Bluetooth Speaker With Lights: Buyer’s Guide For 2024

Bluetooth Speaker With Lights

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If you ever want to be confused and overwhelmed, go to any major online retailer and type in “Bluetooth speaker with lights” – you will see thousands of products, some rather ugly, some weird looking, some quite cool, and a few really beautiful, and most from companies neither you nor I have ever heard of.

So how can you tell the good from the bad? How can you find and choose the best Bluetooth speakers with lights?

That is, in fact, exactly why we’re here. I’ve assembled a list of the best of the best, the best made, and the best-sounding Bluetooth speakers with the most impressive and fun light show you can get.

If you’re in a hurry and just want recommendations, here are my top choices:

Who Makes the Best Bluetooth Wireless Speakers with LED Lights?

Yeah, that can be a super difficult question to answer, considering the vast number of companies and brands available, not to mention the many different models, features, and price points.

I’ve listened to and checked out a lot of good Bluetooth speakers with lights, and a lot of bad ones, and have gotten tons of recommendations and comments from friends and colleagues, and I’ve put together a long list of what I think are the best Bluetooth speakers with LED lights you can get.

And when I say ‘long’ I mean pretty darn long – I’ve got a full 20 recommendations below! So before we dive in, I thought it might be helpful to offer a sort of shortlist – my six top choices for the best Bluetooth speaker with lights on the market today. 

All of these speakers will be included below as well, but I wanted to give them special attention here – they really are great products, and any one of them would make a wonderful choice.

Lenrue Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with LED Light, HiFi Sound – cheap and cheerful, as they say, the Lenrue has surprisingly clear, rich, and dynamic sound, with quite a decent bass for its size, and a bright and fun light show that really changes a room’s mood. Made well and designed well, this is the best budget wireless speaker with lights I’ve ever found.

Soundcore Flare Mini IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with LED Light Show – a surprisingly inexpensive wireless speaker from a very good company, the Flare Mini is built beautifully and fully waterproof, has a fun, if very discreet, ambient light show, and has an amazingly big, powerful sound for its size. One of the very best values I know in affordable Bluetooth speakers – with or without lights!

Vanzon V40 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with LED Lights IPX7 Waterproof – Vanzon may not be the best-known company – at least not yet – but this V40 Bluetooth wireless speaker is the real deal, built like a tank and truly waterproof, with a fantastic design and great lights, and really clear, powerful sound with just the right amount of bass to get things moving.

Singsation Performer All-In-One Karaoke System & Party Machine – If you want a fun and fantastic-sounding karaoke machine with a really amazing light show, this is my top choice. Yes, you can spend a lot more, but for great sound, a brilliant design, and excellent overall quality it doesn’t get much better than this Singsation Performer, with everything you need to shine the light on who has and doesn’t have talent.

Philips Audio X7207 Bluetooth Party Cube Speaker with 360° Party Lights – I’m actually just discovering this phenomenal Bluetooth speaker, but the time I spent with the Philips Party Cube just recently is actually what inspired me to write this article. Amazingly powerful sound, with nearly audiophile-level accuracy, detail, and dynamics, and almost unbelievable deep bass, the most exciting and best executed LED lights I’ve ever seen, and the finest overall quality on all fronts – it’s not really that expensive, and if you can afford it just buy it because this is definitely the best speaker here, and one of the best you can get period.

JBL PartyBox 710 Party Speaker with Built-in Lights and Extra Deep Bass – one the loudest and most powerful Bluetooth speakers with lights on the market today, the PartyBox 710 has that superb JBL sound at all volumes, and a light show as powerful as the sound. With tons of connectivity options, great controls, and a professional level of material and build quality, this is a superb product, and well worth the price.

But these are just my 6 top choices, and there are a lot more excellent speakers with lights to consider, so let’s get into it with my 20 choices for best Bluetooth wireless speakers with lights.

Best Bluetooth Wireless Speakers with Lights: A Speakergy Buyer’s Guide for 2024

Best Bluetooth Speaker with Lights – Budget

I’ve already given the little Lenrue some love above, so here let’s just say that if you want a great Christmas or birthday present for a kid, or really for anybody, or if you’re just looking for the best lights and sound at this lowest of price points, this is a really great choice and a high-quality product.

