10 Best Computer Speakers Under $50: Our Top Picks for 2024

Best Computer Speakers Under $50

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It seems like there is a constant soundtrack accompanying computer usage these days – between music, movies, games, videos, podcasts, even web pages, ringtones, reminders, and alarms, there is so much sound coming through our speakers!

Unfortunately, the speakers in most PCs are, well, not so great – even pretty expensive laptops or desktop computers have pretty poor sound, and sometimes it’s downright awful!

So let’s spend some time to find the best inexpensive computer speakers on the market today, and to find out just how huge of an improvement good external replacement speakers – all less than 50 dollars – can make to your sound and your enjoyment. First, we’ll talk about what to look for, and what to expect, from inexpensive PC speakers, and then look at 10 great choices, with information and a brief review of each one.

If you’re in a hurry and want to get right to the good stuff, here are our top three picks for the computer speakers under 50 bucks on the market today:

Sound Quality – How Good Can Affordable PC Speakers Really Sound?

Well, as it turns out, pretty darn good!

No, not all of them, of course, but the best cheap PC speakers are surprisingly rich, detailed, and nice to listen to.

And it shouldn’t go without saying that if you get the right ones, even cheap speakers for computers can offer an enormous upgrade from the built-in speakers in your desktop or laptop computer – yeah, to be honest, even some pretty premium PCs, with otherwise great performance and great specs, can have terribly built-in speakers, and sound just awful!

But the best replacement external speakers for computers, even if they’re quite cheap (at least in price), can offer an amazingly punchy and dynamic sound that’s clear, detailed, smooth, and musical.

And even little desktop speakers can have great bass! The low end isn’t going to out-thump your home theater system, or the dual 12s mounted in your car’s trunk, but you will hear a surprisingly solid and even exciting foundation, making all music sound better and even helping voices sound more resonant and natural and less harsh.

But if you want more, one of our choices – and yes, still under fifty dollars – comes with a subwoofer!

What Should You Consider in Choosing the Best Replacement Speakers for Your PC?

Besides sound quality, there’s really not that much to think about.

The best external PC speakers should be built well and work well – both day to day and over time – and they should be easy to use.

It’s also nice if they look good, and have a certain style – or at least a nicely premium fit and finish – but at the lowest prices, we’d actually much rather have a high-quality speaker that is good sounding and plain-looking than a lot of flash or fashion.

There is also the question of wired or wireless, and our choices of best PC speakers will feature both kinds, but again this may not be the most important question. Yes, if you plan to use these speakers all around the house, and want to easily pair them with other computers, phones, or devices, a Bluetooth speaker is great, but if they are just going to sit on the desk, either option will serve nicely.

The main things – sound quality, material and build quality, design, functionality and, when possible, a touch of style – are all factors we’ve taken into consideration when selecting the 10 best desktop speakers for computers under 50 dollars.

We will present our list in order of price, from most to least expensive, so if you know how much you want to spend, finding the perfect pair of replacement speakers for your desktop or laptop computer – or for anything else – should be a piece of cake!

The Ten Best PC Speakers Under Fifty Bucks in 2024

Best Overall PC Speakers Under $50

With really dynamic and surprisingly accurate sound, the Bluedee RGB soundbar performs way better than it has a right to for this price, and its build quality and reliability, functionality, and overall design make it our top pick!

Music, movies, games, calls, and any audio source come through with clarity and detail, and are much easier to understand and hear than on so many other cheap PC speakers or soundbars we’ve tried, and everything sounds sweetly musical and engaging.

There’s plenty of power, too, and you can play the Bluedees as loud as you’d like, but that excitingly dynamic quality comes through even at the lowest volumes, making this the best inexpensive speaker we’ve come across for quality background music listening.

 Of course, given the big, energetic sound, excellent imaging, high levels of detail, and even the RGB lights (which, BTW, you can turn off), this soundbar is an ideal budget choice for gaming, but unlike many gaming speakers systems we found it equally satisfying for music listening, and a fantastic all-around speaker.

A solid soundbar that is well made and works perfectly, with both Bluetooth 5.0 and wired connections, a clever and useful multi-function control button, active and passive drivers, and even a headphone jack, the Bluedee RGB are the best computer speakers under 50 $ on our list and very highly recommended.

Our Favorite PC Speakers Under $50

There are a lot of reasons why the Logitech Z207 desktop speakers are our favorite inexpensive speakers for computers, but the main one is sound quality.

A rich, full sound comes from the Z207’s twin driver array that is never harsh or overly bright, and yet still has tons of detail and doesn’t smooth over any musical information. The two drivers – one active and one passive – also mean that the 207 speakers will go much deeper in the bass than we might expect from such a small system.

We also love the just-right slant at which the speakers sit, which makes them look really great on a desk and also projects that sweet and clear sound at the perfect angle when sitting in front of the computer – making them sound even better and offering a nice large and defined stereo image as well.

