Does Sonos Beam Have Bluetooth?

Does Sonos Beam Have Bluetooth?

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Sonos Beam is a smart, compact soundbar that can create your own home theatre system.

As it is a smart soundbar, you can control it with your voice and even with the help of the Sonos app, downloaded on your mobile device.

What more? Sonos Beam also has a Speech Enhancement feature that focuses more on the human voice in a movie or music so that it doesn’t get lost with high background music or sound.

However, with brilliant sound quality, ease to use, and other brilliant features, the company forgot to focus on minor functionality like Bluetooth. So, to answer the question, if Sonos Bean has Bluetooth, the answer is No, Sonos Beam doesn’t support Bluetooth.

The only Sonos speaker that supports Bluetooth is ‘Move’. However, a workaround may not be equivalent to Bluetooth functionality but is a great alternative to play music with Beam.

In fact, not one, but there are various ways you can listen to your music on Beam stored in your device.

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Play Music Using Airplay 2

If you have music stored in your iOS device, be it iPhone or iPad, you can play the music on your Sonos Bean with the help of Airplay 2. If your Sonos Beam is connected to the TV, you can even use Airplay to play music through them.

Here is how you can use Airplay 2 to play music:

  • Open Settings in your iOS device and go to ‘Control Centre’.
  • Now, search for an audio card in the upper right corner of the screen and click on the ‘Airplay’ icon.
  • Now, select the Sonos product i.e. Sonos Beam to stream the same audio.

Play Music Using An Android Mobile Device

Alternatively, if you have a Sonos Move, you can easily play your music through Bluetooth on all your Sonos speakers using multi-room functionality. Just keep the Sonos Move closer to the device you are playing music from. Once Sonos Move is connected to your mobile device through Bluetooth and other Sonos devices are interlinked with the help of the Sonos app, you can easily enjoy music throughout your house.

Play Music Using A USB Or Hard Drive

We can understand your necessity of playing music stored on your mobile device. If you only like to play your favorite music stored on your mobile device, using a USB drive is another method though a bit longer route.

However, it is still better than not to make full use of Sonos Beam.

Sonos Beam has an HDMI port at the back of it. You first have to transfer all your songs from your mobile device to the USB drive by connecting them both to your computer/laptop. Once all the songs have been transferred to the USB drive, just plug it in at the back of your Sonos Beam using an ‘HDMI to USB port converter’. We hope it works well.

Now, control it using the Sonos app. You can easily play, skip and adjust the volume using the Sonos app.

Does Sonos Beam Have Bluetooth?
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Play Music Using Bluetooth Receiver Transmitter

If you are up for a bit of investment to play music on Sonos Beam from your mobile device, buying a Bluetooth transmitter is recommended.

APTX BT Bluetooth reviver transmitter is a device that can help you turn your Sonos Beam into a Bluetooth-enabled device. Through the transmitter’s RX mode, you can make your stereo system Bluetooth-enabled by pairing it with your Bluetooth-enabled device like laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc., wirelessly.

So, all you need to do is connect this device to your Sonos Beam via the mic, and then you can pair your speaker with your smartphone through it.

To find this device, just search for the term ‘APTX BT Bluetooth transmitter’.

Using Voice Command To Listen To Music On Sonos Beam

If you are not particular about listening to music stored on your mobile-only, you can actually make use of various streaming services to play music on Sonos Beam.

You can voice command Sonos Beam to play music. However, for this, your Sonos Beam should be set up with either Alexa or Google Assistant.

Setting up Alexa with Sonos Beam

  • Open the Sonos app on your device.
  • Go to Settings> Voice> Services and Voice> Add a service> Amazon Alexa
  • You will now be prompted to sign in to your Sonos account if not already.
  • Once signed in, tap on ‘Add to Sonos’ and select Sonos Beam to add to the list you want to control through Alexa.
  • Now, select the room for Sonos Beam and click on ‘Add Amazon Alexa’.
  • Select the speaker and sign in to your Amazon account. Follow the instructions as prompted. After everything is done you will be asked to click on ‘Go to Alexa app’. (Have it downloaded before)
  • Now, link all the music services you use with your Alexa app. You can do the same in Sonos app (now Sonos 1 Controller app) or Sonos 2 app as well.
  • Go for either of the two, Sonos 1 Controller app or Sonos 2 app, and do as instructed to access your Sonos speaker with voice control.

You can now use commands like ‘Alexa, play Spotify playlist on Sonos Beam’ or ‘Alexa, play the music in the living room (or whatever room your Sonos Beam is added to).

Similarly, you can set up your Sonos Beam to receive voice commands through Google Assistant by downloading the Google assistant app and accessing it through your Sonos app to connect them together.

You can also team your Sonos Beam with the Apple Home app if you have an Apple device.


So, even if Sonos Beam does not have Bluetooth, there are great ways in which you can still listen to music stored on your device. Additionally, you can also use voice commands, Wi-Fi, remote, Sonos app, and so much more to listen to music through it.

You can even connect it with your smart TV. We hope at least one of the above-given options works out smoothly for you and you get to enjoy seamless use of Sonos Beam in your environment.