Best Cheap Shower Speaker with Lights

We often recommend this Lenrue F9 shower speaker here at Speakergy. It is a very well-built product, with full waterproofing, great sound, and lights so bright and vivid you might not need coffee! Plus it makes a great take-along portable speaker as well.

Disco Ball!

I have a friend who recently purchased this BVI disco ball Bluetooth speaker specifically for a party, but now she uses it all the time – way more than she expected to, and probably even more than she’d admit to! I have listened to a lot of music on it, and have to say it has pretty decent sound for the money, and each one of the wide variety of lights effects is very effective and cool – plus there is a memory card slot and aux input for even more playback options.

A Great Bluetooth Alarm Clock / Night Light

The WamGra Bluetooth speaker and alarm clock seem to me to be the perfect gift for any younger or older kid – or I guess for anybody at any age – with a beautiful light effect that works perfectly as a light night and an excellent sounding speaker and amplifier. A pretty product that is beautifully made, smartly designed and has a premium look and feel, and is as useful as it is fun!

An Inexpensive and Very Impressive Star Projector

The Fimilo galaxy projector is pretty amazing in many ways – the vast variety of settings and range of customizability of the light show is almost overwhelming, and the lights themselves, as they flash across the walls and ceiling, are incredibly beautiful. The speaker is not exceptional, but is decently bright, clear, and musical and does have a bit of bass, and there is even a microphone and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant.

A Next Level Shower Speaker with Fantastic Sound

This Eboda shower speaker is about twice as expensive as the nice Lenrue above – though it too is quite affordable – but it is a noticeably better sounding speaker, is super tough and rugged, and is a great choice not just for the shower but as a fun portable speaker for general use. I love the lights, which are bright and really attractive, and the power amp, the latest Bluetooth technology, and great battery life make this pretty much the perfect ultra-compact weatherproof speaker.

Incredible Sound for the Money

The Erkei Sehn waterproof portable speaker may not have the most overwhelming light show – it is in fact pretty basic, with simple music synchronization, but very tastefully done and attractive, with both case lights and internal speaker lights. To me, though, the real draw is the sound – capable of playing very loud, clear, rich, and musical at any volume, it even has some actual low-end foundation, and is one of the best-sounding Bluetooth speakers I know at this low price.

Really Beautiful Lights and High Quality

A chunky and substantially built Bluetooth wireless speaker with a really solid feel, the Oraolo Roller seems like it is built to last. The sound is fantastic, with lots of power and volume, strong bass, great clarity and detail, and the features and tech overall are excellent – 24-hour battery life, latest generation Bluetooth, stereo pairing, auxiliary, USB and SD card connections, and a microphone input as well. Factor in the beautiful flowing lights, with 8 different modes, and this is a really attractive product that would make a perfect gift.

The Best Light Show for the Money!

This SoundDynamic Bluetooth speaker has the most impressive light show I’ve seen at this affordable price level – really amazing and impactful flowing lights and five lighting modes. The sound may not be quite as impressive – and not as good as, for example, the similarly priced Erkei Sehn above – but it is actually quite good, with a bit of bass and real clarity, and warm musicality throughout. Fully waterproof, with good battery life, Bluetooth 5, and stereo pairing, this is a great product overall, and puts on a really great show!

Subtle Lights and Superb Sound

I’ve mentioned the super-impressive Soundcore Flare Mini above, in my short list of the six best-of-the-best Bluetooth speakers with lights, but I could just as easily have chosen this larger original Flare for the honor. The Flare has a relatively discreet and tasteful light show that still has real impact, and can be quite mesmerizing, and the speaker itself is definitely one of the very best sounds at this price – lights or not. A superbly made, beautifully finished, and fully waterproofed product with truly advanced tech and the best features, this Soundcore Flare gets a very strong recommendation!

Great Sound, Incredible Lights and Built Like a Tank

I’m not sure why, but there is something ultra-compelling about this EcoXGear EcoEdge Plus Bluetooth speaker – maybe it’s the super tough build and the rugged feel, with oversized rubber buttons and bumpers and full waterproofing, maybe it’s the cool pulsing lights that play in 20 different modes, or maybe it’s the almost weird, space-age overall appearance. Whatever it is, this is a very well-made and very well-designed speaker with a powerful, balanced, and musical sound, great deep bass, and impressive volume – highly recommended!

