6 Best Dancing Water Speakers: An Honest Review (2024)

Best Dancing Water Speakers

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Here at Speakergy, we spend a lot of time and effort in offering honest and earnest reviews of very serious high-end, audio gear – so sometimes it’s nice to turn to something much less serious, something even quite relaxing and fun – dancing water speakers!

A beautiful thing, and a brilliant idea, the dancing water speaker is getting quite popular these days, with its nice colored LED lights illuminating dancing water plumes that move in sync with the music. but while a few of them are beautiful, high quality, and super effective, a few others are, well, not so much.

So let’s spend some nice, relaxing time sorting the good from the bad, and find the best dancing water speakers on the market today.

If you would prefer to get right to the recommendations, here are my top two picks:

What Are Dancing Water Speakers?

Recently a friend asked me about dancing water speakers, and if I could maybe recommend one of them, and I have to be honest – my first reaction was “huh?”

So I did a bit of research and even had the opportunity to play with and try a few of them firsthand, and I’ve got to say that I’m mightily impressed – this is a great idea, and if done well makes for a beautiful and very satisfying experience.

So what we’re talking about here is a speaker system – usually with Bluetooth wireless connectivity as well as a wired connection for headphone jacks – that has a clear reservoir in which water plumes shoot up in synchronization with whatever music you’re playing.

As the music changes, the water dance changes, and the plumes are nicely lit up with colorful LED lights. The whole effect can be mesmerizing, and good water dancing speakers are often bought and used for their calming, centering, meditative effect.

They are also just cool, and fun, and if you get a good one they can have remarkably great sound – so in addition to being all Zen and stress-relieving, they can also at times be cranked up and provide exciting – and unique – entertainment at a party or gathering.

But how can you find a good one? Well, that’s what we’re here for, with this list of the 6 best dancing water speakers on the market today – so let’s get moving!

The 6 Best Dancing Water Speakers in 2024

High Quality at the Lowest Price

beFree Sound BFS-Shelf Speaker Bluetooth LED Dancing Water Speakers

Although quite inexpensive, the beFree stereo dancing water speakers are one of the best basic sets you can get and are remarkably high quality.

There are five water streams in each speaker, so the show is really pretty compared to some far simpler and far less interesting water dance speakers, and they are very active in the movement, with nice synchronization with the music.

These beFree dancing water speakers use Bluetooth to connect to almost any device and come with a charging cable for their rechargeable batteries, but they also have a nice long stereo audio cable if you want to connect them to your PC or any other device through its headphone jack.

Not large speakers – about 9 inches tall – they don’t have really deep bass, of course, or even that extended of highs, but the beFree does have a surprisingly full, clear, and detailed sound which is really nice to listen to.

Considering their low price, the beFree stereo Bluetooth dancing water speakers are much better than you might expect, both for their water & light show and for their sound, and can be easily recommended compared to almost anything at – or even above – their super-budget price.

Beautiful Dance

Kalando Wireless Bluetooth Dancing Water Fountain Speakers 6 Colored LEDs, Bluetooth

At about 10 ½ inches tall, these beautiful Kalando Bluetooth wireless dancing water speakers are noticeably bigger than the beFree above, and they have a bit of a more engaging display, with tall, active water plumes and six different LED colors per side.

The extra size also makes a bit of a difference in sound, and the Kalando do seem to have a bit more bass and play a little louder – quite enough volume for most situations where you’d want to use them. Overall the sound is bright and detailed, with a nice musical tone, and does not have that harshness some less expensive Bluetooth speakers can have.

These Kalando speakers seem nicely made and solid, without any leakage at all, and they work well and dance actively every time. They come with a charging cable as well as an audio cable, and you can use them wirelessly or connected to any device’s headphone jack.

A nice, high-quality dancing water speaker that is pretty and engaging and sounds good, the Kalando seem like they would be more expensive than they actually are, and would make an impressive present – for somebody you love or for yourself.

Best Value Dancing Water Speaker

MrCool I6 Dancing Water and Lights Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

I really like the two dancing water speakers we’ve covered so far, and I do think either one is well worth the low price, but with the MrCool I6 dancing water speaker it feels like we’re getting into a sort of higher level in many ways.

For one thing, the water and light show seems more varied and interesting, with more clear and noticeable differences in rhythm and height when the music’s beat and volume change, and with really beautiful LED lights that illuminate the water perfectly.

The sound is also better, with much more solid bass and some more sparkle and detail in the highs, and a very clear, detailed, and yet warm and musical sound signature. The MrCool can have a very fun and exciting sound when you turn it up, and also sound great at even very low volumes.

The MrCool has long battery life, easy Bluetooth pairing, and easy operation, and also includes a wired audio cable for connection to a headphone jack. It’s really easy to fill with water and to operate, – overall a very well designed and made product, and a great value.

Great Sound at a Low Price

NAXA Electronics NHS-2009 Dancing Water Light Tower Speaker System with Bluetooth

The Naxa is a bit of a strange product, in that while it is a larger speaker – almost 2 feet tall – they actually don’t use that much of the speaker’s height for the water dance chamber, and even in that smaller space, the jets don’t ever seem to go that high.

