77 Best Gifts for Classical Music Lovers: A 2024 Gift-Giving Guide

gifts for classical music lovers

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for a Classical music lover?

Between silly  t-shirts and dead serious books, literally tens of thousands of recordings, countless pieces of audio gear that sound variously fantastic or atrocious with Classical music, and so much more, the task can seem not just intimidating but out-and-out impossible.

But don’t worry! I’ve put together a very selective list of the best gifts imaginable for any Classical music fan, to make your shopping – whether it be for Christmas, a birthday, a wedding present or anything else – as easy and fun as possible.

If you want even easier, and as quick and to the point as possible, here are a few of my favorite gift ideas for Classical music buffs:

What Is the Best Present for a Classical Music Lover?

Well, there are so many great answers! I mean, you can obviously get the Classical music lover in your life Classical music, but you can also get them some audio equipment – cheap or premium – that will make Classical music sound fantastic. You can get them a funny or clever t-shirt, or a book that gives a fun and informative look into the fascinating centuries-old history of Classical music. 

Or you can buy them a piano – that would amaze and delight them, wouldn’t it? Can you imagine?

Here at Speakergy we are definitely into our audio gear, and so this buyer’s guide is heavy on speakers, headphones, turntables and the like, but I myself am a huge Classical music fan, so I’ve also included a wide range of books and recordings I know and love, and which would make great choices as Classical music gifts. I’ll also include a good selection of t-shirts, which in the Classical music realm are just as silly as any others but sometimes a bit more clever – not always, but sometimes.

And, since I just can’t resist, I am going to also throw in a couple of pianos – one which just may be much, much less expensive than you can imagine.

So we end up with the following categories:

So let’s dive right in, shall we, with this 2023 Speakergy guide to the best gifts for Classical music lovers!

Best Gifts for Classical Music Lovers – T-Shirts

You may think that the humble t-shirt is not appropriate for the serious world of Classical music, but I’ve been amazed at how even the crustiest and dustiest of Classical aficionados are just delighted by a corny or clever T.

This might help explain why there are like a gazillion Classical themed t-shirts available. To make the picking a little more manageable, I’m including ten I particularly like – including two of my all time favorites: Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and the Musical Dandelion.

Best Gifts for Classical Music Lovers – Audio Equipment

If you know somebody who loves Classical music, but whose stereo equipment is not really up to par, a good set of speakers or headphones a turntable or a CD player can really bring things to a whole new level – sound quality, of course, and therefore the power and beauty of the works and the performances, but also understanding and appreciation of the music itself.

A CD player or, especially, a turntable has the added advantage of opening up a new world of resources – used record and CD shops, thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets, and even online shops. There is so much Classical music out there that is usually dirt-cheap and often not available at all in other forms like digital downloads or streaming.

Our natural conception of stereo equipment is that it’s expensive – too expensive, in fact, to make a practical gift – but in fact, while some of these recommendations are a bit pricey, some of my favorite gear is amazingly inexpensive.

Best Speakers for Classical Music

Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Classical Lovers

Bluesound Pulse 2i Wireless Multi-Room Smart Speaker 

I don’t normally like portable Bluetooth speakers for Classical music. Don’t get me wrong – I think JBL, Bose, Ultimate Ears, Sonos and others make fantastic sounding, fun and high quality systems, but they don’t necessarily have the finesse, the sonic accuracy, dynamic power and expressivity, the soundstage and imaging or the open and effortless quality the best Classical recordings demand.

The Bluesound Pulse 2i is different, though, with an astonishingly low distortion, open and easy sound that reminds me of true audiophile sound systems. A wide, deep and detailed soundstage is filled with incredibly accurate and dynamic details which just sound right, and both large and small ensembles are handled with equal aplomb.

There are admittedly some fantastic high end Bluetooth smart speakers out there – some Bang and Olufsens are significantly more expensive than this flagship Bluesound Pulse 2i, and some of the higher level Sonos speakers are pretty amazing, but none of them come together in such a complete way as the Pulse 2i does.

And not just sound quality, but the very best technology and smart connectivity, superior material quality and craftsmanship – I’ve spent quite a bit of time with the Bluesound Pulse 2i, and it is not just the best portable Bluetooth wireless speaker system for Classical music, but my top choice overall on this list of best presents for Classical music lovers.

