How To Change Weather Location On Alexa

How To Change Weather Location On Alexa

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If you are currently in, say, New York, it helps if you know the weather in New York, the traffic, and the like. But this information is not good for you if you are in South Africa. So, you need the weather and other data about your current place.

When you download Alexa, you have to set the weather location so that she gives you the exact information when prompted. Here is a guide to successfully help you change the weather location on Alexa.

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Setting the weather location

Each Echo device works differently, and the way you can get information varies. Echo Show has a screen that comes with it with the weather information of the location displayed on the home screen. So there is no need to ask for info explicitly. But you will have to keep the location updated.

You might think that you can always ask Alexa about the weather in a specific place, so is there a need to update the location. For example, you can ask, ‘Alexa, update me with the weather today in [your location].’ You are right; Alexa will give you the data about your location. But if you do not want to take the pain of specifying your location every time, you can set the weather location on Alexa.

Additionally, an Alexa skill gives you the weather details if you have set it as a routine. You can choose any time of the day, like morning or evening, when Alexa will give you updates on the weather in your place without asking every day. Here is how you can set the location.

  • Open the Alexa app and select your Echo device

How To Change Weather Location On Alexa 01

  • Press the Settings icon on the top right

How To Change Weather Location On Alexa 02

  • In the menu, press Device Location

How To Change Weather Location On Alexa 03

  • Update your address and press Save

How To Change Weather Location On Alexa 04

The location is automatically updated in the app without restarting it. You can try asking for the weather now to see if Alexa has saved the location details. You should get the right info. If you have more than one Echo device at your place, repeat each step.

It is especially important to change the location if you have recently made a move. If you have traveled across continents, you may also have to change the country and time zone. When you try changing the address on the Device Location page, you can see an option at the top to change the country.

Different locations for different Echo devices

Users often complain that they have to change the location of every Echo device they own separately. But this is set so for a reason. Some people buy an Echo device and gift it to a dear one living far away. The device may still be registered to the giver’s Amazon account, but it has to give the weather data of the recipient’s place.

And then others own more than one house and want to have Echo devices at each place. Naturally, the devices have to be set to the corresponding weather location.

Accurate information from Alexa

A lot of minute details about the weather can be accessed by asking Alexa. If your questions are specific, you will get answers to the point. Apart from getting the weather information about the present, you can also get data about the future, precisely, a week ahead.

If you are planning a trip on the weekend, you can ask for the weather forecast for the concerned days and prepare accordingly. For example, if it is rainy, you can pack umbrellas or if it is going to be cold, you can add an extra jacket. And if you feel that the weather is too bad for an outing, you can even reschedule the trip.

How To Change Weather Location On Alexa 05

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Creating routines based on location

Accessing the weather data is great, but Alexa can do more than that for you. There is something called a location-based routine that is of help to people who keep running from one place to another throughout the day. These routines offer great support when you have to manage work, home, and many other things in life.

You can start by setting two locations like workplace and home. This makes you complete the workplace tasks at the workplace and tasks at home in the comfort of your home. This can be done by setting reminders to tell you about what task is waiting for you at home, the moment you enter your house, making your mind free.

You can even create routines for your tasks and share them with others. Going for a walk with your partner or playtime with kids can be converted into routines. When you set routines for your office, you will get the reminder on your phone installed with the Alexa app. There is no need to carry your device wherever you go.

If you are a disciplinarian who likes to do everything at the right time, try creating routines for the whole week. You will keep getting reminders as and when the day progresses, and you can complete the chores without missing any.

Ease of search by setting location

Once you have set your location, there is no need to specify it repeatedly when you ask anything related to your place. For example, you can directly ask about the traffic in your area. If you are on wheels and want a quick bite, you can ask for the nearest restaurants serving good food. Thankfully, Alexa is always ready to respond to your queries, and that too with the most accurate information.


Changing weather locations on Alexa gives you not one but many benefits. Whether you want to know the weather information for the upcoming days, set reminders based on where you are currently, or know more about your locality, Alexa is always at your service.