Amazon Echo Muffled Sound: How To Fix!

Amazon Echo Muffled Sound: How To Fix!

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Coming across a muffled sound from your Amazon Echo can be very infuriating and bothersome. However, a muffled sound from your speakers need not necessarily be a significant problem, and there is no need to panic right away. Muffled sounds from your Amazon Echo are a pretty common problem that many users experience. To know how to troubleshoot and fix the problem at home, do continue reading the article as it will give you a basic idea of various ways to resolve the issue.

If there is no hardware damage or factory defect, then fixing the muffled sound coming from your Amazon Echo can be a reasonably straightforward exercise. Following are specific steps which you can try at home itself.

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Lowering The Volume

Lower the volume of the audio device connected to your Amazon Echo speaker. If this does not help, get rid of the muffled sound entirely. Try turning down the volume of your Amazon speakers. If these two steps still do not make your audio quality clear, you could open the equalizer on your audio device and try reducing the bass or adjusting the treble and see if that helps.

Check The Position

Ensure that your Amazon Echo speakers are placed farther away from electronic gadgets such as the wife router, television, and microwave. These devices’ radio waves may interfere with the Bluetooth signal between your wireless speakers and audio device. As a consequence, your speakers may be producing a muffled sound while playing music.

Check The Wi-Fi Connection

If you are playing music through a Wi-Fi connection, make sure that your Wi-Fi connection has a good range, and the internet is working. You can also try restarting your Wi-Fi router.

Check The Location

You need to ensure that both the audio device that you are playing music from and your Amazon Echo is located in the same room. It is recommended that the distance between your wireless speakers and audio device should not be very vast as the farther both the items are kept, the weaker the connection will be. Each electronic device has a limited Bluetooth range. Hence, if your speakers are giving off a muffled sound, try reducing the distance between it and the source of audio and see if that solves the issue.

Check The Battery

Sometimes it so happens that your Amazon Echo is low on battery, and that is the reason for an unclear muffled audio experience. Make sure that your device is not running out of battery. Plug the charger in and make sure there is an adequate battery, and then try checking if the muffled sounds still exist.

Amazon Echo Muffled Sound 01

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Restart your Amazon Echo device. Simply unplug your device from the power outlet and then plug it back in. After your device turns on, try playing some music and inspect if the audio quality is clear.


Unpair your audio device from the wireless speakers and connect it again. If the audio obstructions still persist, try connecting another audio device to your Amazon Echo to determine whether the speaker is giving a problem or the problem lies within the audio source you have been using.


Updating your Amazon Echo software to the latest version may help you get rid of the muffled sounds too. Ask Alexa to check for the latest updates and positively update your software to its latest versions to have a pleasant music experience.


Reset the settings on your Amazon Echo. Press and hold the action for about 25 seconds till the LED light ring on your device turns orange. It will turn off and turn back on again and emit blue light. Wait for a few seconds. Once the device’s LED light ring turns orange, the device will enter the set-up mode. Set up your device and connect it to your audio devices once again.

Try Different Applications

Try playing from various music applications on your Laptop or your phone. Sometimes the application that you are playing music or videos from may not be compatible. You could also update the application or uninstall it and try using it after reinstalling it once more.

Amazon Echo Muffled Sound 02

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If All Else Fails

To find out for sure that your Amazon Echo does not have a factory defect or a hardware problem, connect the audio device and play music with the help of an auxiliary cable. Almost all wireless speakers come with an Auxiliary cable port.

However, not all Amazon Echo models come with an Aux input feature. Only the Amazon Echo 3rd Generation, Echo Studio, and Echo Plus models come with an Aux Input port. Models such as the Echo Dot, Show, and Auto do not have the Aux input feature.

If you own the Amazon Echo model, which supports an Aux wire, connect it to your audio device and play something. Check if the speaker is still producing a muffled sound while playing the audio. If the speaker still continues to produce a muffled sound, then there is nothing more you can do to fix the issue at home. The hardware of the speaker may be damaged or faulty and has to be repaired.

What To Do If Your Hardware Is Damaged And There Is Nothing Wrong With The Software?

Even after trying all the steps mentioned above, if the muffled noises are just not going away, you will have to either get the device fixed at a repair shop, buy a new speaker or get the speakers replaced.

Most Amazon speakers come with a one-year warranty period. If your speaker is still within the warranty period, there is a possibility that you could get your faulty Amazon Echo speaker replaced for free. All you have to do is get in touch with their customer service and speak to their representative.

The representative will probably give you a few troubleshooting options too to see if the problem can be solved at home. If the issue is not getting corrected at home, they will provide you with a replacement. If your Amazon Echo is not under the warranty period, then your next best option is to take it to a repairing center. This is much safer than trying to fix it at home as technical knowledge is required for fixing hardware issues, and you might do more damage at home.