At around 800 dollars, the Pulse 2i may be more than you want to spend, and if you like the idea of an advanced smart portable Bluetooth wireless speaker system I can also strongly recommend the two less expensive Bluesound speakers – not perhaps quite as open or authoritative as their top of the line, but still worlds better with Classical music than pretty much any other company’s systems, and absolutely superb products on all levels.

Bluesound Pulse Mini 2i

Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i 

Best Budget Speakers for Classical Lovers

Polk Audio TSi100 Bookshelf Speakers

  • Passive – connects with speaker wires to a stereo system or amp

Remarkably accurate and honest for the money, the Polk TSi100 are amazing for their ability to project a full symphonic sound stage, as well as conveying the intimacy of a small ensemble or solo instrument, and have nice, deep bass, extended highs and a sweet, musical sound overall.

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

  • Active – includes amp, and can be connected with wires or through Bluetooth wireless to any device

A dynamic and exciting speaker system, which might be more easily associated with pop, rock, hip hop and electronica, the Edifier R1280 has a tonal accuracy and honesty that make it perfect for all kinds of Classical music as well, and probably the best imaging I’ve ever heard at this price.

Best Affordable Speakers for Classical Lovers

ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 Bookshelf Speakers

  • Passive – connects with speaker wires to a stereo system or amp

Incredibly accurate, clear and detailed, the Elac Debut are known for superior stereo imaging, dynamic power and the ability to resolve the most complex of music with amazing detail and accuracy, and the simplest music with disarming expressivity.

Fluance Ai41 Powered Bookshelf Speakers

  • Active – includes amp, and can be connected with wires or through Bluetooth wireless to any device

Brilliantly open and accurate, with the frequency response, dynamics, imaging and low distortion Classical music aficionados love, and yet equally talented in reproducing all other genres of music – electronica, hip-hop, rock, jazz, C&W and more.

Best Premium Speakers for Classical Lovers

KEF Q350 Bookshelf Speakers

  • Passive – connects with speaker wires to a stereo system or amp

The best bookshelf speakers for under a thousand dollars, the KEF Q350 sound far better than most speakers that are much larger and/or much more expensive, and reproduce the power, complexity and spatial reality of large symphonic music as beautifully as they convey the intimacy of a single instrument. A similarly superb, significantly less expensive option is the KEF Q150 Bookshelf Speakers.

Edifier S3000Pro Audiophile Active Speakers

  • Active – includes amp, and can be connected with wires or through Bluetooth wireless to any device

Very few wireless active speakers at this price level are good enough to be easily recommendable, but the Edifier S3000Pro are absolutely superb, with the definition, dynamics and stereo imaging Classical music needs, and with an honesty and musicality that works with all kinds of music.

Best Headphones for Classical Music

Best Budget Headphones for Classical Music Lovers

AKG K240 Open Back Studio Headphones

  • Wired Over-Ear Design

With their open-backed design, the award winning AKG K240 reproduce space beautifully, and have an effortless, exceptionally low distortion sound that suits Classical music perfectly – amazing for the price, and one of the best affordable Classical music gifts I know.

Edifier W830BT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

  • Wireless Over-Ear Design

With the best and most advanced technology imaginable, and incredibly long battery life, the Edifier W830BT are maybe the best wireless headphones overall at this price, but their refinement of sound and rare expressivity make them especially apt for Classical music.

Best Mid-Priced Headphones for Classical Music Lovers

Sennheiser HD 560 S Over-Ear Audiophile Headphones

  • Wired Over-Ear Design

At nearly 200 dollars, the Sennheiser HD560 may be creeping up to premium level, but their stunningly open, accurate and detailed sound, their unrivaled expressivity and musical energy and their ravishingly beautiful sound make them among the best values in audio today.

Soundcore by Anker Life Q35 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

  • Wireless Over-Ear Design

In a world of Beats, JBL and Skullcandy – nice headphones, but terrible choices for Classical – the Soundcore Q35 are so refreshing, with an easy, open and effortless sound that lets the music speak for itself – perfect for our purposes here. Throw in the best tech and superior material and build quality and these are an easy  choice and a great gift for any Classical lover.

