Best Coolers with Speakers Built-In: 5 Top Choices for 2024

Best Coolers with Speakers Built-In

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Easily the coolest subject we’ve ever written about here at Speakergy, the ice cooler with built-in speakers is not just an actual product, they’re becoming a bit of a thing lately.

And it makes sense, since picnics and music go together so beautifully, and a cooler with speakers built right in means your party will always have tunes, and you will never forget to bring your speakers with.

But what is the best cooler with speakers on the market today? Let’s have a closer look!

If you’re in a hurry – maybe you’ve already bought the ice – and just want to see the picks, here are my top recommendations:

What to Look For in the Best Cooler with Speakers

This is the section where I normally go into some kind of long-winded technical explanation of what makes the best speakers or audio gear better than the rest, and why, but really the subject at hand today is pretty simple – all we want is a cooler that keeps your food and drinks cold and speakers that make your music sound fantastic.

I can talk about how it’s important to get a cooler with good battery life, especially for those all-day outings, and how it should be tough, easy to carry, easy to use, have a great seal and good insulation, have enough capacity, have Bluetooth wireless…

But really, end of the day, yeah – cold food and drinks, hot tunes, let’s go!

The Best Coolers with Speakers in 2024

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The Best Cooler with Bluetooth Speakers – Super Cheap

Bud Light Soft Cooler with Bluetooth Speaker

  • 24 Can Capacity
  • 5 Hour Battery Life
  • 2 X Bluetooth Speakers

What I Like

  • Great Value
  • Extra Insulation
  • Good Sound and Good Volume
  • Easy to Carry

Possible Downsides?

  • You may not like Bud Light…

The Bud Light soft cooler is pretty amazing for the money – a high quality cooler for a very low price, and with great sounding speakers built in.

With lots of insulation and a very smart leakproof design, the Bud Light cooler will keep things ice cold for as long as you could possibly need, and the soft-side case is easy and comfortable to carry.

The smallish speakers have surprisingly rich and full sound, with excellent clarity and good projection. They won’t play as loud as some of the more expensive cooler speakers – for the biggest and best sound, if for a lot more money, I’d look at the Igloo KoolTunes below, but for the low price this Bud Light cooler with Bluetooth speakers is fantastic!

Also available is the larger capacity Bud Light Cooler Bag with Chair and Speakers.

Best Soft-Side Cooler with Bluetooth Speakers

SUPER REAL Soft Cooler with 20-Watt Bluetooth Speakers

  • 12 Can Capacity
  • 8+ Hour Battery Life
  • 2 X 20 Watt Speakers

What I Like

  • Great Design
  • Easy to Carry
  • Well Made and Durable
  • Plays Loud and Sounds Great

Possible Downsides?

  • Smaller Capacity

I absolutely love this Super Real soft cooler – the company is wonderful, the cooler is well made and very effective, and the speakers sound fantastic, with nice clarity, decent bass and amazing volume.

This is a very well made product, with effective cooling and totally leakproof construction, and the design is smart, with soft sides and a comfortable handle.

The Bluetooth speakers are in a removable pocket on the front, which can double as a small and super-handy carrying case – just remember to reattach it before your next beach party! – and the rechargeable battery can last 8 hours or more.

This is a pretty small cooler, and if you want more capacity the bigger Super Real Roller Cooler is equally nice, but either way this is a great product and easily recommendable.

Best Cooler with Bluetooth Speakers Overall

Igloo KoolTunes Boombox Cooler

  • 14 Quart Capacity
  • 10 Hour Battery Life
  • 2 X 5 Watt Speakers

What I Like

  • Best Sound
  • Best Quality Overall
  • Perfect Size
  • Great Volume and Projection
  • Very Effective Cooler

Possible Downsides?

  • A bit pricey

I’ve always loved Igloo coolers, which I think are the best overall on the market, and have been for as long as I can remember.

So it’s no surprise that this Igloo KoolTunes cooler with Bluetooth speakers is by far my favorite.

The cooler itself is the most effective, the toughest and the best quality of anything on this list of top coolers with speakers, and is made to last for years and years.

What is a bit surprising, though, is that the little speakers sound as good as they do, with amazing projection and imaging, plenty of volume, much more bass than you’d expect and great clarity, energy and detail.

Not the cheapest product here – and definitely not the most expensive – the Igloo KoolTunes is, for my money, the best you can get!

Great Sound Quality and a Great Cooler

Seismic Audio – SC37WS-Green – 37 Quart Green Hard Cooler Box with Built-in Bluetooth Speakers

  • 37 Quart Cooler
  • 4 Hour Battery Life
  • 2 X 4.5 Inch Speakers

What I Like

  • Really Tough and Durable
  • Lots of Volume
  • Clear, Dynamic Sound and Good Bass
  • Nice Looking

Possible Downsides?

  • Short Battery Life

I have a bit of a hot and cold feeling about this Seismic Audio cooler with Bluetooth speakers – it is pretty clearly an amazing sounding product (though the Igloo KoolTunes, just above, is pretty close) and a well made and effective cooler with great capacity.

It’s just that it’s a bit too expensive, or at least for me, and as excellent as the Igloo is, it’s a little hard to justify the big price increase.

That said, this is a great product, and for big, brilliant and incredibly fun sound it is a great choice. If the money’s no big deal, I can guarantee you will absolutely love this cooler!

Best Sound Quality from a Cooler with Bluetooth Speakers

Wet Sounds Stealth SHIVR-55-BLK High Output Audio Cooler Speaker

  • 55 Liter (~58 Quart) Cooler
  • 8 Hour Battery Life
  • 6 Speakers with 200 Watt (!) DSP Amplifier

What I Like

  • The Biggest and Best Sound
  • Incredible Volume and Projection
  • Extended Highs and Excellent Bass
  • Super-Tough and Durable
  • Very Effective Cooler

Possible Downsides?

  • Quite pricey…

I should be absolutely clear about a couple of things here – first, this Wet Sounds Stealth cooler with speakers is by far the best sounding cooler I’ve ever heard, with absolutely incredible musical energy, rich and dynamic sound, fantastic deep bass, tons of volume and amazing projection and presence – really fantastic sound!

Second, it is almost stunningly expensive, at least for a cooler – about 5 times as expensive as the Seismic Audio just above.

I have to say, though, that this isn’t just a great sounding speaker system, but also maybe the toughest and best made cooler I’ve ever seen, and clearly a product designed and made for a lifetime of use. The fold-away handle and wheels are strong and solid, and the weatherproofing and seal are as good as it gets.

If you can afford it, even at this high price there’s no doubt the Wet Sounds Stealth is worth the money – a big, tough, well designed cooler that sounds absolutely amazing and can be recommended without any reservations.