How To Connect Sonos To Tv Wirelessly

How To Connect Sonos To Tv Wirelessly

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Sonos provides a range of smart speakers and surrounds sound speakers that can be used singlehandedly or as a part of your home theatre system.

Do you have a Sonos speaker and are trying to connect it to TV? The first thing to make sure is you are using the right Sonos speaker for the same.

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Sonos Speakers That Can Connect To TV

Not all Sonos speakers or Sonos products are capable of connecting it to TV. Some of them are just not built for it. Even though they may be connected, they may not work out perfectly.

Here is the list of Sonos products that can be connected to TV wirelessly.

Sonos Arc And Sonos Beam

These are the two soundbars made explicitly for enhancing the sound quality of your TV. The Sonos Arc and Sonos Beam support Dolby Atmos i.e., they support surround sound.

It is easy to connect them to a TV via the HDMI ARC cable that comes with it. They are the best Sonos product to use to connect to the TV.

Play:5 and Five

Other Sonos speakers that can easily work as Tv speakers are Play:5 and Five. Both the speakers have analog connector support. They have a 3.5mm jack at the back that can be used to connect it with the TV via a 3.5mm cable, provided your TV has an analog connector as well.

Sonos One, One SL, Move

These speakers are the smallest of all the Sonos speakers. They are technically not made to directly use them as TV speakers but can suitably act as rear speakers and subwoofers when creating a home theatre system.

They need to be connected to the soundbar via Bluetooth or Sonos app to use them as speakers for your TV.

How To Connect Sonos To Tv Wirele
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Ways To Connect Sonos To Tv Wirelessly

There are several ways to connect Sonos to TV. Not necessarily wirelessly. Some of the basic things you will need to connect your Sonos to your TV anyhow would include an optical fiber cable, 3.55mm cable, HDMI, ARC adapter, or Sonos Connect.

Using Sonos App

One can connect a Sonos device to a TV wirelessly with the help of the Sonos app. Download the Sonos app on any smartphone or tablet and use it to pair Sonos device and TV together.

This is done when you want to connect more than one Sonos speaker to your TV. For this, you should essentially have at least one of the Sonos soundbars (as mentioned above).

The steps include:

  • Open the Sonos app.
  • Go to settings and select ‘Connect‘.
  • Once your Sonos device is synced with the Sonos app, it is time to pair your Sonos device with a TV.
  • Connect your Sonos device with Wi-Fi with the same Wi-Fi network as your TV
  • Now, group all your Sonos speakers to your Sonos soundbar.
  • Sonos soundbar will be connected to the TV via Aux cable, whereas all the other Sonos speakers are connected to the soundbar wirelessly.
  • One can now make use of the Sonos app to control the volume of the speakers together.

Connecting Sonos To TV Via Bluetooth

For this, you should make sure both your Sonos speaker and TV support Bluetooth. It is easy to connect two Bluetooth-enabled devices together.

For this,

  • First, enable the Bluetooth of the Sonos speaker to make it visible as a device while scanning.
  • Now, open your TV and toggle on its Bluetooth feature. Scan for the devices available to pair a device with it. Once you see your desired Sonos speaker visible as a device available for pairing, select it to Pair.
  • Alternatively, you can directly open the streaming service on your Tv like Hulu. Go to its Settings and allow your Sonos Bluetooth enabled speaker to connect with the TV.

However, make sure not all Sonos speakers are Bluetooth enabled. The Sonos speakers that are Bluetooth enabled are actually not built to be used as TV speakers but as wifi speakers. You can experience a delay in audio and images displayed, but it’s worth giving a try.

How To Connect Sonos To Tv Wir

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Using Bluetooth Receiver Like APTX BT

Another option to connect your Sonos speaker to TV wirelessly is by using APTX BT third-party Bluetooth receiver device. This Bluetooth receiver device can easily be bought online. Just type in the words’ APTX BT Bluetooth receiver’ to get you the right results. Or you can buy it at Amazon

Next, make sure you have a Bluetooth-enabled Sonos speaker like Sonos Play:1 to make this arrangement work. Once you have both the devices, it will make it easier to connect TV with Sonos even if you don’t use streaming services like Hulu.

This particular tool makes your TV Bluetooth enabled. The steps to follow are:

  • First, connect your Sonos speakers to this Bluetooth receiver via Bluetooth. Make sure the speakers are connected to Wi-Fi as well.
  • For this, open the Bluetooth on your Sonos speaker and of the transmitter to connect them together.
  • Now, plug the transmitter into the TV with the help of an AUX cable.
  • You can also use the headphone jack to plug it in if your TV does not have an audio input/output.
  • Now, just wait for the three devices (i.e. The transmitter, speaker, and TV) to sync together. At this point, make sure the speakers are connected to Wi-Fi as well.

The setup can easily be undone when you no longer want the speakers to use with the TV. Just remove the transmitter from the TV, and your Sonos speakers are ready to be used individually.

That’s it!


These were the three ways to connect Sonos to TV wirelessly.

Alternatively, you can also set up your TV remote with Sonos speakers. This can be done when you have created a Sonos home theatre system at home. You can use the Samsung One TV remote, Apple TV remote, LG Magic TV remote to control your Sonos speakers while staying connected to the TV. If you don’t already have a TV remote you can buy it on Amazon

This is enabled through the Sonos app. Follow Settings> System> select the room> TV> Remote Control Setup. Further, follow the in-app instructions to control your Sonos home theatre system with the TV remote.