Best Center Channel Speaker – Buyers’ Guide

Best Center Channel Speaker - Buyers' Guide

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Today’s modern flat-screen TV sets are excellent to own.

They allow you to enjoy breathtaking views on a large screen without taking up much room inside your home at all. 

But with these ultra-thin TV sets, there’s very little space for speakers.

The sound on most flat-screen TV sets is pretty poor, to say the least. It always sounds like someone is speaking inside an empty can and listening to music on your TV is a downright catastrophe.

The only way to overcome this issue is by getting a soundbar for your TV set. In this buying guide, we are going to have a look at the best center channel speakers available on the market. 

Best Center Channel Speakers

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Soundbars come in all shapes, sizes, and brands, which can make it pretty tough to identify the best one for your living room. 

The only real way to establish if a speaker is a good pick is by reading up on the specifications and reviews so you can learn more about its performance and capabilities.

Up next, we are going to review eight of the best center channel speakers to buy right now.

Our top picks were elite systems in various categories so you can find what you are looking for with ease. 

The Polk Audio Signature Series S35 – The Best Center Channel Speaker Under $500

If you are working your way towards a huge sound system, then this soundbar by Polk would be a good pick. 

The soundbar can be connected to various other speakers in the Polk Audio range. This soundbar is also very advanced. It is a 7-channel soundbar which is preferable for modern content that usually offers 5 different audio channels.

The soundbar is also quite compact which makes it very convenient for home use. Its 6 x 3” woofers are not huge but deliver powerful and crystal clear sound all on their own but if you want output performance, you can always invest in additional speakers. 

Specifications – The Polk Audio Signature Series S35

Size6.1 x 24.4 x 4.1”
Type7-channel soundbar
Tweeter1” terylene
Woofers6 x 3”
Frequency53 – 40kHz
Max sensitivity88dB
Suited forTV
IncludedSoundbar, cables, and user manual

Pros and Cons – The Polk Audio Signature Series S35

✅ Pros❌ Cons
The speaker has a stylish designThe bass isn’t particularly powerful
Additional speakers are available for those who want to create a home theater systemNo wireless Bluetooth connectivity
The six 3” drivers deliver quality and reliable sound
The channel speaker is versatile since it is compatible with lots of different setups
The speaker has a compact space-saving design
It works great on your TV set
Can be used for music, content watching or listening to the radio
The speaker is a great pick for medium-sized home theaters
The 7-channel sound bar is more compatible with modern TV content

MartinLogan Motion 30i Center Channel Speaker Gloss Black – The Best Sound Quality

While one of the more pricy center channel speakers on the list, the MartinLogan Motion 30i Center Channel Speakers are top-notch when it comes to sound quality.

Boasting a high sensitivity rating of 91 dB and a frequency response of 65–25,000 Hz, the Motion 30i is great for watching movies or listening to music with rich bass and clear treble.

It also includes dual 5.5″ aluminum cone woofers that deliver accurate mid-range frequencies that provide a detailed and natural sound. The 1″ aluminum dome tweeter also helps to provide an even more balanced and accurate sound.

All of this comes in a sleek, gloss-black finish that looks great in any home theater setup.

Specifications – MartinLogan Motion 30i

Size311.4 x 250.8 x 68.1”
TypeCenter Channel
Tweeter1” dome
InputsCustom 5-way bi-wire tool-less binding posts
Frequency Response65–25,000 Hz ±3dB

Pros and Cons – MartinLogan Motion 30i

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Exceptional musical detail with low distortionMore on the expensive side
Two 5-1/2″ aluminum-cone woofers with cast basketsNo Bluetooth connectivity
Bass-reflex (ported) cabinet with rear-firing port
5 year warranty
Sized to fit inside most standard audio/video cabinets
Part of a complete MartinLogan surround sound system – compatible with other MartinLogan speakers
Quite light-weight and compact
Modern design with some luxurious looking finsihes

The Klipsch RP-504C – The Best Center Channel Speaker Under $1,000

This isn’t the most affordable sound bar on the market but it’s still a center channel speaker under 1000 bucks and it does offer a timeless and classy look.

The speaker by Klipsch offers impressive sound thanks to its four 5.25” woofers, and the 1” titanium tweeter reduces distortion so you can use it as a full sound system all on its own.

