Does Nanit Work With Alexa?

Does Nanit Work With Alexa?

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Having a baby at home can change everything from your daily routine to sleep patterns. The more the baby is in a playful mood, the more the parents crave some sleep. The pressure of work, household duties, and the baby can be overwhelming even after the baby becomes a few years old. Parents can now be thankful to Nanit that does half the work for them. And with the recent integration with Alexa, there is nothing more parents could ask for. Let us learn more about this life saver device.

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What is Nanit?

Nanit is an American company that builds baby monitor devices that works with a mobile application. The camera in the device records the video of the baby while it is sleeping and shares useful information with the parents based on the baby’s movement.

You can call Nanit a smart baby monitor that lets you have a complete idea about your baby’s well-being, whether breathing motion, sleeping, or growth and development. With the device, you can get customized tips, analyze baby’s sleep and get immediate alerts while watching your baby wherever you are. This monitor is very close to parents’ hearts letting them be present with every milestone of the baby.

Nanit With Alexa Integration

Alexa has introduced an intelligent home Alexa skill called Nanit Show, using which Nanit Plus users can check with their baby from anywhere within the house. There is a provision to link Nanit Plus to Amazon’s Echo Show and Echo Spot to see the video captured by the device’s camera and listen to the audio.

The in-built voice assistant Alexa offers an easy way to check what your baby is up to without leaving your work aside. All you have to do is say, “Alexa, show me [baby]” or “Alexa, show me [baby]’s crib.” The brilliant screen of the Echo Show or Echo Spot will now display your sleeping baby.

The Nanit Show skill is a free skill that you can find on the Alexa Skills store on Amazon. Nanit users need to enable the skill via Alexa so that the voice assistant can cater to your voice requests. If you don’t have Echo Spot or Echo Show, you can use the Nanit app through Android or Apple devices.

What Are The Nanit Skills Available?

There are two skills, Nanit and Nanit Show, that let you monitor your baby. Using Nanit, you can turn on the nightlight and enquire about the baby’s sleep stats. Nanit Show streams the video and audio from the device to Echo Show or Echo Spot.

Nanit is a normal Alexa skill that lets you communicate with the Nanit database. This database stores all the analyzed sleep data of the baby, and you can come up with specific questions to make Alexa ask the database. But this skill does not support smart home integration.

Nanit Show is a smart home skill using which the video and audio from the device can be streamed in Echo Show or Echo Spot. But this skill does not let you converse with the Nanit database or communicate with the Nanit camera for nature sounds or breathing motion monitoring.

For the best user experience, you can combine these skills to enable maximum communication with Alexa devices.

Does Nanit Work With Alexa

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Linking Nanit To Echo Show

The basic requirement to see videos from Nanit on Echo Show has both Amazon and Nanit accounts. Even if there is a two-factor authentication on the Nanit account, you can still view the video footage without any hindrance. While installing the Echo Show skill, the device can be set up to make the two-factor authentication, not a requirement whenever you want to watch the video stream.

The initial setup of Nanit requires an internet connection, and you cannot do without it. Once the connection between Nanit and the Echo device is established, there is no need for an active internet connection. However, both the devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.

Many Nanit features may require an internet connection to connect to the Nanit servers. These are paid features for which you need a subscription. If you want to use these features, both Nanit and Echo Show have to be connected to an active internet connection.

Follow these steps to link Nanit and Echo Show.

1. Install Nanit Show skill on Echo Show

You can install the Nanit Show from your Echo Show. In fact, you can push the installation by funding the Nanit Show app on the Amazon store and installing it on your device. This is totally free.

2. Activate The Skill On Echo Show

Go to the Alexa app using the touchscreen and select ‘Skills’ for activating the skill. Now find the Nanit Show screen and activate the skill.

3. Complete The Activation Process

After activating the Nanit Show skill, you will have to log in to your Nanit Show account. If you have two-factor authentication, you will get a code as a text message, which must be entered to log in to the Nanit account. The activation is now completed, and now you can stream video from Nanit to Echo Show.

4. View The Video

You can name the Nanit camera, which the Alexa will recognize and pair with. In case Alexa cannot recognize, you can make the name simpler.

You can say, “Alexa, show me [name of camera]” to view the video.  This command will stream the audio and video to Echo Show. Remember that you cannot interact with the database.


Nanit is already a hot favorite among new parents, and the news that it has integrated with Amazon Alexa has delighted them like anything. The Echo devices are the best when it comes to streaming videos of your little one, and with Nanit, you can watch her wherever you are inside the house.

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