45+ Best Gifts For Vinyl Lovers They Will Actually Enjoy

45+ Best Gifts For Vinyl Lovers They Will Actually Enjoy

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When I first thought about writing an article on the best presents for vinyl lovers, I was sure the task was going to be quite difficult – I mean there’s so much to choose from, and knowing what a record lover would really want and appreciate getting seemed a bit overwhelming.

Turns out it was one of the easiest pieces I’ve ever put together! I mean, I’m a record lover, all of my friends and colleagues (pretty much) are record lovers, and so I simply asked a bunch of them – and myself – what would you really love to get as a gift?

So here we go with the results of my highly unscientific, and highly enjoyable, survey, in this buyer’s guide to the very best gifts for vinyl lovers and record collectors.

What Do You Get a Record Lover?

I can see that getting inspiration for the best presents for record collectors, including ideas for Christmas presents or birthday presents, can be a bit intimidating – after all, there are so many possibilities, and it’s hard to say what that special person on your list likes or might want.

Turns out, as I asked around, and as I did my own deep, Zen-like introspection, there are a few basic categories that kept coming up:

  • Clothing – I know we record lovers always, without exception, appear to be hip, cool sophisticates, but we’re actually a bit (well, more than a bit) geeky and silly, and if you get us a t-shirt that says “I sound like a broken record” or “I enjoy romantic walks through a record store” we’re going to wear them – all the time. 
  • Record Bags – For DJs, obviously, a record bag or pack is a great choice, but also for anybody who goes to record stores, record shows, thrift shops and garage sales, a good quality record bag always becomes a heavily used and highly beloved accessory.
  • Turntable Accessories – Things like record weights, record mats, suspension feet and the like – pretty specialized, and a little intimidating, but actually super-easy to select and buy if you have some expert guidance, and sure to make an enormous impression.
  • Cleaning Products – Less intimidating than turntable accessories, and (usually) a lot less expensive, a good record or stylus cleaning kit is something a vinyl lover always wants and needs (they do wear out / run out, after all) and will greatly improve sound while also extending the life of their precious vinyl discs.
  • Gift Certificates – A little impersonal? Not to me, or anybody I asked – we all, without exception, loved the idea of getting a little ecash to purchase new limited or audiophile vinyl that might otherwise feel a bit too indulgent.
  • Headphones – A few select headphones kept getting mentioned by my friends, or by the persistent voice in my head – ones that not only sound incredible, but really capture that warm, rich analog sound – and even something of the overall vibe – beautifully.
  • Turntables / Cartridges – if you know somebody who is fascinated by records, and wants to get started, but so far has nothing, the right turntable and cartridge (they quite often come together these days) can be an incredibly powerful gift, one that is loved and used every day – and even some of the best choices are surprisingly affordable.

In pretty much all of these categories there are clear choices – the best accessories, bags, shirts, record players and so forth – so if you have a good idea how much you want to spend, and know the person you’ve buying for even a little, finding just the right present should be a breeze!

So let’s get into some great vinyl gift ideas, with this 2023 buyer’s guide for the best gifts for vinyl lovers, record collectors, turntablists, DJs and music loving kids of all ages and all stripes!

Best Gifts for Vinyl Lovers – A Curated List

The Best Clothing Gifts for Vinyl Lovers

The most obvious choice for record collectors are t-shirts, which can be funny, cool or just simply classic. I checked with a lot of different people, and the below designs seem to be the most popular and desirable.

Of course there’s a lot more you could choose – jackets, hoodies, hats and cetera – and in fact the selection and possibilities are just too vast to include here. Instead, I would like to direct you to one company in particular, whose designs are cool and clever and whose products – tees, tanks, hoodies, even popsockets and phone cases – are consistently very high quality.

Vinyloo Gifts for Record Collectors Product Page


But for our somewhat limited space I wanted to concentrate on t-shirts, which are always liked, appreciated and well used. Keep reading, though, because at the end of this section, after all the t-shirts, there is the single best and most perfect gift you can possibly purchase for any record collector – socks. I’m sorry? Socks? Yes, socks.


As I have already divulged, we record lovers are much sillier and dorkier than you could possibly imagine from our hip and confident demeanor, and when it comes to t-shirts the sillier the better.

