How To Connect Alexa To The Game Console

How To Connect Alexa To The Game Console

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Do you have a game console and want to connect it to Alexa? Do you want to control your game console by voice-commanding an Alexa device you own? We live in a scenario where this is possible as well.

Some of the game consoles may not be flexible with the procedure, but a workaround makes it possible to connect to Alexa.

Here is a complete guide to how to connect Alexa to different game consoles.

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How To Connect Alexa To PS4?

Are you up for an extra investment when connecting Alexa to PS4? If yes, you should buy or have Logitech’s Harmony Hub device for the setup.

It is easy to set up the Logitech Harmony Hub through the harmony app. Then, connect your TV and other smart devices to Harmony over Wi-Fi using the Harmony app.

Once done, add PS4 to Harmony devices. For this, you will have to make use of Bluetooth.

Follow the instructions in the Harmony app:

  • Go to Devices> Edit Devices> + device to add a new device to Harmony
  • Tap on the Entertainment device category
  • Follow prompt instructions like filling in the manufacturer’s name, model number, etc. In the model number, just typing in PlayStation 4 should work.
  • Tap on ‘Add’ to add it.
  • Now, you will have to set up an activity using PS4 i.e., choosing the devices you want to control through Harmony
  • For this, choose your inputs and then turn on PS4
  • Now go PS4 settings> Devices> Bluetooth settings
  • Search for the ‘Harmony Hub’ device under visible devices. If it’s not visible for pairing, push the pairing button on Hub.
  • Once paired and connected, the set-up is complete.

Now to connect Harmony to Alexa, download the harmony skill for Alexa in the Alexa app. Once enabled, you can control your Harmony and PS4 through voice commands like ‘Alexa, turn on PS4’.

How To Connect Alexa To PS5? 

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Connecting Alexa to PS5 has no straight route either. However, through tips and tricks, you can create a setup that allows you to voice commands Sony PS5 through Alexa devices.

The key lies in HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control). This feature is now available in modern TVs but is known by different names in different TV brands. This is an HDMI link that allows you to take control of other devices through the HDMI link.

To activate this function, follow:

  • On PS5 console, go to Settings> Systems> HDMI
  • Now, toggle on the ‘Activate link of the HDMI device’ function

However, for this setup to work, your TV should be compatible with the Alexa voice assistant. With the HDMI CEC feature activated and asking Alexa to turn on the TV, the linked devices to the TV like PS5 (in this case) will be turned on too.

However, this setup is only limited to turning on PS5 with voice commands.

How To Connect Alexa To Xbox One?

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There are two ways to connect Alexa to Xbox one. This is one of the game consoles that work straightforwardly when connected to Alexa. Three ways to connect Alexa to Xbox One include

Through Alexa App

For connecting Alexa to Xbox one or Xbox console through the Alexa app, follow:

  • Open the Alexa app on your smartphone
  • Go to the app menu and go to Add Device
  • Select Game Console> Xbox and follow on-screen instructions.


  • Enable Alexa skill Xbox by following More> Skills and Games> search for Xbox> Enable to Use.

This will require you to sign in to your Microsoft account. Tap on close after signed in. Alexa will discover your Xbox now. Once discovered, select the device and click on continue.

Select the Alexa device you want the Xbox to link with, and it’s done.

Through The Xbox Game Console

To connect Alexa through the Xbox game console, follow

  • Press the Xbox button on your game console remote.
  • Go to Profile and system > Settings> Devices and Connections> Digital Assistants> Enable Digital Assistants
  • Now, press the Xbox button again on the game console remote.
  • Follow Profile and Systems> Settings> General> Power mode and startup.
  • Under the power mode, choose instant on.

Even after enabling Alexa to connect to Xbox, you still have to follow the above procedure to connect Alexa to Xbox.

Through a Computer

To connect Alexa to Xbox using the computer, follow:

  • Open the web browser of your computer
  • Search for
  • Sign in to your Amazon account
  • Go to Skills from the left menu bar
  • Search for Xbox in the search box of skills sections
  • Open the Xbox skills for Alexa indicated by the Xbox symbol
  • Click on Enable
  • Now, sign in to your Microsoft account
  • Allow Microsoft to access your info through the app by clicking on ‘Yes’
  • Close the window on the computer screen
  • Now, use your Xbox console remote and press the Xbox button on it and select Home.

Your Xbox has been connected to Alexa now. You can voice commands your Alexa device now to control your Xbox.

How to Connect Alexa to Xbox Series S

You can connect Alexa to Xbox Series S similar to any other Xbox console. Follow the same directions as used above for connecting Alexa to Xbox one.

After connecting, you can use Alexa Xbox commands to control your Xbox like

  • Alexa, turn on Xbox
  • Alexa, turn volume up/volume down on Xbox
  • Alexa, tell Xbox to pause/resume
  • Alexa, tell Xbox to launch Netflix
  • Alexa, install/download (game name) from Xbox game pass on my Xbox

How to Connect Alexa to Nintendo Switch

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You can connect Alexa to Nintendo switch to get the latest updates on the game available on the Nintendo e-shop.

However, the use of Alexa to Nintendo Switch is limited to news flashing only. To enable the Nintendo Switch eshop skill follow the following steps,

  • Open the Alexa app
  • Go to settings> Flash briefing
  • Tap on ‘get more flash briefing content and search for ‘Nintendo’
  • Select your desired news flashing from Nintendo and tap ‘enable’


  • Open the Alexa app
  • Go to More> skills & Games
  • Search for Nintendo skill
  • Choose the desired Nintendo Switch US skill
  • Tap on enable

When using, ask ‘Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?’ or ‘Alexa, what’s in the news to get the latest updates on the Nintendo Switch game updates.

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Related Questions

Can Alexa be used as a microphone in-game console?

Yes, you can use Alexa as a microphone in some game consoles like Xbox One and other Xbox consoles by either enabling the Xbox Alexa skill or through Xbox console settings itself.

Can I control Xbox with Alexa?

Unlike other game consoles, it is easy to control Xbox with Alexa through Alexa voice commands like ‘Alexa, turn on my Xbox,’ Alexa, tell Xbox to launch my (game name)’, ‘Alexa, tell Xbox to turn volume up/down, etc.

Can I control my PS4 with Alexa?

You cannot control PS4 with Alexa directly but indirectly by making use of Logitech Harmony Hub or other such third-party Hub devices.

Can you turn on PS5 with Alexa?

Yes, you turn on PS5 with Alexa by using the TV’s HDMI CEC feature by creating a link between TV and PS5. Also, your TV should be smart enough to support the Alexa voice assistant.

Can you use Alexa as a speaker for PS4, PS5?

No, you can’t use Alexa as a speaker for PS4 and PS5 directly. However, you can do this indirectly by using a playback device like Plex and downloading the Plex Alexa skill.

Can Alexa send messages to Xbox?

Yes, Alexa can send messages to Xbox when connected to it through Xbox Alexa skill. Alexa sends your voice commands or messages from the Alexa device to the Xbox game console.

Can Alexa control multiple Xboxes?

Yes, Alexa can control and send messages to multiple Xboxes by naming them differently. You can thereafter send voice commands like, ‘Alexa, turn on my Xbox in the living room’.


This was a guide to how you can connect Alexa to different game consoles. The most flexible game console when it comes to Alexa is Xbox. However, with a few tips and tricks, you can connect Alexa to your Sony Play stations as well.