Top 20 Karaoke Songs for Men: Channel Your Inner Rockstar

Top 20 Karaoke Songs for Men

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We all know the joy of belting out our favorite tunes at a karaoke night, especially when we find that perfect song to showcase our vocal talents. When it comes to men, there’s a special connection to songs that have become classics in the karaoke scene. These songs not only get the crowd involved but also allow for some great performances and unforgettable memories.

Here’s a handpicked list of the top 20 karaoke songs for men, covering various genres and decades. These songs are known for their sing-along appeal, suitable vocal ranges, and emotional connection. Let’s dive in and enhance your karaoke night. Remember, confidence and a personal connection to the song are key to a great performance. So, explore beyond this list to find what suits your unique voice. Enjoy singing!

20. “Stand by Me” – Ben E. King

When we think of timeless karaoke classics, “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King instantly comes to our mind. Released in 1961, this song has become a go-to choice for men thanks to its simple yet powerful lyrics, soulful melody, and King’s iconic voice. Let’s dive into why this is such a great karaoke song for men.

“Stand by Me” offers an easy melody for singers of varying abilities, making it a top choice for first-timers and those with less confidence in karaoke. It’s also highly adaptable to different styles and genres, allowing you to pick a version that matches your personality, be it soulful, pop, rock, or even reggae. Make it your own!

19. “Radioactive” – Imagine Dragons

We know that not everyone is looking for a conventional choice for their karaoke session, so we’ve included “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons as an excellent pick for those who want something a little different. This song, released in 2012, combines elements of rock, pop, and electronic music to create a unique and highly recognizable sound.

“Radioactive” is a versatile karaoke choice. It begins with a slow, moody verse that eases singers into the performance. The pre-chorus offers a chance to display vocal range before launching into the powerful chorus. Memorable lyrics about personal transformation make it relatable and compelling. Featuring Imagine Dragons’ modern sound, it diversifies your karaoke repertoire.

18. “Someone Like You” – Adele

We know that Adele’s “Someone Like You” might not be the first song that comes to mind for a men’s karaoke night, but trust us when we say that this powerful ballad is a great choice for men as well. The soulful nature of the song allows for a heartfelt performance, showcasing a genuine vulnerability that can make a lasting impression.

“Someone Like You” offers a vocal challenge, making it exciting. Whether hitting the high notes or not, emulating Adele’s voice can be enjoyable. Putting your spin on the song makes it uniquely yours. Choosing “Someone Like You” engages the crowd as a beloved sing-along, adding to the fun and camaraderie. Remember, karaoke is about having fun and expressing yourself. So give it your best shot and enjoy the experience.

17. “Hey Jude” – The Beatles

When it comes to iconic karaoke songs for men, “Hey Jude” by The Beatles definitely earns a spot on our list. This timeless classic has a slow build-up that leads to a powerful sing-along finale, making it an excellent choice for karaoke nights.

“Hey Jude” is an ideal karaoke choice for its familiar melody and lyrics, fostering audience participation and connection. Its length, although seven minutes, offers a fun chance for everyone to get involved, especially during the famous “na-na-na” section. In short, “Hey Jude” is a timeless, inviting pick for men that ensures an enjoyable karaoke experience.

16. “All of Me” – John Legend

“All of Me” by John Legend has become a modern classic since its release in 2013. We believe it definitely deserves a spot on the top 20 best karaoke songs for men. This heartfelt ballad showcases a man’s vulnerability and emotion, which can be refreshing for a karaoke night typically dominated by uptempo dance numbers.

“All of Me” offers a great opportunity for singers. Its slow tempo lets you focus on vocals, and the song’s progression allows you to showcase your range and emotions. As it builds, you can create a memorable moment for the audience by belting out the chorus. To prepare, listen to the original track and practice the high notes. “All of Me” is a contemporary classic that resonates with the audience and allows you to leave a lasting impression at karaoke.

15. “Black” – Pearl Jam

“Black” by Pearl Jam is one of those songs that never fails to ignite nostalgia and rock-soul vibes present deep within the crowd. Released in 1991, this song from their debut album “Ten” remains a favorite among men for karaoke nights.

“Black” is an ideal karaoke choice for its gentle yet powerful melody that accommodates various vocal ranges. It starts slow and intensifies, enabling singers to convey emotion. The simple structure makes it beginner-friendly, and the audience often joins in, thanks to the song’s familiarity. Its timeless appeal connects with people of all ages. Don’t hesitate to include “Black” in your must-sing songs for karaoke night.

