Top 9 Best 4×6 Speakers Reviews

Best 4x6 Speakers
Best 4x6 Speakers

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The speakers in your car might not impress you a bit if you are all about the quality of sound. Most of the new cars come with the most basic speakers that can be classified as average.

So, if you want to hear the crisp sound, then its better if you replace the entire speaker system of your car with something that will meet your expectations.

4×6 speakers are capable of producing crystal clear notes and are a perfect fit for vehicles.

Here, we will help you find the best 4×6 speakers.

Stay here with us to learn more about the products.

Top 9 Best 4×6 Speakers Review

With plenty of speakers already made easily available in the market, it is hard to choose the right one. Not to worry, as we’ll help you figure out what is appropriate for you. We’ll tell you what the best 4×6 speakers to buy are.

1. Pioneer TS-G4620S 400 Watts Max Power 4″ X 6″ 2-Way G-Series

Pioneer TS-G4620S 400 Watts Max Power 4" X 6" 2-Way G-Series Coaxial Full Range Car Audio Stereo Speakers

Pioneer is considered to be one of the most prestigious brands when it comes to speakers, and their releases hardly ever fail. This is the reason why we almost had to talk about their product before any other company’s. The TS-G4620S does not fail to keep the brand’s name standing.

Since this speaker comes in various customizable sizes, it can be quite simply installed in various types of cars. So, you don’t have to stress over the fact of whether or not it would be compatible with your vehicle or not.

Now coming to its performance, the shape of the polypropylene cone lets it produce great quality sound in very high volumes and seldom cracks.

Power handling of this item cannot be matched with most of the products available in the market. The rating is 400 watts per pair, which further solidifies its compatibility with most of the cars available in the market.

The sensitivity of the speakers is 89db, which might not be able to generate as much power from the amplifiers. But 89db is still considered to be way above average. Regardless of that, keeping other features in mind, this product is one of the best 4×6 speakers for your car’s stereo system.

Pros & Cons of Pioneer TS-G4620S Max Power 4″ X 6″ G-Series


  • The polypropylene cone shape can handle high volume levels easily
  • Rate of power handling is 400 watts so is compatible with most cars
  • Can quite simply be installed due to its lightweight


  • Speaker sensitivity is not very high

2. Planet Audio TRQ462 4 x 6 Inch Car Speakers

Planet Audio TRQ462 4 x 6 Inch Car Speakers - 200 Watts of Power Per Pair, 100 Watts Each

Budget is such an important factor that sometimes come between you and your desire to buy a good quality item. Well, if you are facing a conflict similar to this, then this thing is just the perfect option for you.

With a power handling rate of 200 watts per pair, this speaker can be used with most car amplifiers. The compatibility of the product doesn’t end there; its size and lightweight allow the installation part to be a piece of cake.

What makes it light and durable is its build materials. The cone part of the item is made up of polyurethane, which makes it very flexible and capable of producing smooth sounds. Voice coil of the thing is composed of aluminum, which ensures maximum efficiency when used heavily for a long time.

The best part of this item has a tweeter in the cone midbass. Hence, further production of amazing sound quality can be guaranteed. Getting a tweeter with the speaker at this price is pleasantly surprising and perfect for those who are looking for both.

So, in short, we can conclude that this is the best 4×6 speakers for the money.

Pros & Cons of Planet Audio TRQ462 4 x 6 Inch Car Speakers


  • Very easy to install because of its lightweight and size
  • Voice coil composed of aluminum, so efficiency is maximum during heavy-duty usage
  • Is full-ranged so comes with a tweeter
  • Price is towards the cheaper end of the spectrum


  • The sensitivity of the speaker is only 84db which is very low

3. Rockville 4×6″ Front Factory Speaker Replacement Kit

Rockville 4x6" Front Factory Speaker Replacement Kit For 87-95 Jeep Wrangler YJ

A 3-way is capable of distributing frequency, hence sound, more uniformly due to the three separate devices. This 3-way item by rockville is no different from it and holds the ability to produce crisp and smooth notes as well. Let’s find out more.

The company ensured that the speaker was made up of the greatest and brand-new technology. Due to this, the quality of sound is almost unmatched. Since the build of the cone consists of the polymer polypropylene, it can roll-off an increased level of frequency with more precision and efficiency.

And the sensitivity of the product is quite impressive and has a rating of 90db. So, the power being subjected to the speaker produces excellent quality sound with ease. More electrical energy can, therefore, be converted into more sound energy.

Hence, the sound is generated from the thing would be superior to most of the speakers found in the market.

Furthermore, you wouldn’t need to buy additional grilles for this item. The product comes along with it. Most of the speakers, similar to this, usually do not come with grilles, and you have to buy them separately.

