Suitcase Record Players: Our 8 Top Picks Reviewed

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Maybe the only thing sweeter than a collection of vinyl records is having a nice, retro-cool suitcase record player to listen to them on. Not only cool, though, the best suitcase record players can also be ultra convenient, small and highly portable, and sound great!

So in this article I’m going to talk about the best suitcase record players on the market today, including my top picks and a brief description and review of each one. 

If you’re in a hurry, and don’t want to read the whole article, here is my top 3 picks:

But if you’re not, and don’t mind sticking with me as I wax poetic about the best suitcase record players, let’s drop the needle and get spinning!

Why Are Vintage Suitcase Record Players So Popular?

Suitcase record players are super popular right now – so much so, in fact, that we might well wonder what’s so great about them. But if you’ve ever had one – either recently or, I guess, 50 years ago – you already know.

Suitcase players are complete record-playing machines, with everything you need to throw on a platter and start listening. They also often come with built-in digital converters, meaning you can record all of your vinyl records, for archiving and to be played back on a PC.

Suitcase players are small, light and very portable, and when you’re not using them they are so easy to stow away – that is, assuming you don’t want to proudly display it on your table for all to see.

Because that may well be the main reason these babies are so big right now – they are just so cool. With a retro form that is so fitting to their function and a vintage style that is delightfully different and yet somehow so comfortingly familiar, suitcase players look fantastic – and especially the nice ones, which can have a premium fit and finish which just adds to the whole charm.

And if you do find a good suitcase record player, not only will it be super-convenient and look fantastic, it will sound great as well – in fact, for their low price, they can sound absolutely amazing, and really reveal the glory of that analog sound everybody raves about.

So now let’s look closer at the suitcase record players I think are the best on the market today.

The 8 Best Suitcase Record Players for 2024

Best Super-Budget Suitcase Record Player

Kedok Vintage Suitcase Vinyl Record Player Bluetooth Turntable

The least expensive pick on our list of best portable suitcase record players, the Kedok vintage suitcase is actually a surprisingly sophisticated machine.

In addition to normal 3 speed record playback, the Kedok also has a built-in analog to digital converter and a USB flash drive port, so you can digitize all of your records for playback on your phone or PC.

Speaking of your phone, the Kedok has Bluetooth wireless, which allows you to play music from your phone, or any other Bluetooth device, through the suitcase player’s rich and warm stereo speakers. You can also attach other devices using the auxiliary in plug, and connect the turntable itself to a bigger stereo using the RCA out cables.

But for all its advanced features, the Kedok suitcase vinyl player is very easy to use, and not just playing records – even digital recording is ultra-clear and simple, and anybody can do it.

Inexpensive, built well, highly functional and useful and with good stereo sound, the Kedok vintage suitcase record player is a great choice, and a great value – well deserved to be on the list as one of the best suitcase record player.


  • Can Double as a Bluetooth Speaker
  • Digital Recording
  • Nice Material and Build Quality
  • Easy to Use
  • Great Value


  • Doesn’t Sound as Good as Others on the List

Coolest Retro Look

Retrolife Vinyl Record Player 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Stereo Speakers

Not to sound too shallow here, but I think I like the Retrolife suitcase turntable mostly because it’s so darn cool looking!

In fact, it is very similar to the slightly less expensive Kedok, just above, in functionality – the Retrolife has normal analog record playing (at 33, 45 or 78 RPM), it will digitally record your vinyl records, it has a Bluetooth receiver for playing music from your phone or other gadgets, lots of other inputs and outputs and very simple and intuitive controls.

But the RetroLife has a slightly nicer fit and finish – the Kedok is very nice looking, especially for the price, but the RetroLife may have a slightly better sense of style, and comes in a bunch of different colors and finishes.

A well made and great sounding suitcase record player that is both wonderfully simple and remarkably advanced, the RetroLife appeals especially with its vintage charm and style, but is in fact a great product on all levels.


  • Great Styling
  • Digital Recording
  • Excellent Connectivity
  • Easy to Use
  • Good Value


  • Connectivity Ports Should Be on the Side

Best Value Suitcase Record Player

Wockoder Suitcase Portable Vinyl Record Player with Speakers

Not a lot more expensive than my first two picks for best suitcase record players, this Wockoder is about the same in terms of functionality, and also offers that nice combination of simple record playing and advanced technology.

The Wockoder has three speed record playback, Bluetooth wireless for playback from your phone or PC’s music library, a super-nice built in MP3 player with a USB drive, wired inputs and outputs for connecting to your stereo or things like tape players, and a normal stereo headphone jack as well.

The Wockoder will not, however, record your records digitally – this is a big consideration if you want to archive your vinyl or convert them to digital files for easier playback on your PC, phone or MP3 player. You can, again, play digital MP3 files on this record player, but you can’t record digitally.

So why is the Wockoder a bit more expensive? It’s probably mostly because of its great sound – a noticeable improvement over the less expensive suitcases on our list, this player has richness, detail and energy that are more reminiscent of big stereos with seperate speakers – really great sound, if fact, especially at this price.

