The Best Turntables Under $200: Our 8 Top Choices in 2024

The Best Turntables Under $200: Our 8 Top Choices in 2024

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For some people 200 dollars is a huge investment, and for others it is a bit of an afterthought, but whichever category you fall into you want to make sure you are going to get the best turntable or record player possible for your money.

But there are so many affordable turntables out there these days! Whether you are looking for yourself, or for a Christmas present, birthday present or gift for any holiday, the choices are a bit overwhelming.

So I’ve put together a list of my top choices for best record players under 200 dollars and best turntables under 200 dollars, including 8 great choices which are well made, nice looking and sound fantastic.

If you’re in a bit of a rush, and would rather just see the picks, here are my top recommendations: 

Can You Get a Good Turntable for Under 200 Dollars?

Absolutely – in fact, you can get a fabulous one, that sounds absolutely fantastic, looks great and that is really built to last.

As one great example, my favorite turntable by far under 200 dollars, the Fluance RT80, has a rich, detailed and very musical sound that is so close to my own reference turntable (the Rega 2, which costs 4 times as much!) that it can be very difficult to tell the difference. 

The RT80 is also very close to my precious Rega not just in terms of how beautiful it sounds, but in how beautiful it looks, with a truly premium fit and finish, and it’s also a very well made machine which should work great and look and sound beautiful for many, many years.

But the Fluance is just one example, and there are many more. Of course, there are quite a few turkeys in the lower price levels as well – more baddies than goodies, in fact – so making the right choice is pretty important.

Luckily it’s pretty easy too – in fact, that’s why we’re here!

How Can You Find the Best Turntable under 200 Dollars?

Since there are so many companies making affordable turntables, it would seem that choosing the right brand should be a top priority, but in fact that part I’ve done for you – I’ve listened to and used so many inexpensive turntables, and have a few selections below that are sure-fire, and great choices on all levels.

Really, the most important decision you can make, or factor you have to determine, is how you are going to use your new turntable – specifically, do you want a standalone record player with speakers or a basic turntable that you will connect to and use with your stereo or powered speakers?

  • Record Player: Many turntables under two hundred dollars are more properly what we would call ‘record players’ because they also include speakers – either a pair of stereo speakers built right into the cabinet or separate speakers that come with the unit.

If you don’t have a stereo system or nice powered speaker to connect your new record player to, or if you just want to get an all in one system – either for yourself or as a gift – record players with built in or included speakers are a great choice.

  • A Turntable: On the other hand, if you have a stereo system or powered speaker to play your turntable through, you can get a unit which doesn’t include speakers, and which hopefully then focuses a bit more on better sound and better material and construction quality for the price.

A normal turntable, then, is the way to go, and again you often find that many things are improved, mainly because money, material, design and engineering don’t have to go into the speakers – overall quality, sound quality in particular and other factors as well, like how a good turntable will be more gentle with your records than most record players, should all be at a higher level.

  • Then, especially with turntables, the big question is Wired or Wireless? Any stereo system should let you connect your new turntable’s wires directly, and you can also connect your turntable’s wires to many powered speakers.

But pretty much all powered speakers will be Bluetooth wireless, which provides a really slick and easy way to set up, and sometimes a stereo might have this as well.

That said, my top choice, the Fluance RT80, doesn’t have any wireless signals or digital output at all, completely focusing on the best pure old-school analog wired connection – and the very best sound – possible at its price level (and, I must say, succeeding admirably)!

There is one more consideration at this price level, which is called a phono preamplifier. You might have read that it’s important to figure out if you need a phono preamp, but honestly it’s not – every single choice on this list of best affordable turntables will have a preamp built in, and will connect to virtually any stereo system, or to any  powered speaker that has a wired input.

There are, of course, lots of other things to think about – sound quality, build quality and reliability, playing speeds, cartridge and needle and a lot more, but these are all things I’ve taken into consideration when compiling this list of best turntables under two hundred dollars – they will all, for example, include very nice phono cartridges and needles, and some of them will even play antique 78s – though these are very rare now, and all you really want to make sure you have is normal 33 and 45 RPM speeds.

