Best 4k Blu-Ray Player for Sonos

Best 4k Blu-Ray Player For Sonos

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In recent years movies in the Blu-ray format have become extremely popular. So what is this Blu-ray technology that everybody is talking about? Blu-ray disc, known as Blu Ray is a form of disk storage that supersedes the DVD format and is capable of storing several hours of video data in high definition in comparison to the regular DVD.

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Blu Ray players have tools for blu-ray disc playback which enables people to watch movies in high definition at home. Blu Ray allows you to get the highest quality picture and best sound effects at the comfort of your house if you pair up a blu-ray DVD player with your HD television set and home theatre sound system, one could have a theatre-like experience at the comfort of your house. In order to take full advantage of your high-definition television set’s display screen at home, we would highly recommend that you purchase a Blu-Ray player.

The First Blu Ray player was released in the year 2006, and currently, there are a plethora of Blu-ray players available in the market. Are you planning to buy a new Blu-ray player for your house?  There are a few things to look out for in a Blu-ray player for purchasing one for yourself.

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Things to Consider While Buying a Blu-Ray Player

  • While purchasing a Blu-ray player for yourself you need to check whether the Blu-ray players can play various disc formats. All Blu-ray players can play commercial Blu-ray discs and standard TV series however the current Blu-ray players can also play commercially released CDs and CDs that are burned with MP3 files certain Blu-ray models also have the capacity of playing JPEG, WMA, DVDs,  or video series that you may have recorded on your own. Before finalizing your purchase it is advisable that you cross-check the various types of disk formats that are compatible with the Blu-ray player you are interested in buying.
  • Another feature to look out for while purchasing your Blu-Ray player is to check the quality of the player’s DVD upconversion. you can always watch all your older DVD movies that you have lying around in the house on your Blu-ray players as or Blu-ray players are backward compatible with DVDs. Standard definition DVDs can be upconverted into high definition 1080p resolution by your Blu-ray players.  However, these up-converted videos are not as good as the original high-definition videos. there are Blu-Ray players which convert the videos more effectively than others and you should always check out their performance in this area
  • 3D Blu Ray movies are really popular nowadays and are freely available in the market. In order to watch 3D movies at home, you need to own an HD television that is capable of playing 3D movies along with a Blu-Ray player that has the 3D capability.  So if you would like to enjoy 3D movies at home make sure you purchase a Blu Ray player that has the 3D capability.
  • 4K displays all the Hype in the market currently. This new technology allows you to watch your movies in Ultra HD mode. Paired with your home theatre devices at home a 4k display gives you the ultimate cinema experience. If you have the budget we would highly recommend that you pick out a Blu-ray player that has 4k upconversion abilities.
  • Another feature that you should look out for in a Blu-ray player is an HDMI connection which allows you to transfer 1080p video signals and high-resolution audio from your Blu-ray player to your HD Television and home theatre system. HDMI cable is a necessity. Apart from the HDMI port, USB ports are very important too as they allow you to execute various actions such as loading software, playing media through a USB drive, etc. Lastly, make sure your Blu-ray player has a Wifi-connection. An ethernet port or USB port can be used to connect to the Wi-fi. There are some Blu-ray players that come with an in-built wifi connection that allows you to connect to the wireless network, otherwise, you might have to buy an adapter that would enable your Blu-ray player to connect to the internet.

Best 4k Blu-Ray Player for Sonos

Should you purchase a 4k Blu-Ray player?

4k Blu-ray players also known as Ultra HD Blu-ray players are devices that have been designed to keep up with the latest and greatest picture quality that is available out in the market. 4K Blu-ray players provide users with amazing picture quality which is four times the pixel density and resolution in comparison to regular Blu-ray players.

Specifically designed for 4k movies, these disc players display the clearest pictures and best sound quality. Paired with your home theatre systems these 4k Blu-ray players give you refined and high-resolution pictures, HDR including Dolby Vision and HDR10+, and object-surround formats such as the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. 4K Blu-rays are costly however it is totally worth your money. They can play regular Blu-ray discs as well as DVDs so it is always a win-win situation.

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1. Panasonic Ultra HD Blu-ray Player DP-UB820EB

The Panasonic DP-UB820EB is a full-sized player which combines everything we know about good sound quality and vibrant and beautiful pictures. Its unique chroma processing ability gives you the most from Ultra HD HDR content and ensures that your 4K TV gives the best performance.

It comes packed with an HCX processor also known as their Hollywood Cinema Experience. The HCX picture processor is built-in to their 4K Blu-ray players which deliver precise colors and high picture definition. The player comes with a 7.1 Analogue audio output which gives users a high-level sound quality for various audio devices such as your Sonos home theater sound system. Eg your Sonos Playbar. It supports 4k VOD which has been specifically designed for convenient and smart image viewing. It is 63 mm in height, 430 mm in width, and 204 mm in Depth.

The Panasonic DP-UB820EB supports all the different types of HDR such as HDR 10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision giving you the best experience out of your 4k content. It has a great upconversion ability which allows it to upscale your regular Blu-rays to fit in perfectly on your 4k Television’s display screens. It is an all-rounder and you will get the most out of your money.