Best Premium Headphones for Classical Music Lovers

Hifiman Sundara Over-Ear Planar Magnetic Wired Headphones

  • Wired Over-Ear Design

I could have gone right back to Sennheiser for my premium choice, and their superb HD 650 are among the finest headphones at any price, and my personal favorite for Classical or any other music. That said, there is something so magical about these Hifiman Sundara, which are a bit less expensive and, at their price level, absolutely untouchable – tonaly beauty and accuracy, huge and holographic soundstage, dynamic power and subtle expressivity, all the components necessary for Classical music listening at the highest level. Well, at least without spending several thousands of dollars, at which point the best available are still Hifiman – the stunning, and stunningly expensive Susvara, which are quite possibly the best headphones made today.

Bose 700 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

  • Wireless Over-Ear Design

I’m surprising even myself with this choice – I mean, there are a couple of other choices in this price range which seem more obvious – the wonderful brand new Sennheiser Momentum 4 or the slightly less brand new but equally wonderful Edifier Stax Spirit S3, either of which is probably a better sounding headphone than the Bose. But the Bose 700 have that kind of beautifully musical, detailed and expressively dynamic sound that makes Classical sound best, and have a hugely important advantage – the best active noise cancelling currently available, which can make the softest pianissimos of Classical music more clearly audible and the whole listening experience more enjoyable.

Best CD Players for Classical Music

Cambridge Audio AXC35 Single-Disc CD Player with High Performance Wolfson DAC and Remote Control

My first CD player, not that many years ago, was an at least adequate budget Sony that cost around 100 dollars – but those days are apparently all gone, as CD players have gone from being ubiquitous, often dirt cheap mainstream audio products to a real niche market. At this point the least expensive player I could recommend is the Onkyo C-7030, which is also “at least adequate,” and actually quite nice sounding.

But the Cambridge Audio AXC35 player is so much more accurate, detailed and sweetly musical, and so much better for Classical music (and everything else) that the Onkyo seems a comparatively silly idea. A truly audiophile level product, the Cambridge can reproduce the power and beauty of even the best Classical recordings with ease, and is a beautifully built and well designed product to boot.

NAD C568 Audiophile Reference Single Disc CD player

And as these things go, you have to more than double the price of the Cambridge AXC35 – which, to be fair, is an amazing value – to get significantly better sound. And the NAD C568 does indeed have glorious sound quality, with superior resolution of the inner detail and subtle inflections that make Classical music so special. True dynamic power, effortless bass and shimmering, sweetly liquid high frequencies put this wonderful player at nearly the top level of sound quality, and indeed even something like the substantially more expensive Rega Saturn – one of the best CD players in the world – is in many ways only subtly better.

Best Turntables for Classical Music

One wonderful thing about having a turntable – whether a super-cheap record player or a fine audiophile deck – is the amazing Classical music records you can find for dirt cheap – really, really cheap – at thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets and used record stores.

Not only that, but so many of the incredible original analog stereo recordings of the 60s and 70s are being remastered and repressed on glorious audiophile vinyl – as expensive as the used records are cheap, but with a presence and rich musicality not even the best hi-res digital files can match.

But yeah, first the Classical music lover on your list is going to need a turntable, and so I’m going to list out four beautiful choices, from super-cheap to affordable premium, any one of which would be a truly fantastic choice for Classical music or anything else.

Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player

I’m a huge fan of the super-affordable record players Victrola offers, and I think that this Vintage suitcase player, despite its size and price, is a great choice – in fact, it is almost certainly the least expensive record player that will do full justice to Classical music.

Victrola Nostalgic 6-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player & Multimedia Center

A wonderfully retro all in one cabinet stereo system with a surprisingly nice turntable, the Victrola Nostalgic has a warm, full and clear sound that is perfect for even larger orchestral music, and will also play CDs and cassettes, FM radio and digital files.

1 BY ONE Belt Drive Turntable with Bluetooth Connectivity

While the Victrolas above have built in speakers, with the 1 by One turntable we’re moving into that higher quality realm where the ‘table needs to be connected to a stereo – luckily, this turntable makes it very easy, with wireless streaming that will work with any Bluetooth speaker, as well as digital and analog outputs for use with virtually any other audio equipment. It comes with an excellent cartridge/stylus, and is the best sounding turntable I’ve heard at this low price.

