Best Sonos Speakers for Your Garage Audio System

Best Sonos Speakers For Your Garage Audio System

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Are you looking to add a high-quality Sonos system to your garage? If you are, then there’s a lot of things you need to consider to know what speakers will work best.

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A garage is the most versatile section of modern homes. It’s no longer a place to just store and park vehicles. People transform their garages into a mini gym, a workshop, a storage room, or even a place to host small parties.

How you utilize your garage is a matter of your personal preference and also how big the garage is. That is why you can’t go on a whim and pick any speaker for your garage. You must make a carefully researched decision.

And we’re here to help you with that! We’ve put up this detailed guide where we’ll cover all the aspects you need to consider to select the best Sonos speakers for your garage. And we have also reviewed some of the top picks from Sonos’ wide range of speakers, explaining why they are suitable for a garage audio system.

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The Best Sonos Speaker for Garage is Your Personal Decision

Since every person uses their garage differently, the best speaker for one may not always be suitable for another. So it’s not possible to give you a direct verdict claiming one or two speakers to be the best. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

But we want this to guide us to apply to all our readers. As such, we will be focusing on two things in this guide:

  • What features and factors you need to look out for based on your garage specifications.
  • Which Sonos speakers include those features which are preferable for your setting?

And using all the information we provide, it will be your personal decision to choose the most optimum system. So if you want to make the perfect decision after including all essential factors, then make sure you read on till the very end.

Things to Consider Before Setting up Sonos Speakers in your Garage

If you want the best guy for your garage’s sound system, we recommend you to focus on every one of the following points:

Garage Size

The size of your garage is perhaps the most influential factor in deciding t Sonos speaker you should purchase. If your garage is very spacious, you might need to place three to four speakers in different corners to make sure that you get full audio coverage throughout the room.

For a smaller garage, a single speaker or two speakers in stereo will be sufficient. And the good thing is that you don’t have to buy multiple speakers right away. Even if your garage is quite big, let’s say more than 1000 sq. feet, you can still start with two speakers and then decide if you need to add more to the system.

After all, one of the best things about Sonos systems is the flexibility to expand it one by one, and you should use that to your advantage, especially if you have a large garage.

Speaker Combinations

If you are going for two or more speakers, the next thing you need to decide is what combination of speakers you should buy. There’s a lot of flexibility in this regard as Sonos has many different speakers and a lot of customization offers. In terms of sound quality, you have two options – bass and stereo sound.

Here are some combinations you can try out with multiple Sonos speakers:

  • Two speakers: For two speakers, it’s best to go for a stereo pair, such as two Sonos Ones or Play 5s.
  • Three speakers: With three speakers, you should go for a 2-speakers stereo pair and the third one with a subwoofer for bass, for example, two Play 3s with a Sonos Sub.
  • Four speakers: With four speakers, there are different routes you can take. Two stereo pairs on different corners of the garage will give you excellent sound quality for big garages. Another option is to have a stereo pair with two subwoofers if you want more bass. You can also go for a different setting like two speakers on the stereo, one subwoofer, and one mid-woofer (like Playbar) or a Sonos Move to add some portability.

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Toughness and Durability

It’s very important to consider the durability of speakers when you want to set up a Sonos system in your garage. For example, if you are using your garage as a workshop or a storage room, then the speakers will have to withstand dust, moisture, and other external conditions.

Sometimes your garage will have to be kept open, so you need to think about weather resistance as well. In such cases, tough and durable models such as outdoor architectural speakers will be an excellent choice.

Why Sonos Speakers are a Good Choice for your Garage

Sonos speakers are an excellent choice for your garage due to many reasons, such as:

  • Wide range of models give you the flexibility to customize the system with multiple speakers no matter how big your garage is or for what purpose you use it.
  • Compatible with voice assistants so you can control the functions hands-free. Perfect for when you are busy working in the garage or dealing with greasy hands.
  • Many Sonos models are durable and weatherproof so they can withstand external conditions in your garage.
  • Excellent customer service from Sonos, so you know that you’re covered in case of any defects or if the speakers get damaged.
  • The option to add more speakers to your system if you need to expand and improve the sound quality.
  • The Trueplay feature, which calibrates speakers to provide the best sound quality based on the structure and interiors of your garage. Trueplay also helps you to find the best spot in your garage to place your speakers.
Best Sonos Speakers for Your Garage Audio System
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Best Sonos Speakers For Your Garage

There are a lot of options when buying a Sonos speaker for your garage. So we have reviewed the best speakers, explaining their features and what makes them ideal for a garage audio system.

Sonos One

Sonos One is our first pick for garage speakers because they are one of the most versatile models that Sonos has to offers. Let’s start with the design. The small and compact size of Sonos One makes it super convenient to place it anywhere you want. Even if your garage is crammed with items, you won’t need to clear out space for the Sonos One. Place it on a tabletop or a shelf, and you’re good to go.

Coming to the sound quality, you will be pleasantly surprised by the powerful sound that such a small speaker can deliver. So much so that just a single Sonos One will be enough for a small garage. And it delivers even better sound when used as a stereo pair with another Sonos One. And as with almost all Sonos speakers, you can integrate it with Alexa or Google Assistant and even calibrate it with Trueplay.

