How To Control Lights With Alexa

How To Control Lights With Alexa

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If you are not introduced to Alexa yet, it is high time you know her and welcomes her home. Alexa is the smart virtual assistant built into an Amazon device, or you can even install her as an app on your mobile phone to get things done.

Alexa helps with a number of chores that were otherwise done manually till very recently. Controlling lights is a very simple task that can be delegated to Alexa, and there are numerous features and settings that can be mixed and matched to turn your home into a smart one. Here we delve deep into it.

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What Lights Work With Alexa?

Fortunately, Alexa can work with a large number of lights, so you need not worry about changing any light at your home after you decide to bring home Alexa. Here are a few to start with.

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Normal Light Bulb

Smart lights like the bulb by Philips Hue are the easiest to control with Alexa. You will get this bulb in many shades, and with a Hue Hub, it can be controlled remotely with the Alexa app.

Ring Smart Bulb

The brand Ring produces smart bulbs that come with security cameras. It works with Alexa pretty similar to other lights. The greatest advantage is that it can be combined with other Ring lights paving the way for a Ring of security at your premises. For advanced features like setting schedules and mobile notifications, a Ring Bridge can be purchased.

LED Strip Lights

These bright lights are very attractive and add color to any room, be it kids’ room or any other. Its weatherproof design makes it a great fit for even outdoors. The strip can stick to any smooth surface using adhesive tape. If you are fixing it outside, you may look for a better solution than a simple tape. Believe it or not, the LED lights let you set up 16 million color combinations using Alexa by enabling the Smart Life Alexa Skill.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are the ones that are installed into a ceiling or wall directly. If you have several such lights in a room, it promises an elegance rarely seen with other lights. The smart switch that controls these lights can be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Alex, and that is how your voice commands turn on/off the lights. Alexa can even dim the lights and change the color to impart different moods to the same place. There is also a feature to group the recessed lights to make them work with a single command. So, for example, if you want a theatre experience in your TV room, you can ask Alexa to turn on the recessed lights near the TV and dim every other.

What Is Needed To Control Lights With Alexa?

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There are a few things you may keep handy so that controlling lights with Alexa can be real smooth. The first thing on the list is a smart wall switch, a smart light bulb, or a smart plug; you need any one of the three. The next thing is the Alexa app installed in your mobile device or a device like Amazon Echo with built-in Alexa. If these things are ready, you can control the lights in just a few easy steps.

There are many brands of smart plugs available, and you can choose the one that suits your pocket.  If you are a fan of Amazon, you can also choose their plugs. Alexa is compatible with many smart bulbs, of which Philips Hue is a popular one. The fact that they have both white and colored bulbs makes them a little costly. But the bulbs never compromise on the quality and support many features too. They are very reliable when it comes to producing amazing lights, be they white or colored.

The third option you can try is the wall switch which needs a hub to plug into the router. If you are not happy with the idea of a hub, you can go for TP-Link Tapo Smart Plug, which works well with Alexa. But the problem is that this may not work with ceiling lights. To solve the issue, you can buy small Wi-Fi switches that fit into the wall switch.

Whether you go for a wall switch, a light bulb, or a wall plug, controlling them with Alexa is not a tedious task. So, any of the three is just perfect.

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How To Control Recessed Lights With Alexa?

You probably must be aware that Alexa works with a Wi-Fi network. This means that when you give a voice command, the request is sent to Amazon’s cloud using the Wi-Fi network. It is then processed and returned so that Alexa completes the task you assigned her. So when you have recessed lights at your place, just connect them to the same Wi-Fi network, and you are done.

The recessed lights have wall switches to control them manually. We know this is how they usually work. When the switches turned smart, they can now be connected to Wi-Fi to make them compatible with virtual assistants like Alexa.

You can download the respective app and connect the switch to the Wi-Fi with a few steps. Now try requesting Alexa to switch on or dim the recessed lights. You will be amazed at how promptly Alexa sets the right mood in the room.

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How To Control Philips Hue Lights With Alexa?

The hues you can get with Philips hue lights are awesome, and what more do you need if you can control them with Alexa? Yes, Philips hue lights are compatible with Alexa, and this makes controlling them hassle-free. Here’s how.

You will need the Alexa app here, so downloading the Alexa app is the first step. On opening the app, you can see three horizontal lines icon on the upper left corner. Tap the icon and then tap the Smart Home option. Now tap Add Device. This will list all the smart devices you have. Find the right Philips hue light and add it so that your voice can magically control the light.

How To Control Govee Lights With Alexa?

Govee Smart LED strip lights are so attractive that they turn any room into a festive mood. It just takes your voice commands for these bright light strips to brighten your home instantly.

For the lights to work, use the adapter to connect them to the power source. The next step is to download the Govee app. Open the app and create a Govee account if you don’t have one already. On logging in, you will go to the Govee app home screen. Press the ‘+’ icon on the upper right corner to add the Govee lights.

Upon doing this, go through the smart lighting list to find the model number of the light. Click on it so that the app gets connected to the lights. If you wish, change the name of the lights so that it is easier to remember. You will then connect the light with the Wi-Fi making certain that the router channel is on 2.4Ghz.

