Does Sonos Roam Have Voice Control?

Does Sonos Roam Have Voice Control?

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Sonos Roam is a portable Bluetooth smart speaker by Sonos. But that’s not all. Like every other Sonos speaker, Sonos Roam also favors multi-room music functionality.

It is also one of the few Sonos speakers that can be used outdoors. It can be carried along every way you like, from traveling, adventurers, and hiking to RVing.

After Move, Sonos Roam is the second Sonos portable speaker, and it is made with all thought that it can stay like that, i.e., absolutely portable.

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Know your Sonos Roam

Learn more about Sonos Roam from voice control and beyond.

Sustainable packaging

Roam comes with sustainable packaging throughout. The labels, stickers, tear strips, and envelopes are replaced from single-use plastic with more sustainable solutions like customizable kraft paper. All the internal components are replaced with paper pulp.

“We wanted the unboxing to feel like it’s your birthday.”, says the head of the packaging department, Michelle Enright.

Touch controls

On the top of the Roam, you won’t see physical buttons but touch buttons. With a single touch, you can control the Roam without using a remote or an app.

You can use touch control to power it on, play and pause the track and control the volume. You can also pair it with Bluetooth with a mere touch. Touch the power button for three seconds to enable pairing to a Bluetooth device. To power it down, hold the power button for five seconds.

There is also a brand new feature, i.e., Sound Swap. This feature adds to the multi-room experience. As per this, you can just touch this button and throw the sound or receive the sound from another Sonos speaker nearby.

Horizontally or vertically

Do you like a speaker that can be kept howsoever. Sonos Roam is one of them. It is constructed so that its inbuilt speakers, amplifiers, and staff adjust to provide high sound quality no matter how it is kept.

You can place it vertically in your bag pack pocket or keep it horizontally on a table, and it will sound all the same. It’s also constructed so that it can be changed easily by being as closer to the wall as possible.

Sonos Radio

Always been a retro person and would love to have a radio on your portable speaker. Sonos radio makes it possible. Sonos radio is a free service by Sonos that lets users listen to radio stations of their choice. Some of the stations are curated by music icons like Third man records, Blacksmith Radio, Brittany Howard, and more.


Bluetooth has to be its unique feature as it is the first Sonos speaker to support Bluetooth.

Got your favorite songs on your phone or another Bluetooth-enabled device? You can now play them on Sonos Roma, group your other Sonos speaker to it and play the songs in all your rooms. You can also connect it to a Bluetooth device without using the app through the touch buttons on its control panel.

Does Sonos Roam Have Voice Control?

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Airplay 2

Got your songs on iPod, iPad, or Apple device? You can use Airplay 2 to connect your Sonos roam to our preferred Apple device and play songs out loud on Roam.

Sonos Roam is compatible with Airplay 2 and lets you make full use of Roam.

Streaming services

Got your favorite songs on your favorite streaming apps like Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, or others? No worries, Sonos Roam can also connect to your music streaming service to play songs out loud.

Not only this, but you can also listen to podcasts and audiobooks on Sonos Roam using Spotify or Audible. First, you need to add your streaming service credentials through the Sonos app to connect it to your account.

Automatic Trueplay

Automatic Trueplay is a trademark feature of Sonos. Through this unique feature, you can calibrate the speaker’s sound as per its surroundings and area.

If your room is small and Sonos is blazing too loudly, you can actually use Sonos Trueplay to keep the sound true to the room’s size. You can find the feature in the Sonos app, wherein you can use it as per the prompts to set it right.

It allows you to roam your device around your room to understand the surroundings and auto-tune the Roam accordingly.


The Roam has an IP67 rating, meaning it can stay one meter deep underwater for 30 minutes, making it waterproof. It is also dustproof, which makes it rough and tough.

Does Sonos Roam Have Voice Control 03

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Does Sonos roam have voice control?

To answer the question, yes, Sonos Roam does have voice control to the full extent. The voice control feature in Sonos Roam allows you to communicate with it hands-free with the help of your voice.

Sonos Roma is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistant. This means you can choose to use Alexa or Google Assistant as the voice assistant. When setting up the product, you will be asked to choose the voice assistant you like.

To set up voice control on Sonos Roam, you need to take the help of the Sonos app. Follow the steps below to add voice service to Sonos roam:

  • Open Sonos app on mobile app
  • Go to Settings> Services & Voice
  • Under Voice, click on Add a Service.
  • It will list down the available voice assistant in your region.
  • Select one of your choices
  • Follow on-screen prompts to set it up.

With voice control, you can handle Sonos roam with your voice. When you say the wake word like Alexa, it lights on top of Roam will light up i.e., the microphone is turned on, and Roam can listen to you. You can then just ask random questions to Roam as you like. For example, anything about the weather, temperature, latest news, your alarms, etc. You can also turn the volume up and down and change the song using voice control. You can also set the timer.