How To Connect Sonos To Apple TV (All Version)

How To Connect Sonos To Apple TV (All Version)

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Do you have an Apple TV streaming box at home and also Sonos smart speakers and soundbars? Looking forward to connecting them together to enjoy home theatre feels?

Apple TV is not television but its higher version. It is a portable streaming box connected to the TV and other displays for streaming movies, shows, and more.

Set Up Your Sonos And Apple TV

Before connecting the Sonos and Apple TV, both Sonos and Apple TV must be set up individually.

Here is a checklist to make sure you are ready for connecting Sonos to Apple TV:

  • Sonos Controller app
  • Television with HDMI port
  • HDMI cable

Connect your Apple TV box to the TV using an HDMI cable (sold separately).

Use one end of the HDMI cable and insert it in the HDMI port at the back of the Apple TV box. Then, plug the other end of the HDMI cable into your TV.

Now, use the power cable of the Apple TV box (which comes with the Apple TV box) to power your Apple TV box by inserting one end behind the Apple TV box and the other end in a power outlet.

Pair your Apple TV remote with an Apple TV box by touching on the empty touch surface on the remote.

Press and hold Menu and Volume up buttons together to connect them.

You can further set up the Apple TV with the help of any other iOS device.

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How Do I Connect Sonos To Apple TV?

Once your Apple TV box is set, it is time to connect it to your Sonos product. Here is how you can connect different Sonos products to Apple TVs all in one place.

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How To Connect Sonos One To Apple Tv? 

Sonos One is a Sonos smart speaker that is compatible with Airplay 2 (you can’t be more thankful for this feature than at this moment).

Connecting Sonos one to the Apple TV box is not straightforward. You need to fulfill many requirements. To get started, make sure you have:

  • An Apple TV box that supports Airplay 2 i.e., Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K box
  • Your TV should support Airplay 2. Many TV brands like Samsung, Sony, and LG support the Airplay 2 feature.

If you fulfill these two conditions, you can connect Sonos one to Apple TV by following the below steps:

  • Connect your Apple Tv box to the TV and pair your Apple TV remote to the Apple TV box
  • Now, use the Apple TV box remote to open ‘Settings’ on a TV connected to the Apple TV box.
  • Go to the ‘Settings’ list with the help of remote
  • Go to ‘Audio and Video’ from the submenu displayed on the TV
  • Click on ‘Audio Output’ now and choose Sonos One as the desired audio output.

The Apple Tv box will automatically be connected with Sonos One provided the Sonos speaker is already set up on the Sonos app.

How To Connect Sonos Beam To Apple TV?

Again, connecting Sonos Beam to Apple TV is not a straightforward process. However, we will try to make it easier.

You can connect Sonos Beam to Apple TV in 2 ways:

A TV with HDMI ARC port

The steps to follow are:

  1. Connect Apple TV box with your TV using HDMI cable (use HDMI normal port at the back of TV)
  2. connect your Sonos Beam to your TV using another HDMI cable through the HDMI ARC (found at the back of your TV) port only

Optical audio adapter/ optical audio cable

If your TV doesn’t have an HDMI ARC port, use an optical audio adapter that comes with Sonos Beam (also sold separately) to connect Sonos Beam to the TV.

The steps to follow are:

  1. Enable HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) in your TV settings. It is known by different names in different Tv brands like Anynet+ in Samsung TV, SimpLink in LG TV, and HDMI CEC in others.
  2. Once the three devices are connected well, the audio from Apple TV should go to TV and will be heard through Sonos Beam perfectly.

How To Connect Sonos Play:1 To Apple TV?

Sonos Play:1 has been discontinued and is replaced by Sonos One and Sonos One SL. If you have a Sonos Play:1 at your home and want to connect it to your Apple TV, there is a workaround.

This workaround’s main requirement has another Sonos speaker at home that supports Airplay or Airplay 2.

You can connect Airplay-supported Sonos speaker to Apple TV in the same way as connecting Sonos One with Apple TV. Now, group your Sonos Play:1 with Airplay compatible Sonos product to enjoy multi-room playback.

For this, follow in Sonos app, Settings> System> Airplay> Enable group non-Airplay products.

How To Connect Sonos Arc To Apple TV?

Sonos ARC is a wireless and smart soundbar. Assuming your Apple TV and Sonos ARC are setup individually already, follow the below instructions to connect them:

  1. Connect Apple TV box to the TV using HDMI cable
  2. Connect Sonos ARC to TV via HDMI cable through HDMI ARC port.


Connect Sonos ARC to TV via the optical output cable (i.e., an optical audio adapter that comes with Sonos Arc) using the TV’s optical audio output port.

If the three are connected well, the TV will receive audio from Apple TV and will be out through the Sonos Arc.

You may have to adjust the volume of your TV manually. Further, you can use the Apple TV box remote or the TV remote to control the devices.

How To Connect Playbar To Apple TV?

Sonos Playbar is a predecessor of the Sonos Arc soundbar. Playbar is also a Sonos soundbar but with optical audio output instead of HDMI.

To connect Playbar to Apple TV, first, make sure Sonos Playbar is set up with the Sonos app. If yes, then follow the following steps to connect Playbar to Apple TV:

  1. Connect the Apple TV box to your TV set via HDMI cable.
  2. Connect Sonos Playbar with the TV set via an optical audio cable that comes with Sonos Playbar
  3. Go to your Apple TV settings via Apple TV remote, follow Audio and Video> Audio Output> select the Playbar

That’s it! If your TV doesn’t support optical audio cable input, then you may have to make use of a mediator device like ‘HDMI to optical audio cable convertor‘ to connect your TV to Sonos Playbar.