With all of its impressive features, it is safe to say that this thing can be classified as one of the best sounding 4×6 speakers.

Pros & Cons of Rockville 4×6″ Front Factory Speaker Replacement Kit


  • The sensitivity of the speaker is 90db which is very high
  • Made up of the newest technology
  • Is capable of rolling off high frequencies with ease
  • Comes with grilles


  • The exterior look of the grilles looks a bit cheap

4. BOSS Audio Systems BRS46 Car Replacement Speakers

BOSS Audio Systems BRS46 Car Replacement Speakers - 50 Watts of Power Per Speaker

BOSS has been delivering products that have left their customers in awe, and they keep on coming back to the company for more. Their main goal is to keep their consumers happy by never compromising with the quality of their items. Surely enough, they haven’t let us down this time around with their BRS46 speakers.

This particular thing is great for those who aren’t happy with their basic car speakers and are in search of something that can give them more clear and smooth sound quality. And this has been made possible because of the dual cone, which allows maximum sound clarity.

Furthermore, they are made up of the polymer polyurethane, which will ensure that the product stays functional even after years of heavy usage.

The productivity of the speaker doesn’t end there; the frequency range of this is 100Hz to 18kHz. This is quite a wide range and will be able to grasp on to all the mid and high notes. Since the frequency is pretty broad, the speaker can be denoted as a good quality item and perfect for higher notes.

Lastly, the basket of the thing is stamped so you would be able to hear sounds that very crisp and ones that would hardly every crack.

Pros & Cons of BOSS Audio Systems BRS46 Car Replacement Speakers


  • Is quite light, so the installation part is very quick and easy
  • Has a broad range of frequency for higher notes
  • Is very durable because of its premium and strong build
  • Comes with grilles


  • Cannot grasp onto lower frequencies so hence weaker bass

5. Infinity Kappa 2-Way Speakers-Pair

Infinity Kappa 4"x6" 2-Way Loudspeakers-Pair (Black)

Infinity speakers are the cream of the car audio harvest in the marketplace. It is among the greatest susceptibility evaluations among 4×6” loudspeaker choices. The ¾” soft dome tweeters are border driven, keeping a smooth, clear sound down to the midrange and raising the number of electricity they can deliver.The glass fiber woofer uses the business’s patented Plus One technology. The woofer provides you with a larger bass sound, enlarges the low-end frequency response.These speakers provide you precise and comprehensive sound reproduction over the frequency and dynamic spectrum. Whether they’re powered having an amp or directly your stereo doesn’t matter.

Pros & Cons of Infinity Kappa 2-Way Speakers-Pair


  • Adequate bass and treble that’s great taking into consideration the tiny size of the loudspeakers
  • They’re a nightmare to replace in the Jeep supporting the dashboard. But that’s no fault to the loudspeakers
  • These speakers are worth the cash. Have midrange and great highs. I have a sub
  • 4 x 6-inch 2-way Car Audio Base Speakers (Pair)
  • Peak Power Handling: 180 watts | RMS Power Handling: 5-60 watts
  • Frequency response: 75-25,000 Hz


  • Setup is quite difficult

6. Polk Audio AA2461-A MM461P Plate Speaker

Polk Audio AA2461-A MM461P 4x6 Plate Speaker

The extra rigidity of the stuff takes to get a lighter-weight core. It gives a more rapid response with better detail to increase the clarity of the woofer.

With the outsized voice coils, you’ve got a loudspeaker that will give incredible sound on the opposite side of the frequency area. These are on the list of top 4×6 speakers for the cash.

Pros & Cons of Polk Audio AA2461-A MM461P Plate Speaker


  • The sound quality and excellent small marine loudspeakers are astonishing.
  • Good sound which is clear and sharp
  • Highly recommended in this program as a low attempt upgrade.
  • Neodymium Magnets enormous weight is discovered just in the most exotic loudspeakers. Saved by a rare earth metal offering exceptional durability to performance ratio.
  • Klippel Optimized Parts using state of the art Klippel Distortion Analyzer. Polk engineers could optimize the woofer’s voice coil alignment. Motor construction and suspension at extreme listening degrees.
  • Woven Glass Complex Cones feature rigidity that is great -to mass ratio. Lower mass means finer detail and more rapid transients.


  • Despite the small plastic hooks to attach the loudspeakers. Way break too easily. Otherwise great speakers.

7. Kicker DSC46 D-Series Coaxial 2-Way Car Speakers

Kicker DSC46 (41DSC46) 4" x 6" D-Series Coaxial 2-Way Car Speakers with 1/2" Tweeters

Kicker DSC46 is just another excellent alternative worth considering. These speakers are an excellent replacement for stock speakers.

Kicker car speakers are mid-range car speakers. They represent among the handful of leading brands and are quite popular in now’s marketplace.

