Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker: Your Best Options in 2024

Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker

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A smart LED light bulb with a built-in Bluetooth wireless speaker is a brilliant idea, combining two of the most common items in today’s smart home into one highly useful and very discreet package.

Somewhat amazingly, though, not many manufacturers have taken up this smart and practical idea, and there are only a very few really good choices out there – luckily, though, the good ones are really great and well worth your time and money.

Still, there’s a lot of confusion about who even makes Bluetooth lightbulb speakers, let alone who makes the best Bluetooth lightbulb speakers, and there are a lot of products not worth even considering, so I’ve put together this very selective list of the best Bluetooth light bulb speakers available right now.

If you want to jump right to the good stuff, here are my top two choices:

Who Makes the Best Lightbulb with Built-In Bluetooth Speaker?

I just mentioned that there seems to be a lot of confusion around who makes the best Bluetooth speaker / light bulb combinations, and before we look at my top picks we should try to clear things up a bit.

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of online buyer’s guides for the best Bluetooth speaker lightbulb which include a dozen or more recommendations, and certainly, when you do searches at the major online retail sites you also get a bewildering variety of choices.

Thing is, what you see is not actually a ‘variety’ – that is, there are only a very few companies making good Bluetooth light bulb speakers (or bad ones, for that matter), and these few bulbs are rebranded again and again, with lots of different company names and on lots of different product pages.

Without doing a bit of research, or a lot of research, it is easy and natural to assume that you’re looking at dozens of different light bulb speakers – heck, even the buyer’s guides are fooled, and talk about X, Y and Z smart speaker light bulbs as if they were very different products. But they aren’t…

When you get down to the nitty-gritty (if anybody says ‘nitty gritty’ anymore), there are only five companies even worth considering – GE (General Electric), Feit, Texsens, Genolit, and Sengled – each of which makes an excellent Bluetooth lightbulb/speaker combination.

So let’s look at each of these five wireless light bulb speakers a little more closely.

The 5 Best Bluetooth Light Bulb Speakers in 2024

Best Bluetooth Wireless Light Bulb Speaker Overall

What I Love:

  • Best Overall Quality
  • Great Sound
  • Warm Consistent Lighting
  • Easy Bluetooth Integration
  • Automatic Linking of up to 10 Bulbs


  • No Color Change – Warm White Only

The GE LED+ light bulb with built-in Bluetooth speaker is the best quality product of its type I’ve ever found – just exactly what we would expect to see from General Electric.

The included remote control is straightforward and well-designed and lets you adjust the volume of your music or other audio and the intensity of the lightbulb, as well as control other basic functions like power and pairing – really simple and just right.

The light coming from the GE LED+ bulb is warm and rich, very bright at full and stable and consistent at any level, and the speaker itself has remarkably good sound – no, not a ton of bass (it is pretty wee), but real clarity, detail, and musical energy.

What I really love about this LED+ light bulb with the speaker is that you can easily (automatically, in fact) link up to ten of them and play music from them all at the same time – an easy way to get the room-filling sound that sounds as good, rich and detailed no matter where you are. It can even offer a kind of pseudo-surround sound experience for movies!

I should mention that there is no voice control or assistant integration. You can use Alexa, for instance, through Bluetooth to control the bulb (though with the excellent remote this seems a bit silly) but there is no built-in microphone (which many people actually prefer anyway).

A great product, well made and well thought out, the GE LED+ smart bulb is my top choice for the best Bluetooth light bulb speaker in 2024, and a delightful product on all fronts.

Best Sound Quality

What I Love:

  • Fantastic Sound
  • Great App
  • Easy to Set Up and Use
  • Comes as True Wireless Stereo Pair
  • Automatic Linking of up to 8 Bulbs


  • No Color Change – Warm White Only

If you already operate a Sengled smart light bulb network in your home, this wonderful Pulse smart bulb with the wireless speaker will be self-recommending.

But even if you’ve never heard of Sengled, and aren’t entirely sure what a light bulb network is, or why anybody would have one, this is still an amazing product and well worth considering.

I say this mainly because the Sengled Pulse has awesome sound – the bulb itself is from Sengled, but the speaker is pure JBL, with all of the fun, dynamic sound they’re famous for. With 13 watts of power, surprisingly rich and driving bass, low distortion, and great clarity and detail throughout, this speaker bulb really set itself apart.

The two bulbs that come in this affordable two-pack will automatically set themselves up for true wireless stereo, acting as left and right speakers, and you can automatically integrate up to 8 total Pulse light bulb speakers – throughout the room or throughout the house – for amazing space-filling sound.