But if you have a friend, family member or other loved one who is, despite my shameful admission, clearly a paragon of coolness, and you’re sure they wouldn’t get caught dead in a silly shirt, I’ll also include some deadly serious shirts, as cool as cool can get and, seriously, gifts any record lover would absolutely love.

Silly Shirts for Record Lovers

Cool / Classic Shirts for Record Lovers

And One Shirt That’s, I Don’t Know, Just Kinda Sweet…

You Make My Heart Spin T-Shirt for Vinyl Lovers

Socks for Vinyl Lovers?

I would never have thought of buying socks for a record collector, but when I saw these I had to have them. And now I do…

Funny Music Lover Socks for Musicians, DJ, Vinyl Collector

The Best Record Bags for Vinyl Lovers

If you know any record collectors, or at least certain record collectors, a carrying bag or backpack may seem like the least advisable of gifts – after all, it seems highly unlikely that they would ever take any of their precious records out of the house, exposing them to the elements and whatnot.

In fact, it seems highly unlikely that some of the record collectors I know would ever take even themselves out of the house, let alone their records – but that’s another story.

Turns out, though, that among all of the people I talked to, record bags and backpacks were among the very most popular and frequently mentioned gift ideas, and nearly everybody I know would love to have a really nice one.

After all, as we already mentioned, a vinyl lover needs a good bag to safely and conveniently carry records to and from record stores, vinyl shows and swap meets, flea markets and thrift stores. And if the person on your list is a DJ, well, those mysterious creatures are always taking vinyl with them everywhere they go, whether they’re heading to a show or party or not…

Record Bags and Backpacks for Record Lovers

ALAZA Vinyl Records Stylish Large Backpack with Multiple Pockets – Not really a functional bag for keeping and moving records, but rather a fun and colorful general use backpack, the Alaza is a surprisingly high quality bag for the money – just make sure you select the records design, and not the “I Love Dogs!”

Loungefly The Beatles Let It Be Vinyl Record Crossbody Bag – Another bag that’s more for style than for carrying records – which, if they’re 12 inch, won’t even fit! – the Loungefly Beatles crossbody bag is cool and looks great, and is a truly premium product in every way.

Manhattan Portage DJ Shoulder Bag Adjustable Strap Water Resistant – The coolest, the most durable and safest, and the best choice overall. Not a cheap bag, but an amazing product and highly coveted by DJs, record lovers and hipsters everywhere.

Jansport Big Student Backpack – There are a lot of fantastic backpacks meant specifically for DJs, but it turns out that most of them are more for carrying mixers and cables than LPs and singles. The Jansport Big Student, on the other hand, is a great general use pack with tons of room for even 12 inch records and a lot more – a super high quality product with undeniable cool factor.

Razer Rogue Water Resistant Gaming Laptop Backpack – Like the Jansport just above, this Razer is not designed for carrying records, but is a beautifully made and highly protective backpack that will hold a lot of them safely and securely and, if possible, is even a tiny bit cooler than the classic Jansport – debatable, I know…

MAGMA DJ Bag Riot Backpack XL – that said, if you want the best DJ backpack on the planet, and also want to a gift that will absolutely floor the recipient, look no further than this superb Magma Riot extra large backpack – or, for that matter, any one of their amazing packs (check out the Magma Products Page).

LoDrid Vinyl Record Carrying Bag with Padded Bottom for up to 60 LP Records – A favorite among DJs and record collectors, LoDrid soft record cases are well made, brilliantly designed and easy to use and carry, and this 60 LP case is the perfect size.

Magma Riot LP Bag 50 – While I’ve just mentioned LoDrid as a favorite among DJs and collectors, if they tell you what they fantasize about, instead of what they will probably buy for themselves, it’s probably a Magma bag, and especially the ideally sized and perfectly designed 50 LP Riot.

Odyssey KLP2-Black Utility Krom Transport Case for 70 LPs – A big, solid, exceptionally strong and safe hard case for LP records, the Odyssey  KLP2 is not a cheap case, but is nonetheless an amazing value, and standard equipment among serious collectors and DJs. Also check out their huge Odyssey CLP200P Carpeted Pro LP Case!

Harmony Cases 100 LP Record Hard Case with Rollers – Probably the finest, strongest and most secure record case available, the Harmony record case is a bit of a fantasy for most collectors, but not really as expensive as you might think – a seriously desirable gift that will be enormously appreciated!

