9 Cutest Unicorn Headphones: Our Top Picks

unicorn headphones

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Do you have a little boy or little girl who really wants a pair of unicorn headphones? Or is it possible that you really want a pair for yourself? It’s ok – you can admit it…

Easy enough – there are certainly lots and lots of choices out there – in fact, so many choices that the only problem might be in choosing just the right pair.

But that’s why we’re here, to cut through the enormous selection and find a few choices that are cute, cute and more cute – and the ones that are well made, sound great and are just so very, very cute.

If you’re in a hurry – maybe you need to go feed your unicorns – here are my top picks.

Cutest Unicorn Headphones and Our Top Pick Overall:

My Favorite Unicorn Headphones:

Why Unicorn Headphones?

If the answer to that question is not clearly and entirely obvious – they’re so cute – there are many other proven and indisputable reasons to get a pair of unicorn headphones, and in fact the latest research and scientific studies establish several important advantages of wearing them:

  • The wearer is granted, temporarily and only for the time wearing the unicorn headphones, the full magical power of a unicorn – this includes flying, invisibility, healing, great good fortune and infinite joy.
  • Unicorns, which are all around us all the time, on seeing a unicorn-headphone-wearing human, will appear to that person, bringing even more joy.
  • Other forest animals, both magical and non-magical (though, as we know, all animals are at least a little magical) will recognize the wearer as aligned with the unicorns and gather around, offering company, protection, and, yes, more joy.
  • Unicorn headphones are simply cool, and – more than Beats, Bose, Sony or Apple headphones – make the wearer look much, much cooler.
  • Not just cool, they are unquestionably as cute as cute can be.
  • If you get the right ones, they can sound pretty great too!

Oooh! Oooh! you must surely be saying, I want magical powers and joy too, but how o how can I find the best unicorn headphones?

Well, your great good fortune seems already to be kicking in, because that’s just what we’re here to discuss – in case that were not obviously stated in the large title just below:

How Can You Find the Best Unicorn Headphones?

You can stand in a full-moon-lit clearing in an ancient forest at midnight and sing the beautiful song of the unicorn, and an actual unicorn will appear and touch your brow with its golden horn, at which point a perfect pair of unicorn headphones will appear magically.

Or, if you don’t know the unicorn song, or live in the suburbs, your best bet is probably online shopping.

So read on! In this brief buyer’s guide I will recommend several pairs of the very best and the very cutest unicorn headphones made by humans.

You’ll notice that those same previously dismissed companies – Beats, Bose, Sony and Apple – are out, and much more magical – if somewhat less familiar – companies like Koraba, Tandanic, Onta and LilGadgets are in – not to mention the brand with the most magical sounding of all brand names – TCJJ. Just rolls of your tongue, don’t it? Much like the Unicorn Song.

I’ve made sure that all of the recommendations on our list of cutest unicorn headphones are well made and durable, safe to wear, sound great and are cute as, well, unicorns.

So let’s get flying, shall we?

The 9 Cutest Unicorn Headphones for 2024

Best Inexpensive Unicorn Headphones

Koraba Unicorn Kids Wired Headphones with Microphone (Rainbow Unicorn)

The Koraba unicorn headphones are the least expensive on my list, and yet they are pretty and nicely finished, with a fancy, glitzy look that so many kids will absolutely love.

They are not the highest quality headphones in the world, and despite the nice look they have a bit of a cheap feel overall – although this is definitely something adults notice more than kids.

That said, they do have good sound quality for the price, and the Koraba unicorn headphones are also volume limited to protect your child’s hearing. They are comfortable, with soft earpads and nicely adjustable headband and cups, though they are quite small – really more suitable for younger kids than for teens.

These are basic headphones, with a wired connection – no Bluetooth, and no flashing LED lights, just a nice sounding pair of headphones with an in-line microphone for phone calls.

For somebody on a budget, the Koraba unicorn headphones are the perfect choice – they sound surprisingly good and look fantastic, and are great quality overall for the price.

Cute and High Quality for Older Kids

Onta Unicorn Kids LED Light Up Foldable Wired Headphones

A little more expensive than the Koraba headphones just above, the Onta unicorn headphones are still very inexpensive, and quite well made and sturdy for the price.

These Onta headphones are more cute than pretty, with great colors and flashing LED lights (which, thankfully, can be turned off…), and the finish, like the materials and build, is surprisingly high quality.

They are wired headphones, with no Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and so they need to be connected to a phone or other device with a normal 3.5 mm headphone jack. Sound quality is good – especially for the price – but keep in mind that they do not have volume limiting, and can play pretty loud – so if you do get them for younger kids, make sure to use volume limiting on their phone or music player.

They are also physically larger than some other headphones on this list of best unicorn headphones, and between that and the lack of volume limiting they may not be ideal for younger kids. For tweens and teens, though, and even adults, they fit great and are quite comfortable.

With cute styling, nice fit and finish and a durable build, as well as good sound quality, these Onta unicorn headphones are the perfect budget choice for older kids – or for yourself!

