How To Connect Sonos Roam To A Laptop?

How To Connect Sonos Roam To A Laptop?

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Did you recently buy a Sonos Roam, and you can’t figure out how to connect your speakers to your laptop? You have a garden party coming, and you want to liven things up with some music? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! In this article, we walk you step by step on how to connect your Sonos speakers to your laptop, along with any problems that could come on your way.

What Are Sonos Speakers?

Sonos is well-known for its premium audio devices and home theatre systems. Launched in 2002, the company has created a niche for itself as an innovator in the wireless speakers and home theatre market. Sonos designs its product range with its key vision of Whole House Audio, essentially an audio system that allows the customer to play their music simultaneously through speakers placed in different locations across the house. Via their custom Sonos network, users can build a rich and immersive sound experience at home.

In keeping up with the times, Sonos has signed deals with popular streaming services like Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, and others to make streaming a more pleasant experience. Users can stream their favorite music, podcasts, and video content via Wi-Fi to their speakers and home theatre systems.

Compared to other speakers on the market that connect to streaming devices via Bluetooth, Sonos has always adopted a different approach. Most Sonos speakers and home theatre systems are primarily connected via Wi-Fi connections. Previously, the company shied away from using Bluetooth with the argument that it hampered the device’s sound quality.  However, with Sonos Roam, along with Sonos Move, the company is finally branching into Bluetooth connectivity as a viable method. The company has advertised these products as speakers that retain Sonos’s unique sound quality and caliber.

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The Sonos Roam: Everything There Is To Know About The Speaker

Sonos Roam is a new entrant in the product line of the company. It is the company’s first venture into producing completely portable outdoor speakers. The Sonos Roam has been a highly anticipated product from Sonos, which has a well-established reputation of being the leading brand in audio and home theatre devices.

Sonos Roam is one of the most affordable options in the entire Sonos lineup. Keeping up with the trends and needs of customers in 2021, Sonos roam speakers can be connected via Wi-Fi Bluetooth and Apple Airplay two. This makes the speakers highly compatible with most streaming devices, including laptops, mobile phones tablets. The audio settings and hands-free voice assistants like Google and Amazon Alexa can be controlled via the Sonos app.

The speakers look extremely sleek and are designed to be portable- you can use them inside and outside the house. They can be paired with the Sonos Move to create a richer sound experience for your outdoor parties and events. If you have an existing Sonos sound network at home, you can add the Sonos Roam to the home network via Wi-Fi.

How Do I Connect My Sonos Roam To The Laptop?

As we mentioned before the Sonos Roam does not rely on Wi-Fi as the sole means of connection. Unlike other products sold by Sonos, the Sonos roam can connect to devices via Bluetooth and apple airplay two. This makes connecting your speakers to your streaming devices a rather straightforward process. Here are some ways you can connect your Sonos roam speakers to your laptop:

Connecting via Bluetooth:

Follow these steps to connect your Sonos roam to your laptop via Bluetooth:

  • Step 1: Locate the button on the back of your Roam. Press and hold it till you hear you hear a second beep, after which you let go of the button. The LED light in front should be in blue.
  • Step 2: Go to the Bluetooth settings on your laptop and turn it on to discover.
  • Step 3: Once your laptop discovers Roam, select the speaker from the device list.
  • Step 4: If you aren’t able to find Roam on the lost, double-check if the speakers are on pairing mode and if the LED lights are flashing blue.
  • Step 5: The connection is complete when you see a sold blue light and a chime.

Disconnecting And Reconnecting Roam Speakers To Your Laptop:

This is a simple process. All you need to is disconnect Roam from your laptop’s Bluetooth settings. Alternatively, you can switch off the Bluetooth on your speakers to disconnect them from the laptop. To reconnect, you simply need to turn on the Bluetooth settings for both devices as instructed and select Roam from the list of previously connected devices on your laptop.

Additionally, we advise you to download the Sonos mobile app. Sign in or log in to the app to set up your Sonos speakers. You can choose to set up a new system or connect your speakers to your existing Sonos setup. Next, the app will prompt you to give permissions for auto-discovery, using the location and Bluetooth of the device. Allow the app to use Bluetooth and location to detect devices around to pair with. Select the laptop as your preferred device for Bluetooth connection.

Connecting Sonos Roam Speakers To Macbook Laptops

You can connect all apple devices to Sonos Roam via the Apple Airstream.

  1. On your Apple device, open the control center and find the airplay icon.
  2. Tap on the Airplay icon and locate the Sonos Roam speakers.
  3. Select the speakers to connect your device.


We hope this article helped you with connecting your Sonos Roam speakers to your laptop. These speakers work well individually as well as within the Sonos sound network. If you are in the market for a Bluetooth speaker with premium sound quality, we suggest you try this device out. With the Sonos Roam, the company has bridged the gap by allowing Bluetooth connectivity.