Ok, with all of that out of the way and duly taken into consideration, let’s get to it, shall we? I proudly present my list of the very best turntables you can get for less than 200 dollars!

The Best Turntables for Under 200 Dollars: A 2024 Buyer’s Guide

Best Record Player Under 200 Dollars – Budget

Victrola Vintage Portable Suitcase Record Player with Speakers Bluetooth

  • Type: Record Player – Includes Built-In Speakers
  • Record Speeds: 33, 45 &  78
  • Connections: Two Way Bluetooth Streaming; Wired Inputs and Outputs; Headphone Jack

The Victrola Vintage is a hugely popular record player, with enormous sales and incredibly high customer ratings.

The Vintage is also a very inexpensive record player – in fact, about the least expensive I can wholeheartedly recommend. But for this low price I not only recommend it, I am actually pretty blown away by this machine!

First of all, the sound from the built in stereo speakers is amazing – full, rich and clear, with a bit of bass, lots of detail and a lovely tone. The Victrola Vintage is also surprisingly well made, with an obvious quality to the construction and a really substantial feel.

The Vintage is a complete record player, and has everything you need to play your vinyl records immediately and without any setup or fuss, but it is also a very advanced products – it has wired inputs and outputs, which let you connect it to a bigger stereo if you want, or connect your phone, tablet, PC or music player to the Victrola to play through its speakers. It also has a headphone output.

Most amazingly at this low price is the Bluetooth capability. With the Victrola Vintage record player you can play wirelessly through a Bluetooth speaker or connect any Bluetooth devices –  again, like your phone or PC – to wirelessly play them through the Vintage’s nice speakers. You can even wirelessly connect to your computer and digitally record and preserve all of your precious vinyl records.

But for all its advanced technology and functionality, the Victrola Vintage is at its heart a basic record player, and one that is very nicely built, simple to use and sounds fantastic – an easy choice for the best budget record player on the market today.

Best Turntable Under 200 Dollars – Budget

LP&No.1 Automatic Return Belt-Drive 2 Speed Turntable

  • Type: Turntable – Semi-Automatic
  • Record Speeds: 33 & 45
  • Connections: Wired – Standard Line-Level Auxiliary

I can’t quite get over how much turntable you can get for such a very, very low price, but the LP&No.1 semi-automatic turntable is the real deal, and for less than fifty bucks!

No, the LP&No.1 is not a match for my top choice, the Fluance RT80 (reviewed below), but honestly isn’t that far off in terms of sound quality, with quite nicely extended bass response, warm and rich vocals and smooth, detailed high frequencies, low noise overall and great stereo imaging.

The LP&No.1 is also decently made, looking more premium and feeling more substantial than you would expect for this price, and is intelligently layed out and very easy and intuitive in use. Unlike so many cheap record players and turntables, this is a full sized unit, which lets you play even larger LPs with the dust cover down.

Very basic in functionality, this is a wired turntable, with no Bluetooth wireless circuitry, but it does have a built in preamplifier, so it will work with any stereo system, and even with any powered speaker with wired auxiliary inputs. It has an auto-return function, which will stop the platter, lift the tonearm and return it to its perch at the end of the record

With a die-cast aluminum record platter, a straight low-mass tonearm that is very gentle on your precious vinyl records, a high quality Audio-Technica cartridge included and pre-installed, the LP&No.1 is in many ways like a much more expensive audiophile turntable, and the sound is superb for the price – highly recommended, and the best ultra-cheap turntable I’ve ever found.

The Next Level – Best Upgrade Record Player

Ion Audio Luxe Vinyl Record Player with Speakers, USB & Bluetooth

  • Type: Record Player – Includes Built-In Speakers
  • Record Speeds: 33, 45 &  78
  • Connections: Two Way Bluetooth Streaming; Wired Inputs and Outputs; Headphone Jack

I could easily select Victrola products for all of the best record player spots – it is an incredible company, really devoted to the best analog vinyl record playback, and for instance in this mid-priced category the retro-cool Victrola Cambridge record player with FM radio would make a great choice.