To sum up, here’s why Sonos One is a great choice for garage speakers:

  • Powerful sound, best for small garages.
  • Two Sonos Ones used as a stereo pair is great for medium-sized garages.
  • Compact size can easily fit anywhere in your garage.

Sonos Play:3

Sonos 3 is a complete package in itself when it comes to sound quality. It has a self-adjusting mono and stereo sound system. If two Play:3s are placed horizontally, they work in stereo mode. And when placed vertical, they automatically switch to mono sound. If you’re using a single Play:3, then you will be playing it in mono.

But with two of these, you have the freedom to switch between stereo and mono by just changing the speaker’s orientation.

What’s impressive about the Play:3 is that it has some pretty awesome specs. Three internal speakers with Class D amplifiers and a tweeter for high frequencies is the secret to its crystal clear sound quality. In addition, it is also equipped with two mid-woofers and a bass radiator. The result is that you get mono and stereo sound as well as powerful bass all within this speaker.

Thus, we recommend Sonos Play:3 as garage speakers for the following reasons:

  • Perfect as a standalone speaker for small garages due to excellent sound quality with deep bass.
  • Jump between mono and stereo mode with two Sonos Play:3s by changing this position.
  • Two Play:3s are powerful enough to fill even bigger garages with clear audio.

Sonos Five

The best way to describe Sonos Five is that it’s simply a beast. Just like the Play:3, Sonos Five also auto-adjusts to mono sound when placed horizontally and stereo sound when placed horizontally. With six Class-D amplifiers, three mid-woofers, and three tweeters, delivering powerful audio to your garage will be a breeze for Sonos Five. Now you can imagine how amazing it will be to have two of these in stereo!

The size is a bit bulky, so you need to be careful about where you place them. But we highly recommend them for large garages. Two Sonos Fives should be sufficient for significantly spacious garages. Still, you always have the option to add in one more or another model – preferable the Sub to pump put powerful bass. Although for most of the part, this speaker itself has impressive bass sound.

Sonos Fives are suitable for garages because:

  • Their advanced specs and powerful sound makes them one of the best speakers for big garages.
  • A stereo pair of Sonos Five is almost unparalleled in sound quality, even when your garage is open.
  • They are equally impressive as a standalone speaker, even without a stereo pair. And instead of using two Sonos Fives, the combination of one Sonos Five and one Sub or Playbar is also an excellent option.

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Optional/Additional Subwoofers and Midwoofers

Apart from the speakers we have reviewed above, there are some models that you can further add to your garage. They are not meant to be used as standalone speakers. Instead, they are optional add-ons, and we have included them to give more customization options for our readers.

Sonos Sub for Bold Bass

Sonos Sub is the prime choice for all the bass lovers out there. Since it focuses mainly on the bass and not on all-around audio, we don’t recommend it as a standalone speaker for your garage. However, if you want a superb bass boost to your system, you should pair Sonos Sub with another speaker. Equipped with two force canceling drivers, this speaker not just produces powerful bass but also eliminates reverberations for superb clarity. We recommend the following combinations for bass lovers:

  • Sonos One (standalone/stereo pair) + Sub for small garages.
  • Play:3 (standalone/stereo pair) + Sub for medium garages.
  • Sonos Five (standalone/stereo pair) + Sub for large garages.

Sonos Playbar for Video Playback

Sonos Playbar is mainly intended to be used for a cinematic or theatrical experience by pairing it with your television. But if your garage is also your workshop, you might be watching a lot of videos and tutorials on a tab, phone, or other devices. In such cases, Sonos Playbar will provide you the best sound for video playback, thanks to its nine amplifiers and six mid-woofers specifications.

Sonos Architectural Sets

Sonos also offers different architectural sets that are designed to be permanently installed into the architecture of your home. Here’s our review of the architectural sets and why they are suitable for garages:

In-Ceiling And In-Wall Speaker Sets

As the name suggests, these speakers are installed in the ceiling or wall of your room, or this case, your garage. If your garage is small and symmetrical, placing the in-ceiling speakers at the center of the ceiling will distribute the sound evenly through your garage. And if you have a bigger garage, you can place two or four of these in opposite corners to achieve the same effect. The in-wall speakers are more or less similar to in-ceiling sets except that they need to be installed on walls or pillars.

Outdoor Speaker Set

The outdoor speaker sets are designed to work outdoors, as can be understood by their name. Hence, they are extremely durable and resistant to weather conditions as well. Even though they are ‘outdoor’ speakers, you should consider installing them in your garage if:

  • Your garage is open most of the time
  • You work a lot in your garage, especially for tasks that create a lot of dust heat, and moisture, such as woodworking, machining, and repairs.

Note that these architectural sets are passive speakers, which means that you must pair them with a Sonos Amplifier.

Best Sonos Speakers for Your Garag
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Some Final Words

Sonos is one of the best brands when it comes to smart speakers. And out of their numerous models, we have narrowed down the best speakers for a garage audio system. We have also explained which type of speakers work best on different types of garage settings.

Based on our extensive reviews, we are certain that you will have a clear idea of what speakers, combinations, and customizations will be suitable so that you can set up the best Sonos speakers for your garage.