Echo Show 15 Review – Biggest smart screen

Echo Show 15 Review – Biggest Smart Screen

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After Facebook introduced the 14-inch Portal+, Amazon responded with the launch of the Echo Show 15 – the largest smart display it has released to date.

It is easy to see, the new device has a comprehensive improvement when it is no longer a touch screen mounted on a bulky speaker base, but will instead be a flat-screen with flexible installation. Echo Show 15 possesses a sophisticated, simple appearance that looks like a decorative picture frame, but hidden behind is a multitude of modern features.

Echo Show 15 is a 15.6-inch amazing voice tool that gives you a larger and brighter display and also allows you to navigate better calendars, notes, reminders with Alexa’s smart home skills to create an active and gorgeous smart home hub.

It features an AZ2 Neural Edge processor, making it faster and smarter than other Alexa-powered devices, and the processor also ensures prompt response to Alexa voice.

Alexa will be your personal assistant to help through various tasks, ranging from simple tasks, like the weather, solving maths questions, or a metric, to the more complex, like smart home commands, online purchases, and suggestions on what food to buy for a recipe.

The Echo Show 15’s full 15.6-inch full HD display means it will give you an ultra-sharp, bright and vibrant screen.

Echo show 15 review

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Also, the 15-inch display makes this Echo Show uniquely capable of acting as a TV; you can easily connect to Netflix to watch your favorite shows.

The display you get offers a high degree of details for both text and images.

The Echo Show 15 has a sample size of about 10-inch designed to make it portable and suitable for being hung on your walls.

Bluetooth is also on board, enabling the Echo Show 15 to wirelessly pair and play audio from various audio sources, such as your smartphones, tablets, or other smart devices.

Now let’s talk about how easy it is to operate this device; Echo Show 15 has designated buttons to carry out operations such as muting the microphones, increasing or lowering the volume, and also a shutter that you can slide to block the camera.

Setting up the Echo Show15 is quite easy except for a little bit of drilling or screwing you have to do before you can start enjoying your device.

It comes with a box that includes a mounting template, a wall mount, anchors, and screws – so you don’t have to go the extra mile to get the needed accessories.

Echo show 15 review
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Featuring a 5- megapixel camera, it can function for visual ID recognition. Once you approach the device, it tells you who is in the frame and modifies the screen or suggestions to their preference. Although the Visual ID is optional, you don’t have to use it if you don’t feel like it. The camera quality is not that great, but I guess you can still work with it.

The Widgets option makes it useful when you need to leave a note for someone or when you need to keep track of upcoming events and even get quick access to controlling the smart home.

Of course, the Echo show 15 has some aspects that disappoint my expectations.

I personally do not completely appreciate the audio. The audio output lacks more with music playback than with spoken word. A very Weak sound emits from the speaker. There’s no real soundstage to speak of, and bass response is close to being absent. It could have been better.

The screen is a 15.6-inch 1920 x 1080 Full HD display, but there’s no HDR, making movies and shows look a bit duller than on a 4K HDR TV. And speaking of the colors and brightness, it looks quite boring.

The widgets only come in one size, meaning they can’t be resized.

If you are the type that hates seeing clusters of wires, then it might be difficult for you to be satisfied with the Show 15 because the cords are hard to hide after mounting them on the wall.

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