Amazon Echo Distorted Sound: How To Fix!

Amazon Echo Distorted Sound: How To Fix!

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Does your Amazon Echo speaker sound weird all of a sudden and emitting distorted noises? Are you annoyed that constant distortions are majorly hampering your music experience? Are you looking for ways to fix it? Continue reading this article to know various steps you could attempt by yourself to resolve the problem at home quickly.

However, suppose a circumstance arises where none of the troubleshooting measures mentioned in this article are helpful. In that case, you will have to contact customer service or take your Amazon Echo speaker to a repair shop or a service center to get it fixed.

As there could be various reasons that your speaker’s audio sounds distorted, determining whether the problem lies with your Amazon Echo Speaker should be your first course of action. You can carry out the following steps mentioned below to determine whether your Amazon Echo speaker is faulty.

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Plugging Your Amazon Echo Speaker With Your Audio Device With An Auxiliary Cable.

This method is the simplest and most guaranteed way to determine if there is an issue with any wireless speakers. Take any auxiliary cable and connect one end of it to any audio device you can play music from and the other to your Amazon Echo speaker.

Open your Amazon Alexa application and select the Line In mode. Line In mode can be accessed by scrolling to the general settings sections under the Echo & Alexa Tab. Start playing your music and check whether your speakers are still producing any unwanted static and distorted sounds.

If the audio quality is crisp and clear, then your speakers are perfect, and there might be some connectivity issues or a software problem with your Amazon Echo that can easily be solved with some troubleshooting.

Amazon Echo Distorted Sound 01

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Disconnect The Audio Device From The Speaker And Pair It Again

Disconnect your audio device from the wireless speakers and unpair the device. Once you have unpaired it, turn on the Bluetooth option of your Amazon Echo and pair it with the audio device once more. If there was a connection problem with the paired device, this step should help resolve the issue.

Reduce The Distance Between Your Audio Source And The Speaker

Another reason your Amazon Echo could be making distorted sounds is that the audio device and speakers are placed too far off from each other. Each electronic device with the Bluetooth option has limited bandwidth. Try setting the audio source closer to the device to see if the quality of the sound improves. You can keep reducing and increasing the distance to check whether the sound quality deteriorates as you go farther away from the speakers.

Restart Your Amazon Echo Speaker And Your Audio Device

The easiest method to fix most glitches on electronic gadgets is to restart the device. You can restart your audio device, such as your phone, tablet, or laptop, first to examine whether it was the audio source that was problematic.

If the distortion still persists after restarting the audio device, you need to restart your Amazon Echo speakers. Unplug the power adapter from the power source and then plug it back in and turn your speakers on. This simple step should help you fix any minor connection issues.

Do Not Be Behind The Times! Make Sure Your Software Is Up To Date

If the software on your Amazon Echo is not up to date, there could be some malfunctioning such as distorted noises or connection issues. Ask Alexa to check for updates and make sure to download any updates that are pending. To ensure a smooth and outstanding user experience, it is often necessary to ensure that you are continually updating your software. Once you have downloaded the latest version of the software, restart your speaker and check the audio quality.

Inspect The Audio Device

At times, you may think that your wireless speakers are not functioning correctly, but in reality, the problem may be with the audio device you are using to play your music. Following are a few actions that can be taken to determine whether the audio device is the distortion source.

  • Option 1: In order to rule out this possibility, connect any other audio device available at your disposal to play music. If the audio is clear while connected to another audio device, then the issue is with the device and not the speaker.
  • Option 2: Alternatively, you could also try changing the music application one is playing music from and see if the application may be causing the audio to distort.
  • Option 3: While inspecting your audio device, do not forget to check the battery level of the device. Lower battery levels reduce the bandwidth of your Bluetooth signal.
  • Option 4: Lastly, you should try connecting your audio device with another Bluetooth speaker. If the audio quality still has a distorted sound, then your audio device is the root cause of the problem. However, if the audio quality is clear and without any disruption on another speaker, then there is a problem with your Amazon Echo speaker.

Amazon Echo Distorted Sound 02

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Factory Reset and Reboot your Amazon Echo

If you have tried all the steps mentioned above and still have not found a solution, you can reset the settings on your Amazon Echo and set it up all over again.

To reset the settings of your Amazon Echo, you need to press and hold the action button for some time till the light ring on your speaker turns orange. Once it turns back on again and displays the orange light once more, you will be able to set up your Amazon Echo again.

Once you have completed the factory reset and reboot your device, connect it to your phone or laptop and try playing any audio. If the distortion persists even after resetting and rebooting, then a visit to the repair shop is the only solution.

There could be a manufacturing defect, or maybe some wires or screws could have gotten loose inside the device. It is best to give your speakers to a repair shop to get them fixed as trying to do it yourself may cause more damage. If your Amazon Echo is still within the warranty period, you could get it exchanged or serviced too.

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