The Best Turntable Accessory Gifts for Vinyl Lovers

There are a few basic turntable accessories you can purchase for almost any vinyl lover or record collector – really thoughtful gifts that are certain to make a big difference in the sound of their turntables and records, and which are a safe bet and guaranteed hit.

I should say that if the record collector or music lover you’re buying for is one of those truly high-end audiophiles – you know, the kind that spend more for their stereo than you spent on your house – you might leave this type of product up to them, as they are probably a bit finicky. Or, if you live with them, and deal daily with the mania, feel free to replace “finicky” with your own word.

But even if your givee is a pretty hard-core enthusiast, with really expensive gear and way too many records, any one of these choices is sure to please!

Record Weights, Record Mats and Isolation Feet

One of the main engineering goals in turntable design is to keep the record, and the needle as it runs through the record’s groove, completely isolated from acoustical and physical energy in its environment – footsteps, doors opening and closing and especially the sound waves coming from the speakers themselves, and the subwoofers and woofers in particular.

All of it, the physical movements and the musical waves, can shake the needle and record, blurring the sound and strongly degrading the overall sound quality, and so even with inexpensive record players physical isolation must be a top priority.

And while most turntables do a great job at this, isolation can always be improved, and there is perhaps nothing that can improve the sound of record playback more than the increased isolation you get from a high quality (though not necessarily expensive) record mat, record weight or set of isolation feet.

Record Weights

Viborg LP628B Record Weight Stabilizer and Turntable Level – Even without one of the nice record mats in the next section, a record weight allows any record to stay on the turntable much more stably, with greatly reduced vibration and greatly improved sound, and this Viborg disc stabilizer is the most effective inexpensive weight available and the best value I know. Perfect in combination with the Pro Spin mat just below.

Fluance Record Weight High Mass Rubberized Steel – The Viborg works great, and will make nearly any serious turntable sound a lot better, but for markedly improved deep bass, imaging and resolution this heavy, low resonance Fluance record weight is a clear step up, and well worth the still affordable price.

Record Mats

PRO SPIN Acrylic Antistatic Turntable Mat – By reducing static electricity on records, while at the same time providing an acoustically dead coupling between the record and the turntable’s platter, this inexpensive Pro Spin acrylic mat improves everything, and in particular bass response, stereo imaging and overall detail and clarity – a must have accessory!

Pro-Ject Leather-It Leather Audiophile Record Mat – A superior record mat that can improve the sound of even very expensive turntables, the Pro-Ject leather mat is not cheap, but for the money there’s very little else I can think of that will improve sound this much.

Isolation Feet

Vibrapod Model 4 Isolation Feet Set of Four – There are tons of different isolation feet you can get, some super-cheap and some dizzyingly expensive, but the simple, inexpensive Vibrapod are the real deal – they are very well made, very effective and will make a huge difference in sound. Don’t be confused by their model numbers – my link is for the Model 3, which is the best choice for any turntable. Cheap enough for nearly anybody to afford and premium enough to make a really nice gift, these are the only feet I need to recommend!

The Best Record Cleaning Accessory Gifts for Vinyl Lovers

If there is a single affordable accessory that can improve the sound of vinyl record playback more than the record mats, record weights and isolation feet we looked at in the last section, it is without question a good record cleaning system.

The best record cleaners deeply remove dust and dirt from the grooves, greatly improving the needle’s ability to track and recover information from the modulations therein, and as a result everything improves – bass extension, weight and speed, detail and all kinds of resolution, stereo imaging, tonal beauty, on and on…

Just as importantly, a good and effective record cleaner will greatly extend the life of records, and can even bring old, assumedly unplayable records back to life – hello thrift store!

Big Fudge Professional Series Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit – The best inexpensive record cleaning kit by far on the market today, the Big Fudge is incredibly effective and very easy to use, and also comes with a gentle brush for cleaning the stylus. In a deluxe carrying case, this makes a wonderful, and wonderfully inexpensive, present – and, most importantly, it has by far the best brand name!