The included Bluetooth wireless circuitry is great and allows you to use the speakers with other Bluetooth devices, but it’s also really nice to have the wired connection as well, and the included AC adaptor means never having to worry about recharging, and allows the Logi Z207s to have plenty of power and volume.

A wonderful sounding speaker for music, movies, and games, the Logitech Z207 stereo speakers are also great for calls, meetings, and other “serious” usage. They are very well made – as you’d expect from Logitech – and a great value for the money.

Best PC Speakers for Gaming Under 50 Dollars

The Redragon GS520 is a pretty amazing gaming speaker system for a very low price.

The intense energy and extreme clarity of these speakers, coupled with seriously good imaging and spatial representation, make gaming not just more effective, but more engaging and enjoyable as well.

The RGB lighting has six different modes, which along with the volume are very easily controlled (and can also be fully shut off), and the overall design is really nice – smartly laid out, sleek and attractive, and with a decidedly premium look and feel.

Rather than putting money into rechargeable batteries or Bluetooth wireless, the Redragon GS520 speakers are really optimized for desktop use, wired and USB powered, and concentrate more on the quality of the amplifier, drivers, and cabinets, and thus the quality of the sound.

And the sound is just fantastic for gaming, and with their energy, clarity and low distortion, wide frequency response, and solid stereo imaging, these are also great speakers for movies, videos, podcasts and ebooks, calls and meetings, and all other normal PC use – and they sound fantastic with all kinds of music!

Best Audiophile Speakers for PC Under 50 Dollars

We love good sound here at Speakergy, and all of the choices in our buyer’s guide for the best affordable desktop speakers sound pretty amazing, but the Sanyun SW009 soundbar really represents the next level.

With a solid, rigid all-metal body, for low distortion, accurate imaging, and superior reproduction of detail, as well as two high-quality active stereo speaker drivers and two passive low-frequency radiators, 6 watts a channel of clean, dynamic power, Bluetooth 5.0 and high resolution 24-bit digital decoder and a USB-C wired audio connection, it sounds like we’re describing a truly high-end audiophile product costing hundreds of dollars or more.

But the Sanyun has it all, and for under fifty dollars! Much more importantly, though, is that all of this quality, technology, and design translate into sound quality that just blew us away when we heard it.

Bass that’s not too boomy or bumpy, but instead fast, clean, and surprisingly deep, rich and natural vocals and midrange, shimmering highs with plenty of detail and absolutely no harshness, amazing imaging and balance overall, real musical energy and power, all this and a lot more come together to make the Sanyun SW009 easily the best sounding affordable PC speaker system we’ve ever found.

It’s also well designed and well made, and quite beautiful to look at – an amazing value, and very highly recommended.

Best for Bass

No matter how great desktop speakers sound, their small drivers and cabinets will never be able to put out the really deep, physical bass we associate with bigger speakers and even high-quality headphones.

For that, you may need a subwoofer, and that’s just what sets the Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 apart.

And, for the money, a remarkably powerful subwoofer at that, with a fast, low distortion long-throw woofer driver, a large bass port, and an extremely rigid enclosure, bringing really clean, strong, and deep bass, which really calls attention to itself and yet balances beautifully with the rest of the system.

And, speaking of the rest of the system, it would seem that to include a powered subwoofer in its own box would mean that the other two speakers would have to be pretty severely compromised – at least if we’re going to stay at our under 50 limit. 

But in fact, the accurate, energetic, low distortion sound you hear from the big sub is essentially the same kind of sound you hear from the desktop satellites, which clearly have their own very high-quality speaker drivers and cabinets, and offer great detail and clarity with no harshness or glare, even at higher volumes, as well as excellent stereo imaging and overall tonal accuracy.

A wonderful choice for movies and gaming, the Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 2.1 stereo speakers with subwoofer also really shine with pop and rock, R&B, and rap, and are frankly awesome with symphony orchestras and organ music. They also make phone calls and meetings sound crystal clear – just make sure you can hear your incoming ringtone or meeting reminder over the jams!

A nicely made and well-designed speaker system, with a smart and really useful control pod, a high power amplifier, and wired analog inputs (3.5-inch headphone/auxiliary plug), the Cyber Acoustics CA-3601 active speaker system is a really great buy, and in terms of musical energy and excitement – and, of course, bass – pretty much blows away anything else at this level.

Best Sounding Cheap Computer Speakers

With the Amazon Basics multimedia speakers we’re getting into a much lower price level – around half the price of our most expensive choices – and so you’d think they wouldn’t sound nearly as good.

Well, yes and no… On one hand, the AmazonBasics active powered stereo speakers don’t have the deep bass, the strong volume, or the intense excitement of something like a premium soundbar or satellite/subwoofer setup, and they may not satisfy dyed-in-the-wool audiophiles who demand the highest levels of accuracy.

At the same time, though, these little speakers have such a sweet, rich, and pleasingly musical sound that they could be recommended based just on sound quality alone, and clarity and openness, not to mention very low distortion, that makes any and all computer audio sound great.

