Logitech Z313 Review: A Device for Every Music Lover

Logitech Z313 Review
Logitech Z313 Review

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Enjoy Room-Filling Sound Experience – Logitech Z313 Review

Say goodbye to mini computer speakers that literally a piece of crap.With the Logitech Z313, it’s super cool to get the amazing listening experience you were yearning for.

Can this really be true?

The Logitech Speaker System is most probably the easy way to kick back your music. It’s super easy man!

Just connect it to the subwoofer, plug the subwoofer into the PC. That’s it!It sound’s simple, and really it is!

Rock the room with tinny notebook speakers that surprisingly sound big. Trust me; they produce a clear, booming bass.

Keep reading this Logitech z313 review and you’ll find out how cool this sound system really is.

Logitech Z313 Review: Ideal For Performance, Budget, and Reliability

Though your computer’s tinny speaker can offer music, movie, gaming center, etc., we all know it’s not enough for the full sound experience.

There is no hair of doubt about it!

The built-in speakers don’t cut it. And that’s where the Logitech Z313 Speaker System comes in. Let’s dive in the logitech z313 speaker system review.

What’s inside the Logitech speaker Z313?

  • 1 subwoofer
  • 2 satellite speakers
  • User documentation
  • Cable (including color-coded audio and power cable cables)

Power and AMP

Program amp

The output system is rated 25watts. It may seem “not well enough power” for a big space.But definitely more than enough to cover a room, Admit it!

Rather consider the right amount of power for your room. Keep in mind; you need to plug the speakers into AC outlet.

The Sound

Sound: The most crucial aspect of a speaker!

To check and test it, I tried various music genres, classic to Rockmetal. And the result is quite spectacular. It delivers almost ok sound with a bunch of vocals, but for bass, its best.

What about movies and games?

The satellite speakers ensure a higher frequency, which is more than enough for any regular music.

With What Systems Does It Work

Logitech z313 is more than just a pretty package; the speaker system gives you clarity, crisp sound experience. Let’s see it’s considered as Logitech z313 multimedia speaker system and its requirement:

  • Audio sources (with a 3.5 mm jack)
  • Computer soundcards
  • Any major operating systems, like Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Logitech Z313 Setup

Logitech Z313 Speaker System Setup

The trigger that makes me fall in love with this speaker system!

Yes, I am talking about the Logitech z313 setup. It sounds amazing just from the start. And the best part is, the whole setup system is super simple, right out of the box. All you have to do plug the speakers into the subwoofer and connect it with your computer.

And that’s it.

Hardly will it take two minutes, and you are done.

Autopsy of the speaker: What makes the Logitech Z313 speakers the best speaker compared to an ok speaker?

In this section, we’re gonna talk about the components of this awesome speaker system.

1. The Cone and the Dust Cap

The dust cap is an external curved dome mounted either in the convex or concave orientation over the hole (central) of most speaker diaphragms.

Sound’s complicated?

Well, in plain words, it’s the parts that push air and eventually produce sound. The cone cap of Z313 is so good that it protects the inner mechanics from unwanted particles and other contamination even if it’s invisible.

2. Interface

In a word, the interface is just mind-blowing. I just love the easy interface. Twin satellite speakers make it super convenient to bring the music and rhythm to life.

3. Subwoofer

Don’t get fooled by its ordinary look; the Logitech z313 subwoofer is actually a good deal for the bucks. Probably not the finest, yet perform the core need.Cooler than ever! The 4-inch driver is soft, decent and offers a small amount of pressure on the diaphragm of the woofer driver. The compact subwoofer easily fits into restricted spaces, ensuring deeper bass as you want to connect with the beat.

What about the subwoofer port?

Quite tinny, I must say, maybe around 1-inch port, decent for the box, probably a 40-45Hz tuning. Overall, the Logitech z313 subwoofer control looks good.

4. Crossover

Well, the crossover is pretty ordinary, almost like the rest of the other speaker system. With the 250Hz plate amp, it’s an impressive active crossover.

5. Vents & Passive Radiators

So far, it seems a decent close box speaker. That means it has no openings and the only devices that gradually radiate sound waves.

5 Features you’ll Love About the Logitech Z313 Speaker System Setup

The speaker setup got everything you need for soothing sounds without the clutter. Here are some wow features that are really hard to find in this range of price.

Crystal-cleared sound

As you have already known, it comes with 25 watts. As a result, you have the right amount of Amp to fill up the room.

If you still think it’s not enough for you, feel free to turn up. No matter how much turn up the volume, the music will stay finely detailed and perfectly balanced.

Portable design

Design of Logitech Z313 Speaker System

Thanks to the down-firing design!

The subwoofer is not only compact; it gives the big, deep lows that turn movies, music, and games more exciting.

The cool thing:

Still, it’s small enough to fit in a tight space, even under a desk or bed. That means big sound feel without the clutter.

Control at hand

Whether you are in the mood to play softly or to crank it up, the power at your hand. Yes, you read that, right!

The control pod allows total volume control literally at your fingertips. That means turn the power on/ off is now at the touch of a button.

Wait, there’s more!

When you want to listen in privacy, just plug your headphones into the built-in jack, and you’re good to go.

Impressive Twin satellite speakers

Twin satellites make it super convenient. And the outlook is also pretty cool.

From crisp high notes, relaxing mid-tones to deep, or even thumping bass, trust me, you won’t miss a beat, cord, or nuance. All you have to do is just plug in, kick back and experience mindblowing, balanced audio.

