How To Connect External Speakers To LG TV

How To Connect External Speakers To LG TV

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Television technology has grown to great heights, and the new picture standards have improved dramatically on video quality. But not many changes have been pronounced when it comes to sound quality in television. Even the major brands such as LG televisions require audio devices to be able to play high-quality sounds.

Though these televisions have built-in speakers, there is not much space inside them to push enough air for ambient sound quality.

They have thin cabinets, and owing to this minimal internal room, the audio from the LCD, Plasma, and OLED television always sounds flat and lifeless. Thus, it becomes mandatory to connect them with external speakers for an immersive sound experience.

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Connecting an external speaker to the LG TV

All the LG televisions have built-in speakers, but users feel that even the latest models have weak sound capabilities. Their thin-sounding audio doesn’t complement the big screen and the three-dimensional motion pictures of these television sets.

Thus, the need for an external audio device, such as the speaker, becomes mandatory. Here are the ways to connect the external speaker to the LG TV.

Connecting Through Analog Audio Outputs

The LG television does not have RCA audio outputs, but they have two audio outputs that we can use to connect to any audio receiver. They also have a headphone output that can connect with stereo RCA inputs and the RCA adapter.

The basic option to enhance the sounds of the television is to connect the analog stereo outputs of the television to the external audio system.

  • Connect one end of the RCA cables to the analog audio output of the television
  • Connect the other end of the RCA cable to the set of corresponding analog audio inputs on the soundbar or external speakers.
  • After making all the connections, turn on the speaker and open the audio setup instructions of the television.
  • Choose the input of the audio system to which the television is connected to listen to the sounds.
  • Check if the speaker has any audio enhancement capabilities such as surround sound for an immersive music listening experience.

How To Connect External Speakers To LG TV 02

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Connecting The TV To The External Speaker Through Digital Optical Output Connection

On a lot of new televisions, the RCA connections are not available, and thus the best way to establish the connection between the television set and the external speaker is with the help of a digital optical cable.

  • Establish a connection between the digital optical cable and the digital optical output in the television.
  • Connect the other end of this cable to the speaker at its respective digital optical input.
  • Choose from the audio system setup menu in the television and select the digital optical input as your source to listen to the sounds.

Connecting The TV With The Speakers Through HDMI Sockets

In the new LG television models, we can use audio outputs that feature HDMI sockets and provisions of audio output. This HDMI- Audio Return Channel feature can be used for both audio and video, and in the LG television we can use this port for audio output formats.

We may have to use transparent cables with square plugs to transfer the audio signals from the television to the HDMI-equipped speaker system.

The same cable connects the HDMI input of the television and the speaker system, and a separate audio connection between the soundbar and the TV is not required. You just have to make sure that both the devices are ARC compatible and are activated to use the HDMI format.

Connecting Through Bluetooth – For Wireless Connections

Connecting the LG TV with an external speaker through wireless mode, with the help of Bluetooth technology is becoming increasingly popular. As the connection is wireless, it doesn’t require any complex cables. But such high-end features are not available with all LG models.

The LG Sound Sync model has Bluetooth functionality, but you can connect it only with an LG speaker equipped with Bluetooth functionality.

If you have found both the pairing devices, you only have to turn on the Bluetooth of the television and the compatible audio system and start pairing them both for an immersive sound experience.

Connecting through WiSA Transmitter

How To Connect External Speakers To LG TV
WiSA Wireless Transmitter Designed for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and 2019-2021 LG OLED and NanoCell TVs

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The LG brand now offers a distinctive and wireless way to connect the television with a wireless speaker system in its Nano Cell LED and LCD television and LG OLED television. LG partners with the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association (WiSA) in its select models that have a built-in firmware.

This firmware communicates with the special plugin USB dongle, called WiSA transmitter, that looks like a flash drive. This dongle allows the television to send sounds wirelessly to one or more compatible speakers and audio systems.

Here is how you connect the speakers and your LG TV step by step through the WiSA transmitter

  • Make sure speakers that are paired with the LG television should be certified by WiSA.
  • Plug in the wireless dongle and turn on the speakers.
  • Browse through the audio setup menu of the LG TV and select Sound out – WiSA Speakers
  • For additional setup, navigate to device list – WiSA speakers.

Though these options help in connecting the television with the external speakers, by bypassing the innate qualities of the in-built speakers, you can still play the audio through the internal speakers and the external speakers of the television simultaneously. Use the remote to navigate to the home screen > Choose settings > Choose Sound.

Select Sound Out and navigate to the Internal TV speaker and Audio Out feature. The Audio Out will be shown on the selection of the choices.

Now you can exponentiate the sound quality by playing audio from both the television and the external speaker.

Similarly, it is possible to play sound through the internal TV speakers and the headphones simultaneously as well.

Bottom Line

Thus, there is an array of options to connect the LG TV with its speakers. By following any one of the above-mentioned options, it is possible to escalate the audio experience of the TV to many folds.