How To Play Music On Alexa For Free

How To Play Music On Alexa For Free

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Alexa is a game-changer for in-home devices and smart appliances. Its easy-to-use features have made life much simpler and fun for us. And music has been part of our lives since we were kids. One of the great things about Alexa is its music feature and the ease with which it can access all our playlists for us. But most of the features on an Alexa are to be subscribed to and cost us money. So is it possible to at least listen to music for free on an Alexa?

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Ways You Can Listen To Free Music On Alexa

There are precisely three ways you can use Alexa to listen to music. They are as follows:

  1. Link a free music app through the Alexa app.
  2. Play music from any linked device.
  3. Play music from your library through the app.

Using Free Trials And Different Free Subscriptions

Any Alexa plan comes with a free subscription for you to test out the devices. You can take advantage of these plans and listen to songs for free as long as your free subscriptions last. You can also subscribe through different accounts by using different emails as soon as one subscription ends. You won’t be charged any money as long as you unsubscribe from your account before the trial period ends.

This is one of the most common ways most people use their Alexa to listen to free music worldwide. It is also the easiest way to listen. All you need to do is be willing to create different accounts and make sure you unsubscribe before the trial date comes.

Link A Third -Party Music Service To Your Alexa

By default, your Alexa will come with your amazon prime music. If you already use Amazon Prime, you can just listen to free music directly since Amazon Prime music is free for Prime members. In case you do not have Prime membership or simply wish to use any other music service, you can directly link any of the several free services that come directly built in with your Alexa. These services are iHeartRadio, Pandora, and tune–in. You can also link the free version services of Apple Music and Spotify.

How To Link Third Party Applications For Streaming Music On Your Alexa

Other than directly using free trial versions of Amazon Prime music, many people simply prefer third–party applications for all their music needs. There are certain steps as following that are required for you to sync your third–party application to your Alexa device:

  1. Download and open the Alexa app on your phone
  2. Open settings and scroll to “Alexa preferences,” then tap on “music and podcasts.”
  3. Under the “services” section that opens, click on the “Link new Services” option.
  4. From the list of services given, you can choose whatever service you would like to listen to.
  5. Follow the instructions to login into those services and set them as defaults.
  6. Enjoy streaming music from any free services that you set as default.

You can try out any of the services given and add other services that are not on the list Based on what you like/ dislike.

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Link A Device To Play Music On Your Alexa

If you do not wish to connect to a music streaming service, you can also directly connect your phone or any other Bluetooth-enabled device to your Alexa. Your Alexa device would then work as a speaker for whatever device you could connect. This is a handy feature since it does not necessarily require Wi-Fi access as you connect your device directly through Bluetooth. As long as you have music saved on your device and your Alexa is running, you can use it to stream your music as a replacement Bluetooth speaker.

How To Connect Your Device To Your Alexa

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device or any other device you wish to connect with Alexa.
  2. Open the Alexa app on your phone and speak the words “Alexa pair” aloud where your Alexa device is located in your home.
  3. Select Alexa, the device that appears on your phone or device.
  4. Then say, “Alexa connect” to connect the device to your Alexa.
  5. You have successfully paired your Alexa device to your other device and can now use your Alexa as a speaker for your device.
  6. Play any music from any application on your device, and your Alexa will automatically play it in sync directly from the Alexa device.

Play From Your Own Media Library

A lot of people have their own library outside of their music streaming services to use just in case these services run into some troubles. Many others keep personal libraries simply because they prefer them over music streaming services. Whatever might be your reason, you can also use your Alexa to stream from your own library by setting up a Plex Media Server. You can rearrange, shuffle and edit all your music from this server and ensure your music entertainment never stops.


Music streaming has streamlined a lot over the decades and has become more and more accessible than ever. Moreover, the streaming industry has a lot of competition in it to make the best of the best services. This gives us the consumers a lot of freedom to choose the best service according to our needs without compromising the quality of the music that we wish to listen to.

The Alexa device software recognizes this and makes sure to be synced with almost any music streaming services and lets you have your pick in the lot. You can always choose to change the streaming service or how you use Alexa to listen to music.