Can Alexa Play Libby Audiobooks?

Can Alexa Play Libby Audiobooks?

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Do you love to hear audiobooks? Are you a great fan of Alexa? Are most of your time spent talking to Alexa and commanding her to play songs, news, weather, and stuff?

You sure also listen to audiobooks using Alexa device. But are you finding a free alternative for Audible? Libby can be a closer alternative if you love to listen to audiobooks. Libby does not include podcasts but sure does have audiobooks.

But how does Libby work? Can Alexa play Libby audiobooks? Let’s find the answers to each of these questions.

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What is Libby?

Libby is a free app that can be downloaded on any mobile device. With the app, you can stream and listen to audiobooks in your library and are free to borrow. It lets you listen to eBooks available in your local library if you have a library card.

Using Libby requires no subscription fees, no in-app purchases, and you can read the eBook before the stipulated period, similar to any book issued from the library.

As you download the app, the first thing Libby asks you is if you have a library card or not? If you do not have one, it asks you to find nearby libraries for you. If you can’t find any, you can search on your own by typing the name of the library or region.

Once you find a library, you can choose to enter the library card account details (if you have them). If you do not have a library card, you can request one issued by visiting the local branch in person.

Once you have library card account details, you can choose an eBook listed under the library and borrow it. You can first choose to read the sample before borrowing the book.

Also, if you have a library nearby that contains eBooks and audiobooks, you can get it registered on Libby. This way, you can enjoy free audiobooks from your local library from the comfort of your home.

Can Alexa Play Libby Audiobooks

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Can You Play Libby Audiobooks On Alexa?

You can listen to Libby audiobooks on mobile, but can you choose to play them on Alexa?

Instead of listening to songs on an Alexa device, wouldn’t it be nice if you could play an audiobook so that you can listen to it while you are occupied with daily chores? This way you can read more books than otherwise possible.

This is when the question arises can you play Libby audiobooks on Alexa? One cannot play audiobooks on Alexa like Audible.

With Audible, you can command Alexa to play your audiobook. You cannot do so with the Libby audiobook. But there is a workaround that works perfectly well.

You can listen to Libby audiobooks on Alexa through Bluetooth but not through voice commands.

Following the below steps to play Libby audiobooks on an Alexa device:

  • Download the Libby app  on your mobile device
  • Open the Bluetooth of the above mobile device
  • Download and open the Alexa app on your mobile device now
  • In the Alexa app, go to Devices
  • Select your Alexa device
  • Select ‘Bluetooth devices’ and then tap on ‘Pair a New Device

Go to your mobile device’s Bluetooth setting, and you see your Alexa device being paired. Once your mobile device and the Alexa device i.e. smart speaker are paired, go to the Libby app.

Now, open the audiobook on Libby you want to listen to. As you open the book, the audiobook is started, and you will see the sound coming from the Alexa speaker.

The only difference connecting it via Bluetooth is Alexa won’t listen to audiobook voice commands. You cannot pause or play your audiobook using Alexa, as in the case of Audible. Commands like, “Alexa, play/pause on audiobook on Libby” won’t work.

Can Alexa Play Libby Audiobooks

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Libby Also Works With Android Auto

Android Auto is a mobile app by Google that allows you to handle your car’s entertainment unit with your voice. Do you have an Android Auto app downloaded on your mobile device? Download it from Play Store if not.

Now, connect the Android Auto with your car’s entertainment unit using the USB cable. Once the car’s display panel replicates the apps on your mobile device, go to the Libby app and open the audiobook you want too easily.

That’s it. You can listen to an audiobook playing on your car’s speakers. You can play, pause, increase speed, or playback using the car display.

Libby Also Works With Apple Carplay

Just like Android Auto is for Android mobile devices, CarPlay is for iOS devices. To play Libby using your Apple iPhone in your car, you can use CarPlay.

Download Carplay on your iPhone. Connect your device to the car’s display. CarPlay will allow you to see your mobile interface or mobile apps on a car display board. Select Libby through it and open the audiobook you want to listen to.

You can play pause, skip 15 seconds, or playback your audiobook using the car’s now playing screen as well.

Wrapping Up

This was all about Libby, Alexa, and audiobooks.

If you are a diehard fan of books and audiobooks, we recommended giving this setup a try. Listening to audiobooks is a great way to incorporate reading books into your busy schedule. Listening through the Alexa speaker makes it all the better as not only you, but you can allow everyone around you, especially kids, to focus and listen to the book by itself. No more setting your kids down to read books. This way you can read more books in less time.

Try out connecting your mobile device to your Alexa device via Bluetooth to listen to Libby audiobooks.