But for just as good of quality in terms of construction, fit and finish – if a decidedly more modern look – and even better sound quality, the Ion Audio Luxe is a very good choice.

Don’t get me wrong – the Victrola Cambridge has lovely sound, with a big, solid cabinet that really brings out the warmth and richness of music, but the Ion Luxe record player also has a nicely warm musicality, but with a lot more detail and clarity, more dynamic energy and better stereo separation. In fact, based purely on sound quality, the Luxe is the best value I know at this level.

Much of this seems to be thanks to the very high precision tonearm and excellent included phono cartridge, which help to protect and preserve your precious records as well, but the Luxe also clearly has great internal components, including a pretty powerful, low distortion amplifier and excellent inbuilt stereo speakers.

The Ion Audio Luxe also has fantastic tech – it has Bluetooth wireless streaming for wireless headphones and powered wireless speakers, and both the Bluetooth and USB digital outputs can be used to digitally record your records. In addition there is a full analog output for connection to your hi-fi and a standard headphone jack as well. 

With great sound from the built in speakers, and even better sound when used as a turntable played through a stereo or Bluetooth digital speakers or headphones, the Ion Audio Luxe is a great starter record player for the budget audiophile, music lover or record collector. But if you’re not necessarily the upgrading kind, the Luxe’s superior material and build quality ensures it should last, and work beautifully, for many years.

The Next Level – Best Upgrade Turntable – Wired

Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable

  • Type: Turntable – Fully Automatic
  • Record Speeds: 33 & 45
  • Connections: Wired Analog Outputs – Phono (low-level) and Line (high-level)

I tried, honestly I did! I looked and looked, researched, asked around, listened to so many different products, but I still have to come back to the inexpensive Audio-Technica as the best turntable at this mid-priced level – substantially under 200 dollars and essentially still in budget range.

See, I wanted to offer a bit more variety in this buyer’s guide to top affordable turntables, and since I am recommending this exact same unit in a bundled package with the fantastic Microlab speakers below, I thought there must be another good choice for best affordable turntable.

But it turns out that nothing is even close at this price – Audio-Technica offers essentially professional level material and build quality and real long term reliability, and by far the best sound you can get for the money.

A very basic audiophile-style turntable, the AT-LP60X doesn’t have any digital circuitry at all – no USB output, no Bluetooth streaming – but is rather a pure analog unit, with an excellent phono preamplifier built in, as well as the ability to bypass the preamp for even very slightly better sound quality. It also includes a wonderfully musical, high precision Audio-Technica phono cartridge with a diamond stylus.

You can get the same model with Bluetooth wireless, in the Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT, but for about sixty dollars more it has the same low resonance platter and base, high resolution tonearm and cartridge and analog circuitry, and does not offer better sound.

And, if you haven’t already guessed, the sound of this basic Audio-Technica AT-LP60X is almost unbelievable for the price, with audiophile-level focus, transparency and detail. Everything comes through with an effortless and musical quality, with tonal accuracy and real beauty. Deep bass is fast and powerful, mids are eerily realistic and palpable, and high frequencies are amazingly well extended, clear and sweet. Stereo imaging is also much, much better than anything else in this range, and the overall musical presentation really lets you hear and understand why people are so in love with the sound of good analog vinyl records on a top-level turntable.

To me, the Audio-Technica AT-LP60X is, in fact, the lowest priced turntable on the market today that I would consider to be at that top level – of course, the Fluance below (for about fifty dollars more) and other, far costlier ‘tables will offer better and better sound, but with the 60X we are beginning to approach audiophile quality, and get an irresistibly compelling glimpse of the magic of that wondrous world. Highly recommended!