These speakers produce adequate bass, but the authentic magic comes in the middle/high range. Where these speakers shine, that’s.

The single drawback, possibly, is the electricity handling that is poor. They’ve been rated at 30 watts RMS, not rather high compared to the other speakers.

With that in your mind, these speakers will be an excellent replacement for a stereo system.

Pros & Cons of Kicker DSC46 D-Series Coaxial 2-Way Car Speakers


  • You also need to be ready to fix any loose wires running from your pos. These speakers will vibrate neg leads; anything left unsecured.
  • Summit: 120 watts
  • Narrow-Profile


  • They possess a vibrant sound that simply doesn’t bad.

8. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1462 4 x 6-Inches Coaxial Speakers

Rockford Fosgate P1462 Punch 4"x 6" 2-way Full Range Speaker (Pair)

This is possibly among the greatest acquisitions we’ve created recently. None of the looks are absent, i.e. bass, middle, levels, words, etc. We are operating these by having an Infinity 475 research amplifier.

However, they are so useful that simply the 15 to 25w (RMS) provides you with an entire fresh encounter in audio. It demonstrates as you can get skilled sound without splitting the financial institution.

Pros & Cons of Rockford Fosgate Punch P1462 4 x 6-Inches Coaxial Speakers


  • Excellent value.
  • Crisp sound.
  • Significantly higher than my speakers that are previous.
  • Quality is hard, terrible.
  • Flex Fit basket design
  • Nutrient- polypropylene injection and packed molded cone with rubber surround
  • Flex-Fit container enables minor modification of the audio


  • Practically nothing

9. JBL 6420 Club Series 2 Way Speakers

 JBL Club 6420 4x6" 70W RMS Club Series 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers

There is no speaker which can compete with a JBL product. This is one of the leading brands on the market for a good reason.

Though Club 6420 is not very fine like JBL, it may normally trade punches with the top speaker in the price range.

The bass quality of the JBL speaker is praiseworthy. Club speakers are well made to set up with any vehicles.

If you notice closely, you will see the speaker pair makes good sound within mid to high-frequency range.

You are looking for a loudspeaker pare with highs and mids, you may click here to see or learn more.

Pros & Cons of JBL 6420 Club Series 2 Way Speakers


  • Excellent value.
  • Crisp sound.
  • Significantly higher than my speakers that are previous.
  • Quality is hard, terrible.
  • Flex Fit basket design
  • Nutrient- polypropylene injection and packed molded cone with rubber surround
  • Flex-Fit container enables minor modification of the audio


  • Practically nothing

How to Choose the Best 4×6 speakers

Check off a list of a few factors that are important to take into consideration. Let’s talk about what needs to be addressed and considered to make the choosing process much more convenient.


It is always wise to purchase a speaker that has a broad range of frequencies. This would make sure that it can touch all kinds of notes from low to high. The wider the range, the better the speaker is considered to be.


High sensitivity ratings are considered to be appropriate for almost all types of speakers. This is because it would be capable of producing good volumes from the power being provided to it very efficiently.

Cone Material

It is quite important to ensure good quality for the build of the cones for better sound output. The size of a woofer changes the game, the bigger, the better. But since we are talking in the context of cars, it is imminent to keep the size fitting. This is the reason why all the attention moves to the material of the cone.

Power Handling

This factor is connected to the kind of stereo system you have installed in your vehicle. If your car’s sound system is high powered, it is better to get something that correlates with the amperage. But in the case of a low-powered system, opt for low power handling speaker.


We would encourage you to look for something that is within your budget, whether it is high or low. You can find amazing quality products in both a cheaper and a higher price.

What’s new infamous pioneer speaker?

Is your car factory speakers sounding less than fresh? Pioneer made A series speakers to be high-performance alternatives for old speakers, made from the ground up to carry back the life which your music’s been losing.

  • You can listen to clear vocals, powerful drums, chunky guitar riffs and distinct bass lines which have been a section of dear tunes but may remain hidden behind sub-par speakers.

Finding the best 4×6 speakers

Purchasing better speakers for the vehicle is an excellent solution to value long drives. All of us adore listening to music in our automobiles, and with quality speakers.

The encounter is simply improved. Not all 4×6 speakers are in fact worth purchasing. Many facets are different.

You can make sure that you get the most from your cash. Please have a glimpse at our listing of things to think about when buying the finest 4×6 speakers.

  • Ensure before committing to your purchase the speakers will match your particular car. Most online resellers let you enter your vehicle details ahead to see if it’ll fit.
  • You’ll need a higher wattage if you’re looking for speakers which will get cranked up high.
  • Bass output signal. Ensure that dynamic, and robust bass tones are delivered by the speakers that you’re buying. Or you will require getting an independent base system just to get quality sounds.
  • Having the top 4×6 speakers with rubber encircles is a great thought. These sorts of structures remove a lot distortion. It let you reap the benefits of a tone that is immaculate.

