes due to faulty installation of new skills added to the Alexa device, the Alexa isn’t able to respond to you back. Try uninstalling it from the Alexa app> Skills & Games> Your skills> Disable Skill by selecting the most recently installed one.

Alexa Not Answering Incoming Calls: How To Fix!

Have contact added to Alexa app

Alexa device can only answer incoming calls of contacts fed in the Alexa app. To feed contact follow, Alexa app> Communicate> Contacts icon> Menu icon> Add contact> Save.

You can also allow Alexa to access your phone contacts from the Alexa app.

Update the Alexa app

Update your Alexa app to the latest version if you are not able to answer incoming calls.

Alexa, answer

If you see green ring light on the Alexa device, you will get an incoming call. If not, it may just be a notification.

If you see an incoming call, try saying ‘Alexa, answer’ to pick the call. Hoping this works.

Restart the device

Try rebooting the Alexa device and checking all the connections like internet connection, power adapter well.

Call customer care

If nothing seems to work, try troubleshooting your problem by reaching out to customer care through the Alexa app.

Alexa Having Trouble Playing Music: How To Fix!

Restart the Alexa device

As with every other problem, try restarting your device once by plugging it out. Wait for few seconds and plug it in again. Check the power adapter as well. Switch to another power plug if needed.

Try relaunching your music streaming service.

Connect to higher bandwidth

Streaming music requires a good network speed, and therefore connecting to 5Ghz bandwidth is important.

No interruptions

There should be no interruptions between the router and the Alexa device. No metal objects like microwaves, baby monitors should be placed in the path.

Alexa device is set as preferred speaker

Make sure when using an online streaming service to play music, specify the preferred speaker in the Alexa app. This way you don’t have to necessarily specify the Alexa device every time.

Give commands correctly

Know the right commands that should be said to Alexa when playing music like ‘Alexa, play Coldplay in the living room’ or ‘Alexa, play my playlist on Spotify’ or ‘Alexa, play music from Amazon Music’ etc.

Use the right music streaming service

By default, Alexa makes use of the Amazon Prime Music streaming service. If you don’t have an account on Amazon Prime Music, set your music streaming service on the Alexa app. Follow Alexa app> Settings> Music & Media> Choose the music streaming services from the list.

Alexa Not Connecting To My Phone: How To Fix!

Forgot network and set it again

If you are connecting your Alexa device (Bluetooth supported) with your smartphone to play music from it, try forgetting the network and pair it again.

Reboot the Alexa device and pair the device from scratch.

Update Alexa device

Try updating the Alexa device to its latest software version. An outdated software version may cause trouble connecting Alexa to your phone.

Keep the two devices closer

When pairing the two devices together, make sure the smartphone is fully charged and is kept closer to the Alexa device.

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Alexa Not Pairing With Smart Devices: How To Fix!

Check compatibility

Make sure your smart device is Alexa compatible by checking it through the website Amazon

Restart the devices

Restart both your Alexa device and Alexa smart home device by plugging and unplugging it back in.

Check your smart home device is set up with the Alexa app

Both the smart home device app and Alexa app should be integrated to make the three works (smart home device, Alexa app, and Alexa device). Do this by going to the Devices section in Alexa app.

Install the desired Skill

Some of the smart home devices require installing skills like the Hue lights. Disabling and re-enabling the skill through the Alexa app can help fix the problem. Disable the skill by following the Alexa app> Skills and Games> Search for your skill> Open the skill> Disable Skill if already installed. Install it again.

Power the third-party tool

Also, check the internet connection of the third-party tool, if any, accompanied by your smart home device. For instance, Philips Hue lights come with a Hue bridge.

Connect to the same Wi-Fi network

Make sure all the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Check and change the Wi-Fi network under the Devices icon.

Reduce the congestion

Try connecting the smart home device first and remove all other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Amazon Alexa Problems 03
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Alexa Not Working On Sonos One: How To Fix!

Check the microphone is on

When the microphone is off on Sonos One, it means the Alexa is kept on mute. Turn it on by pressing the microphone button on the control panel of Sonos One to enable Alexa to hear you and respond back.

Re-enable the Sonos skill

Sonos One connects to Alexa app with the help of Sonos skill. Disable and enable the skill in Alexa app by following Skills & Games> Your Skills> Search for Sonos> Disable Skill> Enable Skill.

Relocate your product

Try relocating the Sonos One closer to the router and your voice. Make sure there are no interruptions like walls, metal objects in between.

Amazon account

One amazon account can only cater to the need of one Sonos system. Create a new account if you have other Sonos speakers as well.

Setup Alexa with Sonos account

If nothing works, deregister your account with Amazon, reset your Alexa settings and try to set up Alexa again with the Sonos app.

Alexa not working on Fire TV: How to Fix!

Reset fire TV remote

Resetting the fire TV remote can help fix the problem. Depending on the version of Fire TV remote you own, you can fix the problem by following the instructions from amazon help.

Change your remote batteries

Replace the batteries of the Fire Tv remote. If you are using an Alexa voice remote, do the same. It will show a red light when the battery is low.

Reboot the Firestick

Reboot the Firestick by unplugging it from the power, waiting for a few seconds, and plugging it in again.

Now, go to the device menu> Settings> Device> Restart to restart your Fire TV stick.

Check the internet connection

Try unplugging your router and modem and plug it in again after few seconds.

Contact customer support

If nothing from the above seems to work, try contacting the customer support from the Amazon site or Alexa app.

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Related Questions

What is wrong with my Amazon Alexa?

Whatever is wrong, unplugging and plugging your Amazon Alexa device should be helpful. You can even try changing the wake word with the help of the Alexa app.

How to reset Alexa?

To reset Alexa, go to Alexa app> Devices> Choose the speaker> Factory reset> Confirm.

How to fix Alexa skills?

If your skill is enabled and is not performing well, try disabling and enabling your skill in the Alexa app. If this doesn’t work, restart the Alexa device, check the wifi connection, and reset it (if needed).

How do you troubleshoot Alexa?

The best solution to troubleshoot Alexa problems is to restart it again. Reset it, if nothing works. Relaunch the Alexa app. Check all the surrounding peripherals.


This should be able to solve your most common Alexa problems. Your last resort should be calling Alexa’s device customer service or Amazon Alexa customer device.