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Cambridge Speaker Review
Cambridge Speaker Review

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Are you searching for audio quality inside your enjoyable audio devices? Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle is among the best speakers for an audiophile. Or even for that executive that’s gone into the sound.

Many outdoor lovers because of its lightweight design has acknowledged it. Is it not sensible than those youthful audio lovers produced such nonsense about this?

>>Check Price of Cambridge OontZ Angle Speaker<<

And also the recognition is worth it. The speaker has all the crucial functions to get a lightweight Wireless audio.

The audio is Cambridge Soundworks, to begin with. Minute, you’re not likely to invest. Accumulated, enhanced functions have been advanced with by the most original OontZ Angle.

For what’s gone into the building well, OontZ Angle Versions currently stick out. There’s no need to stress on its niche. Instead, there are specific functions we enjoy that you would like also.

Features of Cambridge Speaker

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  • Two accuracy audio individuals offer loud, distortion-free music sound in excessively good quality.
  • Passive bass radiator provides punchy bass to get a mixture of sharp, and powerful mids. Stay audio on its aspect when playing with bass sound. That is heavy from getting around to avoid it
  • Load and power-packed with loud music to entertain any space. Outside picnic gathering and pool party.
  • IPX5 water-resistant help you provide your OontZ Position 3 swimming.
  • Your visit small audio. Weighs 9 ounces long to suit inside your wallet or travel case.
  • 2200mAh battery with 7-hour battery life about the same cost to take on the run.


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  • Very well for cost and that measurement.
  • The quantity that is can load significant interior location or a little yard.
  • Full-volume can overpower discussions in the 400sq foot area.
  • Nice ergonomics. The positioning style makes sense that is good.
  • Battery appeared to miss the very first original cost last.


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  • Getting/aux port has a rubber flap that’s not easy if you don’t have long claws to start.
  • Becomes scorching while receiving.


>>More Benefits And Features of Cambridge OontZ Angle Speaker<<

Design of Cambridge OontZ Angle 3 Next Speaker

The OontZ Position 3 is water-resistant. But should not be confused with being waterproof. It’s an IPX5 score. Meaning it may manage 12.5L of water each minute from all instructions. But can’t be entirely or partly submerged.

Design of Cambridge OontZ Angle 3 Next Speaker

It is well suited for playing your songs in the torrential rain. From the swimming. In the seaside.

Or within the bath. Incorporated with the audio is a 25-quick-start standard inch more cable. Along with a somewhat brief 11.5-inch micro USB charging cable.

You will find the speaker grill about a more robust plastic grill beneath the audio. It forces out these lower bass sounds along with the entrance. Sides of the audio are rubber slipcovers.

The best side of working the system having some switches. There is quantity down and up a wireless switch for coupling. Along with a play/stop switch the center. The rear of the OontZ Position 3 sports just one power switch.

Having a rubber interface underneath that retains the micro-USB secure from water invasion. Maintaining the audio from getting around two extended rubber feet on the base.


Among the principal reasons, I needed a Bluetooth speaker would be able to have a means to listen to music at the beach.  Without needing to use cans or risk blowing my cellphone’s built-in speakers.

However, I know that it can be a tiny nerve-wracking taking your Bluetooth speaker to the wilderness.

This is very bad to coming back from the shore and realizing that your speaker is clogged with sand.

Remember how I said you likely won’t require the carrying case? Well, that is partial because the OontZ Angle 3 comes with an IPX5 score. It is not intended to go from the water, and that I would not advise leaving it outside immediately.

However, you won’t need to fret about a small sand or rain destroying the device. This IPX5 rating means that the OontZ Angle 3 is splashproof, rainproof, dustproof and sand proof. Which will be about as high a score as you can count on from a speaker that is not specially designed to go from the water.

These waterproof speakers are somewhat more worried about durability than they are about audio quality.  While it is wonderful to have a speaker which may float into the pool on you, it is not worth the trade-off of these poor sound.

The OontZ Angle 3 can be constructed to withstand some small falling and mishandling that the rubberized wrap on the endings helps to cushion the speaker out of any sudden drops. It makes a much better speaker than a chew toy, regardless of what my dog Max could think.

  • Easy to Use (before “Design of Cambridge OontZ Angle 3 Next Speaker”)
  • Connect to a iPhone, Smartphone and Tablet immediately
  • Perform wirelessly over Bluetooth around 30 cubic feet away from the telephone or tablet
  • Rechargeable battery costs using the contained or laptop

Performance of Cambridge OontZ Angle 3 Next Speaker Review

The efficiency is not remarkably bad, possibly the greatest of its cost. The bass is superb with levels and high mids because of its individuals. In quantity issue, it handled pretty much. It’s a system that is tiny.

So don’t expect to obtain a noisy number to listen to it away. If you maintain it meter of length, you’ll receive a remarkable and loud audio.

Performance of Cambridge OontZ Angle 3 Next Speaker Review

Some little events might have a boost with one of these speakers. Where these speakers stick out now, liver function is.

The enormous 2200mAH for this type of little system. It provides a superb length of 7 hours of play on full volume. It might last as much as 12 hours should you maintain it in mid-volume.