The Best Bluetooth Speaker with Lights – Affordable

Another one of my top picks, the Vanzon V40 Bluetooth wireless speaker is exceptionally well built, fully waterproof, and rugged enough to be used as a true portable, and it has absolutely fantastic sound. The lights are pretty subtle, but they work beautifully and are really pretty, and can have quite an impact in a darker room. With great battery life, the most up-to-date Bluetooth, additional wired analog and digital playback connections, and true stereo sound, this is a really great unit.

A Brick by Any Other Name

No, I am not recommending the Notabrick Bluetooth portable speaker based solely on its name, though it is pretty cool and clever. In fact, this is a fantastic speaker, with next-level sound and amazing LED lights for a still really affordable price. 30 watts of power and true stereo speakers provide an enormous sound to go with the big light show, and with super-tough construction and full waterproofing, as well as the best technology and features, the Notabrick is a winner on all levels – including the name.

The Best Karaoke Machine with the Best Light Show

There are so many karaoke machines on the market today, and most of them are a lot more expensive, but the Singsation is probably my favorite overall, thanks to its great sound quality, its ideal design and great features, and especially the totally brilliant projected light show. With a microphone stand and phone holder, lots of vocal effects, superior connectivity and so much more, the Singsation Performer is the complete package, and as fun, as it gets!

Incredible Power and Incredible Value – Legendary!

The big, bold lights on the Altec Lansing Rockbox are more than enough to warrant its inclusion on this list of best Bluetooth speakers with lights, but we have to also mention the incredible – legendary, even – Altec sound, which is in full force even on this still affordable speaker. The Rockbox may have the best bass I’ve heard at this level, but also has smooth, clear, and open mids and highs and surprisingly big and precise stereo imaging. Heavily overbuilt and waterproof and featuring all the most advanced tech, this is an easy pick and an amazing value.

My Favorite Bluetooth Speaker with Lights

This is it! I may not have included this JBL Pulse 4 in my top six list at the beginning of the article, but the Pulse is definitely my favorite Bluetooth speaker with lights. Big, dynamic sound, that is warm, accurate, clear and detailed, bright and yet warm and musical – the JBL sound to a T, and to me the main draw of this fantastic speaker. But there is also an amazing, full surface light show that is one of the most impressive you’ll ever see, and being JBL you can also count on the Pulse 4 has the most advanced features and technology and the best overall quality and reliability – including, of course, full waterproofing and that famous JBL toughness.

Everybody Else’s Favorite Bluetooth Speaker with Lights

One of the most highly rated Bluetooth speakers of any kind on the market today, the Tribit StormBox is a bit of a monster, with enormous sound and enormous volume, heavy-duty material and build quality, absolutely the most advanced technology, and fun – if not overwhelming – LED lights. Yeah, I do very slightly prefer the warmth and the bass punch of the JBL, but the StormBox is just as good of a speaker in every way, and I would be absolutely thrilled to have one.

The Best Bluetooth Speaker with Lights – Premium

If there’s any problem at all with naming the Philips Party Cube the ‘best premium Bluetooth speaker with lights,’ it’s that it might not be expensive enough to be called ‘premium.’ Other than that there’s no question – the Party Cube has the most advanced and most impressive light show, the best sound, amazing technology, design and features, and an absolutely premium level to fit and finish, build quality, materials, and components. Overall, the best speaker with lights is on this list!

The Best Party Speaker in the World?

The final pick on our list of best Bluetooth speakers with LED lights, the JBL PartyBox 710 may be the most fun of them all – I like to think of it as a party looking for a place to happen. With extremely high sound output – 104 decibels! – and that amazingly musical, dynamic, and engaging JBL sound,- including seriously deep, strong bass – this is a bit of an overwhelming speaker system, and is guaranteed to get everybody up and moving. Basic DJ mixing and effects, incredible lights, and that famous JBL quality and innovation all come together to make the PartyBox 710 a beautiful product, and easily the best party speaker I know.

Ok, maybe not – I feel I should, in the interest of full disclosure, mention the JBL PartyBox 1000 – yes, the 710 is all you, or pretty much anybody this side of Ibiza, would ever need, and is a full five hundred dollars less, but the PartyBox 1000 is, in fact, the best party speaker I know – fantastic DJ controls, powerful deep bass and sub-bass, and amazing full panel party lights, and a maximum volume of 122 decibels – my ears are ringing just thinking about it!