Can Sonos Speakers Be Used Outside

Can Sonos Speakers Be Used Outside

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Are you unable to wrap your head around the lack of outdoor speakers available in the market? There has to be one that is suitable for using outdoors for throwing a pool party, one that sits by the side while you sunbathe or relax by the poolside.

Well, Sonos has already taken care of the issue long back. Yes, the Sonos special architectural outdoor speakers are actually meant to be used outside. Along with this, other Sonos speakers like Sonos Roam that fit are portable enough to accompany you on your travel adventures.

But are they worthy enough to be used outside? How to use them? Let’s know much more about the Sonos outdoor speakers.

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Sonos Outdoor By Sonance Speakers (Pair)

These speakers are actually from Sonance, a company known for constructing architectural speakers since 1983. Sonos, in partnership with Sonance, builds these speakers from scratch, making use of both of their expertise.

Sonos is responsible for making these speakers suitable for outdoor use and makes them smart as well.

The Sonos outdoor by Sonance speakers make use of the FastMount bracket system that makes them flexible to be placed in different positions like flush against the wall, pole-mounted, under an eave, and also fits in well in a corner.

When positioning the speakers vertically, the Sonos symbol should be on the downward side such that the tweezers are located in the upright position.

Are Sonos Outdoor Speakers Weatherproof? 

The Sonos outdoor speakers by Sonance are fully weatherproof and are made to tolerate even harsh weather conditions. It is manufactured to withstand humidity, heat, UV rays, salt spray, rain, and even freezing temperatures.

Are Sonos Outdoor Speakers Smart? 

Yes, Sonos outdoor speakers by Sonance are made smart by pairing them with the Sonos app. You can unlock the full audio potential of these speakers by connecting them to Sonos AMP with the help of the Sonos app.

Sonos Amp is a wireless streaming amplifier. Amplifiers are used along with passive speakers. Open the Sonos app downloaded on your mobile device to set up the Sonos amp. Once Sonos amp is set up, find your Sonos outdoor speakers by going to Settings> Systems to unlock the audio enhancements.

By unlocking its audio enhancement, you can gain adjustments, access custom EQ settings, limit the signal, adjust the loudspeaker protection, and more.

Can Sonos Speakers Be Used Outside
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How Many Speakers Can Be Connected With Sonos Amp? 

You can connect up to 3 pairs of Sonos outdoor speakers (architectural speakers) with Sonos Amp i.e. up to 6 speakers. These speakers can also work with any other amplifiers other than Sonos Amp.

These outdoor speakers also come with a two-year warranty. You can refer to this pair of speakers more from the prestigious Amazon website

These outdoor speakers also work similarly to any of the other Sonos speakers, i.e. you can easily play music on them through your favorite music streaming services wirelessly.

These speakers are perfect for any outdoor setting and can even be used at rooftop restaurants. Also, Sonos currently have three architecture speakers i.e. in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers, and outdoor speakers.

The first two are not meant to be used outside. Also, Sonos in-wall and in-ceiling architecture speakers support Trueplay and are best used in a closed environment.

Sonos Roam

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If you are looking for a personal Sonos smart speaker that can accompany you wherever you go, Sonos Roam is best.

You can use it when out on a picnic, when chilling outside your pool area, in the backyard, or on your solo trip.

Sonos Roam is one of the best portable outdoor Sonos speakers. It is super handy, waterproof, drop-resistant, and, of course, smart as hell. It can stay under 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. No amount of dust can wither it away.

Sonos Roam not only supports Wi-Fi but Bluetooth (rare with Sonos products) as well. You can enjoy seamless music by connecting it to your mobile data, home internet, or pairing to your mobile through Bluetooth.

Not only this, but Sonos Roam also supports Apple Airplay 2. So, if you have an Apple device alongside you, you can easily Airplay any of your audio content stored in your apple device.

Not happy yet? Maybe if you can talk to your favorite voice assistant? Sonos Roam also works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, if that’s what you look for. This means you will still have someone to talk to even if you are on a solo trip.

Also, Sonos Roam is powered by an 18W battery and is charged with the help of a wireless charger set. Once charged, its battery life lasts for 10 hours on continuous play. It can also be charged with the help of a USB C cable as it has a USB port at the back if that’s what you prefer.

Does Sonos Roam Support Trueplay? 

Yes, Sonos Roam has a microphone array feature that allows it to tune the sound automatically as per the environment. This feature will work well when the Sonos Roam is used indoors.  

Sonos Move

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Sonos Move is also considered as a portable and outdoor speaker but not as easily convenient as Sonos Roam.

Sonos Move is bigger in size than Sonos Roam because it is more powerful and has rich sound quality. Sonos uses two class D amplifiers whereas, Sonos Roam uses two-class H amplifiers. Both of them have one tweezer, one mid-woofer, and a microphone array.

Sonos Move is also Bluetooth-enabled and supports Wi-Fi. Most of the other features stand the same as Sonos Roam. The difference being Sonos Move is designed to resist only moderate rain and splashes. It can bear moderate weather conditions only.

Sonos Move is a great Bluetooth smart speaker and best used outdoors within your home premises. On the other hand, Sonos Roam is more affordable and is perfect for accompanying you on adventures as well.


So, yes, some of the Sonos speakers are specifically designed to be used outside. Sonos speakers are ultra-durable made with hard-wearing and shock-resistant cases, making them perfect to be used outside without worries.