If you aren’t interested in digitally archiving your records, but do want the best sound possible for your money, the Wockoder suitcase record player is a very good choice, a nicely made machine that works well and reliably, and a really great value.


  • Great Value
  • Next Level Sound
  • Very Well Made
  • Easy to Use
  • Good Connectivity


  • No Digital Recording

Super High Quality

Zbrqotl Vintage Suitcase Record Player with Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

The Zbrgotl vintage suitcase record player is an especially nice looking and well made product. 

In terms of features and functionality, it is not much different from others on the list, with built-in stereo speakers, Bluetooth streaming, a full range of input and output connectors – including a headphone jack – and basic three speed vinyl playback.

It does not have an analog to digital converter for digitally recording and archiving your vinyl records, but the Zbrgotl does have surprisingly rich and satisfying sound quality with normal analog record playback.

But again, what really seems to set the Zbrqotl apart is that premium fit and finish. Though it’s made mostly of plastic, it just looks better than others, and has a solid, substantial feel, smooth controls and operation, beautifully finished surfaces and hardware and an overall appearance of quality.

Not only does this make the Zbrqotl look great in your room – sitting in front of the Cyndi Lauper poster, I’d imagine – but it makes it a wonderful gift as well, which will thrill anybody lucky enough to get it.

This premium overall quality also adds to the Zbrqotl’s sound quality, since the solidness of the box, the vibration-isolating suspension and the lack of loose, ill-fitting or low quality parts and hardware make the sound more accurate, fuller and lower in noise and distortion, and makes any record sound better.

A really nice looking basic suitcase record player with enough high tech features to satisfy most users, the Xbrqotl offers some of the best looks, some of the best sound, and works easily and reliably – a great choice for anybody, and an especially thoughtful and nice present for loved ones.


  • Superior Fit and Finish
  • Excellent Mechanical Controls
  • Simple and Easy User Interface
  • Great Sound
  • A Wonderful Premium-Feeling Present


  • No Digital Recording

Best Suitcase Record Player Overall

Victrola Vintage Portable Suitcase Record Player with Tow Way Bluetooth

It seems to me that with the Victrola suitcase record player we’re kind of reaching a new level of quality.

This may seem surprising, since all of my picks for best suitcase turntables are in at least the same ballpark in terms of price, and the Victrola isn’t that much more than my previous picks, but you can definitely see and feel a difference.

I think that’s why Victrola has become the market leader in inexpensive vinyl playback machines – not just suitcases or portables, but all types of record players and turntables. They make very high quality units which are nicely made, sound fantastic and work simply and beautifully and sound wonderful.

And this Victoria Vintage portable suitcase record player is a great example.

A fairly basic unit, the Vintage really concentrates on the best sounding analog record playback possible for the money. The player’s tonearm is lighter and higher precision than most, the box itself is solid and does not resonate, the built in amplifier is cleaner and more powerful and the speakers are really amazing for their size.

There is still great tech, though, including a wireless Bluetooth receiver, so you can play the music from your phone or PC through its great speakers, and there are other connectors for hooking up to a stereo or attaching other devices, or for listening to headphones.

But this Victrola Vintage, unlike most other suitcase record players, doesn’t just have a Bluetooth receiver, but in fact two-way wireless technology – what Victrola calls Vinyl Stream.

This lets you not only play the music on your phone or PC through the Vintage, but also play your records through an external Bluetooth speaker system, or even stream the signal to your PC for the best quality digital recording, editing and playback possible.

But the real focus of this wonderful Victrola vintage suitcase record player is on simply playing vinyl records and really hearing them in all their warm, musical analog glory – and for  this, the Victrola is the best player on my list, with big, clear and rich sound that offers a significant upgrade from less expensive products – highly recommended!


  • Best Sound Quality
  • Beautiful Fit and Finish
  • Two Way Bluetooth Streaming
  • Superior Construction Quality and Reliability
  • Gentle with Your Records
  • Excellent Value


  • None at This Price

Most Affordable Rechargeable Battery Player

Jorlai White Suitcase Record Player 3 Speed Built-in Battery Digital Recording

The Jorlai suitcase record player has a pretty simple but brilliant feature that none of the others on this buyer’s guide (save for the far more expensive Victrola Revolution GO) have – a built-in rechargeable battery!

All of these record players are portable, and in fact that is one of their greatest, most useful and most charming features, but the Jorlai takes that portability to a whole new level, allowing you to really play records on the go, any time and anywhere, regardless of whether there’s an AC plug nearby or not. 

Of course you can also plug the Jorlai suitcase player into the wall, and it also has all of the advanced features you want and need – Bluetooth streaming, digital recording, plenty of analog input and output connections and a headphone jack, as well as 3 speed (33, 45 & 78) vinyl record playback.