The Next Level – Best Upgrade Turntable – Bluetooth Wireless

Victrola Pro Series USB 2-Speed Turntable and Dust Cover (VPRO-2000-SLV)

  • Type: Turntable – Fully Manual
  • Record Speeds: 33 & 45
  • Connections: Bluetooth Wireless Streaming; USB Digital Interface, Wired Analog Outputs – Phono (low-level) and Line (high-level)

Victrola may be the undisputed champion of high quality all-in-one record players and music systems, but their Pro Series shows that they have serious game as well when it comes to making a superb but affordable high fidelity turntable.

The Victrola 2000 Pro USB turntable is just right in design, with simple but very useful controls and very limited functionality. This is a fully manual turntable, with only two speeds, but it does have speed control and quartz-locking for the very best speed accuracy.

That speed control points to one way that the Victrola Pro is a bit more advanced than it first appears. It is, in fact, set up to be not just a brilliant standard turntable for the money – one of the best sounding and best built you can get, in fact – but an equally brilliant digital recording machine.

In addition to speed control, the Pro has both USB digital output and high quality Bluetooth streaming, allowing you to make truly outstanding digital recordings of any of your records – either to archive them or simply to have songs on your PC or phone that are more warm and musical than your average digital download or streaming service.

The Bluetooth streaming also lets you hear the Victrola 2000’s wonderful sound through Bluetooth speakers or headphones, and there is standard wired pure analog connectivity as well – in fact, there is a fantastic sounding phono preamp built in, so you can connect the Pro to virtually any stereo equipment out there, and a lower-level phono output as well for the best possible audiophile sound.

 A solid piece, with a bit of a professional feeling to it, the Victrola VPRO-2000-SLV Pro USB turntable is very high quality, especially for the money, and the best Bluetooth wireless turntable by far at this level

Best Record Player Overall Under 200 Dollars

Audio-Technica AT-LP60X Turntable & Microlab Pro1 Powered Bookshelf Speakers

  • Type: Record Player – Well, kind of – actually, a top-grade turntable with well-matched powered speakers
  • Record Speeds: 33 & 45
  • Connections: Wired Analog Outputs – Phono (low-level) and Line (high-level)

I’m actually going in a slightly different direction with my pick for best premium record player – I normally don’t recommend ‘bundle’ items, since they are often not as good of value, and we can’t always be sure that all of the components are top quality.

But I am definitely sure of the quality and value of this wonderful Audio-Technica / Microlab bundle – in fact, I recently got one of these as a birthday present for my uncle, and both of us were absolutely blown away by the overall quality – and especially by the sound!

Audio-Technica has been known for, well, pretty much forever for their excellent turntables, and in fact they make many ‘tables that are more in the premium range and widely considered among audiophiles to be among the best, and best value, you can get.

And the Audio-Technica AT-LP60X included with this bundle, while one of their most basic units, truly reflects their commitment to high-end quality and sound.

Just as impressive to me – maybe even a bit more impressive, in fact – is the sound of these fantastic little Microlab Pro1 powered speakers. With high resolution woofers and tweeters, very solid and low resonance cabinets and beautifully low distortion and high power amplifiers built in, these beauties are, just like the turntable, truly high fidelity, and they sound amazing.

In fact, while build quality, fit and finish are all fantastic, the sound of this combo is what really impresses, especially for this price – if you want a complete record playing system with warm, dynamic, crystal clear analog sound, great bass, sparkling highs, amazingly present and realistic mids, fantastic stereo imaging and real dynamic energy, look no further than the Audio Technica AT-LP60X turntable bundled with the Microlab Pro1 powered speakers.

Yes, you can get a premium record player with built in speakers for the same money, and one that will do a lot more – like my favorite Crossley Haydn, which also has Bluetooth wireless connectivity, CD and Cassette players, a radio and a beautiful cabinet – if all-in-one is your thing the Haydn is the best choice I know.