Vinyl Doctor Vacuum Record Cleaning Machine – The next step up, offering a much deeper, more complete and longer lasting cleaning, the Vinyl Doctor can save so many throw-away records from the trash can, and can totally transform an already nice, clean and playable record – or a whole library. It can even dramatically improve the sound of a brand new record! Definitely more expensive, this is nonetheless an amazing value, and downright cheap for serious record collectors. 

Audio Desk Systeme Premium Ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaner PRO – The finest and most effective record cleaner I know of, and the standard for professional music societies, libraries and serious audiophiles, the Audio Desk Pro may not be a realistic gift – unless you are independently wealthy and your recipient is seriously vinyl obsessed – but I think I include it here to illustrate just how amazing a value the Vinyl Doctor, just above, really is. That said, if you want to purchase an unforgettable present for a friend or loved one who has more records than their favorite record store has, this is, without a doubt, it.

Zerostat 3 Antistatic Gun – Keeping vinyl records free from static charge is as important as keeping them clean, and the kind of dust and particulates static can attract can not only badly affect the sound, but also eventually wear down and damage records. While most soft antistatic brushes double as record cleaners, and honestly do a pretty mediocre job at both, the Zerostat gun does only one thing, and does it perfectly. I don’t clean my records every single time, but I wouldn’t dream of playing them without a quick zap from my own Zerostat!

Big Fudge Master Sleeves – Now that the records are all nice – deeply clean and free from static – it is of utmost importance that they are put in a high quality antistatic protective inner sleeve. Even expensive premium grade audiophile LPs often come in inferior sleeves, but luckily these Big Fudge sleeves are as good as it gets and as cheap as cheap can be. A foolproof gift – record lovers can never, ever have too many good record sleeves!

Gift Cards for Vinyl Lovers

Amazon gift cards or online gift vouchers are, contrary to some people’s perceptions, enormously personal and caring gifts, which really let the recipient know that you want them to get exactly what they want – that’s my opinion, at least, and, as I mentioned above, it seems to be the opinion of lots of my friends and colleagues as well.

Of course, again, they’re all record lovers, and it definitely helps that the online retail giant has an absolutely unparalleled selection of not just music, but of vinyl records – from regular editions of new releases by today’s hottest artists to special limited and colored vinyl editions, audiophile pressings and rare re-issues. Really, a collector’s dream come true!

And I have to say that there’s something so indulgent, so luxurious and even carefree about having that credit as a gift – there are a number of really special LP records I’ve been eyeing for some time now but haven’t quite let myself splurge on, but if I had a gift card…

The Best Headphones for Vinyl Lovers

I am a headphone junkie, with more pairs of in-ear, on-ear and over-ear ‘phones than I care to mention (or have the time or energy to count). Still, I am going to really reign myself in here, and keep the recommendations down to 4 perfect choices – the absolutely best headphones for record collectors and for that wonderful analog record sound, at super-budget, budget, affordable-premium and premium price levels.

Purely analog – no wireless, no Bluetooth, no digital circuitry – any one of these four pairs of headphones would make a perfect gift for any vinyl enthusiast, record collector or music lover, and they all set new standards in terms of sound and overall quality for their price points.

The Best Super-Budget Headphones for Vinyl Lovers

MuveAcoustics Over Ear Wired Studio Headphones – My new favorite super-cheap headphones, the MuveAcoustics are decidedly old school in design and appearance, and are basic wired headphones – no Bluetooth or wireless connectivity, just incredibly rich, clear, accurate and exciting sound for very, very little money.

The Best Budget Headphones for Vinyl Lovers

Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones – Among the most popular and highly regarded of all affordable headphones, the Audio-Technica 20s are under a hundred dollars – way under, in fact – and yet have the beautifully rich, detailed, accurate and highly engaging sound one normally only finds in much higher level gear.

The Best Affordable Premium Headphones for Vinyl Lovers

Sennheiser Professional HD 25 Plus On-Ear DJ Headphones – Fun, cool, supe-tough and incredibly musical, the Sennheiser HD 25 Plus are a legend in their own time, and one of my favorite audio products of all times. If you want to see delight and sheer amazement in equal measure on their faces when they open your gift, or if you just want to get them a superb pair of headphones that you can actually afford, this is the best choice I can think of.

