How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker: 10 Easy Tips

how to get water out of your phone speaker

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Water damage in your phone can really mess up everything. It can turn everything into a blurry mess, or it could even kill the insides completely. 

When you’re reading this article, you’re probably panicking about how to get water out of your speaker. So I’m going to show you 10 easy ways how to do that without having to buy new speakers or a new phone.

10 steps to get water out of your phone speaker

1. Take it out of the water as soon as you can

The longer your phone is underwater, the higher chance that it will get damaged for good. Once you’re able to fish it out of the water then you’ve made it past the first step.

2. Remove the phone’s cover, battery, SIM card and memory card

You don’t want any of these things in the way when trying to dry off your phone. If you have a SIM card, then take it out and put it into a bowl of rice until you’re ready to use it again.

3. Dry everything with a towel by patting it down firmly

Your phone might still be wet despite your best efforts to get all the water out of your phone speaker, so grab a towel or cloth and dry it as much as possible.

Pat down firmly on every side of the device including where the speaker is located at the bottom of your phone if you can reach that area without damaging anything else. This will reduce the chances of having water in your speaker.

How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker: 10 Easy Tips

4. Blow air into the opening at the bottom of your phone

This works best if you have a can of compressed air that you blow into the opening while holding it upside down.

For example, if you use an air duster to clean out your computer then this would be perfect for what you need. This will get rid of water stuck in the speaker area and make it easier for the next steps to work effectively.

5. Try using a vacuum cleaner on your phone’s speaker area

You should place the nozzle right up against where your phone’s microphone is located to suck out any excess or leftover water that might still be there after step 4 above was performed correctly.

6. Use a hairdryer or heat gun to dry your phone completely

Don’t use any high setting that might melt something inside of the device like the motherboard but if you’re able to use a low setting on your hairdryer, then go ahead and do so now.

Slowly aim it directly at where your speaker is located and let it run for as long as possible until you feel confident that all the water in the phone’s speaker has dried up by using this method alone or with steps 1-5 above combined.

7. Place a paper towel over the opening and blast air into it again

If part of your paper towel is able to go inside the opening, then take a small strip and make a compact ball out of it. Then gently put that inside the opening while you aim your hairdryer at it again to let air in.

This should dry up any leftover water that’s still there after everything else has been done repeatedly for hours until you’re confident that all moisture is gone from your phone.

8. Use a Desiccant Silica Bag or something similar

Some people have had success using these bags so this would be a good thing to try once everything else has been exhausted if you don’t want to get another device just yet.

Just put them in a bowl and leave your phone on top of it overnight to absorb any remaining moisture left by itself without having to do anything else.

9. Put your phone inside a Ziploc bag with rice for at least 24 hours or more

Rice is great for absorbing moisture, so it will be the perfect drying agent if you want to try this out as an alternative to using silica bags.

Leave it inside there for at least half a day, even better if overnight before checking to see if it dried up.

10. Wait another full day and replace the battery afterward

After waiting 24-48 hours without having to take any drastic measures such as breaking open your phone case, then you should put back in the battery and turn on your phone to see if it’s working again.

Despite following all of these steps correctly, there is still a very slim chance that water might have gotten into the motherboard.


Can a phone speaker be damaged by water?

Yes, it’s actually quite easy for water to get inside of it. Water in the speaker can easily damage any electronic device permanently if not dealt with immediately so don’t delay when you notice that your phone is wet.

How do I prevent my phone speakers from getting damaged?

Protect your phone by using a waterproof case whenever you know that you’ll be in unpredictable situations with water or liquids of any kind.

Other ways to prevent damage is to not use the speaker while it’s raining for example, or if you have a habit of dropping it at least keep it away from any source of liquid as best as possible.

Is there any warranty for my phone speaker if it gets damaged?

Unfortunately, the answer is no because water damage isn’t covered by nearly all warranties even if your warranty is still active. Still, it’s a good idea to get the phone speaker fixed by a professional if you notice that it is damaged.

Can Liquid Damage Be Repaired?

It depends on how extensive the liquid has gotten into your speaker but chances are most repair shops won’t be very helpful because this usually means that your phone will need to be replaced if you want the liquid damage repaired.

This is why it’s extremely important to protect your phone from water and other liquids as best as possible because liquid damage can’t really be reversed no matter how much money you spend on repair shops.

In Conclusion

If it’s not turning on then hopefully you have an old phone just sitting around that you can use temporarily in case yours is not salvageable anymore due to permanent damage from getting wet. If everything checks out after this and your phone does turn on again, then make sure to take extra care when using it in humid weather or taking it with you near the beach or poolside.I hope this guide on how to get water out of your phone speaker helped you guys out! Let me know if I missed anything good in the comments section below and I’ll add it ASAP.