The speaker can also be combined with other speakers in the Klipsch range, so you can create a home theater setup

This 5-channel sound bar suits modern TV content much better because the vaster range of speakers caters to modern content that usually includes 5 or more audio channels. 

It is also very easy to set up and the speaker is lightweight, so you can easily mount it on the wall if you wish. 

Specifications – The Klipsch RP-504C

Size311.4 x 250.8 x 68.1”
Type5-channel sound bar
Tweeter1” titanium
Woofers5.25” spun copper cerametallic
PortsBass-reflex via rear-firing tractrix port

Pros and Cons – The Klipsch RP-504C

✅ Pros❌ Cons
The speaker has a beautiful timeless lookSome can find the clarity a little bit too sharp
It has 4 large 5.25” woofersIt is a bit expensive
It has a flexible removable magnetic grilleNo Bluetooth connectivity
It offers high-frequency energy
Can be combined with other speakers for surround sound effect
The vented tweeter reduces standing waves end enhances clarity
The speaker offers minimized distortion
It is relatively lightweight
You can buy additional speakers to create a home theater system
5 speakers are very good for watching modern TV content with different audio channels

The Sony SSCS8 – The Best Center Channel Speaker Under $200

This is one of the most affordable center channel speakers on our list. This speaker by Sony is ideal for those who need something affordable yet noisy. 

The speaker isn’t as long and skinny as some modern soundbars, because it is fitted with two 4” woofers that deliver quite a powerful sound level of up to 86dB. This 2-way speaker also has a 1” tweeter to reduce distortion. 

The 3-channel soundbar is suitable for most modern content, but not ideal for watching HD content that features lots of different audio channels.

The speaker can also be combined with other speakers such as subwoofers, single speakers, bookshelf speakers, and more if you wish to create a home theater setup. 

Specifications – The Sony SSCS8

Size19.7 x 10.7 x 8.7”
Type3-channel sound bar
2-way, 3-speaker system
Woofers4” reinforced
Tweeter1” polyester
Frequency Response55Hz – 25kHz
Input145 W

Pros and Cons – The Sony SSCS8

✅ Pros❌ Cons
It is a 2-way speaker with 3 driversMore speakers on the soundbar would have been preferable
Offers a clear audio pathNo Bluetooth connectivity
It has a versatile frequency response rangeSome find the soundbar a bit bulky
Other speakers can be connected to the soundbar
There are lots of other speakers available in this brand or range
The large 4” woofers offer quality clear sound
Shorter design is more appealing to some
The soundbar is affordable
It offers a tight and powerful bass with little distortion

The Klipsch R-52C – The Best Center Channel Speaker for the Money

This speaker is another budget-friendly option for those who want exceptional quality at an affordable price. 

This speaker by Klipsch can be connected with other speakers to help create a home theater setup. It is not as skinny as some of the sound bars by Klipsch because it is fitted with just two speakers.

These large 5.25” speakers are ideal for producing higher sound levels and offer a frequency response range of 89Hz to 21kHz.

The speaker is a 3-channel soundbar, which is good enough for modern content. A wider range of speakers could have been better for modern content that usually contains 5 or more audio tracks. 

The speaker also has an attractive look, thanks to the copper woofer’s beautiful gleaming design. 

Specifications – The Klipsch R-52C

Size7.6 x 18.75 x 7.3”
ColorBlack and brass
Type3-channel sound bar
Woofers5.25” spun-copper
Tweeter1” Aluminum 
Frequency Response89Hz – 21kHz
Input400 W

Pros and Cons – The Klipsch R-52C

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Tractrix horn technology aims for sound and prevents it from bouncing off the wallsMore speakers on the bar would suit modern TV content better
The tweeter minimizes distortion for clearer soundNo Bluetooth connectivity
The price is affordableSome do find the speaker’s size a bit bulky
The speaker can be combined with other Klipsch speakers
Many prefer the shorter and more compact design
The two large 5.25” woofers offer clear sound
The speakers offer a vast frequency response range
It is compatible with most modern TV sets
The speaker is visually pleasing

The Paradigm Monitor SE2000 – The Best Center Channel Speaker for Large Room

If you are looking for speakers with impressive output, then this speaker by Paradigm is a good pick. 

The speakers are very stylish with a sleek design. They are available in white and black and can be combined with bookshelf speakers and others in the Paradigm range for a home theater setup.

