How To Connect Airpods To Alexa?

How To Connect Airpods To Alexa?

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Airpods have become an indispensable part of our lives to help us listen to hands-free music, anytime and anywhere. Since their inception, they have undergone a series of improvisations, and now these earbuds are everywhere, with the ease of syncing with iPhones and other devices that have Bluetooth compatibility.

Now there is an excellent advancement to this airport technology – you can now connect with Alexa app on the phone and play music with response to voice commands of the users.

But how to connect AirPods to Alexa? We will explain in this article.

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Connecting the AirPods with Alexa

Suppose you are someone who has the habit of listening to a lot of music, audiobooks, and podcasts with the help of a smart speaker. In that case, you can get your AirPods to work and get the audio play through the AirPods, rather than through a speaker with the help of Amazon Alexa.

If you have amazon echo at home, you can easily set up the Alexa app on the phone, select the devices and get the speakers to pair. Let us discuss how to connect AirPods to Alexa here.

Making The Bluetooth Device Discoverable

This is the first step in pairing the Bluetooth headphone with the amazon echo.

The first thing required to pair the Bluetooth headphone with the Amazon Alexa app is to get them discoverable. To complete this process, follow these step-by-step instructions.

  1. Turn on the headphones and press on the Bluetooth discovery icon
  2. On the AirPods, there will be a small button at the rear of the case. Press it.
  3. Now the Bluetooth AirPods will be discovered on your smartphone
  4. Now say Alexa pair my AirPods
  5. Alexa will pair with the headphones automatically.
  6. You can also manually pair the headphones by swiping down from the echo show screen and tapping settings
  7. Tap Bluetooth and select the headphone.
  8. The headphone will pair with Amazon echo, and the audio will stream from the AirPods instead of the phone speaker.

Adding The Device To The Alexa App

With the Airpods and the Amazon Alexa app, things can get a lot personal.

You can watch movies from Prime while commuting or enjoy your leisure with Bluetooth headphones and enjoy a personalized experience. The following are the step-by-step instructions to pair the Alexa app with the AirPods.

  1. Open the Alexa app and open the case lid
  2. Press the button on the case for three seconds to enter the pairing mode.
  3. Confirm that the blue light flashes
  4. Select the pop-up notification, and if you don’t get the pop-up notification, following these instructions.
  • Open more options and add device
  • Select Amazon Echo and then select the device.
  • You can choose between 1st gen and 2nd gen echo buds
  • And approve the pairing request on the phone
  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair the AirPods with the Amazon Alexa.
How To Connect Airpods To Alexa?
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Using Amazon Alexa with the AirPods

The following are the step-by-step instructions for using the amazon Alexa with the AirPods.

  1. Turn on the headphones and connect them to the smartphone
  2. Start the Amazon Alexa app and start the headphones connect app
  3. Change the function of the headset button to the Amazon Alexa
  4. Push the button on the headphone to use the Amazon Alexa app
  5. Push the button to input audio
  6. Push the button for a second time to cancel the audio input

Please note that if you do not input audio for a brief duration, the Alexa voice input will automatically cancel.

Switching Over From The Headphone Mode To The Speaker Mode

Just in case you want your friends to listen to the music you have heard through your headphones, you can turn off the Bluetooth headphone, and the audio will automatically switch over to the built-in speaker.

If you want to switch to a connected Bluetooth speaker, you will have to follow these steps.

  1. Swipe down from the echo show screen menu and tap settings
  2. Tap Bluetooth
  3. Tap on the speaker that you want to switch over to.
  4. Alexa will not disconnect from the device and will now pair with the new speaker.

Disconnecting The Airpods From The Amazon Echo Show

Now that we have discussed pairing the Bluetooth AirPods with the Amazon Alexa app, it is important to learn how to disconnect the Bluetooth headphones connected with the echo show if you have decided not to have this functionality in your smartphone.

  1. Tap Settings on the swipe down menu of the amazon echo show screen
  2. Tap on Bluetooth and tap the info button that lies next to the Bluetooth headphone
  3. Tap on disconnect to stop listening to music through the AirPods. But it is better to retain the device on the Bluetooth device list
  4. The next step is to tap ‘forget device’ to remove the device from the list completely.

Please note that if you have disconnected the headphone entirely, you will have to follow the steps in pairing the Bluetooth headphone with the Amazon echo again.

Troubleshooting Options

After pairing the AirPods with the Amazon Alexa app, you only have to push the button on the headphone to talk to Alexa. And you can use the app to perform things such as play music, check news and information that you are interested in without actually having to operate the smartphone directly.

If your Alexa app doesn’t work and says that either the mobile device is not connected or asks you to open the app and try again, you have to ensure that you followed all the steps to connect the Alexa with the Airpods.

And if you still face issues, delete the device information that is registered with the app and delete the information registered on the smartphone. Again pair the headphone and the smartphone and initialize the entire steps again.