Cutest Unicorn Headphones and Our Top Pick Overall

TCJJ Unicorn Kids Wired Headphones Gift Package

TCJJ Unicorn Kids Wireless Headphones Gift Package

The TCJJ unicorn headphones are the most popular and highly rated I’ve found, and are really beautifully made, with pretty colors, lots of glitter and gleam and a deluxe fit and finish – the perfect combination of cuteness and a bit of elegance.

They are also very good sounding headphones, with large, premium quality drivers and an attention to sound quality that is rare in products at this level, and pretty much never found in unicorn headphones.

That said, you should be aware that these are not volume-limited, and so while they have a style that younger kids love, you should make sure to use volume limiting on their phone or music player, because not only will these play pretty loud, they sound good enough that anybody would want to turn them up.

The TCJJ unicorns are well made from high-quality and safe materials, and are very comfortable to wear, with really soft pads, swivel cups and a wide range of size adjustment.

They come in a beautiful gift box which also contains a really cute unicorn bracelet – really the perfect gift package for any girl, one that will totally thrill her when she receives it and one that she will use and love for a long time.

My choice for best unicorn headphones overall, the TCJJ headphones come in both a very inexpensive Wired Version and a still remarkably affordable Wireless Version – either way, your child will absolutely love them!

Best Value Wired / Wireless Unicorn Headphones

Koraba Wireless Unicorn Headphones for Girls Children Teens, LED Light Up Bluetooth

I’ve already recommended one Koraba headphone – the least expensive unicorn headphones on our list – and we go to them again for another remarkable value, with their wireless unicorn headphones.

Very similar in styling to their super-affordable wired version, the Koraba wireless have great sound, are relatively well made and look fantastic, with a posh, ornate look that little girls (or little boys – no judgment) will absolutely love and a surprisingly nice level of finish.

I especially like these Koraba unicorn headphones because they have both wireless and wired connectivity – the newest 5.0 Bluetooth circuitry has fantastic range, meaning your child can dance and wander to their heart’s content, and there is also a wired audio cable included, which is not only useful but lets you use the headphones even if the battery has run out.

The sound is very good for the price, and there is volume-limiting, making the Koraba safe to use for even smaller boys and girls. The ears light up with LED lights that can either glow steadily or flash, and can also be turned off. 

The TCJJ wireless headphones, just above, are similarly priced, and may actually have slightly better sound, but they are not volume limited, and so for younger kids these Koraba unicorn headphones are a much better idea, and still sound just great.

Cutest Unicorn Headphones with Fidget Buttons

Tandanic Kids Unicorn Headphones with Fidget Pop Bubbles

We love these Tandanic unicorn headphones because they have a completely unique style – after seeing countless pairs of unicorn headphones that all look very much like one another, the bright, bold, darlingly cartoonish design of these is so refreshing.

But we also love the Tandanic because they are super versatile. Not only are they excellent wireless headphones, with the latest Bluetooth 5 technology, but they have a wired connection as well, and they have a built-in FM radio and a slot for a memory card, so they can be used as an MP3 player as well – brilliant!

The Tandanic unicorn headphones have pretty good sound for their price, with great clarity and energy and a warm and musical tone, and they also have volume limiting to protect younger kids’ hearing.

There are also LED lights in the ears, a built-in microphone to use for phone calls and two rows of brightly colored fidget buttons on each ear cup. Now that we’re on the subject, I’m not sure I’ve ever written a stranger phrase in my whole life than the one above – cutest unicorn headphones with fidget buttons – but apparently it’s really a thing, and apparently kids love them!

A nicely made pair of unicorn headphones with their own super-cute style, the Tandanic are versatile and highly useful – a great choice for music-loving, unicorn-loving kids – and not just the fidgety ones!

The Whole Unicorn Package

Snug Play+ Kids Headphones with Volume Limiting – Unicorns

Like the Tandanic just above, these Snug unicorn headphones have a very different look and style, and are absolutely darling – in fact, if you don’t need a unicorn horn sticking out of the top, I think these are the nicest looking, as well as the most nicely finished, product on our list of cutest unicorn headphones.

The Snug unicorn headphones also sound really good, with a big, high quality driver that actually produces some nice deep bass and shimmering high frequencies. Surprisingly for a pair of headphones that sound this good, they are also volume limited, making them the perfect choice for even the youngest audiophile on your gift list.

These are basic wired headphones, without wireless connectivity, and they are also quite basic in terms of other functionality – no flashing LED lights, no microphone, just great sound. They are also very comfortable and stay in place, and adjustable so they can be used by anybody from small kids to adults.

And speaking of that horn sticking out of the top, or lack thereof, the Snug unicorn headphones are especially well made and durable, with strong and tough cases and cables, and don’t have any of the added adornments that can, sometimes at least, snap off with overly rambunctious use.

Great sounding basic headphones that are super-tough and durable and as cute as a button – easy enough to give them a strong recommendation. But wait – there’s more! Snug also makes unicorn backpacks and unicorn travel mugs, all just as nice, cute and high quality as the headphones.