Fluance RT82 Reference Turntable with Ortofon OM10 Cartridge

Any of the several affordable Fluance turntables would be a great choice, and we here at Speakergy have recommended them all at one point or another, but the RT82 Reference, which is one of their least expensive models, is in my opinion their best value, and with the incredibly sweet sounding Ortofon OM10 cartridge the perfect mid-priced turntable for Classical music.

Rega Planar 1 Turntable with Carbon Cartridge

At just under 600 dollars, this least expensive of all Rega turntables is widely considered one of the very best values in the audiophile world, and while still not exorbitantly expensive, it is a far better sounding turntable than even the excellent Fluance just above, with imaging, resolution, low noise and wide dynamic range – as well as an amazingly open, sweet and musical sound overall – that brings Classical music – or any music – to a whole new level.

Big Fudge Professional Series Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

Vinyl Doctor Vacuum Record Cleaning Machine

Before we move on let me mention another fantastic gift idea for Classical fans – a decent record cleaner. Really, I can tell you from personal experience that every used record you ever buy will be dirty, and sound pretty bad, but with a good cleaning almost every single one will totally transform and end up sounding just amazing – often as good as new!.

Further, a good record cleaner is pretty essential for keeping records sounding great and making them last as long as possible, and they can even improve the sound of a brand new record!

So I’ll recommend my two favorite record cleaners here, one very cheap and amazingly effective – the hyper-popular Big Fudge – and one fairly pricey but an incredibly deep and effective cleaner and a must have for any audiophile or serious record collector – the wonderful Vinyl Doctor.

Best Gifts for Classical Music Lovers – Pianos

The piano is perhaps the instrument most associated with Classical music, especially in the beautiful compositions of musicians like Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart and Little Richard. Well, at least the first three…

Sure, there are also violins, trumpets, flutes, harps and big kettle drums, but to me a piano makes an absolutely perfect present for Classical music lovers because anybody can play them. I mean you may not sound like Little Richard, or even Chopin, but you can plink out a few notes and have a grand time – try that with a violin and you are more likely to sound like a dying cat – if you can make any sound at all.

And if the Classical music lover in your life has even a touch of training they can explore the classics on a whole different level, with an appreciation and personal connection not always possible when just listening.

Expensive? Well, yes, but I’m going to offer two choices here – one an overwhelmingly powerful and extravagant gift and one of the finest digital pianos on the market today, and the second a similarly superb instrument, with a full sized piano keyboard and weighted keys and beautiful sound, but much, much less expensive.

But either way, these are mightily impressive gifts that are sure to bowl over any Classical music aficionado.

Alesis Recital Pro 88 Key Digital Piano Keyboard with Weighted Keys

A wonderful, affordable digital piano that feels and sounds like the real thing, and a gift that’s sure to offer years of entertainment and joy.

Roland F-140R Compact 88 Console Digital Piano

The finest digital piano under two thousand dollars, that both sounds and feels like a concert grand (but takes up way less room), and quite possibly the most incredible, impactful gift you could give.

Best Gifts for Classical Music Lovers – Classical Music Recordings

Be warned! This is also a long and exhaustive/exhausting list of gift ideas – 20 different CD box sets, from cheap to a wee bit pricey. If you really want to get just the right one, please read on – I’ve tried to keep the individual descriptions ultra-short, and I think they’ll help you to find a perfect present.

But if you really just want to get to it, I can’t recommend the Naxos sets strongly enough. They’re cheap, brilliantly performed and beautifully recorded, and they represent some of the most lovely and important Classical music there is.

Whether you choose Naxos or some of the bigger and more expensive sets below, these are not just some of my own personal favorites, but superb and significant recordings which do justice to some of the most important, interesting and beautiful music ever written, and which are widely hailed as among the best of the best.

I focus particularly on box sets, which make especially great and impressive gifts, and which – if you get the right ones, at least – can offer a perfect overview of a particular composer, period or type of Classical music. And again I start with 8 wonderful and almost absurdly inexpensive Naxos box sets and then we move on to more expensive sets, but ones which still offer incredible value for their money.

Naxos Classical Music Boxed Sets

Other Classical Music Boxed Sets

Chopin Complete Edition on DG Various Artists

A surprisingly inexpensive complete edition of some of the most lyrically beautiful music ever written, in superlative performances and recordings.

