How to add Pandora to Sonos?

How To Add Pandora To Sonos?

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Are you trying to add Pandora on Sonos? It would have been futile if you had been doing these two to three years back. Pandora was once discontinued from the Sonos list of music services.

However, it was just for a short period. The very thing to note while adding any music service to Sonos is to check its current status. Sonos provides a link that constantly updates which music services are currently operating, are under maintenance, face partial or major outrage, or are facing degraded performance.

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What is Pandora?

Pandora is one of the most popular personalized music streaming services. However, this music service is available in a limited number of countries on Sonos.

These countries include United States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and American Samoa. Only the users of these countries can use Pandora on Sonos products.

Also, to use a Pandora on Sonos, you should either have a Pandora Free, Premium, or Premium Plus account on Pandora.

How to add Pandora to Sonos?

You can add Pandora to Sonos using either an Android or iOS mobile device or through MAC or Windows PC.

Using Android or iOS mobile device

If you have a Sonos smart speaker or soundbar and have downloaded the Sonos app on your mobile app, follow these steps to add Pandora music service to Sonos:

  1. Open the Sonos app (make sure it’s updated and you have created your Sonos account)
  2. go to the Settings tab and follow Services and Voice
  3. Go to Music Service and tab on Add a Service under it
  4. If Pandora is available in your region, it will be shown as one of the music services.
  5. Tap on Pandora music service, once you find it
  6. Tap on Add to Sonos

Follow the on-prompt screen instructions to add Pandora to Sonos.

Using Mac or PC

If you have a Sonos app installed on your Mac or PC instead, you need to follow different steps. Here is how you can dd Pandora to Sonos using Mac or any other PC:

  1. Open the Sonos app on computer device/laptop
  2. Go to select a Music Source
  3. Tap on Add Music Service under it.
  4. Click on Pandora among the music services mentioned.
  5. Follow the screen instructions to complete the process.

In both methods, you may also be prompted to download the Pandora app. You should also have a Pandora account created to be able to complete the process.

Troubleshooting Sonos and Pandora issues

1. How To Adjust The Volume?

Playing songs on Sonos using Pandora? You can adjust the volume

  • Through Sonos app or Pandora app

You can adjust the volume from the physical buttons of your mobile device provided you have to inside the Sonos app or Pandora app

  • Through Alexa

You can also adjust the volume through voice control by adding a Sonos skill on the Sonos app. It will let you increase and decrease the volume through commands like, “Alexa, turn up the volume in (name of the room).”

However, the skill has not been working in the current year (2021). Hoping Sonos will look into solving this skill.

Nevertheless, you can always use Sonos speaker physical buttons to adjust the volume.

2. Audio Dropping When Using Pandora On Sonos

Sonos provides some quick and advanced fixes to solve audio dropping issues while playing music from music services on Sonos. Try these out to troubleshoot your problem:

  • Restart the router

The first thing is to restart your router by unplugging the power cable and plugging it again after 30 seconds.

  • Check the speed of the internet

Sonos recommends the internet speed should be above 5 Mbps to be able to stream the music without dropping. You can choose to disconnect the Wi-Fi and connect it again to solve the problem.

  • Remove Sonos Bridge

If you are using Sonos Bridge to enhance the speed, try removing it once from the system and check if the problem persists.

  • Restart and relocate Sonos product

Restarting a Sonos product can also solve the problem of audio dropping in. Also, try relocating your Sonos product. The auto skips and stops can occur due to weak Wi-Fi signals. Placing the product closer to your router in a wired setup is advisable.

In case of wireless setup and Sonos products are grouped together, the main speaker should be positioned closer to the router.

3. Can’t See The Thumbs Up/Down Option In The Sonos App

The Sonos app shows thumbs up and down button for each song. However, for this, the Pandora account you are using should be the one associated with the Sonos controller.

If using a different Pandora account that is not connected with the Sonos app, you won’t see the signs.

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4. Trouble Signing In To Sonos 

The only possible reason you will have trouble signing in is when you updated your Pandora account password without making the same change in your Sonos app.

Both the Sonos app and Pandora app are connected when you are using Pandora on Sonos. Any change in either of these should be reflected in both apps.

To update the password in the Sonos app using a mobile device, follow:

  • Open the Sonos app
  • Go to app Settings and select My ServicesSelect Pandora as music service and find Change Password option.
  • Enter the updated password used in Pandora
  • Reconfirm it, and you are done.

Changing password from computer:

  • Open the Sonos app
  • Go to Manage> Service Settings
  • Choose Pandora from the given options and then click on Edit
  • Go to Change Password
  • Enter the password of your Pandora account, and you are done

If you continue to have trouble signing, contact the Sonos customer care service.

5. How To Use Alexa On Sonos To Control Pandora?

You need to set Pandora as the default music service to allow Alexa to listen to your voice commands on Sonos.

You can use basic Alexa commands to control Pandora to pause and play a song, change volume, or skip a song.


By now, you know, it is super easy to add Pandora on Sonos. Just go to Settings> Services and Voice> music Service> Add a service> Pandora, and you are done.