Does Owlet Work With Alexa?

Does Owlet Work With Alexa?

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No, Owlet does not work with Alexa. Owlet products have their own two-way audio feature and their own app, which allows you to talk to it without the need for Alexa.

Do you have a baby? Are you pregnant? Do you have an Owlet product at home? If yes, would you be well aware of the product? But are you thinking if it works with Alexa or any other voice assistants? You will be kind of disappointed to know that it does not work with any of the smart speakers or voice assistants.

However, this is because it is very much sufficient in itself. Here is everything about Owlet and its products.

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What is Owlet?

Owlet is a brand that manufactures a wide range of products suitable for baby monitoring. Owlet aims at making products that help parents keep an eye on their kids even while the baby is sleeping or the parents are far away.

It aims at making parenthood a little less easy and carefree.

What Are Owlet Products?

Does Owlet Work With Alexa?

Owlet has a range of products made for kids. The Owlet products include:

The Smart Sock Family

Under the Smart Sock family, you can find three products: Smart Sock 3, Smart sock 3 extension Pack, and Smart Sock Plus.

The Owlet smart sock is a smart baby monitor that monitors a baby’s vitals through a sock. The sock can easily fit a baby to up to 5 years of age. The sock is not like already sock but a band that is tied around the feet of a baby. The sock also has a sensor through which it monitors the baby’s vitals. The sock helps you track the baby’s heartbeat, oxygen levels, sleep trends, and much more.

The Smart Sock 3 is a successor to Owlet Smart Sock 2. Smart sock 3 is an improved version of Smart Sock 2. The hardware and design were improvised after suggestions by parents through feedback. Smart Sock 3 fits babies of up to 30lbs.

On the other hand, Smart sock Plus comes with two socks. It includes a Smart Sock 3 and its extended version. The extended and big-size socks can be worn after 18 months as well. As a whole, Smart sock Plus can fit babies of up to 55lbs and are suitable for even kids up to age five years.

Owlet Cam

Owlet Cam is an Owlet baby monitor which comes with a camera with a base station. The Owlet baby monitor camera is capable of streaming 1080p full HD video to your smartphone. It also supports night vision and two-way audio.

It also provides and sound and motion notifications to the smartphone it is connected to. The 130-degree wide view angle provides a clear view of the baby and allows you to zoom in 4x.

Pregnancy Band (Beta)

Owlet Pregnancy band is a newly launched product made for pregnant women to keep track of the baby in the womb. It can be used after 24 weeks of pregnancy to get daily insight into your baby’s vitals. It is a full circle band that can be worn around a pregnancy tummy. It also has a sensor at the top that helps in monitoring the baby’s heartbeat, heart rate, etc.

It is currently compatible with Apple devices on iOS 14 and above only.

Does Owlet Work With Alexa?
Owlet Pregnancy Band Beta ( )

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How Do Owlet Products Work?

All Owlet products are smart and work through its mobile app. You also need a Wi-Fi connection to make Owlet products work (with some exceptions).

The smart sock comes with a base station. This station is used to charge the sensor that is fitted to the sock. The sensor is removable and changeable. It gives 8 hours battery when charged for 20 minutes. The base station is used to charge the sensor and send notifications to a smartphone. When it glows green, it means baby readings are normal. When it is red, it notifies you and plays sounds as it indicates the baby is not in the present zones.

The base station will still glow and notify you even without Wi-Fi or your phone battery goes down. They can also connect through Bluetooth low energy but not through Hotspot Wi-Fi.

Owlet Products Smart Device Compatibility

The most asked query about Owlet products, if they are compatible with smart products, mainly the voice assistants.

Talking about smart device compatibility, Owlet products are currently compatible only with smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems. For best results, both the Owlet app (available both on Play Store and App Store) and the operating system should be kept updated. Owlet products are compatible with iPad as well (running on iOS 9.3 or above).

Owlet products cannot be monitored through tablets as they are not optimized for the same. Further, Owlet products are not compatible with smartwatches, smart speakers, desktops, computers, and even voice control assistants.

Does Owlet Work With Alexa 01

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Does Owlet work with other voice assistants?

No, Owlet does not work with any of the voice assistants. It does not work with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant.

Can you talk through the Owlet?

Yes, if you have Owlet Cam at home, you can talk through Owlet to your child via two-way audio. It allows parents to talk to the child far away and even listen to the baby’s noises through live baby streaming.

Can you use Owlet while the baby is awake?

When the baby is awake, it is not recommended to use Owlet smart sock as the heart and pulse rate fluctuate sharply while the baby is awake or being nursed.

Can you connect two phones to am Owlet sock?

Yes, Owlet sock can be connected to multiple devices provided you log in to the registered device first before allowing multi connections.

Can Owlet cam stream footage to many phones?

Yes, Owlet can stream footage to up to 4 devices at the same time. Those who can access your account credentials can stream the footage on their mobile device.