Pros & Cons of Logitech Z313 Speaker System

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Affordable price: I must admit, it performs surprisingly well for the bucks. Getting these much wow features in this price range is like a dream comes true.No control for Bass volume: You have already known that they are pretty bassy. But the downside part, Logitech z313 bass control it sucks, doesn’t have a bass knob.
Impressive sound clarity: 25 watts of power is enough to fill your space with rich and balanced music.
Headphone jack: when you need privacy or don’t want to disturb anyone, you are allowed to plug the headphones, and you’re good to go.

Logitech Z323 Vs Z313- What Is the Difference?

The design of both Logitech Z313 and Z323 is almost the same. Both models are wired systems and work with a jack connection of 3.5 mm. If you look at the body, both speaker systems are quite significant.

It’s pretty obvious when there are two different models from the same brand, the features and configuration will be pretty similar.

So what’s the difference?

Price is the crucial aspect, and in this case, z323 is a bit pricey. Let’s see the differences of these two:

FeatureLogitech Z323Logitech Z313
Audio Wattage30 Watts25 Watts
Sound Channel Configuration2.12.1
Satellites2 x 6W2 x 5W
Weight3.56 Kg2.8 Kg
Dimension23.8 x 25.1 x 24.8 cm33 x 24 x 16 cm
Batteries RequiredNoNo

Component overview of Logitech Z313 Speaker System


That’s a two-inch full-range driver. That appears to become made having a significant for that size rubber, of metal.

Something the Logitech got that you need to ensure it is no more than possible. Should be likely to perform a full-range driver. With no tweeter, we must have cone separation.

However, the smaller the driver, the larger the split up is likely to be. Pressing into wavelengths where individual reading is so insensitive.


Grills are a few of the greatest substance I have noticed. It is an available material that shields the audio driver with no problems that are plain.

That’s some buffer between the back of the audio and also the end-of-the interface. Possibly to keep children from attempting to deposit drugs inside them.

Perhaps the locations function an objective. Pressing to 250Hz to get a 2-inch driver can reasonably challenging to do. And so I’ll keep judgment.


You know taking a look at Z313 are total very shit, and plastic, lightweight. That’s the factor. However, they’re not so resonant when utilized with my knuckle.


No conventional crossover. Alternatively, the audio is divided between the satellites and the subscription. By an active crossover within the dish amp.


The small driver, a container that is small, small port. That’s the formula to get a trap that is boomy.

That’s an unpleasant driver. Noticeable tinsel leads about the cone’s entrance was in a 1990 Ford Escort.

The rear of the driver includes a stamped metal container. That prevents off all ventilation in the index along with a tiny magnet. I am unsure how reduced my objectives could get, but they fell quite a bit.

Subscription port

Little perhaps 1-inch interface is updated sincerely for that container. Simply eyeballing it, I’d reckon that it is possibly a 40- tuning. I am anticipating sound that is an interface to become a problem.


The machine has a wired rural that is sweet small. Unlike PC programs that are inexpensive that one doesn’t have bass boost choices.

Or any silly tone handle. The volume button moves quantity is linear without any decreasing of bass.

No fixed or route discrepancy that is apparent about the amount button. That will be much better than standalone amplifiers that are inexpensive.

Impressive Twin satellite speakers

Twin satellites make it super convenient. And the outlook is also pretty cool.

From crisp high notes, relaxing mid-tones to deep, or even thumping bass, trust me, you won’t miss a beat, cord, or nuance. All you have to do is just plug in, kick back and experience mindblowing, balanced audio.

Features of Logitech Z313 Speaker System

  • The control pod allows you to manage headset and quantity settings.
  • You can load your space with great, good audio (25watts).
  • The small subwoofer provides more deep bass to have the matches into restricted areas.
  • Towards the subscription, link the speakers using its simple setup. Connect the subwoofer. That’s it.

Performance of Logitech Z313 Speaker System

The small subwoofers offer high-quality bass and have a sound trademark that’s warm. Distortion degree is small as high-quality audio can quickly be harnessed.

Up to 90% of its maximum volume control. A good range is offered by the sounds within the frequency selection of 48-20000Hz.

The frequency is comparable to different speaker programs within the same budget range.

Watch Logitech Z313 – Unboxing & Review

Logitech Z313 Review – Frequently Asked Question

1. Why are my Logitech z313 speakers not working?

Answer: First of all, make sure you have clicked the volume icon correctly. Most of the Logitech z313 troubleshooting happens after upgrading the windows.

2. How to setup Logitech z313 speakers?

Answer: Well, Logitech z313 speaker system setup is most effortless, will hardly take 2 minutes. Connect any device into the 3.5mm input, and you are done.

3. How is Logitech z313 driver?

Answer: It’s a full-range driver, two-inch, which is significant for the size rubber, of metal.

4. Does it include any user manual with it?

Answer: Yes, you will get Logitech z313 speaker system manual inside the box.

5. How to connect Logitech z313 speakers to TV?

Answer: Find out the audio jack, which you may find in the front or back of the TV, Plug the pin connected into an open headphone jack. That’s it.


Considering all the features and benefits, Logitech z313 speaker is an excellent deal for the money.

The Logitech Z323 is perfect, whether you tend to stream music or videos inside a tight space. Your movies, music, and games come alive with the down-firing subwoofer. And for bass, this speaker system is unbeatable.

No doubt about it!

Though we feel it should have a bass knob to control, overall, it’s impressive. I’m sure it won’t disappoint you.

Grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy!

Marion Kay
Marion Kay
I love music! Ever since I was born my parents used to sing to me to keep me entertained. My dad used to tinker with his own stereo system and speakers. You could say that I inherited his passion, too. With my articles, I want to help share my knowledge about speakers so you can make the best purchase decision.

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