What Are The Best Optical Cables For Sonos?

What Are The Best Optical Cables For Sonos?

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Sonos has captured many hearts within very little time thanks to the amazing features that come with the portable smart speaker. With many variations like Arc Beam, One SL, Sonos comes in various sizes and shapes. While one is compatible with smaller TVs, another supports bold bass, and yet another provides brilliant sound in 3D.

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What model one chooses depends on individual requirements. But one thing the company promises is the awesome sound you can enjoy with the device. Once the easy setup of the speaker is done, you can sit back and savor your favorite music and more, over Wi-Fi.

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What Are Optical Cables?

Also called TOSLINK connections, optical audio connections work excellent when there is a need to send high-quality audio from one device to another. There are several ways to send the audio, and among those, optical is a popular choice.

An optical audio cable uses laser light and optical fiber (made of glass, silica, or plastic) to move the audio signals from one device to another. These cables are in high demand due to their greatest advantage that they are resistant to external noises, meaning the audio is not affected by any other interference like electrical.

A perfect example of using an optical cable is to connect your TV to the home-theatre speaker like the Sonos. The quality of the sound you get in the speaker is unimaginably fine. Luckily, most of the TVs available these days have an in-built optical audio output.

The optical cables usually come in lengths more than 5 meters. It is better to handle them carefully as they are prone to breaking if handled roughly. There are many factors to keep in mind when you try to purchase a good optical cable. Let us see them one by one.

What Are The Best Optical Cables For Sonos

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Consider These Factors Before Deciding On An Optical Cable

Type Of Installation

If you are planning to set up a home theatre, the cable will go through the ceiling or a wall. Ensure that the cable you buy is best for this purpose and is a certified one. Consider CL2 or CL3 ratings when you are about to make the purchase.

The Overall Make

The construction is an important factor to consider while buying an optical cable. If you own many devices and keep on connecting the cable to different devices one after another, the durability of the cable is imperative. In such cases, you can go for gold-plated connectors that prevent corrosion and have a great life. A point to note here is that bending or twisting the cable can obstruct the smooth transmission of signals and result in distorted audio. There are also chances that the brittle components of the cable get damaged due to careless use.


Optical cables work brilliantly within a range of 5 meters or maybe up to 10 meters. So if your devices are at a greater distance, carefully choose cables that are longer and promise good quality irrespective of the length. Before you research cables, measure the distance between your devices so that you do not end up with a smaller cable once the purchase is done.


Optical cables come at reasonable prices, and you can get a good one that is at least 6 feet long without spending much. If you need cables for in-wall installation, the prices go a little higher. Check whether the cable you selected has a good warranty. This will make any future repair or replacement easier.

Connection Caps

Connections caps come with certain cables to keep them away from dirt and dust. When the cable is not in use, the cap can be kept closed for safety. Go for the cable that has a connection cap only if you keep on switching between different devices. If you need an in-wall connection or a permanent connection between two devices, a connection cap is not much of a requirement.

Moving on to the types of optical cables available for Sonos, it is interesting to note that Amazon offers many options. Let us have a look at some of them.

Best Optical Cables For Sonos

1. NiceTQ 6FT Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable

This optical cable is compatible with Sonos Music Speaker and PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/Wireless Streaming TV.

The cable promises an undisturbed signal even if the volume levels are extreme. Thankfully, all-optical cables transfer the signal using light waves. So, there is zero chance for EMI, RFI, or ground loop interference. The connectors are Toslink male to Toslink male, and the color of the cable is black. The cable has OD value 5.0 and the length is 6 feet (1.8m). This optical cable works with DVD, CD, D/A converters, Pro Audio cards, and many more.

2. Amazon Basics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Sound Bar TV Cable

This cable provides distortion-free digital audio and is compatible with a number of devices.

Even if you are in a crowded place, this cable lets you enjoy every beat of your favorite music. The company boasts of superior sound quality, which is the trademark of this product. It can connect devices like a CD player to a home theatre system and help you sit back while the music is on.

The design of the cable is extremely thoughtful, making it more user-friendly. It has a flexible and lightweight form, rubber tips that protect the cable when not in use. It even has connector grips so that its handling becomes easy while trying to connect. There is a range of sizes in which the AmazonBasics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable is available, including 3.3-feet long, 6-feet long, and 9.8-feet long. Connect each end of the cable to the respective ports of the devices, and you are done.

AmazonBasics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable has a durable, black PVC exterior that protects the cable. It supports buffer tubing and consists of gold-plated connectors that are corrosion-resistant and ensure digital audio that is free of distortion. This optical cable provides pure audio, unlike electrical cables that can fall victim to radio or electromagnetic interferences.

