Audio Pro vs. Sonos

Audio Pro vs. Sonos

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Sonos needs no formal introduction. One name that brought about the new era of multiroom music experience began with Sonos. It is very well following its legacy. However, the entry of competitors is what makes brands like Sonos stay on their feet.

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Audio Pro is one such competition that is giving Sonos products a hard time. To the extent, that is known as the best alternative to Sonos speakers, even replacing them at some places. Audio Pro is not a new name as a speaker’s brand. It was in 2017 when Audio Pro launched its multi-room speakers in C series, and it has been in the limelight since then.

If you are looking for good multiroom audio speakers or just speakers to turn your TV into a home theatre, these two are the top two speaker brands that can cater to your needs well. However, one has to be above another to make a final decision.

Let’s start from scratch and know in the battle between Audio Pro vs. Sonos, who is worthy of our money.

Here are some of the top products of Audio Pro and Sonos and their comparison.

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Audio Pro C5A vs Sonos One Gen II

These two brand new models fit best to be reviewed together.

Audio Pro vs. Sonos 01

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  • Design and looks

At a single glance, Audio Pro speakers look very bulky and spacious that serves as a huge turnoff. However, if you love your speakers to have that traditional touch like Audio Pro C5A, looks won’t be an issue for you.

On the other hand, Sonos One, with a cylindrical shape, looks classy, compact, and perfect as a smart speaker.

However, things get equal as Audio Pro A10 provides the same and better look as Sonos One as well.

  • Sound quality

If you are no expert, the sound quality of both of these speakers would feel good to you at their own place. However, Audio Pro C5A provides a little edge to its audio quality with the way they are designed with the addition of twin tweezers that even fill a large room which its amplifying voice.

When it comes to features, both include impressive features and stand neck to neck with voice control assistants, multiroom connectively, and other such features.

However, when it comes to price, Sonos is once expensive than C5A is now priced lower than Audio Pro C5A on Amazon.  Moreover, you get extra features with the help of the Sonos app like setting alarm, setting wireless multiroom audio with ease, compatibility with Airplay 2, automatic Trueplay, and a lot more.

Audio Pro A10 vs Sonos One

Audio Pro A10 is a fairer model to compare with Sonos One as they both have the same cylindrical design, none like the usual designs of the Audio Pro C series. It has the nearly priced same as Sonos one as well.

It’s a good multiroom-audio speaker with positive reviews all around. With an easy-to-access control panel on the top of the speaker, its stylish and fabric coated cylindrical body makes it the best portable and multiroom speaker among the Audio Pro speakers.

Audio Pro vs. Sonos 03

The sound quality of A10 is not questionable and performs best with the body and price range it is set in. For a small package, it has an unwavering sound quality with multiple audio formats and voice control compatibility.

Moreover, you can use it as a wired as well as wireless speaker with the help of Wifi, Bluetooth, and Audio Pro Multiroom app. Like most Sonos speakers, it can also be mounted on the wall.

In all, Audio Pro A10 is a tough competitor of Sonos One and can also be anytime be chosen over it too. Also, it’s much easy to connect to and catches up faster than most Audio Pro speakers.

Audio Pro Addon C3 vs Sonos Move

This is yet another legit comparison to make to find out if the price difference between them should make you go with Audio Pro C3 or not.

This is a close call, but we will figure out the true gold of the two.

So, Audio Pro Addon C3 is a highly durable and portable multiroom-audio speaker with a great battery backup. It is easy to carry around with the handle on the top, supports Bluetooth and wifi as well.

Audio Pro vs. Sonos 04
Audio Pro Addon C3 and Sonos Move

However, it disappoints with its poor and slow working app, poor connectivity with wifi and doesn’t sync with Bluetooth as well at times. Talking about its sound quality, it’s superb, neutral, and easy to blend in, but it does not work as best for a wireless speaker.

What lacks in Audio Pro Addon C3 is what is best in Sonos Move is the best one-line comparison of both. Sonos Move is known as a truly wireless speaker. It stands by its easy to connect wireless with long Wifi range and Bluetooth connectivity as well.

The sound quality of Sonos speakers never disappoints. Thought Sonos Move is larger than most other Sonos speakers and is still pretty portable. It also has a microphone that lets you enable voice control assistants like Alexa, Siri as well, which Addon C3 lacks.

Moreover, Sonos Move is water-resistant, unlike Addon C3 but not waterproof.

According to Lustre (provides collective analysis from review websites) too, Sonos Move overall did better than Addon C3 when taking all the stats into consideration.

 Audio Pro C10 vs Sonos Play:5

Increasing the size of speakers even further, both of these models are the largest speaker among their brands.

Not at all the portable speakers, these two are meant for throwing backyard parties and using them on a large scale. Using a single speaker is enough to fill your house with loud music.

The design and built of Audio Pro C10 is much similar to the rest of its models with two tweezers and one woofer in the middle. Like every other model. C10 lacks nowhere is providing a blend in bass sound that is loud and soothing at the same time.

Audio Pro vs. Sonos
Audio Pro Addon C10

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Moreover, it is compatible with every other wireless streaming format you can think of, be it voice assistants, Spotify, etc. It can also be used as a wired speaker as it comes with an ethernet port at the back. Also, it provides a wide variety of audio support like MP3, AAC, WMA, Apple Lossless, and FLAC. It also has a rechargeable battery that keeps you entertained all the time without running out mid-party, unlike Sonos Play:5.

The control panel at the top of the speaker allows easy access and clear controls. The only problematic issues are the poor customer service and not so consistent app. If you are just looking for using it wirelessly with a loud sound, this one it is. Also, it doesn’t connect with other series Audio Pro models too, i.e., to say it can only be used as multiroom speakers with its other C series speakers, namely C3, C5, and C5A.

On the other hand, Sonos 5 is one versatile speaker that can be used for generations to come. Sonos Play:5 is more expensive than Audio Pro C10 but worth it with its true to words multiroom audio wireless service. It does have negative reviews with issues related to wifi cards, but that is more than two years old.

Audio Pro vs. Sonos
Sonos Play:5

The Play:5 comes with 3 tweezers, and that provides incredible sound throw and impressive bass. The sound quality of Play:5 is not in question at all. Like every other Sonos speaker, the Sonos Play:5 is pretty simple. It can also be kept horizontally or vertically, and it adjusts to the internal processing accordingly, making it the smartest among the smart speakers.

As it has six internal antennas, the wifi and Bluetooth connectivity are at par. Also, it compatible with Airplay 2 and various voice control assistants as well. The presence of stereo speakers makes it one step ahead of C10. Also, it comes with a mute function; you usually don’t find it in many speakers.

With the features it provides, Sonos Play:5 is not at all expensive.

However, selecting the two of them would be a tough call as both are good at providing what they are built for i.e., superb sound quality.

Final Verdict

These were the top comparisons made between Audio Pro and Sonos speakers. Outrightly picking the best out of the two would be difficult, but Sonos speakers have a little edge over Audio Pro speakers because of Audio Pro’s poor app response. Their poor wireless features like app response and wifi connectivity turn out to be serious glitches and a huge turnoff.

If that doesn’t bother you, going for Audio Pro speakers that less price than Sonos speakers is a good deal to start with. However, when it comes to multiroom-audio speakers, Sonos is still on the top and enjoying its monopoly along with the quality it provides.

With this, we are sure you provided you with an honest opinion and will help you in making the right decision when buying yourself a new speaker.

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