14. “Thinking Out Loud” – Ed Sheeran

“Thinking Out Loud” is undoubtedly one of the best karaoke songs for men. Ed Sheeran’s soulful and romantic ballad is an excellent choice for those who want to showcase their singing abilities. This song’s tender melody and heartfelt lyrics make it a popular choice amongst karaoke enthusiasts.

“Thinking Out Loud” is versatile, suitable for singers of all levels. Its smooth rhythm and simple chords allow you to focus on vocal technique. Beyond being a crowd-pleaser, it lets you connect with your emotions, making it a lasting impression on your audience. So, serenade the crowd with this romantic Ed Sheeran masterpiece at your next karaoke night.

13. “Sweet Child o’ Mine” – Guns N’ Roses

“Sweet Child o’ Mine” is a classic rock anthem that brings people to their feet when they hear its iconic intro. By Guns N’ Roses, this song showcases their blend of hard rock and blues, making it a terrific choice for karaoke night. We’ll discuss what makes this song a great choice for male singers and how to best approach performing it.

“Sweet Child o’ Mine” is an excellent choice for showcasing your singing and stage presence. Engage the audience during the high-energy chorus. Karaoke is about fun and connection. Convey emotion by internalizing the lyrics for an authentic and memorable performance. It’s a top-notch choice for male karaoke singers. Practice breath control, stage presence, and emotional delivery to elevate your performance. Rock on!

12. “Rocket Man” – Elton John

When it comes to karaoke songs for men, “Rocket Man” by Elton John is undeniably a fantastic choice. Released in 1972, this timeless classic has captivated audiences for decades with its infectious melody and engaging lyrics. As we dive into the song’s appeal and its suitability for karaoke nights, it’s clear that “Rocket Man” truly deserves a spot on our list.

“Rocket Man” stands out due to Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s brilliant songwriting, offering a memorable and emotive tune perfect for showcasing vocal abilities. It suits most male voices comfortably. The theme of space travel and loneliness in the song resonates with many, deepening the connection with the audience and elevating the performance. As a bonus, performers can enhance their stage presence by channeling their inner Elton John, adding flair to the karaoke session.

11. “Billie Jean” – Michael Jackson

When we think of iconic songs, “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson easily comes to mind. It’s a perfect addition to our list of the top 20 best karaoke songs for men. Released in 1983, “Billie Jean” has stood the test of time and remains a timeless classic everyone knows and loves.

“Billie Jean” is a vocal range showcase, with low verses and higher falsetto chorus notes. Add Michael Jackson’s signature dance moves for an unforgettable karaoke performance. The song’s energy gets the audience singing and dancing along, making your performance truly electrifying and a tribute to the King of Pop.

10. “Hotel California” – Eagles

We all know “Hotel California” by Eagles is a classic rock hit that has stood the test of time. As one of the best karaoke songs for men, it offers a great opportunity to showcase your vocal range and ability to captivate an audience. The song’s smooth, melodic verses combined with its powerful chorus make it an excellent choice for both seasoned singers and newcomers alike.

“Hotel California” is a great karaoke choice for several reasons. The iconic guitar riff invites everyone to join in, creating a communal atmosphere. The vivid lyrics tell an engaging story, keeping the audience’s attention. When performing, focus on vocal control and dynamics, with softer verses and impressive choruses. The harmonies can be a fun challenge for duos or groups.

9. “Wonderful Tonight” – Eric Clapton

As we all know, karaoke night is all about having a good time and showcasing your singing abilities, and “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton is a perfect fit for men wanting to shine. This timeless classic, released in 1977, manages to touch everyone’s hearts with its beautiful melody and heartfelt lyrics.

“Wonderful Tonight” is an excellent choice for male singers. Its slow, romantic tempo allows effective use of vocal range, even for beginners. The universal theme of love and appreciation makes it suitable for various occasions, from dates to weddings. The song’s emotional depth enables singers to create genuine connections with their audience, leaving a lasting impression.

8. “Take Me to Church” – Hozier

We can’t help but include “Take Me to Church” by Hozier in our list of top karaoke songs for men. This soulful, emotional, and powerful song has become a popular choice for both newcomers and experienced karaoke singers. The lyrics have a profound meaning which makes it even more satisfying to perform.

The catchy chorus encourages everyone to sing along, boosting your confidence. This song is great for male karaoke singers because of its varied vocal range. You can showcase your abilities and versatility, shifting from the deep, raspy verses to the passionate high notes in the chorus. When performing, add emotion to your rendition. Hozier’s meaningful lyrics on religion, love, and human nature can make your performance even more powerful.”