But for basic record playing with the best sound possible, amazing overall quality and a nicely premium look and feel, I can’t recommend this Audio-Technica / Microlab bundle highly enough, and can’t think of any other complete record player for the money that comes close.

Best Turntable Overall Under 200 Dollars – Wired

Fluance RT80 Classic High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable with Audio Technica AT91 Cartridge

  • Type: Turntable – Auto-Stop
  • Record Speeds: 33 & 45
  • Connections: Wired Analog Outputs – Phono (low-level) and Line (high-level)

The Fluance RT80 turntable may be the single most recommended item here at Speakergy, and we all just love its amazing overall quality and beautiful sound, and especially love its almost ridiculously low price.

Because while the RT80 is under 200 dollars, it is a real and true audiophile turntable – an old-school deck with none of that fancy-schmancy digital circuitry or wireless connectivity, just pure analog audio and real high-end engineering, design and componentry.

The excellent Audio-Technica AT91 cartridge pre-installed into the Fluance RT80 is ideally matched to the 80’s low resonance, low mass tonearm, and they work beautifully together to not only offer the best tracking and the best sound possible, but also to really take care of your records, making them sound as good as possible for as long as possible.

And that sound! Deep, fast and powerful bass, smooth and palpable vocals, realistic and remarkably open midrange, sweet and detailed high frequencies, superior stereo imaging, amazing dynamic power coupled with real dynamic expressiveness in even the softest passages, and an overall sound that is transparent, accurate and neutral but with wonderful analog warmth and musicality.

Sounds like I’m talking about much more expensive audiophile gear, but rest assured that the Fluance RT80 is well within the range of our best turntables under 200 dollars. It is also built like high end audio, and has the most premium, and prettiest, fit and finish of any turntable on our list.

My top pick overall, and the best turntable I’ve ever found under 200 dollars, the Fluance RT80 is one of the greatest values in audio today, and a beautiful sounding product for a very low price.

Best Turntable Under 200 Dollars  – Bluetooth Wireless

1byone Belt Drive Turntable – Bluetooth, Phono Preamp, Digital Output

  • Type: Turntable – Fully Manual
  • Record Speeds: 33 & 45
  • Connections: Bluetooth Wireless Streaming; USB Digital Interface, Wired Analog Outputs – Phono (low-level) and Line (high-level)

As amazed as I am by the Fluance RT80, just above, in some ways the 1byone belt drive digital turntable is even more amazing.

No, the 1byone does not have quite the sound quality of the Fluance – though, to be fair, the Fluance is truly exceptional in its audiophile accuracy and musicality at this affordable price point, and the 1byone is also beautiful sounding, and easily outperforms pretty much anything else at this level.

But what the 1byone (which, just so you know, is also often spelled out as 1 By One) has, that not even the Fluance can boast, is the ability to make superb digital recordings of analog records, allowing you to completely archive your precious collection of vinyl or simply listen to your records on your phone, tablet, PC and/or music player, with amazingly full, rich sound that always seems more musical and alive than standard digital music files or streams.

This digital connectivity can be done through USB output, for the best sound possible, or using the Bluetooth wireless streaming, which will also give superb sound and is so easy to use. The Bluetooth streaming also lets you use this wonderful 1byone turntable with Bluetooth wireless speakers, for an amazing full wireless record playback system, or wireless headphones or earbuds for personal listening.

So, lots of options – wired and wireless digital connections, normal wired line-level analog outputs to connect with your stereo or powered speaker, even a more sensitive low-level phono analog output for the best sound possible. But for all of the advanced functionality, the 1 By One belt drive turntable is amazingly simple to use, and has a really intuitive and intelligent design and layout.

A very well made product that looks beautiful, in that proper old-school kind of way, the 1byone belt drive turntable sounds fantastic, is amazingly advanced and is a joy to use. If you are an analog purist, the Fluance above is a bit better, but if digital recording and wireless connectivity are appealing, but you still want the best analog vinyl sound possible, this 1byone turntable is the answer.