Wagner: Der Ring Des Nibelungen Solti with Commentary

A fascinating and invaluable edition, containing Solti’s best-ever recording of perhaps the greatest opera cycle ever written, as well as a detailed audio analysis.  

Classical Masterpieces of the Millennium 20 CD Set

I wouldn’t normally recommend sets with fragments of larger works, but this one has such a great selection of works from all eras, and is the perfect companion for exploration – a great choice for a Classical music newbie!

Tchaikovsky: The Complete Symphonies London SO

Beautiful and powerful symphonies from the Russian master, in superlative new performances and stunning reference-level sound quality.

Stravinsky Complete Edition on DG Various Artists

All of the works of the great early twentieth century neo-classicist in performances widely considered to be both authoritative and supremely musical.

Beethoven Complete Edition Brilliant Classics Boxed Set

Exceptionally consistent excellence in a complete edition of perhaps the most important composer of them all – and an incredible value.

Orpheus Chamber Orchestra Complete DG Recordings 55 CDs

My favorite set and my highest recommendation, the OCO edition includes absolutely superb, musical and wonderfully idiomatic performances of masterpieces from many different composers and eras.

Messiaen Complete Edition 32 CD Set Various Artists

Arguably the most important composer of the 20th century gets a stunningly well performed and recorded complete edition – superb in every way, if at times a bit challenging.

New York Philharmonic Anniversary Edition 65CD Box Set

One of the two or three most important orchestras in the world, the NYP is perfectly represented in this extraordinary box set, which also proves to be an amazing overview of orchestral music from many composers and periods.

Complete Bach Edition Hanssler Classic 172 CD Box Set

Of the several complete Bach editions, this Hanssler set is IMO the very best, and without a doubt the best value – a real insider’s tip!

Living Stereo 60 CD Set Various Composers & Artists

Not just one of the best overviews of all types of Classical music, but a loving and beautiful tribute to some of the best sounding and best performed recordings of the golden age of Classical recording. This set can’t help but deepen anybody’s understanding and appreciation of Classical music.

Mozart Complete Edition Brilliant Classics 170 CD Box Set

An expensive set, this huge Brilliant complete Mozart is actually an amazing value, with consistently excellent performances of every work of perhaps the best known and best loved of all composers, and superb sound throughout.

Best Gifts for Classical Music Lovers – Books

I love the idea of giving books to Classical music fans, or to people who are just starting to be interested in and explore this most rich and rewarding genre. The right book will help people understand and better appreciate what they are hearing, put it into all kinds of contexts, and share so  many really compelling, funny, touching and inspiring stories of the composers and musicians and their fascinating lives and times.

I’ll start out with a few brilliant DK books – probably the very best for newbies and younger listeners, and easy, accessible and fun reads for absolutely anybody. Then I will list a half dozen of the best and most recommendable general Classical music books I know, all of which would make superb gifts. Finally I’ll list specialized books which cover – in a simple and accessible way – the four most important eras of Classical music and the four most important forms of Classical music.

This is a list of over 20 books, all of which I think are fantastic and all of which would make great gifts – but if you’re already a little overwhelmed, I can’t recommend the DK books – immediately below – highly enough. Any one of them would be a cherished gift for any Classical music lover, and they are all fascinating, informative, beautifully illustrated and a lot of fun.

DK Publishing – Great Classical Music Books for Kids (of all ages…)

DK Publishing offers a wonderful series of books that are easy to read, lavishly and helpfully illustrated, and offer amazingly complete and insightful overviews of the world of Classical music.

These books are all fun, engaging, highly informative and beautifully made, and their simple and accessible writing and layout make them suitable for even younger kids, while still offering rich reward and value to adults, and enough detail and inside information to engage and captivate even the most experienced listener.

The Classical Music Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained 

by DK Publishing

An easy and highly accessible, yet surprisingly advanced, book on all eras, all major composers and an apt selection of masterpieces – with surprisingly complete and interesting coverage of modern and contemporary Classical as well. Great for teens and adults.

The Complete Classical Music Guide

by DK Publishing

A wonderful beginner’s guide to every aspect of Classical music – theory, instrumentation, history, composers and musicians and a lot more. Beautifully illustrated and quite detailed, this easy to read book is great for beginners and for more experienced listeners alike.