Why use 4×6 cars speakers

Those who understand the system itself can understand the value of using 4×6 car speakers. The great auto speaker will give you the ability to fully relish your preferred music inside the comfort of your car.

Why use 4×6 cars speakers

It is because the sound wave just rebounds inside the auto’s internal construction. For them, the present audio system built in for their automobile has already been good enough for others.

On the flip side, there is an individual who prefers to test some more. They favor enhancing the audio system in their car. So they take pleasure in the music better and can pay attention.

You can be certain the system is correctly set inside of your automobile. They’re specific factors as you can target on in ascertaining the general quality of your present car speaker.

The kind of substances to building them along with the way the rear speakers are designed will assist you in deciding. The top 4×6 car speakers are the ones that match the measurements of your vehicle. Not to mention, your taste too.

How to install 4×6 speakers?

Now, it is extremely crucial to know that different cars may come using their particular sort of setup procedure.

However, the configuration process is comparatively straightforward. The truth is, most 4×6 speakers maybe set-up within an hour as well as less.

Here are the measures that are essential:

  1. The first thing which you should think about is security when installing loudspeakers. As an effect of improper setup, damage may come to all things considered. Finally, you could find yourself paying additional on your part for the gear. While doing the procedure protection needs to be utilized.

Dashboard and door loudspeakers. Check in the event the car includes removable grilles, for installing door and dashboard speakers.

Later, stop up the hardness of the speaker linked to the auto to the newest loudspeaker harness.

After that place, the loudspeaker in its opening, reinstalling it to the auto also to your new speaker harness. Place in the opening, replacing the grille and reinstalling it with screws.

It’s significant to ensure that the speaker depth is not going to socialize. Especially when installing in the doorway, together with the process of the window following the setup.

In the event the grilles aren’t removable, the door panel might have to be eliminated. Ensure that you keep watch on screws and the clips.

After this, the identical measures emphasized above should be done, together with the exclusion of reinstalling the door panel as well as the dashboard pads.

Back deck speakers

It is extremely crucial that you identify if your speakers are bottom or top mounted. If it’s top-mounted, begin by disconnecting the speaker harness, while holding your loudspeaker in removing the screws.

Then remove the grills, and joining the harness on the newest speaker. Later, it is possible to plug the harness into the speaker to the face of the harness.

Then mounting using different screws, setting the most recent speaker to the opening and replacing the grille.


The bigger the susceptibility evaluation, the more volume a specified speaker can create. The speaker’s sensitivity assessment is got then measuring its volume level at one-meter space.

Also, by powering the speaker using just one watt of energy. Even as little as a variation of a decibel or two can create an enormous difference.

It happens especially while the variation between susceptibility evaluations using the loudspeakers above might seem small.

A speaker has a sensitivity of 91dB can create the same volume a speaker having a rating of 85dB would want 100 watts to create.

The susceptibility evaluation comes into play is if you’re seeing without updating multiple parts in the body. A speaker having a sensitivity in the eighties will get adequate but not window-shaking volume.

The Infinity Kappa speakers recorded above may cost somewhat over a loudspeaker having a reduced susceptibility.

But could finally be a simpler and more cost effective upgrade as you won’t purchase an amp to get the decibels you’re looking for.

You May Choose The Following Best 4×6 Speakers Too

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding 4×6 speakers:

1. Is installing an amplifier necessary with 4×6 speakers?It is not necessary to install an additional amplifier, but it is always a better option. With an added amplifier, the level of distortion or cracking of sound becomes extremely slim.

2. Can these types of speakers generally be installed with ease?Most of these speakers are quite light, so it can be installed with ease. But it’s a different case if you are a newbie. If that’s the case, it will take you a while to learn.

3. Where are the 4×6 generally installed?They are fitted in the dash of the car normally.

4. Do these kinds of speakers generate great bass?For the size, they do. But for even greater bass, it would be more appropriate if you looked into larger speakers than 4 by 6 speakers.

5. Are two-way speakers better than 3-way speakers?Three-way speakers come with three components while the two-way comes with two. The latter is usually cheaper, so in terms of the budget, it is better. But if you want better sound quality, opt for the 3-way one.

Final Words & Recommendation

All 4 products are the best 4×6 speakers made available. The power handling of the Pioneer’s speaker is the greatest while the sensitivity of the rockville’s product is the highest. Planet Audio would be able to give you good quality sound at the lowest price, and the boss’ one would last with you the longest.

If it were upon us, we’d pick the Rockville’s speaker as we were impressed by its new technology build and spot-on sound clarity. We like a speaker with a high sensitivity rating.

So, which one did you choose?

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