Once the lights are connected to the Govee app, open the Alexa app and add Govee skill to the app and press enable. You will be asked to add the already created Govee account. Lastly, follow the prompts to complete the connection and you can now control your Govee lights with Alexa.

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Ring Floodlight Camera Motion ( Amazon )

How To Control Ring Floodlight Cam With Alexa?

Ring floodlight cams, the mix of a video camera and outdoor light, are really helpful to ensure that your premises are secure at all times. These are motion-activated and alert you when something is not right. The best thing is that a ring floodlight cam can be operated using Alexa, and let us see how.

In the Alexa app, tap the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner. You will get a menu where you have to press Skills & Games. Search for Ring and when you locate it, tap to enable. Now sign in to your Ring account to link it with the Alexa account. The next step is to tap the Discover Devices button to find the ring devices. You can then connect the required device and check if the ring floodlight cam is working with your voice requests.

How To Control Ceiling Lights With Alexa?

Like any other lights discussed above, Ceiling lights can be controlled by Alexa with a few simple steps. As always, you need to install the Alexa app first. When you open the app, you will find Devices at the bottom right. Tap on this button. On the next screen, there is a + icon that should be pressed next. Now tap Add Device. Select the ceiling lights that you want to control and complete the connection to let Alexa do the work for you.

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FAQs (Related Question):

How Do I Control Groups Of Lights With Alexa? 

Grouping lights is a brilliant idea, and hats off to whoever made it possible. There isn’t another great option like this to make the right atmosphere or mood set in your favorite room. This way, you don’t have to individually switch on/off different lights.

Open the Alexa app on your device and tap the Devices button and then the + symbol at the top right of the screen. Now press Add Group and either create a new group or select an existing one. Assign the lights to the group, and tap save. Now you can control this group of lights with a single voice command using Alexa.

Can Alexa Schedule Lights?

Just like you schedule your daily tasks, it is possible to do the same with Alexa so that she does some tasks regularly without needing your prompt. The Alexa app has a feature called routines that lets you do exactly this. Let’s see how this can be done.

Tap the Devices label in the Alexa app, choose Plugs on the top of the screen, and select the plug you want to control. Next, press Create a Routine and tap the + icon on the top right. Now tap the + icon near When this Happens and select Schedule. Select the time you want the lights to turn on/off and the days of the week. Lastly, tap Create, and you have successfully scheduled the lights.

Can Alexa Control Normal Lights?

Yes, Alexa can control normal lights. Screw-in your light bulb first and download the Alexa app if not already. Open the app and tap on Devices. You can see a Lights button if Alexa has already installed the lights for you. Tap this button to see all the lights listed. Press the name of the light, and the next screen allows you to adjust the brightness with the help of a slider. Now all you need to do is give your commands to Alexa, and she will take care of the rest.

Can You Turn On The Lights With Alexa Remotely?

Turning on the lights remotely is absolutely possible with Alexa. This is especially useful when you are not at home but you don’t want this to be very obvious. The feature called Away Lighting enables you to switch on/off lights during scheduled times even if you are away for days together.

Go to the Guard settings in the Alexa app and press the Gear icon in the top right corner. Press Away Lighting and choose the desired lights to control under the Lights section. Enable the Away Lighting option and you can control the lights remotely.

Can Alexa Control Multiple Lights?

Yes, Alexa can control multiple lights by grouping them together. This saves time as you don’t have to give individual commands for each light. For example, two lights in the porch, Light 1 and Light 2, can be put into a group called porch lights to switch them on/off together.

Can Alexa Turn The Lights On At A Certain Time?

The routines feature in the Alexa app lets you turn the lights on at a certain time every day. You can tap on Create a routine to specify when you want the lights to be on. Choose Schedule to select the time to switch on the light and the days of the week this should happen.

How Do You Have Alexa Turn On The Lights When I Get Home?

It is most convenient if you drive into your home and the lights in the driveway get switched on to welcome you. This can be done with smart lights that are capable of location-based lighting triggers.

If you have Philips Hue lights installed, for instance, open the Hue app and press the Routines button and tap Home & Away. Press Coming Home and add the lights you want on along with the settings for color and brightness. There is a Location-aware slider that needs to be toggled to one position. Remember to give permission to the app to collect your phone’s location data. The next time you come home, the lights will be automatically switched on.

Can Alexa Turn On The Lights When I’m Not Home?

If you want to create the impression that you are at home, even if not, Alexa can help you with this. The feature called Away Lighting lets the lights turn on and off at specific times detailed by you. Press the Gear icon in the app and select Away Lighting and enable it. There is a Light section where you can choose the lights you want to schedule to be turned on/off at specific times.

Life has become really easy with the smart assistant Alexa. From turning lights on/off to grouping lights to scheduling lights to dimming them, there isn’t any limit to playing with lights, thanks to Alexa. Controlling lights is just one feature of Alexa, while there are many more you can accomplish with her. It is no surprise that this virtual assistant has turned your home into a smart one just like you. Find out the right feature and the right button to press, and your lights are set for life.

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