Sound quality

You might assume designed with two traditional motorists that provide 10watts of audio. There’s more energy behind the Oontz Position 3 Bluetooth Audio.

The sound quality is remarkably unusual and outstanding. Large shades, and the compressed, middle audio in line with comparable wireless speakers. That price 2 or 3 times just as much as the bass.

Sound quality

It’s an interior passive subscription that does excellent work in emitting shades. That set nicely with rap music films and another style that employs lots of basses.

You will quickly boost this small audio towards the optimum but still enjoy the quality. It never becomes manipulated by incorporating more audio along with the way. We never experienced undesirable shades everything seems very well or any rattling!

Compatibility and pairing

Cambridge Soundworks doesn’t have any problem partnering your system supports wireless. Whether you wish to use it having tv,  smartphone,  notebook, partnering it is easy.

Only make sure you ought to view it in your listing of local wireless products. And you have Bluetooth-enabled.

Choose the Oontz Position 3, and within minutes you’ll link. Drive we test it with an Android smartphone and an iPhone-5. The devices all had no compatibility problems.

For variety, we encounter up a great operating sign to 35-feet. The bond decreased as we strolled past this length. But because of the publicized wireless range about the Ontz Position 3 is-33 feet.


All three are beautiful, no distinction. The Boombotix may be the littlest. The Anker is next if you like to nitpick. And also the Cambridge may be the biggest.

Cambridge Speaker Review

But no one of them is same. I provide a cut to an advantage towards the Boombotix for its, versatile. The cut is super-hard to get available, yet. You aren’t cutting it to something heavy.

Why You Choose Cambridge OontZ Angle 3 Next Speaker

Simple to use

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  • Connect in just a couple moments over wireless for your iPhone, and Pill.
  • Play from Chromebooks your notebooks, computers, and small wireless products. Use the integrated 3.5mm audio cable connected towards the OontZ Position 3 AUX IN port.
  • Perform wireless as much as 30 feet from your telephone or pill.
  • Rechargeable battery costs are utilizing the included micro-USB cable. Attached to a hardware wall charger or from your computer or Notebook.



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  • Triangular design without any edges that are hard.
  • Plays are sitting up or standing.
  • Tie in the cup-holder inside your vehicle, boat cart.



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  • IPX5 water-resistant help you provide your OontZ Position 3 swimming.
  • Your visit small audio. Weighs 9 ounces long to suit inside your wallet backpack, e or travel case
  • 2200mAh battery with 7-hour battery life about the same cost to take on the run.


What does the media say about Cambridge OontZ Angle 3 Next Speaker?

The OontZ Angle 3 and your system via wireless connect efficiently. It’s made to be visible and noisy. With abundant bass shipped through their proprietary subwoofer design.

IPX5 water-resistance makes rainproof the system splashproof, dustproof. A great thought for that seaside, poolside, within the vehicle, the outside bath, boat cart. At only 5″ long and just 9 ounces, it’s easy to fit in a backpack.

User review of Cambridge OontZ Angle 3 Next Speaker

Cambridge OontZ Angle 3 Next Speaker

Great speaker for the price

I looked for a lightweight audio. That I actually could use from other outside places along with the swimming. I had been heading between your Bose Soundlink along with a couple extra “high end.” Then I came across the Cambridge SoundWorks.

I selected the Cambridge SoundWorks. Since it was highly-rated and that I preferred the entire dimension. The cost was yet another benefit. I acquired the audio by getting it towards the gym to determine when the audio created.

I place it towards the check could be ready to load a sizable space. Remarkably, the SoundWorks speaker worked beautifully. I paid attention from nation to hip hop to various styles of music.

And this audio performs ideal for all kinds of audio. I’m not so sad that I selected this from the more expensive rivals. For that cost, you can’t correct with this particular lightweight audio.

Watch: Cambridge Speaker Review

Product Info – Cambridge Speaker Review

  • Product Size 5.2 x 2.8 x 2.5 inches
  • Item Weight 9 ounces

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of Cambridge Speaker

Question: Is it feasible to pair two of those speakers together to get a much better all-around audio?

Answer: No it will NOT with no double channel Bluetooth adapter.

Question: What are the components?

Answer: It is non GMO, all natural and fair trade certified. Sodium content was fairly low also, no additives or additives.

Question: how long can the fee last?

Answer: In a mid-range quantity setting, the fee lasted about 12 hours.

Question: Do you leave it plugged in, I only wanted it to my PC.

With it plugged to a charging origin the OontZ Angle 3 will remain on so it’s readily available for play.

Question: Can this connect using the MacBook pro?

Answer: Yes, you could join it to a MacBook Pro through Bluetooth or using a 3.5 millimeter audio cable.

Final Verdict

Wireless speakers were before several and much between. They have today turn into a typical product. Lots of having hung out workplace or the house.

For should, you don’t understand what to consider but have now been considering selecting up one. Choosing the best is difficult. As do you know what you would like it that becomes easier.

If you’re searching for excellent sound quality and toughness, the choices get less. In the price and also quantity gets more awesome.

If you were to think you will need an audio that may manage style, think OontZ Position 3. It offers a microphone so it can be used for the favorite music.

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