And it has a battery! Now this will make the Jorlai an automatic choice for some people, but I want to say that I didn’t just include it here because of its rechargeability and ultra-portability – it is also a well made machine that is easy to use, works great and has really big and beautiful sound.

A bit more expensive than many of the choices on my list of best suitcase record players, the Jorlai is nonetheless one of the best values around, and the most portable of them all. An easy recommendation!


  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Digital Recording
  • Excellent Connectivity
  • Great Sound
  • Quality Construction


  • Battery Life Could Be Longer

Best Technology and Great Sound

Digitnow Suitcase Record Player with Bluetooth, Radio, Vinyl to MP3 Converter

The Digitnow suitcase record player is the best unit I’ve found for people who want to have the best of both worlds – that is, premium quality vinyl record playback (and that beautiful analog sound) and superior digital technology.

Because the Digitnow has really great digital features. Not only can you record all of your vinyl (as well as the built in FM radio’s signal) onto either a USB flash drive or a SD card, you can play digital music files back from either, with its full-feature MP3 player.

This player / digital control center is very well designed, with a clear and highly redable display and simple, intuitive controls, and its circuitry is first-rate – not only does it record, but the digital converter it uses is great, and yields better sounding digital music files, and ones which more closely and more accurately capture that warm, rich analog sound of the records.

There are also a lot of other features, including three speed record playback, a Bluetooth receiver for playing music from your phone or PC, wired inputs and outputs for greater connectivity and a headphone jack, as well as the FM radio I already mentioned.

Amazingly, though this is not an expensive product, the Digitnow not only has excellent tech, it also has really lovely sound.

It will play quite loud with very low distortion, has remarkable frequency response considering the size of its speakers, and produces lots of musical energy and dynamics. Even using the MP3 player the sound is excellent, but with a record the whole thing just comes alive!

Ultimately I might say the Victrola players have slightly better sound – just slightly, though – but for the combination of rich analog sound and highly useful tech, this Digitnow suitcase record player is fantastic.

Best Premium Portable Suitcase Record Player

Victrola Revolution GO Bluetooth Portable Record Player with Rechargeable Battery

Victrola is the only manufacturer to make it on my list of best suitcase record players twice, and while their Journey is my top choice overall, this brand new Victrola Revolution GO has to get my nod for coolest product – in a list of decidedly cool products.

Not only does the Revolution GO have the same superb sound quality of any Victrola product, and all of the high-tech features and functions of their Journey and other models, it has a rechargeable battery that gives an unprecedented 12 hours of record playing on a single charge.

To put that in perspective, some decent Bluetooth speakers are lucky to get 12 hours of playback, but in this case the GO not only powers the Bluetooth speaker for that long, but also the record player itself!

And with the top Victrola products we should really spell out the other tech as well – not only the normal stuff, like 3 speed record playback, a Bluetooth receiver, RCA and auxiliary wired analog outputs and a headphone jack, it also has Victrola’s exclusive Vinyl Stream technology.

This basically means that the Bluetooth is 2-way, and that you can not only play music from your phone or PC through the excellent Victrola amp and speakers, you can also stream Bluetooth signal out, to play your records through external Bluetooth speakers or even connect with your computer for the highest quality digital recording and archiving.

This is not a suitcase design like any of the others on this list. While the Revolution Go is still portable, and has a hinged, removable lid, it does not have the retro look and swiveling handle of a vintage suitcase, but instead a more sleek and sort of mid-century modern look and an adjustable carrying strap.

That said, I should also disclose that this is my favorite suitcase record player on the market today, and the best choice for people who want that superior Victrola material, build and sound quality – and their industry-leading tech – in a truly portable record player.


  • Long Battery Life
  • Very Tough and Durable
  • Two Way Bluetooth Streaming
  • Beautiful Sound
  • Very Portable
  • Unique Style
  • Gentle with Your Records


  • None

Conclusion: What is the Best Suitcase Record Player for You?

Unless you are really set on the specific styling of the majority of the suitcase record players on the market – that ultra-cool vintage suitcase look with a nice swivel carrying handle and a typically high quality fit and finish – I would have to say that the Victrola Revolution GO is the best suitcase record player I’ve ever used.

It sounds great, it is pretty much the most advanced and it is built beautifully, it has a rechargeable battery with great battery life, it really takes care of your records, and the Vinyl Stream technology is so very useful.

Plus, it is the one I am most comfortable really using as a portable, with its ultra tough case and its comfortable, easy carrying strap.

But it is not the coolest or nicest looking unit on my list of best suitcase turntables, at least to many people, and if you do prefer the retro-cool look of the majority of them I would still look to Victrola for the best choice.

The Victrola Vintage enjoys pretty much all of the same features and benefits – except for the rechargeable battery – it sounds nearly as good, and it is probably a better value, and affordable to nearly anybody.

In fact, even if it is a bit over your budget, it might be a great decision to push it a bit and splurge on such an excellent product.

But I’m really confident that any of my picks are excellent products, and depending on your budget, your wants and needs and your sense of style, you can’t really go wrong with any of them.