The Best Premium Headphones for Vinyl Lovers

Austrian Audio Hi-X60 Professional Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphones – Austrian Audio has taken the audiophile world by storm, with a new line of headphones that are stunningly beautiful and extraordinarily accurate in sound, are built with exquisitely premium fit, finish and craftsmanship, and are – though not cheap – incredible values in every way. The X60 are, in my opinion, the best of them all, and a superb and truly special pair of headphones that will surely overwhelm anybody lucky enough to receive them.

The Best Record Players and Turntables for Vinyl Lovers

We here at Speakergy have written many an article on the best record players and turntables for all levels of vinyl enthusiasts and music lovers, and if you think a record player is the way to go, you should definitely check out one or more of those articles:

We’ve also published an article about the difference between record players and turntables, which you can also check out, but let’s talk about that very briefly here.

The terms “turntable” and “record player” can be used totally synonymously, to mean exactly the same thing – simply a machine that plays records, whether they be 33 RPM albums, 45s, antique 78s, or anything else. 

That said, many people distinguish between the two, thinking of a record player as a less expensive, generally lower quality all-in-one machine that has a turntable, amplifier and speakers all together – either in a single unit or as a package.

The record player will not have the same superb sound quality of most turntables, but still really captures that beautiful analog vinyl record sound everybody is so crazy about, and an affordable gift that can sound just beautiful.

A turntable, on the other hand, will almost always be at least a bit more expensive, especially when you consider that you will need the rest of the stereo to actually listen to your records – an amplifier or receiver, speakers and all the cables and whatnot. At the very least you would need some sort of a powered speaker to plug the turntable into.

A turntable will offer – or should, at least, offer – much better sound quality, with that rich, warm and lifelike analog sound in full force, and fully take advantage of the amazing sound quality locked away in even inexpensive vinyl records.

A separate turntable like this will also usually be much kinder to your records, making them last and sound better longer – although good quality record players can also be pretty gentle with your records.

Is a Turntable a Good Gift for a Vinyl Lover?

Yeah, this is the question. And the answer really depends on where that vinyl lover is at.

That is, if your intended gift givee is interested in records, but has no playback equipment at all, a record player with speakers included might be just the thing – and even the best of them can range from downright cheap to surprisingly affordable premium.

Victrola Vintage Portable Suitcase Record Player with Speakers & Bluetooth – I am a huge fan of the ultra-affordable line of Victrola record players, and this Vintage model is one of my favorites – inexplicably inexpensive, with really beautiful analog vinyl record sound, a fun and useful retro suitcase design and even Bluetooth streaming.

1 BY ONE High Fidelity Belt Drive Turntable with Built-in Speakers – A big upgrade in many ways, including the premium fit and finish, the excellent material and build quality and the rich, full and dynamic sound, this still affordable all-in-one turntable with speakers is a really wonderful sounding unit that is a joy to use.

If they already have a decent record player, but it is cheap, old or pretty well used – something they found at a Goodwill, or in an Alley, or, worse yet, on Craigslist, an upgraded turntable with a nice high fidelity cartridge/needle included would be an incredible gift – you do need to make sure that they have a stereo system to plug it into and play it through, though.

Crosley C6B-WA Belt-Drive Bluetooth Turntable – This incredible bargain is a pure turntable – that is, it does not have speakers included, but it does have both analog and digital outputs so that you can play it through pretty much any kind of stereo – even a Bluetooth speaker. Superb sound and superb overall quality at a very low price.

Fluance RT80 Belt Drive Audiophile Turntable – A pure analog old-school turntable, the Fluance RT80 is known as one of the best values in high-end audio – ok, at only around 200 bucks, including a brilliant Audio-Technica cartridge and needle, this may not be high-end audio, but it sure sounds like it.

And if your recipient is a bit of a budget audiophile, with a decent but inexpensive high fidelity stereo system, I would recommend one particular turntable that will be sure to be a huge improvement on what they already have, and – though it is still not that expensive – begin to approach the highest levels of audiophile sound.

Rega Planar 1 P1 Audiophile Belt Drive Turntable – Now we’re getting into what we can properly call the high end, with a fairly expensive turntable (though the least expensive Rega makes) that is widely hailed in the hi fi community as one of the best values available, and even the best entry-level true audiophile turntable ever made. As beautiful to look at as to listen to, this is a really special turntable that comes with an equally special cartridge, and is sure to be a dramatic improvement over pretty much anything your loved one currently owns. My highest recommendation!