How To Reset Vizio Sound Bar: A Step By Step Guide

Vizio Sound Bar

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Are you having problems with your Vizio Sound Bar? If things aren’t working properly, or don’t sound right, and other methods you’ve tried to fix them just don’t work, it might be time to try resetting the whole device – luckily this is a quick and easy process, and will usually fix almost any problem!

So let’s get into exactly how to reset a Vizio Sound Bar, including some basic stuff to try first – hopefully saving you some time and effort – and then easy step-by-step instructions on how to perform a simple power reset and, if that doesn’t work, how to factory reset Vizio sound bar units.

Why Reset your Vizio Sound Bar?

If you’re on this page, you probably already know why you should reset your Vizio sound bar – something just isn’t right, and everything you’ve tried to fix it hasn’t worked

Maybe you’ve gone into settings, adjusted volume or other sound controls, turned things off and back on, everything short of a temper tantrum.

Or maybe you’ve even thrown a temper tantrum, or thrown the remote control, or both, and not even that helped.

(BTW – we here at Speakergy DO NOT advise ever throwing your remote control, or any other device – it often just makes things worse!)

So if you’ve having problems with:

  • No Power
  • No Sound or Too Low of Volume
  • Sound Cutting In or Out 
  • Choppy or Inconsistent Connections
  • Devices not Pairing
  • Problems with Sound Quality or Adjustments
  • Problems with Lights on the Sound Bar – Flashing, Coming On and Off, Not Displaying Correctly
  • Your Vizio Sound Bar is Stuck in Demo Mode

…or other issues or problems, and you can’t figure out how to fix them, resetting Vizio sound bar products often brings them back to full functionality.

And a reset is totally safe – even the full, complete vizio soundbar factory reset definitely won’t make anything worse, and if the soft reset doesn’t help, this full hard reset is pretty likely to solve any and all of your problems.

Vizio sound bar

What to Try First

Our first method – the simple power reset – doesn’t really change much in terms of your settings, and so there is very little reason not to try this quick and basic method.

Still, before you do, you might want to check a few other things first:

  • Make sure your Vizio sound bar is powered on
  • Make sure all of your cables are connected, well seated and in their proper outlets
  • Make sure all associated equipment is powered on and working
  • If there are any Bluetooth paired devices, try to re-pair them
  • If you are using a remote control, check that the batteries are ok, and make sure you can see the Vizio sound bar when trying to use the remote
  • Make sure you’re actually playing something – music, a movie or any other source material

If these basics are all OK, and you are still experiencing the problem or problems, it is time to reset your Vizio sound bar.

Vizio Sound Bar Reset – The Simplest Way

The first thing to try is a basic power reset – this won’t reset all of your settings, but often does clear out problems like no sound, sound breaking up or lost connection.

So let’s cover just exactly how to soft reset your Vizio sound bar.

This reset is accomplished with 6 easy steps:

  1. Turn Your Vizio Sound Bar Off
  2. Unplug Your Vizio Sound Bar from the Wall AC Outlet
  3. Unplug All Other Wires Attached to the Sound Bar
  4. Wait 20 Seconds
  5. Plug the Vizio Sound Bar Back In and Turn it On
  6. Reattach All Other Devices and Wires

Whatever your original issues or problems were, you can now try again to see if they have been fixed. If not, proceed to the next section.

How To Factory Reset your Vizio Sound Bar

Next we’ll talk about how to factory reset vizio soundbar units.

A Vizio sound bar factory reset, also called a hard reset, will completely reset everything you have set up or done with your soundbar – including all audio settings, connections and pairings – so you will have to set up your equipment connections and pairings and redo your audio preferences after the reset.

Despite all of this extra work, this full vizio sound bar hard reset is often the only way to get your Vizio sound bar working again – and luckily the reset itself is super-simple!

  1. Turn Your Vizio Sound Bar On by Pressing the Power Button
  2. Press the Volume Down and the Bluetooth Buttons at the Same Time
  3. Hold Both Buttons for at least 5 Seconds
  4. All Lights on the Sound Bar will Flash Five Times
  5. Release Both Buttons

Unlike our first method, when you factory reset vizio soundbar units you will remove or reset everything you’ve set up in the past – including all sound settings and all equipment connections and selections, so all of this will need to be redone.

If you don’t have, or can’t find, your Vizio Sound Bar owner’s manual, you can find any of their user manuals online – just visit the Vizio Product Manual Search Page.

Other Resources – What Do You Do Next if the Vizio Sound Bar Reset Doesn’t Work?

If neither a power reset or a full hard factory reset has solved your problem, it is time to get help from either your retailer or Vizio directly.

Many people like to contact the retailer first, which sometimes at least can be a little quicker and more direct. Before you contact them, you might want to have a couple of things in place:

  • A copy of your original purchase receipt
  • The specific model number of your Vizio sound bar
  • The product’s serial number
  • The exact nature of the problem you’re having

If you prefer to contact Vizio instead, or if your retailer advises you to do so, you can easily do so by going to their Customer Service Request Page.

Just like when contacting the shop where you bought your Vizio sound bar, you might want to already have the same four things in place before contacting Vizio.