How To Connect Sonos Beam To LG TV

How To Connect Sonos Beam To LG TV

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The Sonos Beam is a soundbar with a compact design with a bright sound profile and is well suited for listening to most types of audio content.

The Sonos beam connects to the LG TV and serves as a smart soundbar with a suitable audio punch, despite its small size.

This sound system features a well-balanced sound profile and a wide soundstage. It also has an excellent center channel performance for immense dialogue following in movies.

This compact soundbar enhances the entertainment and experiences incredible sound for streaming movies, music, and while watching television.

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Setting Up The Sonos Beam To The LG TV

 The Sonos Beam is a compact soundbar for the LG TV and plays great-sounding music with the Beam. This soundbar can be controlled with voice, the Sonos app, the remote, and a lot more. The Oscar-winning sound engineers tuned the Beam to emphasize the sounds of the human voice, to follow the stories on the television seamlessly.

The soundbar is equipped with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to play music, set alarms, check the news, etc., completely hands-free. Setting up the Sonos beam to the LG TV is easy and going from unboxing to listening takes just a few minutes, with just two cables and automatic remote detection technology.

Before connecting the Sonos Beam to the television, it should be set up with the help of the Sonos app on the computer, mobile or tablet device. If this step is skipped, you will not receive audio from the Sonos Beam.  The step-by-step instructions for setting up the Sonos beam are as follows.

  1. Download the app for the Sonos controller on the device that will be used for the setup. It could be a computer, tablet, or phone.
  2. Place the Sonos beam in a preferred location, perhaps near the television, and supply power
  3. There will be an HDMI cable provided with the Beam. Use this cable to connect the Beam and the LG TV through its HDMI-ARC port
  4. In some models of LG TV, the HDMI port is not available. You can use the optical audio adapter and connect the digital audio out port on the TV in such instances.
  5. Now open the Sonos app on the device and follow the instructions to pair the Beam and the television.
  • Open the Sonos App for Android or iOS
  • Choose ‘set up a new system.’
  • Sign in to the Sonos account or create a new one
  • Tap ‘Add’ on the pop up showing against the Sonos product
  • Tap Continue and ‘Set up products
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the Beam and add to the music services.

Connecting The Sonos Beam To The LG TV With The Help Of An HDMI Port

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It is possible to connect the Sonos beam with the LG TV with the help of the HDMI-ARC port easily. The newer versions of the LG TV have two to four HDMI ports, and one of them will be labeled as ARC or Audio Return Channel.

This port can be of great help in syncing audio and video and also helps to pair the remote of the TV to the Sonos beam automatically.

The step-by-step instructions for activating the LG television to pair with the Sonos beam are as follows.

  • Only the first HDMI port on the LG smart TV support ARC
  • It is required to use a high-speed HDMI cable that is sold separately.
  • After pairing the TV and the Beam, press the home button on the remote control
  • Then click ‘settings’ in the launcher bar
  • Navigate to the sound menu
  • From there, navigate down to the sound settings and press ‘enter
  • The first option for ARC mode shows up in the default ‘off’ position. Switch it ‘On’.
  • Turn ‘off’ the internal speaker of the TV, as you won’t be using it.
  • Move down to the ‘close’ button and press Enter.
  • Press ‘X’ in the top menu to exit the sound settings.

After setting up the television, the correct audio input on the Sonos beam should also be set up to receive audio signals from the TV. The LG TV supports Dolby digital and PCM audio formats and not DTS. The volume can be controlled with the help of the Sonos beam remote.

But for televisions, that is older than five years, and if it doesn’t have HDMI-ARC support, then we may have to use the optical port on the TV. And when the Beam is connected with the help of the optical adapter, then the Amazon Alexa voice commands will not function.

Controlling The LG TV Through Alexa

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For the models of LG Televisions that are compatible with Alexa, the Sonos beam has a command that is specific for TV use. You can use this command either to turn On or turn Off the TV. There are also commands for the volume of the television such as ‘Mute’ and ‘Turn it up.

To use these commands, the television and the Beam should be connected with the help of the HDMI-ARC input and the television should be HDMI- CEC enabled. In LG TV this HDMI-CEC is referred to as ‘SimpLink’.

The Sonos beam plays back all of the TV audio after the setup is complete. After pairing, we can stream audio from any TV channel, movies, radio, audiobooks, podcasts, video on demand. They pick up the best form that both the Beam and TV can support, and the audio can take a few seconds to start, which is normal.

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Bottom Line

It is now possible to enjoy high-quality and brilliant sound by pairing the LG television with the Sonos beam external audio system.

The adjusting bass and treble controls help customize the sound in the individual room and escalate your TV viewing experience to a great level.

The Sonos beam also can pair with other Sonos speakers at home for a brilliant surround sound. It is possible to wall mount them as well for a theater experience in the living room.