Once the three devices are set together, you can use the Apple TV box to send audio to Sonos Playbar via the TV.

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How to connect Sonos Move to Apple TV?

Sonos Move is a smart wireless speaker and the first Sonos speaker that supports Bluetooth.

One can connect Sonos Move to Apply TV with the help of Bluetooth or the Apple Airplay 2 feature, as Sonos Move also supports Apple Airplay 2.

Using Apple Airplay 2

  1. Connect your Apple TV box to Tv via HDMI cable
  2. Pair your Apple TV remote with Apple TV
  3. Press and hold the TV button on the remote and then select Airplay.


Swipe down the settings menu using a remote touch trackpad. Go to Audio and Videos from the drop-down menu > Audio output > Sonos Move

Make sure Sonos Move is set up on your Sonos app and is visible as an Airplay-compatible device.

Using Bluetooth

Another way to connect Sonos Move and Apple TV is using Bluetooth. This is possible if your TV supports Bluetooth as well. You can pair your Sonos Move to your TV set using Bluetooth.

Further, make sure your Apple TV box is connected to the same TV with an HDMI cable. Once done, follow Settings> Audio and Video> Audio output> Sonos Move to connect Sonos Move to Apple TV.

How to connect Sonos Roam to Apple TV?

Sonos Roam is a truly wireless portable smart speaker and the second Sonos speaker that supports Bluetooth.

One can connect Sonos Roam to Apple TV in one way or another. However, it won’t guarantee you the sound quality you may be looking for.

Since you have both devices with you, giving it, a try won’t hurt as well.

You can connect a Sonos Roam to Apple TV in a similar manner as Sonos Move i.e. via Bluetooth or Apple Airplay 2.

The Sonos Roam also has a USB port at the back. With the help of a USB cable, you can connect your Sonos Roam to your TV.

This is not a trusted method but may as well work just fine. Now, connect your Apple TV box with the Tv via HDMI cable.

Once the three are connected, follow Settings> Audio and Video> Audio Output> Sonos Roam on Tv via Apple TV remote to send audio from Apple TV to Sonos Roam.

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Apple TV And Sonos Problems: How To Fix!

Apple TV not showing Sonos products on the audio output

The two troubleshooting solutions for Apple TV-related Airplay issues are:

  • Hold down the TV icon button on the Apple TV remote
    • Open the Control Centre
    • Click on the Airplay icon to switch the audio output
  • Start the show/movie on your TV
    • Swipe down on Apple TV remote touch trackpad
    • Different options will be displayed on TV (info, subtitles, audio).
    • Select your preferred Sonos speaker (if displayed)

Apple TV not working with Sonos

Check all the wired connections. ATV should be connected to the TV via HDMI. Sonos Playbar should be connected to the TV via optical cable or HDMI cable.

If Apple TV is not working with Sonos, make sure both devices work on the same Wi-Fi network or through a router and Ethernet cable. Switching to the same network can solve the problem.

How To Reset Apple TV?

To reset Apple TV, follow:

  • Go to Settings of Apple TV using the remote.
  • Swipe down on the Apple TV remote on the touch trackpad.
  • Now, go to Reset and then select Reset to reset Apple TV.

Wait for a few minutes for it to respond back. If it doesn’t respond back, contact Apple TV support.

FAQs (Related Questions):

What is the difference between Sonos and Apple TV?

Sonos is a well-known company that manufactures smart speakers, soundbars, and home theatre systems.

Apple TV is a streaming service box that can be connected to any other TV or display device for streaming online shows, movies, etc. through various streaming services.

Is it possible to play Apple TV audio through Sonos One?

Yes, it is possible to play Apple TV audio through Sonos One with the help of Airplay 2.

Can multiple Sonos speakers connect with Apple TV?

Yes, it is possible to connect multiple Sonos speakers with Apple TV even when one of them is connected to it via Apple Airplay 2.

You can control Audio output options by holding down the TV icon button on the ATV remote and going to Control Centre.

Group your Sonos speakers together in Sonos app to connect them together with Apple TV.

Can I play music from my Apple TV through the Sonos?

You can’t play music from Apply TV through the Sonos without the use of your TV.

Is there a Sonos app for Apple TV?

Yes, SuonO is an Apple TV app that can be used to control Sonos speakers from Apple TV.

Can Apple TV control Sonos?

Apple TV can control Sonos using the Siri remote with the Apple TV box.

Airplay vs Sonos?

Airplay is a feature that allows supported devices to stream music over Wi-Fi. Sonos is one of those devices that can support such features.

It is a self-contained system, whereas Airplay is dependent on such devices for its working.

Can I Airplay Apple TV to Sonos?

Yes, Sonos products as well as TV sets that are compatible with Airplay can be used to airplay from Apple TV.

How to set up Airplay 2 on Sonos?

Update the Sonos app to its latest version. Make sure the app and Sonos speakers are updated to Airplay 2 software by checking through Settings> Online Updates.

Use any iOS device with Airplay 2 to Airplay music on Sonos speakers through the iOS device’s Control Centre.


This was all about connecting Apple TV to Sonos speakers and soundbars. Hope you find the information helpful.

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