2. Sony 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray  UBP-X700

Best 4k Blu-Ray Player for Sonos

Sony’s UBP-X700 is packed with everything you would need to enter the Ultra HD HDR world. It is a 4k Blu-ray player with a high-quality video source which is decently priced making it a high-value overachiever. This 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray player has advanced surround sound and 4k detail. Its vibrant HDR images promise to offer you a visual experience that you have never thought could have been possible. It comes with an HDR10 that massively increases peak brightness while maintaining the deep and highly-detailed blacks for an immersive viewing experience. Dolby Vision brings scenes to life with striking highlights, deeper darks, and vibrant colors giving you a cinematic experience at home.

UBP-X700 4k Blu-ray player supports the new BT.2020 color spaces giving you access to a wider range of colors than your regular TV signals. You get much more realistic and saturated deliveries from deep aquatic blues to natural greens and vibrant reds. The Ultra HD Blu-ray player also has advanced upscaling capabilities converting everything you watch to a high 4k resolution. On it, you can play anything you want to watch, listen or stream. It supports Blu-ray discs, Ultra HD Blu-ray, DVDs, CDs, and super audio CDs.

The Blu-ray player is 4.5cm in height, 32 cm in width, and 21 cm in depth. It comes with a dual HDMI output for Audio and video separation and clearer sound. In its price range, the 4k blu-ray player has great reviews and is worth buying.

3. SONY 4k Ultra HD Blu-Ray UBP-X800M2

Best 4k Blu-Ray Player for Sonos

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Sony’s UBP-X800M2 belongs to its mid-range line of products. This 4k Blu-ray player is slightly more expensive than its other models from its budget range line of products such as the UBP-X700. However, it is more capable and talented.

You can enjoy the best picture quality in 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray and an advanced 4k detail for everything you watch due to its 4k upscaling ability. This Blu-ray player has been designed for users to experience pure sound, and total audio clarity with the help of its High-Resolution Audio and DSEE HX upscaling.

The UBP-X800M2 offers a range of connectivity options making it highly versatile. It comes with a dual HDMI port for separate Audio and Video output, USB port, digital coaxial output, Wi-Fi connectivity, and LAN. It supports HDR10, Dolby Vision, and BT.2020 just like the UBP-X700. The best thing about this Ultra HD Blu-ray player is that it supports Bluetooth allowing you to pair your favorite Bluetooth headphones or speakers for your private viewing experience without any wires.

Its High-Resolution audio allows you to enjoy the subtitles nuances of studio-quality sound in high quality. Every component from signal to speaker is united to make it sound like you are listening to the artist in real life. When it comes to audio quality the Blu-ray player supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X which allows you to get the biggest impact out of every movie soundtrack while creating a deeply immersive surround sound.

It supports Blu-ray discs, Ultra HD Blu-ray, DVDs, CDs, and super audio CDs. It weighs 3.8 kgs and is 430mm in width, 50mm in height, and 265mm in Depth.

4. Panasonic Ultra HD Blu-ray Player DP-UB150EB

The Panasonic DP-UB150EB is best suited for people who do not have a high budget but are looking for a good performing 4k Blu-ray player. This model from Panasonic is extremely budget-friendly and yet gives an uncompromising performance in picture quality. It has multi HDR support allowing it to support multiple HDR formats. It also supports the HDR10+ and Hybrid log-gamma. You can experience stunning 4k pictures on your HD display screen.

Although it does not come with Dolby Vision, this Blu-ray player is highly competent and gives you great value for your money. It has a 7.1 surround sound which gives you a nicely detailed and immersive sound experience. It has a great 4k upscaling ability too, allowing it to convert all audiovisual material to 4k quality to match your HD TV. It supports all types of discs, ranging from DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray discs, and Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. It comes with an HDMI output and LAN. It is 46mm in height, 320mm in width, and 193mm in depth. Highly budget-friendly and a great performer this is a must-buy for those who have a tight budget.

5. Panasonic DP-UB9000EB 4k Blu Ray Player

Finally coming to the most expensive 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray player on this list is the DP-UB9000 from Panasonic. This Blu-ray player boasts fantastic image quality and a powerful HDR display optimizer. It is Panasonic’s premium flagship 4k Blu Ray player and is one of the best in the high-end range of products in the market.

It has a heavy metal body and luxe design making it look extremely elegant and premium. Thich aluminum treated with alumite is used for the front and side panels which helps reduce vibration and increases chassis rigidity making it easier for it to support high sound quality while maintaining a premium design.

It supports all variants of HDR from HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision. It comes with an HCX processor giving you a fantastic viewing experience. It also gives you great sound quality and an immersive experience. One of the biggest reasons why the DP-UB9000EB is a great choice is because it supports voice control.

It is Alexa enabled and Google assistant enabled making it easier for it to perfectly blend with your smart home system. It has a built-in Wireless LAN connectivity feature, 7.1ch Analogue output, USB slots, and HDMI outputs. It supports all types of discs formats such as DVD, audio CDs, Blu-ray discs, etc. It is 81mm in height, 430mm in width, and 300mm in depth, and weighs 7.8kgs.

Best 4k Blu-Ray Player for Sonos


Picking the right 4k HD Blu Ray for your Sonos sound system at home may seem like a very daunting task. However, this article should help you out with the basic features to look out for and give you an idea about the price ranges of products available in the market. Do not worry too much as most of the products mentioned here are some of the best available in the market and each one would be a perfect match for your Sonos Home Theatre system at home.

Simply look out for certain specifications such as the different types of connections available, HDR formats that are supported, Dolby atmos, Hi-resolution audio, and Wifi connectivity. Once you know what your budget is you could either place an order online or head down to your nearest electronic stores to check it out personally before placing your order. Good luck.