A well-designed and truly useful app is included, and the Sengled Pulse smart light bulb/speaker will also work beautifully with Amazon Alexa – the bulbs themselves do not have microphones, though, and so voice commands would have to be done with an Echo Dot or similar device, or through your phone.

Based purely on sound quality, the Sengled Pulse LED lightbulb with JBL Bluetooth speaker gets an enthusiastic recommendation – again, easily the best sounding lightbulb of its type – but this is also a very well-made and well-designed product in all ways, and the stereo two pack ends up being a great value as well!

Best Budget Light Bulb Speaker

What I Love:

  • Bright, Warm Light
  • Simplest to Use
  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Automatic True Wireless Stereo Pairing (need to buy 2)
  • Great Company


  • No Color Change – Warm White Only
  • Doesn’t Support Multiple Speaker Streaming – 2 Max

Not as well known, obviously, as giants like GE or Philips, LA-based Feit Electric has been designing and making the best quality light bulbs for well over four decades now, and their Intellibulb LED light bulb with the wireless speaker is one of their best – and coolest – products.

A very inexpensive unit, the Intellibulb is also very simple – no app, no smart integration, no color change or brightness control, no microphone, just a stable, warm, and bright lightbulb with a surprisingly powerful, clear, and rich inbuilt speaker.

With the Feit Intellibulb, you simply connect to your phone, PC, or other device’s Bluetooth and play music or other audio – all the volume and track functions are controlled through your device. The only more advanced functionality is the ability to use two Intellibulbs at the same time for automatic stereo pairing.

A basic LED lightbulb with a built-in Bluetooth wireless speaker, the Feit Electric Intellibulb is very inexpensive, but the quality of the sound and the light are both remarkably good, and even if they were more expensive they could be warmly recommended.

Best Features

What I Love:

  • Variable Light Colors
  • Great Light Show
  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Well Designed Remote Control
  • High-Quality Overall


  • Not Very Bright – 6 Watts (50 Watt Equivalent)
  • Doesn’t Support Multiple Speaker Streaming – but built-in stereo sound

I suppose we should be a bit miffed with Texsens, since they are the company at the heart of so much of the confusion about light bulb speakers – there are dozens of other brands and product choices out there which are all in fact the exact same speaker / light bulb as this one, just with different names printed on them.

But seriously, once we blow away the smoke we can see that the Texsens E26 light bulb and wireless speaker is an excellent product, with a ton of features that make it both highly useful and enormously fun.

And anyway, while the other bulb/speaker combos are the exact same product as this Texsens, it’s good to go to the source and buy from the original company.

The E26 light bulb speaker has full RGB color control, so you can choose from lots of different colors, or you can let it entertain you with a light show – it will even pulse with the rhythm of the music. The sound quality of the built-in speaker is very good, with particularly strong bass from such a small unit, and it will play surprisingly loud.

I do wish the Texsens light bulb speaker was a tiny bit brighter – it is the equivalent of a 50-watt white bulb – and I would not choose this for a room’s primary light source, but for mood lighting and effects it is just fantastic.

A more expensive choice than others on this list of best light bulb speakers, the Texsens E26 comes with a nice full-function remote control, is very high quality overall, and, considering all it does, is actually a very good value.

Last on the list

What I Love:

  • Variable Light Colors
  • Great Light Show
  • Very Nice Sound
  • Useful and Well Designed App
  • Low Price


  • Not Very Bright – 4 Watts (30-40 Watt Equivalent)
  • Doesn’t Support Multiple Speaker Streaming
  • No Remote

I hate to end this list of best Bluetooth speaker light bulbs on a kind of meh note, but I do think the Genolite smart light bulb is a bit of an also-ran product.

It is one of the few original designs and products available, and well worth considering, and the Genolite does offer much of the same functionality as the nifty Texsens above, including adjustable light color and automatic light show. But it does not include remote control – all of the functions are controlled through the free downloadable app.

The Genolite light bulb speaker also doesn’t burn quite as bright as the Texsens – it is a 4-watt LED, so about the same as a 30-40 watt incandescent – but the illumination is very stable, the white light is nice and warm and the colors are great.

Also great is the sound quality, which is a bit richer, more detailed, and open than you might expect, and plays pretty darn loud. Not room-filling, and not audiophile quality, but musical, energetic, and warm, with at least a touch of bass.

I personally would probably opt for the Texsens if I were buying a multi-color light bulb with a wireless speaker, but this Genolite is another very good choice. It’s a few dollars less expensive, looks and sounds great and has a wonderful app, and definitely deserves your attention.