So it’s up to you – the complete unicorn ensemble or the brilliant headphones by themselves. Either way, a magical gift!

Best Built Unicorn Headphones

Yusonic Unicorn Kids Foldable Bluetooth Headphones

The first thing you notice with Yusonic unicorn headphones is that they just feel more substantial than others, and in fact that is one of their best qualities – they are made to last, and will hold up to even the rough treatment and joyous abandon of younger kids.

These Yusonic unicorn headphones also have excellent sound, like the Snug headphones above, but wireless – with the latest Bluetooth 5 connectivity – and they have excellent battery life – really ideal for any kids who like to wander around, dance and play when listening to music.

The Yusonic also include a normal audio cable for wired connectivity, a decent microphone for phone calls, and nice LED lights which actually flash with the music’s beat. Most importantly for many parents, they are volume limited, and so you can give them to even younger kids without worry.

In fact I think that’s why I like these Yusonic unicorn headphones so much – they’re pretty worry-free – great battery life, safe materials, very durable construction and volume limiting all in one cute package.

An excellent pair of headphones that are so easy to love – kids will love the bright, simple and super-cute look, the freedom of wireless and the fabulous sound, and you will love the safety, the durability and the overall quality. Our top pick!

Great Design and Great Quality

Nenos Bluetooth Wireless Unicorn Kids Headphones with Volume Limiting & Share Port

Nenos Wired Unicorn Kids Headphones with Volume Limiting & Share Port

With the Nenos unicorn headphones we aren’t necessarily breaking any new ground – they have the same types of features as many of the other choices on our list, but they do have a slightly different style that kids really seem to love.

These highly recommendable and highly rated unicorn headphones are not just so great because they have a fresh look and are so darn cute – they are also obviously very well made, with a material quality, fit and finish above and beyond what you might expect from unicorn headphones, or any kids headphones for that matter.

Keep in mind that these excellent headphones are still well below 40 dollars, and yet not only do they look and feel really great, they have the latest 5.0 Bluetooth wireless circuitry and an included audio cable for wired connections, fantastic sound quality, good battery life, volume limiting set at the optimal level (93 DB) and a really handy sharing port.

This last feature allows you to simply plug another pair of headphones into the special socket of the Nenos unicorn headphones and two people can listen at the same time – this can work even when you are using the Nenos in wireless mode.

The Nenos unicorn headphones are really cute, with great colors, a darling design and sweet flashing LED lights, and again the quality of their finish makes them look even better. This quality seems to carry through to every part of these wonderful headphones as well, including their excellent sound, their great tech, their superior build quality and ruggedness and a lot more.

This is why Nenos is happy to offer a full two year warranty on these unicorn headphones, and is also why I am happy to call them one of the very best unicorn headphones you can get. Are they the cutest? Well, that’s up to you, but they get my vote in that department too!

If you want Nenos quality, but prefer just wired connection – or if you want to spend a little bit less – you might want to consider the Nemos Wired Unicorn Headphones, which still have fantastic sound and amazing overall quality and, though very different in style, are still as cute as cute can be.

My Favorite Unicorn Headphones

LilGadgets Connect+ PRO Kids Unicorn Headphones with Microphone

The LilGadgets Connect+ Pro unicorn headphones are my favorite pair of unicorn headphones – I’m not saying I would get a pair for myself and use them – at least not in public, where I have some street cred to maintain (what if I had any street cred whatsoever?) – but yeah, I love them.

They are a pretty basic set of headphones in terms of features – they have a simple wired connection (no Bluetooth wireless), but do have volume limiting and a great sharing port (similar to the one on the Nenos unicorn headphones just above) which allows you to plug a second pair of headphones into the LilGadgets unicorns so that two people can listen to the same audio.

But why are they my favorite? I mean, they are the most expensive unicorn headphones on the list? (To be fair, the “most expensive unicorn headphones” are still only about 40 bucks…), aren’t even wireless and have no flashing lights. 

Well, maybe because there are no flashing lights, but I guess there are a few other good reasons.

  1. They do everything exceptionally well – really surprising sound quality, with good bass, lots of detail and clarity and a sweet, smooth and musical sound, tough construction and high quality materials and parts, superior comfort and secure fit, nice fit and finish and a really great look.
  2. Since this is the official buyer’s guide for the cutest unicorn headphones you can get, they are really, really cute. With darling unicorns, cupcakes, rainbows, stars and hearts and nice words and phrases like dream big, love and magic. No flashing lights or spiraling horns, just cuteness and more cuteness.
  3. I have to love them, and had to include them because they are not just unicorn headphones, but Pro unicorn headphones. I have no idea what sets a Pro unicorn headphone apart from a regular unicorn headphone, but it does sound important.

Seriously, though, these are my own personal favorite headphones. I chose the TCJJ as the best unicorn headphones overall, the Yusonic as the most durable unicorn headphones, the Koraba Wireless as the best value unicorn headphones, and I think the Snug Play+ may be the best sounding, but the LilGadgets Connect+ Pro could be the winner in any one of those categories, and is a fantastic product and a fantastic choice on every level.