They are also designed well, with a simple wired connection, large and easy-to-reach volume control, and stable bases, and are built well and very nicely finished.

And, for all of their pretty sound and low price, the AmazonBasics amplified desktop speakers have more power than you’d expect and can rock out just a bit. 

A popular and extremely highly rated cheap desktop stereo speaker system that customers seem to just adore, the AmazonBasics F720 is our choice for the best cheap speakers for computers overall and a really great buy!

Best Value Bluetooth PC Speaker

I can’t believe how much fun I had playing with this cool and super-cheap little Bluetooth speaker!

A really premium product, with an almost absurdly nice fit and finish for the price, the Xleader SoundAngel wireless speaker has a smart and beautiful design and a satisfyingly chunky and substantial feel.

The SoundAngel has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology and wired analog audio connectors, a really clever and functional multi-function touch control, great battery life, and a surprisingly strong 3 watts of clean and pure power pushing not just a high-quality dynamic speaker driver but an effective bass resonator as well, 

And the sound is brilliant – strikingly dynamic, clear, and bright, but not at all strident or overly forward, and with a perfect level of mid-bass to add foundation and keep things moving along. No, at this size and price you aren’t going to get any deep bass at all, but the Xleader at least doesn’t overcompensate by adding so much boomy high bass that everything else gets muddled and mucky. 

Just a nice, balanced, and satisfying sound signature, with enough presence and projection from the wee cabinet to also portray a sense of real space and ambiance. Of course, you can always get two, which will pair together for true stereo – and still be under the 50 dollar level! – but with this sound, you may not want or need to.

At a price level where we can expect, and often find, some really junky, tragically uninspiring, and unreliable products, the Xleader Bluetooth speaker is a real find, and looks like it could easily cost two or three times as much – and sounds like it too!

Best Cheap Soundbar for PC

A sweet and simple soundbar that takes up very little of your valuable desktop space, and delivers a big, rich and full sound all out of proportion to its size, the Soulion R30 is one of our favorite super-inexpensive external PC speaker systems, and one of the products we recommend most often.

That said, there’s really nothing much going on here – just a very basic soundbar, with high-quality stereo speakers that are tilted up at the perfect angle for sound projection and stereo imaging, a clean and attractive cabinet, tasteful RGB lighting that you can turn off if you prefer, and a few super simple controls.

Even the sound isn’t terribly flashy or impressive at first, but the more you listen the more you realize that there is a kind of honesty here, with pretty deep bass, pretty nicely extended highs, a smooth and rich overall sound that is musical and highly listenable, and no false emphasis or exaggeration. I will play plenty loud if you like, and still, sound full and clear at even the lowest volumes.

The Soulion R30 is a very easy speaker to live with over the long term, and one that is built to last, easy to use, and works great for all kinds of computer playback, from music, movies, and games to conference calls and meetings. Reliable, simple, and very satisfying!

Best Overall Super-Cheap Speakers for PC

This AmazonBasics U213 stereo speaker system is one of the most popular computer speakers on their site and seems to strongly appeal to people who don’t want anything complex, flashy, or artificial sounding – just basic operation and nice sound.

And that’s exactly what we love about these, although we find the sound a bit more than “nice” – in fact, remarkably clear and musical, with no strain or distortion, great detail, and a real sense of space and presence.

Still, there’s not much more to say about these little guys. They are a simple wired design with a built-in amp that is strong enough to play quite loudly, a front panel volume control, and a jack for headphones – which sound surprisingly good through it, and will play really loud.

Compatible with absolutely anything, well made and reliable, and with much better and louder sound than most PCs’ built-in speakers, the AmazonBasics U213 active stereo speakers are a sure bet and an excellent product for almost no money.

Highest Rated Super-Cheap PC Speakers

It’s surprising that the least expensive speakers on our list of best replacement speakers for PCs would come from a premium brand like Logitech, but their S120 powered stereo speakers are almost ridiculously cheap, and definitely a Logitech product through and through.

The S120 active speakers are very basic in design, with a volume knob, a headphone jack, a power cord to plug into the wall, and another to plug into the headphone jack of your PC (or phone, TV, or other devices). And yeah, that’s about it!

But the sound is really something, with pretty amazing bass foundation, clear and realistic vocals, and instruments, extended highs, and very low distortion across the spectrum, allowing for even loud playback with no strain or grain, as well as low volume sound that is still rich, detailed and present.

The Logitech S120 speakers also look great, with a nicely curved profile and a kind of rakish upward angle (that not only fits the design perfectly, but also optimally projects the sound), and have a luxurious and high quality feel that you would never expect at this price level.

All in all, a very fun and satisfying speaker to listen to, and nice to look at as well. The Logitech S120 active PC speakers are easy to use, extremely reliable, and well built, and should keep working and sounding great for a long time to come – definitely deserves a title as one of the best computer speakers under 50 bucks.