7. “Don’t Stop Believin'” – Journey

We often find that “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey remains a top pick for karaoke nights among men. This iconic rock anthem has a powerful chorus and memorable lyrics that easily captivate audiences. As an energetic and uplifting song, it’s the perfect choice for displaying one’s singing prowess and entertaining the crowd.

The catchy melody and range of the song allow singers to explore their vocal capabilities. The verses offer room for a soft and controlled approach, while the chorus gives singers a chance to belt out with power and emotion. Despite its moderate difficulty, the familiarity of the tune makes it relatively easy for most men to follow along and enjoy themselves.

6. “Wonderwall” – Oasis

We can’t discuss karaoke for men without mentioning “Wonderwall” by Oasis. This quintessential 90s hit remains one of the most popular choices for male karaoke performers, and for good reason. The song has a catchy melody, relatable lyrics, and doesn’t require exceptional vocal range, making it suitable for a wide range of singers.

When singing “Wonderwall,” focus on the song’s emotion. Its heartfelt lyrics about unattainable love resonate with many, connecting with the audience. While the song doesn’t demand high notes, infusing genuine emotion elevates it from standard to memorable. Pay attention to the song’s rhythmic delivery, which can be tricky. Practice beforehand to avoid timing issues and maintain the performance’s flow.

5. “Piano Man” – Billy Joel

“Piano Man” is one of our top favorites to consider for a men’s karaoke night. This timeless classic is a perfect example of how a simple melody can become an iconic addition to the world of music. Billy Joel, as a singer-songwriter, crafted lyrics that everyone can relate to, and for that reason, we believe this song might become the go-to choice for aspiring male karaoke singers.

In “Piano Man,” the verses offer a chance to showcase your storytelling skills as you connect with the audience through tales of bar characters. The chorus is where you capture the heartfelt emotion, creating a memorable sing-along experience. While recreating the harmonica sections might be tricky, the piano accompaniment sets a beautiful atmosphere. This readily recognizable and simple-to-sing song is ideal for men looking to engage their audience and convey their emotions.

4. “My Way” – Frank Sinatra

When it comes to karaoke songs for men, “My Way” by Frank Sinatra is a classic choice that always impresses. This timeless song is not only a favorite among Sinatra fans, but also a tune that many men can resonate with, given its powerful, heartfelt message about self-confidence and pursuing one’s own path.

The slow tempo enables focus on pitch and enunciation, with an emotional depth that showcases both vocal abilities and passion. Suitable for various skill levels, its iconic status encourages audience participation, and for skilled vocalists, it’s a chance to prove prowess and make an unforgettable impression. Maintain breath control, emphasize storytelling, and project confidence while performing. With practice and the right mindset, “My Way” is a showstopper that garners applause and respect.

3. “Livin’ on a Prayer” – Bon Jovi

As we continue our list of best karaoke songs for men, we can’t ignore the timeless classic “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi. Released in 1986, this rock anthem has become a go-to choice for karaoke nights everywhere. It’s not only a great song to sing, but also an excellent opportunity to engage with the crowd as you belt out the memorable chorus.

“Livin’ on a Prayer” is a crowd-pleaser with powerful vocals, allowing you to showcase your range. Its widespread recognition and storytelling in the lyrics make it easy to embrace the karaoke spirit. Pay attention to the buildup leading to the iconic chorus for added anticipation. Don’t forget to practice your air-guitar moves for the instrumental breaks, turning your performance into a full-on show.

2. “Sweet Caroline” – Neil Diamond

“Sweet Caroline” is one of those timeless classics that everyone seems to know and love. This Neil Diamond hit, released in 1969, has become a karaoke staple for men due to its infectious melody and simple lyrics. The chorus is particularly catchy, which makes it perfect for a karaoke night.

“Sweet Caroline” is a recommended choice if you want a familiar tune for audience sing-alongs. With simple verses, it suits all singing abilities, and belting out the chorus energizes the crowd. A quick rehearsal to get the song’s rhythm and phrasing right can boost your confidence. It’s a crowd-pleaser, and selecting this Neil Diamond classic guarantees a successful and memorable karaoke performance.

1. “Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen

One of the top karaoke songs for men is, without a doubt, “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. This iconic rock opera, released in 1975, showcases a range of vocal styles, from powerful rock to dramatic operatic sections. It’s a challenging yet rewarding song choice, perfect for displaying one’s vocal prowess.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” offers a unique structure with six different sections, presenting diverse opportunities for showcasing skills and creativity in karaoke. Its widespread popularity and presence in pop culture make it a fantastic choice, connecting with the audience and offering a taste of rock stardom. Embracing the theatrical elements by channeling your inner Freddie Mercury and boldly delivering emotive lyrics immerses you fully in the performance, captivating the audience.

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