Music: The Definitive Visual History (Dk Smithsonian)

by DK Publishing

A beautiful gift, both fun and educational, this big and richly illustrated volume may focus mostly on Classical music, but also covers popular music, jazz and all other genres, and so offers a brilliant larger perspective as well as a deeper appreciation and understanding of all types of music.

General Classical Music Books

Essential Dictionary of Music: The Most Practical and Useful Music Dictionary for Students and Professionals

by L. C. Harnsberger

The “Essential Dictionary” series has yielded some surprisingly thorough, apt, accurate and useful reference volumes, and their music dictionary is one of the best – not just Classical, of course, but even just that genre alone is covered with remarkable completeness and care.

The Vintage Guide to Classical Music: An Indispensable Guide for Understanding and Enjoying Classical Music

by Jan Swafford

This classic work offers maybe the most beautifully written, complete and interesting overview of Classical music from ancient times to the twentieth century – no real coverage of newer composers, but a definitive look at everybody else.

The NPR Listener’s Encyclopedia of Classical Music

by Ted Libbey

A comprehensive listener’s companion, this authoritative and well written volume is presented in encyclopedia form – not a straight-through read, but a fascinating drop-in reference for endless hours of pleasurable perusal.

Classical Music: The 50 Greatest Composers and Their 1,000 Greatest Works

by Phil G. Goulding

For such a scholarly and in-depth look at master composers and their masterworks, as well as all aspects of Classical music, this is a surprisingly humorous and good natured work – wonderful to read, deeply informative and highly communicative.

The Classical Music Lover’s Companion to Orchestral Music

by Robert Philip

Focusing specifically on orchestral music, this acclaimed book gives fresh and deep insight into works we may or may not already know, as well as brilliantly apt suggestions for exploration and discovery. Intelligent and highly interesting, Philip’s book is also quite nicely written and very accessible, 

The Lives and Times of the Great Composers

by Michael Steen 

An intimate look at some of the most significant masters of the major eras, this is a very entertaining book which offers a different view of the normally pretty stuffy world of Classical music.

Specific Classical Music Books – Different Eras

Early Music

Wonderful portraits of two of the most important composers in history, as well as fascinating looks into life and society in early Europe.

Vision: The Life and Music of Hildegard von Bingen

by Hildegard Of Bingen, Barbara Newman, et al.


by Paolo Fabbri and Tim Carter 

Baroque Era Music

An extraordinary biography of perhaps the greatest composer in history, written by arguably his greatest musical interpreter, and a fascinating, fun and comprehensive look at all kinds of music in the Baroque era of Bach and his contemporaries.

Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven

by John Eliot Gardiner

Beyond Bach: Music and Everyday Life in the Eighteenth Century

by Andrew Talle

Romantic Era Music

Intimate portraits of two very different 19th century artists – one the archetypal Romantic and one the most important musician of his, or any, era. The best books I know on these superlative composers.

Chopin, the Reluctant Romantic

by Jeremy Siepmann

Beethoven: Anguish and Triumph

by Jan Swafford

Modern Era Music

Penetrating and highly entertaining looks at the often highly challenging music of the last hundred years, making this mysterious and perplexing stuff understandable, accessible and even enjoyable.

Sound Within Sound: Radical Composers of the Twentieth Century

by Kate Molleson

The Companion to Twentieth-Century Music

by Norman LeBrecht

Specific Classical Music Books – Different Forms

Finally I’ll recommend a few really special books that concentrate on the most important genres in Classical music – Orchestral, Chamber Music, Piano Music, Choral, and Opera.

The Classical Music Lover’s Companion to Orchestral Music

by Robert Philip

A critically acclaimed and award winning guide to finding, listening to and appreciating symphonic music, as deep and fascinating as it is fun and accessible.

Chamber Music: A Listener’s Guide

by James Keller

An easy to read, compelling and very helpful guide to the small ensemble music that so many Classical lovers find a bit difficult to grasp and truly enjoy.

The Cambridge Companion to Choral Music

by André de Quadros

The most complete, scholarly and inclusive look at choral music worldwide, de Quadros’ book is amazingly easy to read and understand, and provides as much entertainment as it does insight.

The NPR Curious Listener’s Guide to Opera

by William Berger

A fun and light read and an easy way to get into the most heavy and intimidating of all music – grand opera, this NPR guide makes a great present for even the most experienced Classical music lover.