Vertical Record Player: Top Picks As Of 2024

Vertical Record Player

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Record players have been a staple in music listening for generations, providing a distinct sound quality that continues to charm audiophiles. As technology has evolved, so has the design of the record player, with modern devices often incorporating unique aesthetics and additional features. One such development is the vertical record player, which combines the appeal of vinyl with an innovative, space-saving design.

In our search for the ideal vertical record player, we have considered a range of devices that cater to both the audiophile and the casual listener alike. As you explore our findings, we trust that you’ll discover the perfect player to suit your needs and elevate your vinyl experience to new heights.

The Beauty of Vertical Design

In our quest for innovative design and functionality, we have come across the vertical record player. This beautiful fusion of technology and elegance showcases the vinyl records at the center of attention, unlike the traditional horizontal players. The vertical design adds a unique touch to any room while maintaining high-quality sound performance.

The vertical design’s beauty shines through the captivating motion of the spinning record, adding a dynamic element to music listening. Some models even provide transparent panels, offering an unobstructed view of album artwork, allowing listeners to fully appreciate the visual elements of their favorite records.

The vertical design of record players seamlessly combines beauty, functionality, and innovation, enhancing the music listening experience through vinyl display, space-saving, and versatile integration with interior styles.

Space-Saving and Practicality

Vertical record players offer an elegant and functional solution to traditional turntables. With a smaller footprint, they maintain audio quality while being perfect for compact spaces. Wall-mounting capability saves surface space, blending with any decor. Modern features like built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity provide seamless audio streaming. Transparent covers protect records from dust and damage, ensuring longevity. In summary, vertical record players are space-saving, practical, and visually appealing alternatives that fit various lifestyles.

Choosing the Perfect Vertical Record Player

When choosing the perfect vertical record player, there are several factors we should consider to ensure we get the best value and quality experience. Here are some essential considerations to help you make an informed decision:


When choosing a vertical record player, consider its unique design. Decide between a wall-mountable or freestanding model based on personal preference and home decor.

Sound Quality

Opt for models with reputable tonearms and quality cartridges, as these components greatly influence the sound output. Avoid models with cheap, low-quality parts in this area.

Additional Features

Some vertical record players often include additional features like built-in Bluetooth capabilities or speakers, offering increased versatility in usage and audio connectivity. It’s important to consider if the player supports different playback speeds and record sizes to ensure compatibility with your collection.


Finally, we need to consider our budget when making a decision. Vertical record players range in price from around $100 up to $1000 or more. While it’s great to get a high-quality turntable, we should make sure to stay within our budget and find a model that offers the best combination of price and features.

Best Vertical Record Players

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We’ve curated a list of the top vertical record players for your convenience, demonstrating our expertise and dedication to finding the perfect product for you.

EasyGoProducts Guitars Shaped Vertical Bluetooth Turntable

This unique guitar-shaped vertical turntable is perfect for music enthusiasts and collectors seeking a blend of style and functionality.


  • Striking guitar-shaped design
  • Bluetooth and aux plug for versatile connectivity
  • Easy wall mounting or free-standing options


  • Sound quality may suffer at high volumes
  • Not suited for audiophiles
  • Guitar version only; the white version might have issues

The EasyGoProducts guitar-shaped vertical turntable combines practicality and visual appeal. With Bluetooth and aux functionalities, it allows for playing records while offering a visually stunning design. While sound quality could be better, it’s a great choice for music lovers seeking style in their space.

Fuse Vert Vertical Vinyl Record Player

This unique vertical record player is perfect for those who appreciate a vintage design combined with modern features and functionality.


  • Vintage design with a modern twist
  • Premium handcrafted Ashtree wood veneer case
  • Multiple listening options: Bluetooth, USB, AUX, Line in, and FM radio


  • The manual belt-drive system may require occasional adjustments
  • Some users reported wobbling in the turntable’s movement
  • Higher price point

After using the Fuse Vert Vertical Vinyl Record Player, impresses with its vintage design and handcrafted ash tree wood veneer case. It turns your records into a captivating visual centerpiece.

Pro-Ject VT-E R (OM5e) – Black Vertical Turntable

This unique vertical turntable catches the eye while delivering a good vinyl listening experience with simplicity in setup and use.


  • Effortless setup and instant playback
  • Space-saving vertical design with wall-mounting option
  • Pre-mounted Ortofon OM5E cartridge


  • Slightly prone to belt slipping
  • A preamp is required for optimal performance
  • The elevated price point for a conversation piece

Its attractive design and ease of use make it a convenient choice. The sound quality is impressive, thanks to the lightweight tonearm and pre-installed cartridge. However, there may be some belt slippage, and a separate preamp is required for optimal sound. While the price may be a bit high, it’s a stylish and space-saving addition to any home.

Fuse REC Vertical Vinyl Record Player

The Fuse REC Vertical Vinyl Record Player has a vintage style reminiscent of nostalgic Mid-Century Modern design with a modern twist. Its unique vertical orientation makes your favorite records a focal point. 

Upon unboxing the Pro-Ject VT-E BT R, we were instantly impressed with its simple setup process and wireless connectivity. Its vertical orientation saves space and adds a modern touch. It lacks a built-in dust cover and requires careful handling of the belt. The turntable offers a stylish and functional listening experience for vinyl enthusiasts.


After researching and testing various vertical record players, we can confidently say that they offer a functional, innovative, and stylish addition to a music lover’s collection. While traditional horizontal players may have a slight advantage in sound quality, the difference is negligible for most listeners.

Vertical players often come with Bluetooth connectivity and unique design options, making them a conversation starter. Investing in a vertical record player is a great choice for vinyl enthusiasts who want a visually appealing and innovative audio device.