Any device that has a Toslink port works well with the AmazonBasics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable. You can connect it with LCD TVs, DVD players, CD players, etc. The audio processor guarantees that you get a surround-sound experience. This cable is also compatible with ADAT’s and S/PDIF.

3. KINGTOP Digital Optical Audio cable

This is a fiber optic Toslink male-to-male cord that comes in various lengths and has universal compatibility.

KINGTOP Digital Optical Audio cable has universal compatibility making it suitable to connect to home theatre receivers, online streaming PlayStation, satellites, and Xbox gaming systems.

The cable provides a sound quality superior to many other cables available for the same purpose. It has quality copper with shielding that ensures good sound quality. There are 24K gold-plated connectors to resist corrosion and deliver clean audio.

The cable has removable rubber caps along with a lightweight and high-quality flexible jacket; both making sure that the cable is protected when not in use.

KINGTOP Digital Optical Audio cable is highly durable with an interior that is braided with Aluminium foil and an exterior comprising of high-tension PVC. To make way for advanced toughness there are laser-welded connectors having a strain-relief design.

4. 90 Degree Toslink Optical Cable 360 Degree Free Rotating Plug Fibre Optic Cable

This cable with a long name has an equally long list of advantages to tickle your ears with excellent sound.

The optical cable supports audio formats like DTS, LPCM2.0, and Dolby-AC3, making it superior to many others that rule the market. The specialty is that there is no delay in the transmission of a signal between the 2 devices that are connected. It works well with devices like audio processors, DACs, when connected to an audio component and promises uncompressed PCM audio.

90 Degree Toslink Optical Cable is equipped with an ultra-thick (OD6.0) nylon braided jacket, which makes it stronger to be used under any conditions. This nylon jacket is tough and durable enough to protect the cable from damages. There is the least chance that the cable gets damaged even if you accidentally tamper with it.

What makes this optical cable different from others we discussed till now is its 90 degree right angle adapter aids. These squeeze in anywhere and help you connect the devices without any hassle even if the space is congested. The adapter is made of black molded plastic and has gold-plated contacts. It is also provided with a dust cap for protection when the cable is not plugged in.

One other reason to go for this optical cable is its ability to rotate 360 degrees. This offers a great deal of easiness for the equipment installation by providing enough flexibility even in closed and tight spaces. Compared with 180-degree fiber optic cables, the 360-degree rotation feature helps connect devices almost effortlessly. Additionally, the light wave transmitted by the cable is hardly disturbed by radio frequency or electromagnetic interference.

There is a collection of devices that this optical cable is compatible with like Smart TV, Xbox 360, CD/DVD, DAT recorders, and many others with Toslink ports.

5. Toslink Opticall Cable

This optical cable supports a wide range of devices and comes in 2 different lengths, 3 feet, and 6 feet.

Toslink Optical cable is compatible with devices like Sonos Playbar, SoundTouch, speakers, home theatre, TV, Xbox One, and many more.

The optical fiber used in the cable is highly shielded and hence resists any interference caused due to signals like electromagnetic waves.

The transfer of signal is very smooth which is ensured by the durable PVC outer layer and the gold-plated connectors which are of supreme quality and resistant to corrosion.

The cable works best in connecting devices like Blu-Ray players, Xbox One, CD/DVD, Plasma TV, DAT recorders, Sound cards, etc to the audio processor, Soundbar, and Home Theatre system receiver.

6. GearIT Pro Series Toslink Digital Optical Cable

The optical cable is equipped with a number of features like 24K gold-plated connectors that are corrosion resistant, buffer tubing, and a durable PVC exterior that enable smooth signal transfer. The sound that is obtained as output is free of any kind of interference owing to the fiber optic cabling. As a result, you can experience natural sound just as it is.

The Toslink digital optical cable connects devices like DAT recorders, Blu-Ray players, game consoles, and many others to Sonos devices. It outputs uncompressed PCM audio or compressed 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound.

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The optical cable is tested a number of times using many testing criteria to ensure that it adheres to the industry standards. For the best possible durability and conductivity, the cable is made of oxygen-free copper. This also ensures that the sound is of good quality and accurate. There are strain-relief rings near the connectors that are put in place to make it flexible and steady. Hi-tech dual shielding technology is used to prevent any signal loss that may occur otherwise.

You may get numerous optical audio cables in stores that support innumerable features. But keep in mind that every individual has a different need and may need a different cable. While some would require a temporary connection, others may need a permanent one. Choose a cable depending on how you are going to use it. They also come at various prices. Don’t settle for a cheaper one just for the monetary benefit it offers. Paying a little more for a better cable that suits your taste can go a long way in terms of durability. There is no denying the fact that optical cables provide the finest sound without any disturbance. Good luck with landing the best cable for your Sonos.