The speaker is a 3-channel sound bar, which means it has 2 speakers and a central dome tweeter to reduce distortion and deliver crisp clear sound. The 3-channel speakers are great for watching modern content or for listening to your favorite tracks on the radio. 

At just 19 pounds, the sound bar is also very light, which makes it ideal for wall mounting, but you can also keep it on your TV unit. It is a good set for music, movies, TV, and even for playing games with a lot of different sounds and audio tracks. 

Specifications – The Paradigm Monitor SE2000

Size11 x 19.8 x 7.2”
ColorGloss white / Matte black
Type3-channel speaker
TweeterX-PAL pure aluminum dome

Pros and Cons – The Paradigm Monitor SE2000

✅ Pros❌ Cons
The speaker has a beautiful finishMore speakers would have been better for modern multi-audio content
It is fitted with high-performance woofersNo Bluetooth connectivity
Patented tweeter technology minimizes distortion and offers smooth sound output
The soundbar can be combined with other speakers
Some do prefer the shorter design of these speakers compared to tall and skinny soundbars
The speaker is available in two different colors; black and white
The speakers are affordable
The gloss white finish is easy to keep clean

The Polk Audio RC65i – The Best Center Channel Speaker in Wall

If you are looking for a mini home theater setup at an affordable price, then this set is a good pick. These speakers can easily be attached to your wall without making a mess in your home because of their easy-assemble design. 

The set includes one 3-channel sound bar and two speakers that each have individual tweeters. The large 6.5” woofers on the loose speakers offer a very loud output and the tweeters reduce distortion so you can enjoy crystal clear sound.

The 3-way sound bar is just fine for use on your TV set or computer for gameplay. You probably won’t be able to connect other loose speakers to the unit, but that is just fine since this set comes with additional speakers. 

Specifications – The Polk Audio RC65i

Size11 x 19.8 x 7.2”
Type3-channel soundbar with 2 speakers
2-way in-wall center
Woofer6.5” dynamic balance
Tweeter0.75” amiable
Included2 speakers and 1 channel center

Pros and Cons – The Polk Audio RC65i

✅ Pros❌ Cons
The set includes a sound bar and two speakersThe sound bar only has 3 speakers, where more would suit modern audio content better
Offers balanced and clear soundNo Bluetooth connectivity
The 6.5” woofers offer brilliant and loud soundYou cannot add different speakers to the sound bar
The 1” tweeter offers a fuller bass and reduces distortion
The set is very easy to install 
The speakers offer a visually pleasing look
The speakers are also fitted with 0.75” tweeters
The system offers a nice and deep bass

The Klipsch RP-404C – The Best Center Channel Speaker Home Theater

This 5-channel sound bar is one of the best center channel speakers and is ideal for those who want to create a glorious home theater that delivers powerful sound. 

The speaker is fitted with 4” quad woofers that deliver quite the loud and powerful sound output. 

A 1” tweeter reduces distortion so you can enjoy even better sound.

The 5-channel speaker is ideal for watching modern HD videos that contain different audio tracks, and it is very easy to connect to home systems thanks to various connection options.

The sound bar is available in different colors, which include black, piano black, and walnut. You can use it as a mini home theater system on its own or connect it with other Klipsch speakers – such as bookshelf speakers – to increase the sound quality and output. 

Specifications – The Klipsch RP-404C

Size13 x 26 x 5.7”
ColorBlack and copper, Piano black and walnut
Type5-channel sound bar
Woofers4” Quad
Tweeter1” Titanium 
Connections5-way screw thermals

Pros and Cons – The Klipsch RP-404C

✅ Pros❌ Cons
The 5-channel sound bar is ideal for modern content that offers a wider audio track rangeNo Bluetooth connectivity
The sound bar is available in three different colorsThe price is a bit high for some buyers
It has a beautiful overall look
The soundbar can be connected with other Klipsch speakers
It delivers accurate acoustics
The 1” tweeters increase sound clarity
The 4” woofers offer terrific bass and sound
The grill is removable so you can enjoy a more powerful performance
The soundbar is very easy to set up and use


We hope that our guide helped you find the best center channel speaker or sound system for your need and budget.

And if you are looking for other great technological gear, we welcome you to hop over to some of our other product reviews where you can learn more about top-quality tech products on the market.