Echo Spot Screen Flickering: Here Is A Simple Fix

Echo Spot Screen Flickering

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Echo Spot is one of Amazon’s smart devices that works as a smart clock and has a small screen of 2.5 inches.

Echo Spot is fully Alexa enabled, i.e. you can throw commands at her about anything and everything.

You can even play music on Echo Spot.

It also has a camera at its front top that makes it capable of using it for video calls as well. You can even watch the latest news on it or set alarms, reminders, etc.

In all, Echo Spot can do almost everything a smart device can. It displays time, temperature, date, and other such details on the screen.

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Though it’s a bit expensive of all Amazon products, it’s worth it because of all the features it provides in a mini packet.

You can also use it as a Bluetooth speaker as it includes a 3.5mm stereo at the back. You can also control your smart home with the help of this device.

Not only this, but it can also be used as a baby monitoring device with the help of its live camera feed.

You can control all your home smart devices too. It is also compatible with Alexa Guard to send you notifications when it detects the sound of fire alarms, breaking glass alarms, etc.

Yes, you can enjoy Alexa skills with Echo Spot too.

If you have an Echo Spot already and lately it has been behaving weirdly like a flickering screen, here are a few ways we have found that can help you in fixing it.

Flickering screen on Echo Show and Echo Show is a common problem that most users have faced. Some were able to fix this problem by trying out the following solutions. Here are the top four ways to fix screen flickering:

Adjust Echo Spot Brightness

This method works well on Echo Show. If you are lucky enough, it may set your screen flickering problem right.

Sometimes, when the screen of your Echo Spot is high on brightness, it may start flickering. To fix this, you can change the brightness of your Echo Spot in Settings.

Go to your Echo Spot settings and lower the scale of brightness.

As you set the brightness of your device to a low level, you would see the flickering disappearing. Also, turn off the adaptive brightness option (if included).

Factory Reset

Factory resetting your Echo Spot, unplugging, plugging, and restarting your Echo Spot can help you fix the flickering screen.

Even if you ask for help from customer care, this is the first thing they suggest.

You can try your luck by first factory resetting your Echo Spot. You can do so either with the help of the Alexa app or through the settings of Echo Spot.

For this, swipe down the Notification panel from the top of your Echo Spot screen, go to Settings> Device> Factory Defaults.

After the factory reset is completed, now unplug your Echo spot, try plugging it again, and hopefully, this would make the screen stop flickering. If needed, you can restart the Echo Spot thereafter.

Change The Position

Changing the position of your Echo Spot is also helpful. This could set the screen right because of two reasons.

Interference with other devices

Maybe your device was initially placed near other foreign devices with strong signals like a computer, TV, or printer, which may be interfering with the signal of Echo Spot.

Trying to keep it an empty space would fix the problem altogether.

Power supply issue

The power supply or the cable where Echo Spot was initially plugged in wasn’t in its favor.

So, changing the power plug of the Echo Spot is another way to stop the screen from flickering without having to compromise with its brightness.

You may try plugging it every other place in your house.

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Contact Amazon Support

If none of the above options seems to work well for you, your last resort should be contacting Amazon customer support.

If the device is already in its warranty, Amazon may either fix it or replace it will a new device.

You can try out your luck if it’s still under return policy.

We are sure these solutions would bring your Echo Spot back to you.

If nothing works, try resting it for a few days by shutting it down before you start using it again.

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