That said, the light show is one of the prettiest and most engaging I’ve seen, and since the speaker’s frame is longer, the show ends up being about the same size as others.

The larger size does seem to be used to nice effect in terms of sound quality, though, and the Naxa has one of the most satisfyingly musical, clear, and energetic sounds I’ve heard in a product like this. Bass doesn’t go too deep, of course, but is nicely strong and solid and adds a great foundation to the overall sound.

The Naxa dancing water speaker is sold as a single unit, not a stereo pair, but still offers a large sound field and plays surprisingly loud. With both Bluetooth wireless pairing and a wired auxiliary cord it can work with pretty much any device.

A well-made product that works really well, is easy to fill, and easy to use, the Naxa water speaker is an impressive product, with great sound and a bright and beautiful display.

Disco Fever!

MoreBuyBuy Bluetooth Water Speaker LED Lights & Infinity Mirror

One of the main attractions of the best dancing water fountain speakers is that they can be very calming and centering, watching the dancing water, listening to soothing music, and enjoying the beautiful colors.

But MoreBuyBuy seems to have a different approach and philosophy, and while I myself really prefer the more calming and relaxing variety of water speakers, their infinity mirror design will definitely appeal to a lot of people, and is very well done and very well made.

In addition to the nice dancing fountain at the center, this MoreBuyBuy stereo speaker also has flash LED lights, which seem to multiply with the infinity mirror effect. They are nice, and work well, but end up being quite strong, and take away from the fountain’s show.

This system has great stereo sound, with a speaker on each side of the cabinet, and it will play louder than you might expect with clarity, detail, and even a bit of bass. It can be connected to your phone, PC, or other device using Bluetooth or by a cable, and even has an SD card slot.

If you want a big, bright and impressive light show, with flashing LEDs and an interactive water show, the MoreBuyBuy dancing water speaker is a great choice and a nicely made product. If you are more of a Zen garden type than a nightclub scene type, though, one of the other choices on this list of best dancing water speakers may be a better choice – even this company’s nice Stereo Water Fountain Show Speakers.

Best Dancing Water Speakers Overall

beFree Sound BFS-33X 2.1 Channel Dancing Water Bluetooth Speaker System

BeFree Sound has become a bit of an industry leader when it comes to Bluetooth dancing water speakers – not only do they make my least expensive choice, but they also make the most expensive model on the list, which also happens to be my top pick overall 

Not that this BFS-33X 2.1 channel system is particularly expensive, especially considering its great quality. 

This is a 3 piece speaker system, with a subwoofer and two satellite stereo speakers, and the sound it puts out is markedly better than pretty much anything else I’ve tried – bright, clear, and sweet high frequencies, real presence and warmth in vocals and midrange frequencies, and somewhat extended bass with real weight and power, The satellites provide a satisfying and coherent stereo image, and the whole system overall is very nice to listen to.

The light and water show is also, at least from what I saw, a bit better than others, with real and lively movement and a clear, clean connection with the music. The LED colors are lovely, and they seem to light up the dancing water plumes perfectly.

All three units have this wonderful water and light display – the subwoofers is the same, but quite a bit bigger – and this is the most relaxing, beautiful, calming, and focusing dance I’ve seen. Even after trying and watching several different units, I was surprised by how much I fell into this water and light show, and how sort of enchanted I felt.

At the same time, this is a more powerful unit than the others, capable of pretty substantial volume, and with its big, nice subwoofer it’s capable of real excitement as well – a great choice for parties, and able to fill even larger spaces with great sound. They can hook up either with a wired cable to a headphone jack, or through Bluetooth wireless pairing, and they come with everything you need.

A very nice unit in terms of the material used and the construction quality, the beFree Sound BFS-33X is the whole package – a mesmerizing dancing light and water show that’s really beautiful, detailed and musical sound that sounds as great loud or soft, and a well designed overall product that’s easy to fill, easy to use and very satisfying.

My pick for the best dancing water speaker system overall!

If you want to spend a little less, you can get the satellite speakers by themselves with the beFree Sound BFS-Dancing Water – less bass, and you do miss that big center dancing water show, but the satellites have smaller but equally lovely dancing water displays and they sound really nice. 

Conclusion: What is the Best Dancing Water and Light Speaker System for You?

If you want a beautiful and mesmerizing light and water dance and don’t want to spend a lot of money, the beFree Sound BFS-Shelf Speaker is a very high-quality unit for a very low price and is highly recommended. Because of the clearly high-quality materials and construction, and how well it works, the beFree also makes a wonderful gift.

For a little more, you can choose instead the MrCool I6, which has similarly excellent light and water dance but improved sound and is still quite affordable.

But my top choice is the beFree Sound BFS-33X, with its satellite/subwoofer 2.1 channel configuration, especially since it is not really that much more than the others, and a really great value. The quality of the sound, the beauty and effect of the dancing water, and the overall quality are all as good as I’ve seen in a dancing water speaker, and this is really a beautiful product.